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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 17, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

t THJ ADAIR COUNTY NEWS LLINQOFJOHN POST FFIOE DIRECTORY J O AUAIfi OOUNTY COLUMBIA VOLUME 4 MRuuellPostmastercchbnriweekday87d0amtoo so pm I ASLEEP DENTON IN THE ARflS OF JESUS n On Monday morning March 2 urred at Glasgow Junction ren County Twenty Yeas TimesR HHTUARV y ands J LION t COFFEE pae sith Septemberi HunludrcJ HditchellJ + h NUMBER 23 entered the home of Mr and Mr Billie Speer and claimed as its took from her loving care a jewel COURT DIRECTO Her death own the spirit ofone of the ither daughter Zona was due to that most dreaded dis CimcuiTCoc Three sessions a ye arTh rme time ago we published an ac brightest jewelstheir youngest Monday In January third Monday In slay al tIof the suicide in this city of Ste daughter Miss Nannie For four ease consumption being confined third Monday In to her bed since Christmas weeks she had cheerfully and n Lbveall who was said to be Im CHrculi JudgeW A LUXURY WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL Commonwealth s Cd to the act by worrying over the tiently yieldpd to the grasp IfZona was born Nov 16 1884 W SheriffJ professed faith in Christ between tor his having killed a man years that fatal disease consumption OleriiJnoB 12 and Iff years of age and lived a Why haGlasgow Junction at She was in her 28d year and had mistake ¬ Lewis McQuown of this city MAKEno my head been a faithful member of thsLION COFFEE County AttorneyJaGaenettJrP Coiiw rsant with the tasty of tb- e Cumberland Presbyterian Church J died her panda were raised toward ClerkT a Stulta hiving heen one of the alto from childhood Nannie was iiol is on every package of a now become the leader laller 8 defimled Loveiil Theoir devoted sister a kind anti ob heaven and a sweet smil way on Aeo of all package coffees UeyorRT MeCaflree hr fw leer admonition ftumhjuwsof the killing wTeibout limit daughter and u loving cmLION COFFEEAeboul Andwhy is it used in il WDJones thnsN Mt behind anti h mart I f 1llIw pnnion She leaves a broke 1CoronerLeonard Fletcher millions of homes Attfttctioii for ousabli wai nn at hearted father sfr pmutberhrut you buy It guarantees Because it does not Coot Itegular court neconusMotyJ Glasgow Junction aoiuc twenty years lirt are treasures to lAra and two sisters to mourn her mother and acb month sailunder false colors the whole family She its purity No coffee is a crowd II- departure idge J W fun and there watt a larlol White we do not nn It is an absolutely clean ornev = fpp e In town among them Loveall derstand the dealings of Provi seemed to realize the beauties RId pure coffee No glazing Living In define we feel that this dwath has glories of heaven and WH doudt and a man named Deutm LION COFFEE CHURCH DIRECTOR the town at the time was an old shoe left a void that no one on earth nut but this girl was permitted t i to see into the land ofendless day unless it is in a 1 pound makePRESBYTERIAN who conducted a blind tiger I loan fill while in the agonies of death BOBUVILLB STBHST Rev T fF0 his shop and dealt out whisky on the ¬ sealed packet with the While we cannot understand pastor Serrlcei second and fourth sly to all thirsty ones On the day o seems the dealings of Providence while Just try a package of head ofa lion on the r the election Lovell had made severs night the most precious ones are taken i front Then you get visits to the shop as bad Denton an e LION COFFEE i METHODIST that the former was spoke of meeting her mother and in the bloom of youth and our it bapipure coffeethe highest don DVabftLLB W homes saddened aud our hopes nstanding In front of the shop when sister beyond the river where Watch our next advertisement and you will under ¬ grade for the money shattered yet all things work for Denton who was a perfect stranger toalll is peace and happiness stand the reason of its meeting Tbnrsday night Herfgood to those who love the Lord him the man never having seen each