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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 3, 1958

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

.11 jHati ntain Sty Volume 50. 10c Whitesburg, Lotcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, April 3, 1958 Per Copy Whitesburg Councilmen To Seek Federal Assistance On Projects To Improve Conditions Within City Magistrates Vote Selves Salaries $200-a-Mon- th Letcher County's eight magis Tuesday to pay themselves a salary of $200 month each. The salaries are to begin April 1. The magistrates acted to take advantage of a law passed by the 1968 legislature and recent ly signed by the governor. The new law permits counties wfth a population of 30,000 or more to pay their magistrates salaries f up to $200 a month, but it does not require them to do tratcs voted Number 46. a man to come down here and pay a fine and not even go be- The City of Whitesburg this week took the first step toward obtaining federal aid for local improvement projects. Members of the city council voted at their meeting Tuesday night to direct Mayor Arthur T. Banks to write the Urban Renewal Administration and the Federal Housing Authority expressing Whitcsburg's interest in federal help for local civic Improvement. In addition, the council voted to spend $320 a year for the help of a professional city planner from the Division of Planning Hogg said he had talked with By R. Percy Elklns the 15th at a neutral field for The track meet looms as a and Zoning of the State Department of Economic Development. Asst. Atty. Gen. Ed Fossett, Rex Chancy's Fleming Pir- - the championship game. Pros- - repeat of last year's with The planner will visit Whitesburg once a month and advise city who told him it was "highly ates, who had the roof cave In tonsburg is the defending champions Jenkins and Paints-oofficials about ways and means problematical" whether the having their tournament appear- - champion, dropped ville returning with most of last of obtaining federal aid and magistrates could raise their ances, salvaged some of their Jenkins eight to seven in last year's victorious squads, putting it to the best use. He salaries during their terms of prestige by placing first in the year's title game. also will help the city work out Hazard's Don Smith and 90. (Continued on Back Page) Kentucky Mountain The Cavaliers will probably James Moore of Hindman were Eastern a scrcis of plans which arc Until recently, magistrates race", repeat last year's fine spring selected to the Kentucky basketball Conference e necessary to obtain federal aid. received most of their income Pirates dropped one of six season when the Green Teams State basketball Councilman Orval Hughes team. The from fees collected for trying conference games to edge Haz- - captured five trophies in base- - Fourteenth Region was also petty criminal cases. The Court called the council's action "a ard and Paintsvillo, who notch- - ball and track. The Cavaliers represented on the third team forward step toward organized of Appeals ruled, however, that ed records to tie were denied a trip to the state by Jim Calhoun of Carr Creek growth." He said It is "the only they could no longer try such tournament last season when and Bobby Baker of Hazard. The city of Whitesburg has course open for us." All the for second place. cases because the fee system Fleming's Acic Hall and Ross obtained an option to purchase members of the council who gave them a monetary interest V10? ,dr0DPcd an olovcn-to-toat Chaney and Jenkins' Nick Dann a loi next 10 uuy nan ior usu were at the meeting appeared in the outcome. Fees were not R"S.SC11 Co.un got a tax Letcher County as a municipal parking lot. to be enthusiastic In their suppaid unless the defendant was windfall from Pittsburgh Con- mucsuo,r- - n,s years team received honorable mention, securely ls "turning stars Hodges, Five Letcher countians were found guilty at trial or pleaded solidation Coal Co. this week. i"f"?v Members of the city council port of tho program. Tho motZwuS Zr guilty. at their meeting Tuesday night tions putting it into effect passThe windfall amounts to forccs to try to wrest the track f,!. fi inlcrson and placed on the twclve-ma(Continued on Back Page) County Atty. F. Byrd Hogg SMITHS 14 Tt rnnrnsnntc rnnn- Councilman directed City Atty. Lcroy Fields ed unanimously. itutimi.-ii- . i4i- r uuauuciu uuca away iiuin v"i obiected strongly to the magis ly, siaie ana i scnooi iaxes iuiu other seven schools rcpre to draw up the option to buy Bill Blair was absent from the the tratcs' action. Ho told them he against the firm's Letcher Coun senting four counties, the property from the heirs of meeting. thought it was unconstitutional ty properties for 1956. Cornelia Adams for $14,500. The council's action was takperiod of After the and felt the state Court of Ap The land now has a house and en after a meeting Tuesday afThe money will be distribut spring football the EKMC mem peals would decide it was. some outbuildings on it: these ternoon with local citizens and ed as folio ivs: bcrs will meet at Elkhorn City Hogg read the section of the would be removed. In addition representatives of tho state and To the county general fund, May 9 for the conference and Kentucky Constitution which $2,785.70. to parking space, the lot also federal agencies Involved. The regional track meets. Last seas says