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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), September 23, 1915

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

HP'RWI-JL.- . IJI.IIII....IIIUB. IWiPWBai i mm WBBBtHHHKB , ii.i ii WORK ON THE LOUISVILLE PIKE (1) Alcohol la a substance the iog for which growi on many aud women, and, in some casta, sets Ha. aad G sod Road Will Be up an irresistible craving for its Com- Built Hok Company, Its use couti Dually awaken tractor. thirst, and thus leads to habits of e. Pure Prepared Paint drinking. Alcohol Is not a real food; It Is (Tha Spencer Magnet) appreciable value when taken j The. Heke Construction CoaiDsnv. along with real food and when work of Louisville, has been given the con Is to be done. (3) Alcohol diminishes the quality tract tor the reeonatructton of the and total output of useful manual touisvillf pike from Braahear's creek work M all kinds, and ultimately go the Jefferson county line, a dis caust'i great deterioration in me tance of 1)0.6 miles. The first four miles beginning at quality of intellectual work. (4) Alcohol seldom does good, and tie bridg is to be crushed atone enoften does great harm; It blunts per tirely at approximate cost of $1000 ception and feeling, Impairs moral per mile The quarry is already open sense and impedes intellectual pro ed on Withrow hill . and the contrac- . . . v ore nave oegun this week to places cesses. (5) Alcohol, when taken by children, material on the road. The same company took a later checks growth and development, both contract for the remaining 6.6 miles bodily. mentally and (Ii) Alcohol Impairs the power of at approximately $600 per mile. The 1. e., the of material used on this section will be groups of balancing or other principally gravel with crushed rock, various muscles of hand and eye, hand and possibly, ued on the long hills. A 6 work is to be completed by brain, etc. Januhry $ 1916. The company (7) Alcohol taken In comparatively small quantities weakens the power is un Bra$20 a day forfait in oaao and when taken "to they o not finish by the first of the of excess" Inhibits or puts out of action year. 50( lineal feet of culvert will be this power, thus leading to Immorality used d. tha whole length. The Arner- and crime, poverty and misery. Culvl Co., of Buechel, has the (8) Alcohol has a narcotic poison ican furnishing the culverts. ous'action even when it appears to contract It may of interest to our people stimulate, and must be classified with Mr. MtClure Hoke, the chloroform and ether, though it acts to know the Hoke Construction less intensely and more slowly than president Co., is s of the late Judge Hoke, these poisons. ounty. He is a man who, (9) Alcohol predisposes both direct of Jeffersi nisi sin ess and Spencer Co. ly and indirectly to Infective fevers, knows reasol to feel glad that this and is now known to be one of the has company do the work of recon- most important factori In rendering structing of our principal patients more susceptible to the at tacas of tubercle bacillus, and so to thoroughjd tuberculosis. (10) Alcohol In pneumonia and ty- THINGS AT THE I NSTITUTE phoid fever ofteu does more harm (Tl Spencer Magnet) th tn good. Its use In these diseases, Sc Organisation. tuough much less general than In rk is to be done it is ab- years gone bv, Is still excessive. It If good should never be given except by a solutely ni that the school be physician who should prescribe it well organ! Not only should the with as much care and with as def- pupils be J the work they are ious training to do but inite an object in view as when strych- fitted by nine, opium or any other powerful they shoul be so organized that the least possible num- drug ls ordered; and the instructions there will in these as In all other diseases should ber of consistent with the he so framed as not to be interpreted best inters of the school. In a ranging from twenty as a sanction for its continuance daily attendance, with when the occasion fur its temporary five to fiftj ages varyil from six to twenty, to use Is past. (11) The habitual use of alcohol as be classifitl sight grades, with ten must be taught, be-a beverage (even In moderation) may subjects hasten the end in a fatal illness. It sides at lei a part of the supple-bein- g done, all in six prolongs the duration ot the