mother crossed the chilly waters popularity By this death gloom hovera over other before that day Loveall having when she was an infant BAPTIST Her sis OBBBKSBOBO SiMzrBev E Iarnettonly a short time before moved 9tbe ter Mrs Tommie Smith wife o from Wayne county came Alex Smith preceded her two in a home of perfect and endless ng a stopping at the shop tried years ago whichwill contribute to their happiness comfort and convenience and which they may have by meeting Tuesday night On Sunday she asked j oy C found it locked openOHBISTIAN the adoor but fun said to him her brother 111 law what message in spirit of she must take to Tommie The Farmers Home Fire Insuranc k WOOLSON SPICE CO TOLEDO OHIO under It angered Denton Pastorrervleea First Sun A dark day will come to every Company Junction City Ky 8200000 9 am at instant to be thus addressed by a home j but it should be a sweet strong Insures all kinds of property stranger and be turned quickly around trouble to this family in thwir except steam mills hemp and tobacco asked Lnveall if he wanted to hours of bereavement to give upJ tes reasonable Insures against PARSON MOSS COI The latter replied to the effect to Him who doeth all things well Fire Lightning and Windthat he would just as soon have a round and who guardeth His loved ones BLACKSMITHS s M STAPLES County Director MASONIC or two with him as not and the two against any thing that would mar T A MUBBELL Agent COLUMBIA LoDGE No 96 F anMRelt WOODWORKERS men doffed their coats and were Sr meeting In their ball ovetnk on Fr A N WKIAS for many years with COLUMBIA dijntghlon or before the fulloon ln Cbtlng ready to go at it hammer an KENTUCKY WM Continental General Manager was month GAI when bystanders intererr JLSnrLTs h Mayor Tom Johastoa fight They steppe mee tand stopped the care a parent We are prepared to do As mayor of Cleveland Tom John ¬ It but a few minutes however for She is now dnUlondaynlgbtlnearhmrrTT asleep in JPSUS restings any kind of work In will add t the gayety of nations which on flowery beds uDenwu went into the street of ease dreaming His name Is Tom not Thomas and he our line in firstclass order We have hud only a short while before been ma of the sweet angel that bore herI one at tbe most picturesque Individ been in the business for 25 years and cadjimlzed and was covered with looseI across silvery waters ond nestled know bow to do work in existence who started in life atones and picking up his hands full her in the arms of her BvanrESS C9S Our prices are as low a street car driver in a little Indi ¬ commenced to fire them at Loveall While we know her name i sana town aud owned the road before and terms as reasonablewho stood not far away Loveallstood s he got done with it He has gone on as any firstclass mechanics We will U1yg S dl dapper but whe dodging like a BATS take country produce iIAS we shouldt we tbesame principal ever since and Denton picked up a new supply of the at market value Give CANES owns a good many things besides be us call Shop stones and commenced to hurl the Gl nV near Columbia Mill Copower her ing a statesman a philanthropist and again Lqveall thought it about tlm Go to Gradyville and breed to the best stallion in would < ok down on the griefa philosopher Mr Johnston Is a prac for turn W return the fire and be did stricken family and say Weep t Ical person He does not practice his 1 Kentucky at 1000 X31 rT suibiii first stone striking Denton on Columbia Mfr not for me hat live uprightly in theories except where they pay He him 7vAlso side of the head knocking twentyone blues several of them be AND the sight of God that you may be believes In 3 cent fares on street rail ¬ lug in model ring If uu want someu The onlookers by this time In Dealer In able to meet me in heaven where w thing that tilt bring fancy prices for example and that was the Gampbellsville Stage Line and Denton was able to get FINE STETSON HATS parting is no more To her lathpr incipal Issue on which be was elect ¬ breed to Jordan Peacock Mr Bascom and go home and Loveall was