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Image 3 of Circular (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) n. 174

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

CIRCULAR NO. 174. Making Limestone More Available for Farmers. By GEORGE ROBERTS. ;\lrlll'l1 experimental work has been done in Kentucky t0 show the value of limestone in soil improvement. For many years extension workers have been conducting demonstrations witl1 farmers for tl1c same purpose. Both the experimental work and the demonstration work have shown beyond doubt that the use of limestone is highly profitable. There is scarcely a farmer who is not convinced of the need of Kentucky soils for limestone and who does not concede its prolitablcness. Yet, in 1923, not more tl1a11 60.000 to 75.000 tons of ground limestone were used, enough to lime only 30,000 to -10,000 acres, which is about one- fourth of one per cent of the improved land of the state, most of which would respond profitably to limestone. At this rate it will take 400 years to lime the improved land of the state. The question arises, then, "\Vhy is there not a greater use of limestone?" The answer is that limestone is not a retail com- modity that can be obtained whenever wanted and in whatever quantity wanted. Until limestone can thus be bought, its use will not become general. It is the purpose of this circular to suggest plans by which limestone may be put within easier reach of farmers. 1. COMMERCIAL QUARRIES. ~ \Vhcre farmers are in reasonable shipping distance of com- ix mercial quarries, these should be the cheapest source of limestone, H9} for the reason that it can be ground much more cheaply by the large equipment of these quarries. If farmers used more lime- stone and purchased it thruout the year, quarries could supply it . . _ I -

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