illness mentary givs very few prec- In those cases iu which the patient hours laboj ious minuj r the teacher to lose. recovers. Such qui as, "How to. take a (12) Alcohol predisposes to heat preliminary ey of the district," stroke lu hot weather. temporary and per- (13) Alcohol causes dilation of the "How tol itton, " "How reduce blood vessels of the skin, and rapid munent the nun classes," How add loss of beat, iu cold weath (14) Alcohol causes of (2) of no "The Brand that Satisfies" Has been sold in your community for pad ten years. JAsk your dealer (or names of users. IJThen insped that property and inquire of the owner. . is the bed way to safeguard your tJThat interest. That's H. & W. befl advertisement. ON SALC BY The Johnson Lumber & Supply Go. BUECHFX, Incorporated J KV self-contro- l; eJxandofthaS -- in i Alcohol. H.&W. Homi Phoss Hifcblaad iiiiii . ol" Western North A WAY up in the mountains Carolina are the beautiful and attractive resorts of Asheville, Black Mountain, Hendersonville, Brevard, Lake Toxaway, Saluda, Waynesville, (Lake Junaluska), Flat Rock, Hot Springs, and Tryon. Spend your vacation at one of these cool and delightful places or at Tate Spring, Tenn. Round trip Excursion tickets are on sale daily, good until October 31st, via Southern ) Railway of the South allowed at all points. Three special Low Rate Excursions will be run during the summer. Ask for details. Stop-ove- rs For full Information see Ticket Agent, Southern Railway, or write B. H. Todd. District Passenger Agetit, Louisville, Kentucky. in iiwia u i One of the greatest issue of the day and or that is taking hold of Kentuckisns as never before) is the good road movement. Under the auspices of the Kentucky Good Roads Association a Good Roads meeting was held in the convention hall at the State Fair last Wednesday. Some of the best speakers of the commonwealth took part on th program. Each county judge was requested to appoint ten representative from hi county and many of these were present during the discussions on Road Road Economies, Building, The Growth of Good Road Sentiment, and The Value of Our Present Road Laws. Citisens of some of the counties have volunteered their nervices in building up the public highway. These good and patriotic men have left their places of business and have gone themselves to shovel gravel or to do anything to improve the roads. Some have loaned their teams and drivers for one or more days. This is real patriotism. Our county has no money appropriated to the repair or building of the roads which certainly need work, but much could be done if our citisens would follow the example of those in other Kentucky counties. If one or two days were set apart especially for "Road Day" and every citizen who is able would give his labor or the use of his team, or both, our roads would be in much better condition to stand the freezes and thaws of winter, and each person would profit by his labor. There Is more Catarrh la this Motion of th country than all other disease put together, and until the last few year was supposed to be Incurable. For a crest many yean doctor pronounced it a local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science ha proven Catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore require constitutional treatment Hall' Catarrh Cur, manufactured by- F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only Constitutional cur on the market. It 1 taken Internally in dose from 30 drop to a It acta directly on th blood and mucous surfaces of th system. Thar offer on hundred dollars for any case ft falls to cur. Bend for circular and testimonials, i 00., Toledo, O. Address: T. 3. CHENKT old by Dm prists. Tie. HaU's Family WU f I 1 degBiou iitt IllSMl oFtlie I eMU one of the best things "made in America" is the GOOD AMERWe know a kit about the dollar and hcv it is DOLLAR. made. That's our business thf business of SCIENTIFIC, MODERN BANKING. Send your "made in America" dollars our way. We can render good STEWARDSHIP to you under laws laid down by the NOW is the time of year to OPEN an Daiied States government. The Jefferson County Bank SMITH GRIST MILL Runs Tuesdays and Fridays - Let Your Feed Fairmount, i,vw,uw CLARENCE SALE Organizer 1211 Coleman Bldg., 3rd & The first stroke of the brush will prove the superior covering hiding power of Kurfees Pure Leaa ana