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Image 70 of The Kentucky building code / Judith G. Walden, editor

410.3.5.1 — 410.6 SPECIAL DETAILED REQUIREMENTS BASED ON USE AND OCCUPANCY ./‘\ approved water curtain complying with Section 903.3.1.1. 410.3.8 Stage exits. At least one approved means of egress l The curtain shall be designed and installed to interce t hot shall be rovided from each side ofthe stave; and from each D ` p · W P U ` gases. flames and smoke. and to revent a glow from a se- srde of the s ace under the sta re. At least one means of es- g . .l’ g . . . p . . g . . vere fire on the stage from showing on the auditorium side cape shall be provided from each fly gallery and from the for a period of 20 minutes. The closing of the curtain from gridiron. A steel ladder. alternating tread stairway or spiral the full o en osition shall be effected in less than 30 sec- stairwa is permitted to be rovided from the rrridiron to a P P _ _ P s onds, but the last 8 feet (2438 mm) oftravel shall require not scuttle in the stage roof. less than 5 Sccondl 410.4 Platform construction. Permanent platforms shall be 410.3.5.1 Activation. The curtain shall be activated by constructed of materials as required forthe type ofconstruction rate-of-rise heat detection installed in accordance with ofthe building in which the permanent platform is located. Per- Section 907.10 operating at a rate of temperature rise of rnanent platforms are permitted to be constructed of llre—retar- 15 to 20°F per minute (8 to l l°C per minute). and by an dant-treated wood for Types I, ll. and IV construction where auxiliary manual control. the platforms are not more than 30 inches (762 mm) above the 410.352 Fire test. A Sample curtain with a minimum Of main floor. and not more than one-third ofwthe room floor area [WO vertical Scams shall be subjected IO the Stzllldurd me and not more than 3.000 square feet (279 rn-) rn area. Where the test Specified in E I fOr a period Of3O Ininutcs. SPLICC b€l1€Ll1Il 1llC p€I'IllLlIlCIl[Pli.lllOI`ll1IS·llSCL1ii0I` SlOI'1IgC0l`1lIly The Curtain Shall Overlap the fumacc edges bv im umcum other purpose other than equipment. wiring or plumbing. the that is appropriate to Seal the {Op and Sldesr-[~hc Cmmm floor construction shall not be less than l—hour frre-resistant Shall have 3 bottom pocket containing 21 mmimum Of 4 construction. Where the space beneath the permanent platform pounds PCI linem foot (58 N/ml Of bziten. The €XpOS€d is`used only for equipment. wiring or plumbing. the underside Surface Of the Curtain Shall not glow. and Hamc Or Smoke of the permanent platform need not be protected. shall n0t penetfélte the Cuftiiitt during the teSt period. Un- 410.4.1 Temporary platforms. Platl`orms installed f`or a pe- exposed Sllffittie tempefiitufe and hose Stfeilm teSt fe- riod ofnot more than 30 daysare permitted to be constructed quirements are not applicable to the proscenium life of any materials permitted by the code. The space between safety curtain test. the floor and the platform above shall only be used for 410_3_5_3 Smoke t€St_ Curtain fabrics Shall have a plumbing and electrical wiring to platform equipment. $m0k€·d€V€§l0P€d Filling Of 25 OY l€$$ when l€$l€d in ¤€· 410.5 Dressing and appurtenant rooms. Dressing and appur- Cotdgncg Wllh ASTM E 84- tenant rooms shall comply with Sections -110.5.1 through 410.3.5.4 Tests. The completed proscenium curtain shall 4195-**- bg $PbJ€Ct€d_lO OPPWUPE [Pm P"l9Y *9 thc lssuzmcc Pl 4 410.5.1 Separation from stage. Where the stage height is Ceftltieitte ot Oceupancy- greater than 50 feet (15 240 rnrn). the stage shall be sepa- 410_3_6 Scenery. Combustiblg materials used in Sets and t`L1I€(1 fl`OIll C1l`€SS1l'1}_.2. I`OOIl1S. SCCHC (lOCl(S. p[`Op€I`1y I'OOIl1S. Scenery Shall be rendered flame rcsistant in accordance workshops. SIOFCTOOITIS Zllld COITlpZll`1ITlCIl1S I:1l)l)llI`1€l1l1l1I to section 805 andthe International Fire code. Foam plastics the Smeg grid Othgt rvgrtggf the burldmg by g lug burner wgll and materials Conulinlng foam plastics Shall Comply Hlld i10l`lZOI1[Z1l. LlSS€I1lbll€S.· Oil both. Wllh UO1 less llllllll ll 2· Section 2603 and the International Fire Code. hOUY llY€‘V€$l$l?mC€ mlm.? Wlih i*PPl`9Y€d PPPPIPS . , . . rotect`ve.. For stage he`ght: of50 feet I5 240 n l· .·.·. 410.3.7 Stage ventilation. Emergency ventilation shall be p l. l _ T Il"- S _ I ( I llll_ )lll lll . , . the required stage separation shall be a hre barrier wall and ggyjjjafgg gggg; lggggfhggltléggggggjg ggegcgi ltgglg horizontal ........bri... O. bar., with not .. 1-rmurtire ’ .3 ° . . ‘ it t‘_ 'th »d ~‘_·t~t‘·.·. mm). Such ventilation shall comply with Section 410.3.7.1 lcllg lmcc lil mg Wl approxi: Opblllllg pm cl lx cl gr 4]()_3_7_2_ 410.5.2 Separation from each other. Dressing rooms. 410.3.7.1 Roof vents. TWO Or more Vents Constructed [O scene docks. property rooms. workshops. storerooms and . . . compartments appurtenant to the stage shall be separated Opllll lllllomallcally by approved llcllllacllvlllcd devlces from each other b fire barrier wall and l'1OI`l70l11'll assem- gg with gg ggggggg gggg gggggg gtgt gg [gg ais O. an Wi.r.’..... ria. .. 1-1 .... r.».-.-.a.1...§;.i. 5 percent ofthe area ofthe stage shall be located near the mg vvith E1 mved O mma mlcctivcg center and above the highest part of the stage area. Sup- " pp p " p ` ` plemental means shall be provided for manual operation 410.5.3 Opening protectives. Openings other than to trunk ofthe ventilator. Curbs shall be provided as required for rooms and the necessary doorways at stage level shall not skylights in Section 2610.2. Vents shall be labeled. connect such rooms with the stage. and such openings shall 410.3.7.2 Smoke control. Smoke Comm] in accordance pegprplicted with fire door assemblies that comply with Sec- with Section 909 shall be provided to maintain the smoke l ll ` layer interface not less than 6 feet (1829 mm) above the 410.6 Automatic sprinkler system. Stages shall be equipped highest level ofthe assembl seatin or above the to of with an automatic fire—extin¤uishin¤ s stem in accordance ' _ Y S _ P e _ e Y _ the proscenium opening where a proscenium wall is pro- with Chapter 9. The system shall be installed under the roof and vided in compliance with Section 410.3.4. gridiron, in the tie and fly galleries and in places behind the pro- 56 2002 KENTUCKY BUILDING CODE

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