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Image 72 of The Kentucky building code / Judith G. Walden, editor

412.1.3 — 412.3.6 SPECIAL DETAILED REQUIREMENTS BASED ON USE AND OCCUPANCY 412.1.3 Egress. A minimum of one exit stairway shall be sures of the highest aircraft that may be housed in permitted for ai ort traffic control towers of an height ro- the hangar and at least 8 feet (2438 mm) above the _ 111 Y e P _ vided that the occupant load per floor does not exceed 15. floor in shops. offices and other sections of the The stairway shall conform to the requirements of Section hangar communicating with storage or service ar- 1003.3.3. The stairway shall be separated from elevators by eas. 21 111111111111111 <11S1=111<><= <>1<>_11€-11111f<>1111<1 0111201111 <11111€ M01 2. A single inrener eee.- shall be allowed, provided served 111<1=1S¤1<=<1111 4 S11111s1111111¤-T11¢ exlt sm1rWeY and ele` the sources of ignition in the appliances are at least vatqr hoistway ageénelpnitted to be loqlaied in thehsaniie sgtaft ig ipppps (45-/ mm) iippvc thc HOOK enc osure, provi e t ey are separate rom eac ot er y a _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ 4-hour separation having no openings. Such stairway shall 412‘2‘5‘Ie'mSemg°iThe 1)'e“e“* ei ee1°_'"$· 111Y<111111g We bc pressurized IO zi minimum Of O. 15 inch Of Water Column of a volatilewflainniable solvent, or ot painting, shall be cat- (43 Pa) and a maximum 0fO.35 inch Of water column (im riedqon in a separate detached butldingiequipped with auto- Pa) in the Shaft relative {O the Stailwvuy dOOi.s liiiliil? ll1`€)·§Xlll'lgl.ll$hIIlg Cqlllplllclll Ill i.ICC(il`(1LlllCC Wllh closed. Stairways need not extend to the roof as specified in Semen 91 ` ‘ $0011011 1003-3-3·12· T11€ P10V1S1011$ of $6011011 403 001101 412.2.6 Fire suppression. Aircraft hangars shall be pro- aPP1Y· vided with tire suppression as required in NFPA 409. Exeeptiem Smekepreer enelesures 11 Set rerfh in See` 412.3 Residential aircraft hangars. Residential aircraft han- 11011 1005-52-5 111<= 1101 1¤<11111€<1 Where 1¤=<11111€0 111111- 1;..1.... e1e11..ee1 1.. Section 412.3.1 .1...11 e.....,.1y with S€Cll0l'lS Wa?/5 0110 P1€SS1111Z00- 412.3.2 tinerign -112.3.5. 412'1'4 Automatic mee detecmm .SySt€mS' Alrpert treme 412.3.1 Definition. The following word and term shall, for °0“F1°"°W"S shell be 111¤V1<1¤·1 111*0 8-11 me de .1.. er this .1....... 1.. .1.1. tection system installed in accordance with Section 907.2. . _ _ . code. have the meaning shown herein. [F] 412.1.5 Standby power. A standby power system that conforms to Section 2702 shall be provided in airport traffic REs1DENr14r 4zH;CIsAeT HANGAK _A“ “e%esserY comm] towers more than 65 feet (19 812 mm) in height. building less than -.100 square feet (186 l1l‘)·d11Ll -0 feet POWBY Shall be provided {O the following Equipment: liiliel) 1l"l l`l€lg1"l1. COllS1IjllL.1€(d OH 41 OI`l€· Ol [VI/O·lelllllly _ _ _ _ _ residential property where aircraft are stored. Such use will I- Pressurlzeuen equlpmemi 111<·>¢11¤111¢111<=<111111111¤111¤·-11¤1 be considered as a residential accessor use incidental to the lighting y c>· dwelling. 2` Eievemr Operating equlpmele 412.3.2 Fire separation. A hangar shall not be attached to a 3· Flre alarm and smoke dereeeen sYs1ems- dwelling unless separated by walls having a lire-resistance 412.1.6 Accessibility. Airport traffic control towers need rating of not less than 1 hour. Such separation shall be con- not be accessible as specified in the provisions of Chapter tinuous from foundation to the underside ofthe roof`and un- 11. pierced except for doors leading to the dwelling unit. Doors 412.2 Aircraft hangar. iintoi the dwelling unit must be equipped with self-closing _ _ evices and conform to the requirements of Section 714 412-2-1 Exterior Walls- Exlerler w¤11S1$>¢111¢<11€SS111¤11 30 with at least a 4-inch (102 mm) noncombustible raised sill. 1661 (9 144 111m)fr0111 PY0P€F1Y1111€$11011111€$ Of P1 P111i>11€ Way Openings from a hanger directly into a room used for sleep- shall have a fire-resistance rating not less than 2 hours. ipg purposes Shall not pp perillittcdl i§i12-12 11·=g·=i)11·1111S— Wiicii b112111i·1.=i;1S hi-is 1>=1S<>111111S» thi 412.3.3Egress.Ahangarshall ...e.1.1e.We i$111S1<1¤= 91 by exeepirene Smoke .1e1ee1e.· wiring ..11.1 reed rei eieetn- means of a vestibule providing a two—doorway separation. pai Subpanels in [hp pupppp Exceptions: 412.3.6 Hei ht and area limits. Residential aircraft han- . . g . . 1. Unit heaters suspended at least 10 feet (3048 mm) gars shall not exceed 2,000 square leet ( 186 me) In area and above the upper surface of wings or engine enclo— 20 feet (6096 mm) in height. 58 2002 KENTUCKY BUILDING CODE

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