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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

17 vast crowd and as he nelt down and offered a prayer to his god I could but rejoice in my heart at the consolation afforded the dying sinner by the religion of our Saviour Add as the fatal drop fell and I saw a human being strugling in the air dying the misserable death of a felon I turned and left the scene with its gaping crowd and I think this will be the last Public Execution I will ever witness On my way to the city from the Gallons I met Hundreds of both Men and Women hurrying on Eager to see the sight but too late and the city was literally crowded with all sorts and characters of People and drinking and fighting seemed to he the order of the day thus showing how little such a sight affects the Majority of the People 27th Helped S L Cooper raise a barn today 25th Sunday `Uent to church in the Morning Elder Moore Preached in the Morning Elder Fallen in the evening 29th I attended church again today at Morning and Night Elder Hoore Preached went to Bro Fallans in the evening 30th ‘Went to church in the Morning and to Squire Lillysin the evening and to Church again at Night Blst Went to church in the Morning and Helped Sam Cooper raise his Earns in the evening and went to church at night in company with Miss Sarett Zith this Ends the Month of Aug. this Month has been unusually pleasant and alltogether favorahleto the Farmer Sept lst I will begin the Month of Sept by saying that the day is - Pleasant and allthough it has the appearance of fall and is cool enough to he pleasant evrythinf around wears the garb of Midsummer and whilst writing this today I can but feel thankful to the giver of evry good and perfect gift for the Prospect we new have of Flenty I have been to church I today Elder Moore Preachod a very affecting Sermon on the Nature the Beauty and the glories of heaven I attended church again at night and » the prospect I new think is good for a revival and I know there is one needed . 2nd `fent to Corrydon in the Morning and to church at night Elder , Hheeler preached on the plan of Salvation &c 3rd A disagreeable rainy day I remained at Home in the Iorning and then went to Uncle Steves in the evening . hth Sundayi Went to church in the Morning Elder Hart Preached a tolerably good sermon in defense of the doctrine of the Reform Church 5th I have been busy todayh§etting Tier Poles for a barn Helped G I Martin Lay the foundation of yarn in the evening and went to Col Cahells at night enjoyed myself finely allthough it might he that I nent a little too far after the and So Forth,

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