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Image 6 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), September 23, 1915

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Are You A Stockholder IN BEAUTIFUL EVERGREEN CEMETERY? ' . HANCOCK, A small Michigan town, has a Cemetery, which pay IS Per Cent Annually. ia not a dream but a reality. EVERGREEN CEMETERY been opened to the public and lota are being sold daily. The men comprising the Board of Directors with their established standing of known integrity and business ability, with their expressed purpose of making the cemetery a success, is a guarantee of the safety of the It has WRITE FOR IT investment: SUCCESS IS ASSURED. Superintendent Masonic Home' '. T. JEFFERSON ADAMS .President Vissman Packing Co. GEORGE KOPMEIER State Superintendent Kentucky Children's Home GEO. L. SEHON . .President Geo. G. Fetter Co. GEQ. G. FETTER President Kentucky Parfay Co. FRANK H. STITZEL General Manager Evergreen Cemetery Co. JOHN L. LYNN Attorney at Law G. A. ELLERKAMP ..Vie president Kentucky Parfay Co. ADAM EMMET8BERGER Trustee Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky. J. W. THACKER How many of them do you know? with keen foreThey are representative business men of Louisville--m- en sight and aggressive ability. Look Cemetery, New Jersey, stock ROSE HILL advanced from $25 to $35 a share in fifteen months. We have a very interesting booklet "Where Your Money Will Yield Evergrowing Cash Profits.". BOARD OF DIRECTORS: at our Board of Directors. Until "Evergreen" was opened, Louisville had only ONE cemetery. Think of it! A city of 250,000 inhabitants with only one Cemetery an 1 "Evergreen" is no longer in the experimental stage, as the number of burials and lot sales, abundantly testify.' The coupon is'for your convenience: TO-DA- EVERGREEN CEMETERY COMPANY Incorporated KY. GENTLEMEN: Kindly send me your naw booklet "Where your money will yield Evergrowing Cash Profits." NAME LOUISVILLE, Address Phone No. nMHnW' .Sk&Pi'Sri.ff e'e':: 9Mi9m i&iJ..J. mmsmmnsW m MAIN t 4 HB3BWMwH WlSMsVWasMKMSMMMlflj City 55or 70 witness a dedication of little ones to of God we are forcibly reminded Mt. Washington, Sept. 20. The Christ's words, "Except ye become as friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. little children, ye shall in no wise enof God." Sweeney were very proud of the ter into Mrs. B. D. Burch was called to the upon their lithigh honor conferred tle daughter, Helen, at the State bedside of her brother, Will Rody, Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney and her near Owensboro, last week. Mr. Rody parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Wiggin-to- was shot by his stepson, whether purwere so long residents of our posely or accidentally, we have not town that we feel a very personal learned. Since Mrs. Burch left here we have heard that Mr. Rody has pride in this prize Kentucky baby. give a Coun passed away. He has a number of re- The Maccabees will ' a LI VCD n UUIiiVV r WBOIWVO wTT V D try Store, pie and ice cream supper InliifAo 111 TJntHtf VVts hnoilaD turn DID. ters in Louisville. Saturdey night, Sept. 25, at their Miss Mary Belle Salyers and Mr, hall here, for the benefit of Macca-be- e Phil Ashbaugh went to Louisville last Tent No. 3. baptized week and were quietly married. Rev. S. L. C. Coward Mr. Jacob Collier has sold his farm James Louis and Virginia Herln at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. near here to a Mr. Armstrong and J. W. Herin, last Saturday at 10 will give possession about Christo'clock a. m. It was a sweet and mas. Mr. Collier is looking for a sacred ceremony, and each time we place here to locate. MT- - WASHINGTON n, R0TICE ADS. CLASSIFIED Sarah Jpsd left a tan rain c at at Cltv Limits statl on. Kinder return to her or The Jt ITersonian and receive reward. Miss Fall Suits and Overcoats IV. flood sucKimir horse con Ioisalb one to mal b. H. A. HUMMEL, win ouy Itersontown. SOCIAL AT ROCKY HILL H-- t ak, A box and country store will ob SALS 80 acres improved lano near be given at Rocky Hill achoolhouse tifclley. U. COLLINS. Jeffersontown. u-Wednesday, Sept. 29, beginning at Foa SauIsows wlih piss by their sides 8 o'clock u. ni., for benefit af the aid one uuroc Jersey boar that took 115. in 51st premiums at State fair. MRS. JOHN school. This it; a most worthy cause MMCOIC.Route 19 St. Matthews; Cumb phone For Men and Young Men u Now Ready for Vour inspection aod a larKe crowd in desired. Every, n-- t body come. IFor SAW-Pi- ve horses; can be seen at CHRIST'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Hud HunslngfiN at Punk's Branch Sl,'ll LA NUE & YENNKR. "Why I am a Lutheran? Why have Fob Sals Fine youns a Creed t Why not take the Bible as THOKNE, Fern Creek, Jersey cow. I.t N. a Creed?" discussed at 10:45 a. nv .PAHKY. September 26th at Christ's Lutheran ;l church, Jefferson town. Sabbath-schofresh Jersey cow and Calf. 1KM-i- . 1 Jeffersontown. at 9:30 a. m. No preaching or C. E. S. in the evening true to the revival in a neighboring church. All Sal Scholarship In Bryant 6 ss College and Creaarer'a B uslneas made welcome. REV. J. E at bis bargains. ZEM a.girl should sec us atSome energetic ones. Prepare GER, D. D., Pastor. elf for a good position. Write or te Our Schloss Bros. Clothes of Baltimore M-- lt li-l- $15.00 TO $30.00 i4-- ol 14-- Strat-UHln- are better than a majority of tailors can make at double the pricewith a saving to you of 20 to 25 cents on the dollar as compared to other store prices e e pboii. Jefferson, Oeffersontown. Ky. ,3t( Eoth Phones. W I'm Sals Household furniture, Sanitary At J. GOLD'S ....... All Day Saturday, Best As low as Patent Flour Visman's Best Pure Lard at Our Favorite Brand Coffee at We Retail MEATS at Wholesale Prices Trade here and Save the Middleman's Ply-mot- h MR8. E. V. SPKOWL Men's and Young Men's Suits and $15 and $18 Values Overcoats , FOR Sals - Kelly Duplex corn mtll at half BROS., Buechel, Ky, price, RtJCKRtBOI I'obSals Improved Fultzo Medlterrane :d wheat, yield 45 bushels to the acre. HMIDT BROS.. Jetfersontown, IHi $5.50 PROr1 1 I S Big Special for Early Buyers couch, dresser, washsiand, chairs, rocking chairs, tables, wardrobe, gasoline stove and numerous other articles, alsa white Rock hens, very cheap Irsold at once. 1 Ok 1 1 Qc For SalS Two-fou- vork inywnere. r $9.95 year old horses, will j. n. uillianu, mkm. voaRt 12? A t. the In VA?ANftS9 large selection of Shirts, Hats, Ties, Etc., at popular prices. JeSCrson H-- tf 3 STORES 10th and Cedar 8th and Market den land 129 East Nyer Berman 216-21- We Ship Orders All Over the State W. Market St. 8 Bet. 2nd & 3rd Sts., Louisville, Ky.

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