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Image 9 of Circular (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) n. 174

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

.,. .l[(lA'l)lg 1.l.lIl(Sl0}I(' More Available for Farmers 9 stub tongue which can be hooked to the rear axle of the wagon so as to draw the spreader close up to the rear of the wagon box. A man shovels limestone into the spreader while another drives. A If two o1 more wagons are being used, the spreader may be used on eaeh wagon in this way. lt` an endgate spreader is heing used. an extra sprocket may he bought for each wagon in service and the spreader attached to each wagon as it is unloaded. The end-gate spreader has the i advantage of spreading a wider strip than other types of spread- _. ers. fl. A method sometimes used for spreading with shovels is as follows; Divide the weight of application desired per acre by -10. which gives the applieation fo1 four square rods. Place this amount in piles two rods apart and then spread with a shovel. ](l. (ln 1nau_v soils that are only very slightly aeid, sueh as the limestone soils of Kentucky, often a small amount of lime- 1 stone will he sut`ticient to produce clover. The following praetis is recomzneuded for trial where limestone is ditlieult to obtain; Blix TOO pounds of finely ground limestone or slaked lime and 300 pounds of acid phosphate. Drill the mixture on an aere with tall-sown grain or spring-sown oats. Seed a mixture of red and alsike elover on the grain in the late winter or early spring. ]l. In liming land, leave a small strip unlimed in order to eheck on the results. o 12. Important. Except on the better bluegrass soils. a phosphate is just as neeessary as limestone. ln fart. in most eases limestone used without a phosphate will be disappointing. Ask for (`ircular 123}, which will show you how protitahle lime- stone and phosphates are when used together. lil. Marls are much easier to handle if well weathered. lt is a good plan to blow out with dynamite a supply a year ahead of the time it is desired to use it. A dam or other obstruction should be plaeed o11 the lower side of the loosened mass to pre- vent its washing away, as it will readily do on a slope. r,. . . * _ _ t _ .

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