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Image 71 of The Kentucky building code / Judith G. Walden, editor

SPECIAL DETAILED REQUIREMENTS BASED ON USE AND OCCUPANCY 410.7 - TABLE 412.1.2 sceniuin wall of the stage and in dressing rooms, lounges, [F]41l.5 Alarm. Actuation ofa single smoke detector, the au- workshops and storerooms accessory to such stages. tomatic sprinkler system or other automatic fire detection de- F __ I. __ vice shall immediately sound an alarm at the building at a .xcep ions. . . . constantly attended location from which emergency action can I. Sprinklers are not required under stage areas less than be initiated including the capability of manual initiation of re- 4 feet (1219 mm) in clear height utilized exclusively quirements in Section 907.2.1 1.2. i` I. ·. ` . · , . . ` . ' _ _ _ _ C(;II;T;diiC(1i§ Qblji °h‘H{I:; ljglllvldcd me cf); [F] 411.6 Emergency voice/alarm communications system. not Ic§`§pIh_m` {/°l;nZ°II°(I;%mlIm:)d,g;°§n;(Spd§°S I; An emergency voice/alarm communications system shall be ·· * if ` -· P gD$U ‘ · , . · · . *·<>=·¤*· ‘JJ13l'S ??;1;°,§§.L‘.1?£2;§ FZ.'2l$Ei°§'§’§ §.32lf.LL?;‘.i?3Z;3;.1 iii 2. Sprinklers are not required for stages 1,000 square shallbe audible throughoutthe entire special amusementbuild— feet (93 mg) or less in area and 50 feet (15 240 mm) or ing. I- .».· 'h—‘·ht ·- . . .. . ISTIIIISIC yiSV,liiclrifl°;;;;i!su;I;r3c?IESSH 411.7 Exit marking. Exit signs shall be installed at the re- bugtimc h‘m2’,inf’;_ _h4 II b I. . I. y' '. quired exit or exit access doorways of amusement buildings. . t g gs s a e imited to a single main A d d- . 'I . . _ _ _ Y. cumin bmdcm IC"` and a ginglc backdrop pprove I irectiona exit markings shall also be provided. ` " _ °` ` ‘ Where mirrors, mazes or other designs are utilized that dis- 410.7 Standpipes. Standpipe systems shall be provided in ac- guise the path of egress travel such that they are not apparent. cordance with Section 905. approved low-level exit signs and directional path markings shall be provided and located not more than 8 inches (203 mm) above the walking surface and on or near the path of egress SECTION 411 travel; Such markings shall become visible in an emergency. SPECIAL AMUSEMEN-I- BUILDINGS 'ffhegirectronal exit marléinhg shall be act1vat.eqI\by the automatic _ _ _ _ _ ire etection system an t e automatic sprin ’ er system in ac- 411.1 (»eneral. Special amusement buildings having an occu- Cordance wrrh ggcrrrm 90'7_2_] I_2_ pant load of 50 or more shall comply with the requirements for 4 1 8 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ th. ..r.r,rr.r,ra. Group A and this section. Arm- 1 — *¤*€F%·>r“¤·$h·Ths_1¤¤€r·¤r“mSh Sm'] b€C1¤>$A ¤¤ as- ment buildings having an occupant load of less than 50 shall wrdance will Secmm 8O‘°‘l‘ comply with the requirements for a Group B occupancy and this section. SECTION 412 Exception: Amusement buildings or portions thereof that A|RCRAFT.RE|_ATE[) QCCUPANCIES arc vt it tout walls or iroof and constructed to prey ent the ac 412-1 Airport traffic control towers. cumulation of smoke. _ _ 412.1.1 General. The rovisions ofthis section shall a 1 i . P PP 5 M For flaininable decorative materials. see the lzirerrzaziwzal IO BIWOH [fame COHUOI Iewers DOI exceeding 1-500 Square fw C"'f"· feet ( 140 mz I per floor occupied only for the following uses; 411.2 Special amusement building. A special amusement I_ Arrrwrr Iraffic Comm] Cab building is any temporary or permanent building or portion 1 ._ . . r . . . . ~ -. Electrrcal and mechanical equipment rooms. thereof that is occupied for amusement. entertainment or edu- _ _ _ _ cational purposes and that contains a device or system that con- ~‘· AIIPOY1 lemllml [adm and Blcclmmcg l`OOm$· veys passengers or provides a walkway along. around or over a -1. Office spaces incidental to the tower operation. course in any direction so arranged. that the means- of egress 5_ Lounges fOrempIOyeeS_ meIudIng S£mImr>.raeIIIIIeS_ path is not readily apparent due to visual or audio distractions 417 1 7 T_ f _ A, F I or is intentionally confounded or is not readily available be- f“fh"1l gp? 0 _c0nStguctlEm‘ _ H-pm-[ Ilia gC_CgmrOd[O“` cause of the nature of the attraction or mode of conveyance irs _” 6 ?O_?”I;u“Ej lIO_)“OmOml {O [ 6 mg I an mea through the building or structure. lmmmons O 3 6 " "‘ [F] 411.3 Automatic fire detection. Special amusement build- TABLE 41212 ings shall be equipped with an automatic tire detection system HEIGHT AND AQEA I_IIIIII1·ATIgNS FQR AIHpOI:IT in accordance with Section 907. TRAFFIC CONTROL TOWERS [F] 411.4 Automatic sprinklers. Special amusement build- COI_L';§U%*;ION I H?:;';'F M?;(£1;;”I;;$A ings shall be equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler _ system in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1. Where the spe- WOO cial amusement building is temporary. the sprinkler water sup- Ijryry ply shall be of an approved temporary means. I SOO · Exception: Automatic fire sprinklers are IIOI required I we where the total floor area of a temporary special amusement _ _ building is less than 1.000 square feet (93 ml) and the travel lll·“\ 6* WOO distance from any point to an exit is less than 50 feet ( 15 2-10 Fur 5I; I {WI : 3(Irs mrrr I Srrrrurc your I Irony; ml Illlll). at. Height to bc measured from grade to cab lloor. 2002 KENTUCKY BUILDING CODE 57

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