Zinc Paint You will immediate!) appreciate the difference in spread- ing a paint composed of: " 80 Lead and 20 Zine and the paint you have heretofore been using. In no other paint will you find 80 Iead; nor will you find a paint of such heavy body, Louisville, Kentucky Campaign Offer s k SI I onlyr JJ 4 Tony F. Roselle 408 W. Jefferson prl re his program of thai thev do not contain mm This offer is for mail subscribers only and not for person who can jret the Post delivered by agent. Mall Check or P. O. order to The Jeffersonian or- - ganization Buechel, Ky. V.I If, . ?"OITCorr.latUrl' .""TV" correlate Ken iva mv J Rooms Fifth & Highland . .106 Hast 111- - " hrtnt to th Piae t for Colds is Honoy, which Dr. Bell's root of cold trou- tU. r goes to the throat and gives bles. It ed. relief fronl t clogged and staffed nan have ever been feeling. n in driving away the frien y er, the A WONDERFUL ANTISEPTIC. colds. uliurly effective in qualities Germs and infection aggravate ails colds. Remember ments and retard healing. Stdp that fighting n st th start great- tnat a c infection at once. Kill the germs and ly i rem posswility of com- dv. get rid of the poisons. For this pur- plicatio pose a single application of Sloan's City I ISO Liniment not only kills the pain but Inge destroys the germs. This neutrslizes Cumb. South mo infection and gives nature assistance by overcoming congestion and gives a chance for the free and normal flow Y0R of the blood. Sloan's Liniment is an emergency doctor and should bs kept off constantly on hand. 25c, 60c. The l&ib floor rson His MB $1.00 sis contains six times as much I oMlsvllte, Ky. W the 26c. adv. The Neat . 103-- 4 Building Inter-Southe- rn Louisville. Ky. Jeffent ontptwii, Kjn tucky. j REAL ESTATE AUCTIONEER FIRE, WINDSTORM, LIVE STOCK INSURANCE NOW is the time to buy that farm. sizes, prices and localities. have them in all I If you you have a farm to sell, list it with me at the RIGHT PRICE, and I will use my best elforts to effect a sale. I I have sold more farms than any other agent in Jefferson County. And when you jfet ready to make that AUCTION SALE, remember I HAVE HAD THIRTY YEARS EXPERIENCE, aud my charge arc as low as any REPUTABLE Auctioneer will do the work for. Satisfaction Guaranteed. s Bargain Family Our Great New York Dentist 426 OVER THE inillNiMiiluiiiiiiiiliiim South 4th Avtv RESTKN A fiANGEN'S AND REST EQCIFFKJ) DiCNTAL OFPICE0 IN THE CITY, gurlctir Sanitary. 1' Artificial Teeth With. Ik Our Specialty. lata Wo M.k FuU Sst of Teeth (Guaranteed for 0OW8CLTATION . $5 FREE. LiADY ATTENDANT. m Prices Right Quality Best pine-hone- I 1 Jefferson Sts. "id l Onaib, Phone Main 1209 SRROWL 4,16 United States tucky HistesT1 s"ta to PP1 the Histnrv hv 8 6ttrly exPloraions story of La thro8 Ken- andfinally tucky. Thewe cn tnMe our ear,v the natioa. j. . In many i ""tances we find the history of tuckv clo"ly connect-edwit- h Nat,on B whole- that the Then Keicky History should be correlated W GwfPf- - We have the Dunils It" the t?'y of thevar- ious settlem;8 in our rtate- - and ach PuPn is equally should kno the ,octio, ot these cities. JLe and fall of many And last .... IHOU the passage of. politicsl ParajM. the vario Lisvasfsm the state affords correlate Ken- us oppor ivil Government. tucky Hi Cave Snider. Louisville, Ky L. Q. BRADBURY - ritfnal thirteen settlers bad0 arby so oin un,te the Colonies, stuty of oVwn "tete with that of St. Residence Home Phone 8960 " irr-- if i Jefferson Sti. Louisville Evening Post, Daily from t now until November 10, I m i 5 and Jefferson ian one year, both for hats. Practice in all' Courts, Write Deeds, Wills, Contracts, Etc. Examine Titles and Settle Estates. vesi (18) There Is ample evidence of the evil effects of drinking alcoholic liquors amongst all classes, but the ACCOUNT with us. results are most serious and obvious among the working classes where the amount of earnings available for food, clothing, housing, education, and amusements is more restricted 1). LEK IIHARDT than amongst those receiving greatH. N. REUBELT President Cashier er pay. We agree that "the great amount of drinking alchollc liquors among the working classes of this country is one of the greatest evils of the day, destroying more than anything else, the health, happiness, and welfare of those classes, and neutralizing to a large extent the great