the compensation of a pub would provide room for an en- meeting was the second within (Continued on Society Page) on Jenkins captured the EKMC lie official may not be changed trance to the basement of City a wcok tho and was runner-uto Paintsvillo Letcher County now has two health department is rcsponsl- - Hall, councilmen said. The Thursday on Gall program. Last during his term of office. (This Godscy of thd for the regional track crown. dpg wardens, with power to ble for seeing that dog owners was the same section under The EKMC baseball meet will pick up stray dogs and destroy have their pets vaccinated property, located on Webb Ave Department of Economic Develwhich the court at its March nue, is generally known as the opment met with a group of be held in two sessions, one at them. against rabies and the county is john A. Webb home meeting denied Jailer Robert Whitesburg residents and officJenkins and the other at Pros- - ' FihcaltfCourt this vfeck- - hired responsible for seeing that Sexton jomo money he had re The city plans to Issuo reve ials In the office of Atty. Harry tonsburg on May 12, 13 and 14, Harrison Gibson as county dog stray dogs are controlled. State quested.) The two winners will meet on warden for the upper end of law requires the county to hire nue bonds to finance the park- Caudlll. Godscy camo to Whitesing lot. The bonds would bo burg at "That's old constitution this the county, and Gid Ison of a dog warden and to maintain a paid off through money taken Mountain tho request of The Eagle after several is now law," said Magistrate Mayking for the lower end of pound, he said. Dog wardens in on parking meters. Whitesburg residents had exClcamond Scott. are paid from fees collected the county. The city also is considering pressed their interest in public Hogg explained that the conLetcher Fiscal Court has re wh dRS "eT 1Jcenscd- another parking lot project, improvement projects which The court acted after Beyrl is the supreme law of pealed its rule on holding busistitution were explained at a meeting of Boggs, sanitarian for the Letch- ""S1??10 Jwrence Cornell this one to be located on the state and that no law pass- ness portions of its monthly on Back Page) the Eastern Kentucky Regional er County Health Department, super- meetings in private. ct?hcr Co,nt,y the worst ed by the legislature can ng, ,h?.r Planning Commission at Hazard appeared to ask for help in con- - nc h knoy sede it. In addition, he said, The motion for repeal was full o early in March and reported in trolling rabies (mad dog dls. stray dogs. "Fill this there is another statute which made by Magistrate Add Polly r three times, and The Whitesburg Business and ease), which is now on the in- " m,W The Eagle. says the county may not ex- and seconded by Magistrate mc ,in and license their V10 Tuesday Godscy returned, acceed its budget. The county does Willis Hawley. It passed unani- Professional Woman's Club will crease in Letcher County. Already this year, Boggs said, dogs' he said- not have money budgeted for mously, just as the original mo again sponsor the annual drive companied by Gene Hinds of magistrates' salaries this year. tion to hold private sessions had for funds for the American the county has had more cases the Atlanta regional office of Gibson, who served as dog Cancer Society. of rabies than It had all last warden some time ano. said tho Federal Urban Renewal AdAfter that, Magistrate J. C. done. Miss Glendora Fields has year. Recently the health de- - many families had 10 or 20 Day commented, "If we're not State road crews in Letcher ministration. Hlndii was visiting Several magistrates said they been named chairman of this partmcnt has had reports on dogs but would swear to the Cmmtv will work fmm lleht to other Eastern Kentucky cities going to have enough money, did not understand when they y "Is agency's let's cut down some of these passed the original motion in year's drive and announced about one case a week. doc warden when he visited dark seven days a week if ncccs-- 1 lntcrcstcd that the canvass Boggs explained that the others." (Continued on Back Page) Eram and fitted Whitesburg in- to repair damaged roads in January that they were voting "Other counties will pay it to hold sessions in private. will be made on Monday, April thc county as soon as fair wca to his tour. 14, from 5 to 7 p.m. Business Do you to other magistrates. Hinds encouraged Whitesther arrives. However, the dsicussion at the think we're not as good as other January meeting included a firms will be contacted prior That's the word Hasscir burg to apply for both urban to that date, magistrates?" Magistrate Law- statement by one magistrate Stamper, state road foreman renewal help (also known at "Although much progress has rence Cornett asked. t for tho county, gave members slum clearance) and that he had nothing to hide and (Continued on Society Page) "Do you think it's legal for of Letcher Fiscal Court this public housing. statement by another that He explained that the feeV week. there would be "plenty of Stamper said ho realized eral government pays the entimes" when the court would tire cost of constructing low-(Continued on Society Page) desire to meet privately. Defending 12 snccch events, thev will ren-Pikcville, Ky. public housing and a At a called meeting in Januchamplon Whitesburg High resent the Eastern Kentucky good port of the cost of slum ary, the court voted not to let School, with only 17 students region there, a representative of The Moun entered, won two ratings of The Hazard delegate of 22 In cloaranco work. ho discussOne project which tain Eagle Hake notes on the Brownie Scouts, Girl Scouts "superior" and five of "excel- - students took the rcron title ed In detail with city officials Letcher Fiscal Court voted meeting. and Boy Scouts will make a lent" in the Pikevillo Regional and the symbolic plaque ' Uh 0 The county has collected was construction of a city parkCounty Clerk Charlie Wright unanimously Tuesday to purcanvass Monday Speech Festival last weekend. 