himself to be one of the bast breeders Garnett of near Columbia owns three er she would say Papa OTHER STYLISH BRA canel mayor of Cleveland but he charges ¬ charged with malicious strik in Kentucky ills col B have been of Jordan colts that cannot be pur no longer comfort you but not 5 cents on his own roads He believes Remember the place 408 weSt shown against the best horses in the chased for less than 8150 each His and wounding and taken before many years hence or perhaps days that monopolies are tbe greatest curses State and have always been winners colts have been sold tj my certain judge W Gossom who was the police your voice will be mingling with of mankind but has his entire proper GOOD STOCK Jordan Star the twoyearold was knowlwlpe frog 8100 to SCOO I QUAU judge at the Junction The trial ra I shown your departed loved ones in twentytwo rings and won ASTEE Ills colts tn ho sound or no pay COMFORTABLE STAGE ty in them and made his money in In Loveall being dismissed but suited SAFE DRIVER omoting them He is a free trader about ten days later Denton died an GOV ST JOHN AND JOE u d thinks that customs tariffs are im ¬ Loveall was afterwards indicted fo p m ural as well as Illogical but neverthe All cure will taken to prevent acci BURKSVLLE STREET Courteous Attention to Passengers murder There was a large connection J ents hut m t responsible should any lesi demands a heavyduty on Iron and Columbia Ky of the Demons in Barren county an cemetery to await the steel as long as be manufactures One Leaves am occurGood JUNIUS HANCOCK Prop they bitterly prosecuted Loveall the resurrection Henceforth she will might go on gluing a catalogue of Mr tioi with Columbia ntrain and makes connrc I LonisviUe Leaves Campbells grass at 50 cents per week or are tine brooder and theircults always t clone Jas J Bates at that late le 320 p m Just of er arrival of Louisville timeI e numbered with the redeemed grain fed at cost t bring the highest market price of U- leading lawyers of Southern and shall be called blessed Peace be dues not practice Paring the last Diliy excpt Sunday Calls ai Marcum Ho JiJTbe above Hotel has been re ¬ Kentucky being retained to assist promptly attended to Esp eau it Beedj fl I also tell the Chicago Fertilizer at everything in t lye way or Dry Goods y few years of Heary Georges life MrtlMiller tlon Col Bates was a cio 8125 t H 8150 p r hundred Wh n in I No ions Groceries Hardware Buggies Johnston was his ang1 and gave mve our GEORGE LEE Prop m sympaty friend of the Den tons and Grad VillI ad want the I est goods at Osbne Machines Corn Drills etc d him money whenever he wanted it the lowest priers call on me 1 handle t Give me a call the market affords Rates reasonable Nil d to have prosecuted the case we one year He built a little ideal community w flood sample room Feed stable atall the vigor be could command G Goldstein ago The will of God must bere on one of his street car Hues on Long Drs R tacked Thecase was in court at Glasgow be ¬ vealed It is sure but sometimes Island to carry out Henry Georges tutu Judge Garnett long >< + APRIL 17 1901 6On the 2d day of Aprilefthe death angel visited the home Mrs Is at 1080 the grim reaper Death Bar- KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY + AtkhulI r pref earthd ¬ eaabbsth teh8undapschool eggmixtures imperfections descriptivetist bef sealedpackages vicinityfandayBchol ia oyeaC AJ t tnscratc anPrayer andLODGES t t r Jordan shed witd Sechmgs 7COLIIMaL EfW J eacock f > fi Saviora rem lambn cl s- I iIh I moneydue arI Hancock tlo tel hbiibood 0 prd anr 1i8a ind I BtJ Lenwith h1T dih fora time and seven different times Love represented by Mr McQuown and Judge Boles and Mr made six different speeches Owing to a certain in given by Judge Garnett and since been reversed by the Apptas itjnas difficult to ac¬ though on every trial a iderable majority of the jury were for acquittal and it was not un til the seventh trial that he was final Iyacqultted Col Bates made his lat speech in the case sitting in a chair and it Is said to have been