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SPECIAL DETAILED REQUIREMENTS BASED ON USE AND OCCUPANCY 412.4 — 414.1.3 · 412.4 Aircraft paint hangars. Aircraft painting operations 412.5.5 Exits and stairways. Exits and stairways from heli- where Ilammahle liquids are usedin excess ofthe maximum al- ports and helistops shall comply with the provisions of lowable quantities per control area listed in Table 307.7( 1 ) shall Chapter 10. Landing areas located on buildings or structures be conducted in an aircraft paint hangar that complies with the shall have two or more exits. Landing platforms or roof ar- provisions of Section 4I2.4. eas less than 60 feet (18 288 mm) in length, or less than 412.4.1 Occupancy group. Aircraft paint hangars shall be 2000 Squaic fcei (187 mz) m arCa’ Shall have at least iwo CX- classitied as Group H—2. Aircraft paint hangars shall comply ns izomplymg with Chapter 10 Or Shall have Om €xH.cOm_ with iii. .,.,.ii..i.i. rcquircmcnii of tu. code andthe im- Ming with Chapta *0 and a me mpc Otladdctlcadlng to national Fire Code for such occupancy. the floor below 412.4.2 Construction. The aircraft paint hangar Shall bc of 412*5*6 R°°ft°P hchports and l1€h$t0P$- ROOf[0P_ h€l1· Type r or Type rr Construction. ports and heltstops shall comply with NFl’A 4.18. Heliports may be erected on buildings or other locations 1f they are ap- 412.4.3 Operations. Only those flammable liquids neces- proved by the Federal Aviation Administration and are con- sary for painting operations shall be permitted in quantities structed in accordance with this chapter. less than the maximum allowable quantities per control area in Table 307.7( I ). Spray equipment cleaning operations shall be conducted in a liquid use. dispensing and mixing SECTION 413 room. COMBUSTIBLE STORAGE 412.4.4 Storage. Storage of flammable liquids shall be in a 413.1 General. High-piled stock or rack storage in any occu- liquid storage room. pancy group shall comply with the International Fire Code. 412.4.5 Fire suppression. Aircraft paint hangars shall be 413.2 Attic, under-t1oor and concealed spaces. Attic, under- provided with tire suppression as required in NFPA 409_ floor and concealed spaces used for storage of combustible ma- 412.4.6 Ventilation. Aircraft paint hangars shall be pro- Lanai; Shall protected Onfhc goragc Sldri igcqulrcd fogg- vidcd with ventilation as required in the International Me- Our HC.-reslstamCOUSU-uCliOn` pemngs S 8 epmiecte y (_/mum!] CMM assemblies thatrare self-closing and are of noncombustible con- struction or solid wood core not less than 13/4 1nch (45 mm) in 412.5 Heliports and helistops. thickness. · 412.5.1 General. Heliports and helistops may be erected on Exceptions: buildings or other locations where they are constructed in rr Areas protected by approved automatic Sprinkler, SyS_ accordance with this section. Emo 412.5.2 Definitions. The following words and terms shall. g_ Group R_g arid Group U Occupancieo for the purposes of this chapter and as used elsewhere in this code. have the meanings shown herein. HELIPORT. An area ofland or Water or a structural surface IF] SECTION 414 that is used. or intended for use. for the landing and taking- HAZARDOUS MATERIALS oI`fofhelicopters. and any appurtenantareas that are used. or 4l4_] Gone;-al_ The provisions of [his Section Shall apply ro lI1[€l1Cl€L1 i‘O1`LlS€. {Of l1€llpO1`I bLlllCll1'1gS Glld O[l1€I` h€l1pO1`II`8- bujldjngg and g[{uc[uI·€g Occupied fgf [hc mg_nufg_c[uying’ pro- eilities. cessing. dispensing. use or storage of hazardous materials. HELISTOP. The same as u "Heliport." €X€€pl that H0 fu€l- 414.1.1 Other provisions. Buildings and structures with an ing, defueling. maintenance. repairs or storage of helicop- oeeupaney in Group l—l shall algo eornply with the applicable ters is permitted. provisions of Section 415 and the International Fire Code. 412.5.3 Size. The touchdown or landing area forhelicopters 414.1.2 Materials. The safe design of hazardous material of less than 3.500 pounds (1588 kg) shall be a minimum of occupancies is material dependent. Individual material re- 20 feet (6096 mm) in length and width. The touchdown area quirements are also found in Sections 307 and 415, and in shallbe surrounded on all sides by aclear area havingamin- the International Mechanical Code and the International imum average width at roof level of 15 feet (4572 mm) but Fire Code. will no Width lm [him 5 lem (1524 mm) 414.1.3 Information required. Separate floor plans shall 412.5.4 Design. Helicopter landing areas and the supports be submitted for buildings and structures with an occupancy thereof on the roof of a building shall be noncotnbustible in Group H. identifying the locations ofanticipated contents construction. Landing areas shall be designed to confine any and processes so as to reflect the nature of each occupied Ilammable liquid spillage to the landing area itself and pro- portion of every building and structure. A report identifying visions shall be made to drain such spillage away from any hazardous materials including. but not limited to. materials a exit or stairway serving the helicopter landing area or from a representing hazards that are classified in Group H to be structure housing such exit or stairway. For structural design stored or used. shall be submitted and the methods of protec- requirements. see Section 1609. tion from such hazards shall be indicated on the constmc- 2002 KENTUCKY BUILDING CODE 59

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