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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

29th Sunday Went to church in the Morning Elder Knight Preached Took dinner at Thos Smiths Went in company with Adelia Cotton to Uncle Steves in the evening and then to church Rev Joel Knight Preached Paid Thos S Knight CS my subscription to the church in the Walnut Bottom 30th I have been verry unwell today I went to Mrs. Gottons in the evening 3lst Started hy Ploughs in the corn today ‘Went to the‘Walnut Bottom in company with Adelia Cotton Joel Knight &‘W Knight I saw them on Board the Silver Star about 2 oclock at Night on their way To Illinois and as I saw that Pious and devoted old Man Bid his relatives farewell with the Prospect of never Meeting them again on Earth I could but feel the Power of the Christian Religion that enables us to look beyond this world of Trouble to a Better and a happier state of existence in heaven where Parting will be no more and we will never shed the Bitter Tears , of Separation This month has been unusually Pleasant cool with rain enough for good farming Purposes and our Prospects are now good for a crop of evrything raised on the farm The tobacco crop will be very early as there is all ready a good deal Planted and the wheat will do to cut in l0 days from now · June lst I will begin the Month of June by saying that it is a Beatiful Morning I rode through the Lower bend this Morning came home in the evening with Sue Cotton and Sue Gibson 2nd Commence Hoeing tobacco today I have been unwell all day Consequently remained about the house · Ae _ 3rd Went to John Huites in the Morning after Corn Eougd 11% Bushels at sixty cts per Bushel 'Went to the Bend of Highland in the evening Received from W Greenwell @2.00 Amt of an Execution in favor of Buckman & Smith Took one Replevin Pond ac hth Sunday went to Corrydon to church in company with Miss Ellen Allin Took dinner at Mr. Raymon. Elder Kelly Reformer Preached ac Sth I went to the Diamond Island Bend Received from W Helton l Qll,90 Amt of an Execution in favor of J S Rankin against E Thomas 6th Went to Henderson in company with G E Martin Took the oath and gave Bond for the Constables office it Maces the third Lond I have executed since the 20th of Feb l€S8. Sth Tent to Corydon on Business Executed 7 warrants dc 9th I attended the taking of the deposition of Stephen Martin so this Lorning Received From Lame d Lilly Thirty three dollars on an acct in favor of I F Davis Txecuted E warrants Paid Hm Davis Q5 for work on the farm

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