one of the best and most powerful he ever deify ered Bowling Green Tlm triceCOmRCIAL I notions The population was compos ¬ entirely of Mr George and his friends and dlclples Mr Johnston tbe bills The rest of them and talked and believed that they had a Utopia but it would have something else w thmt son else without Mr Johnstons Gradyville Kw earthlyec W STEPHENS fcIn tlWhatIs LtLLE AND PEARL DEALER Optic Specialists Backboneb OF IN Dry Goods Notions Boots Shoes 1 aso keep a large stock omoney 544 Fourth flue Louisville Ky backbone For the papers to have It he manages the city of Clevelandbackbone enough to tell tbo truth and as be has managed his own affairs heConsultation and ex publish the news For the officers ll make things bum and will conteasooable ml nation FUEE have the backbone to enforce the laws trol that municipality Indefloately which can be bought at the very lowest prices young ladies to have the back The newspapers are talking about For tbe These getemen are professionals of lvg have a nice line of hands bone to cut the acquaintance of tree Johnston as a candidate for the natce ebeins sons oi the la e A Goldstein Le easy young fellows and For tbeal the sidescy and you certainly who was Icno n as an o titian throughout Th tines Glasseicnn be fuml bcd preachers to have the backbone tow hear something of him both InB on short notice un preach the gospel without tear of Ohio and beyond Cblcairo Record LEBANON KY 8DITDHST GT BLACKLEY treading on a rich contributors toes Marlon Kooke manager for T M FRANKLIN COUNTY WOODFOBO COUNTY 0 r He Kept His Drs Goldstein Employs No Thompson a large importer of fine For the churches to have tbe backbone V Twelve years ago J W Sullivan of to open the doors of the church for at 658 Milwaukee Aven ¬ AOSNTS ti and Coon scratched his Some people to get out when they areB o¬ wire Inflama Ion and IeacetljcarkmeD and doing as big with a toI grade work sCan be turned out anyvere weather 1 caught a dreadful col BLACKLEY IIIIBST CO plate ia the country Patronize a which kept me awake at night jUKtwhftttbey home Institution Work of Adair made me unfit to attend my work du w fs IbutJt he ittjjKitatid le tdtftjbon J Rasseli Taplor and Green snll ltedInll am prepared totikejtiui dlfrterBfbrshed ty One of nry milliners M 118E rvrttbtI DIed one bottle of EclPtJ rlo I V and the backbone tb sti1 boo taking Chamberlains CoUgh Eemed wt JOHNSTON GO Pro REUKRNS PROMPTLY MADE Hydraulic Rams b Bltefsll1tJ 112 of flocklen a Arnica for a vere cold at that time grhlr REED MILLER Agents ill tbrowNvuter from your 1ia rings to I 1H9 U25 LOUISVILLE rellevfe her io tfttlckry ° 11Or lerpth9hlsSZemal your houses tarn tt Wa fr f urplsh 1 it I bought tame for myfcelf It aLp Bhhhlili rlres Ihd all pumps Of any kind cheaper tbHQc vVY j F mrHnntlj Fri S air tu like magic and I began to improve a WIo lllttxYs b no Write to me HI Clumhia for estimates bldOd tlisardnra I wt in other obBtrnctlons togooA Utk yi IfhrL lXrE KNDEXT HOU81 Country PaQoOab Register tewdktelv removed from once I am nOw entirely well and feel lt rivtl on tom Efytheo T i8 PaUll or rail and se meat the Mantum froI Bowels bylfor ImtfciMehftnd Your tel pleased to acknowledge is mer IhVuni y ur life n ihn C > vMjticui MHIUI iiu itut Cum a 111 dd 6tlbc Ur refund This paper anti the courier Jutjrnalf I will gdti lipt c cPIlteybr i id OM a For sale by M Cravens t110Epttr9etls lug bueiueeB in tins Uuit d neaten t Callat this office 7 Bolt looks alter the cullnurr and consguests First1aaslivery ann Steam Laundry fCLOTHING tow ¬ ¬ I > sI ¬ sh mllllnerJ11laundry t Itemedlcen ELKHORN Ilmdtd had wellb FanersI Labfr atlasd AU TIO tlrn lu rTsttett Ithis ¬ k F 1- 5- 1 0 1H i W MaiDS t AILt xi 1 r ro7 to AL as lrulyt ktifi tIboNW > 1 V Farmerslll e8 1 t yw KENTUCKY Independent Tobacco Warehouse la I Biliousits MILLINERY Ie bltckhonh I S71to W L GRADY slow Nannie is no more But an angel pure and bright cHOLT t viJuhast famile i ¬ 1 0cne prosltbe pcrslJl1alguests x ¬ i j r

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