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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

471 21 st I went to Henderson to day in company with Sally Nesler I met with Fair Ground Directory at the Fair Grounds &c I heard nothing to day but a general complaint about Dry weather and a Scarcity of water 22nd Sunday There was no preaching in the neighborhood to day I Rode down to My Sister Mary Anns with My Sister Margaret this morning and went to Sabbath School in the evening and from there to J H Jacobs &c 23d At work on Barn &c to day 24th do do do i 25th do dp do 26th I went to Lazarus Powell in Union Co to day and from there Wilson Landing &c a Cow Hunting but did not succeed in finding my Cow 27 I was at the School house in the morning and went a Squirrell hunting with G G Lilly in the evening 28th Went to Henderson This was a wet disagreeable 29th Sunday I went with B F Martin to C C Dixons this morning and to Sabbath School in thd evening 30th About the Farm in the morning and went to the Bottom in the evening I came Home and had a hard Chill at night This ends the month of September This has been a good month for the Tobacco crop and the most of the crop is now secured allthough I am not done cutting yet The latter Part of the month has been most too Cool and Farmers have been verry apprehensive of Frost but so far we have entirely escaped October lst - Went to Henderson in Company with Mrs Margaret Hancock I succeeded in getting money enough to meet my engagements by the Hardest as the Banks are not willing to accomodate the Farmers at present and it is impossible to sell anything at Present This was a pleasant day for the Begining of the month but I had another Chill at night 2nd I was too unwell to do anything to day so I remained about the house

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