industrial prosperity which Providence has placed within the reach of tbli nation. (Hi) In view of the above, we are convinced that the universal abstinence from alcbolic liquors as bevMe Grind erages would contribute greatly to the health, prosperity, morality and Citizens' Phone Ky. happiness of the human race. (20 We would urge the general adoption of abstinence from all such intoxicating beverages as the most natural, surest, simplest, and quickest method of removing evils which THE KENTUCKY RURAL CREUIT ASSOCIATION result from their use, and at the first great step towards the solution of ls ""w five per C.nn'ttnl $1 OOO OOO payable'""'int.' money nil Improved farmsoratarMrem cent many of the most difficult social vapi annually, n Interested call on problems by which we are confront- Home Phone 2654 of the best $2.00, and many $3.00 Attorney at Law suiflcient Ilead to make themcover. out grC predisposing clauses me. You know la paint must contain of heart failure and cerebral bem fro: said,' we should have Lead and lots of it, if you expect As hi orrhage. it to cover and wear well. er of recitations pos (16) Alcohol otfen causes neuritis the least m If you get Kurfees 80 Lead and sible, and i: .h case when the work or inriaminatiou of the nerves. 20 Zinc Paint, you don't need to ts are s'mular they buy as many gallons for the job as (Hi) Alcohol ls one of the gieat in two s lated. you would of ordinary paint, nor will causes of degeneration or too rapid should be you need to repaint the job so soon. teacher should spend If possi agitig of the tissues of the body. Kurfejs Outside White is the he district before the (17) Other conditions beiug equal, several day whitest white; make the whitest to become acquain houses, and the colors are all good those who rake no alcohol can per- opening of pila, and to learn of and permanent. Let us figure on form more work, possess greater ted with th resources, and pre- your job. their educa powers of endurauce (according to ons, the latter of the verdict of the most successful vious clai ined by referring which ma; mountalneeis and other athletes), W. Summers & Son ok of the last teacher and they have, on the ayerage, less to the reco ion received from the sickuess, and recover more quickly or by infon ery necessary for the pupils. It than uouabstainers; whilst they ate e this information so Farm Machinery, Fertilizers ot course unaffected by any of these teacher to diseases specially caused by alcohol. he may Sim It has the quality, style and snap . J. C, Jfl I 1 ; My $1. 75 Fall Hat Home Phone 1209 , YESICAN Head tinder Your i In CARROUU Pot k hii.iti tMiil ihitunit,:itbliili ii)irltiiiiiiuill.uiiliiljitriMiiitlHlil)(ir.uiaiiiu.ii:ii viiiiniiiiiniirimiiiiiimtriTiiititiitiiiiv iiii itiM! imti utiiiui in inntiii uutu mill ttinaiuii ji iu. lutntiKii Subitript 'tm may bt tilhtr ntiu er remixial. 227 B. Louisville riiii:iiiiinijiilii!iHJUIIIilliiiiiLiuiiiitiiii,iiiiiuiUUtJti(ltir Ky. office of this paper. McCALL'S MAGAZINE. WOMEN Love This Magazine Com in or writ to tee a tampU copy McCALI.'g is the fashion Authority and Housekeeping Helper of more women than any other magazine in the world. All the latest styles every month; also delightful stories that entertain, and special departments in cooking, home dressmaking, fancy work, etc., that lighten housework and save money. McCALL'S has been a family favorite for forty-fiv- e years. It is the magazine that satisfies. Lv Don't Miss This Offer or call ml the oHict of lki$ paper BOMB ' KX) tit a? n FREE McCALL PATTERN Each .ubacrlber for this Great "Family Dargjii)" may choow from her Artt copy of McCALL'S received, one of the celebrated McCall Dress Patterns FREE, (value 15c) by sending a postal card request direct to I ne Mclill Lorn. Rmy, New York, giving and Slaa desired. . nmn, 6S3-- 4M MEHLER & u.r, ECKSTENKEMPER LUMBER CO. LUMBER Jefferson St. : i.j We are enabled to give our readers, old and new, the benefit of this money-savin- g club offer, only because of a very special arrangement with the publishers of Phonm J.R.FUNK i(imi Writi or call at S) Writ Repairing Neatly Dona H J $1.25 HARNESS All Accessories :ui.i.tiri.,iu .LjnmuitllJtl;:itilMllrtii McCall's Magazine and The Jeffersonian, both one year, including 15c pattern, all for only Mrs. J. T. 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