165 competitive points, based n in back taxes datfug from ing lot on property on Broadchase a used air compressor for brought the matter before the afternoon for books and magaHazard High School's speech entries and ratings. Second 1952 since County Atty Byrd way along the Kentucky River. use in county road work from magistrates at their meeting zines for the Letcher County students topped the Regional the first time, with 155. was Hogg announced plans a month Whayne Supply Co., Louisville. Tuesday. Public Library and bookmobile Festival at Pikcville College as Benham High School, winner ago to file suits to collect de- Hinds said tho fcdoral agency possibly wtiuld be willing to help The machine has been used 55 students were advanced to each year they have competed linquent taxes. service. the city with this project; Haz45 days. It will cost the county The drive will be from 4 to state competition. here from 1052 through 1050. Hogg estimates that the coun- ard is obtaining a parking lot $3,000. At the court's March G p.m. Belfry and Johns Creek high Belfry High School, whose ty has between $100,000 nnd meeting, members voted to buy The drive is sponsored by the school debate teams triumphed champion debate team was $200,000 Jn delinquent taxes on under a similar situation now. Here's how tho plan would r a new compressor from the The 'Whitesburg' Whitesburg Woman's Club. over squads from seven other crowned yesterday, was third by its books. work: same firm for $5,300. They reAssociation will meet at 3:30 Mrs. Allyn F. Judd, chairman of schools to earn admission to the a whisker with 153 points. Money received through the Tho Urban Renewal Adminispealed that motion at their p.m. Tuesday in the Grade the club's library committee, state speech festival sides the number-onpublfc collection of back taxes goes to tration would first of all ad- meeting Tuesday. School Auditorium. President said financial contributions for April at Lexington. With speaker, Paintsvillo received 15 schools and tho county general Vflnr. im rliv mnnnv in m,v The court did not take com- Cossie Qulllen said the group the library also would be wel- the winner in public superior ratings, the highest fund just as H would have If lIclaIIcU plan3 to gco whcthcr petitive bids on either machine. will make plans for a special comed. Books and magazines to speaking, Howes Johnson, number given, but placed fourth it had been collected on time tho project is feasible. County Clerk Charlie Wright, program for the PTA's May be donated should be in good Paintsvillo, and the 40 students with 138. Taxpayers must pay penalties Wlien the plans were made, who serves as clerk of the fiscal iiiwuiig, 10 uq neia ai nigni. condition, she said. (Continued on Back Page)"' rated superior in others of the on back taxes. the agency would get threo apcourt, said he thought the law praisers to set a value on tho required the court to. take bid3 property In question (all tho on a purchase requiring such a land on the north side of large expenditure of money. Broadway beyond the Mountain County Atty. F. Byrd Hogg said Eagle) and would buy the lamf he thought it would be eood There are no locks on most themselves salaries of $200 could unlock one with his fing- - dows. The bars in the windows by guarding them, and he "has for tho figure they set. business practico for the court celk in the Le tcher County jail, monthly.) ers. are of old, soft steel that of- - to have some sleep." If the court Then, tho agency would clear to take competitive bids. and It appeared today that there There is little to keep any Tho locks on the doors to the fers no resistance to a saw, doesn't fix tho Jail It will havo the land and mako It ready for Hasscll Stamper, state road v,vn t be any In the near fu- - prisoner who wants to from jail arc in "I want the people of tho to hire him someono to help redevelopment. It would have Just as bad shape, foreman for the county, said walking out of jail whenever according to Sexton. Tho doors county to know that this Is a guard the prisoners, Sexton enfd it appraised . again and would n' ho had tried the used compresCounty Jailer Robert Sexton ho nleaSCS. In fact, three nris- - nri rarroH nnd tho lnrk rfnn't had rnnHnmnwI all Wn'vn nni Pn..r,w a41 ri sell It to the city for that flk. sor and found that it ran per- appeared beforo the fiscal court oners have done so this past fit. The locks havo been torn to get it In shape so that we ald he would suggest that thu un?. The city could fectly. lu ZH apan anu men repaired so many can Keep the prisoners in it," court get somo locks, and them land for. a parking then me tho wtI.K- lot or for Magistrate Herb Maggard purchased. The court The few cells where there times they no longer serve their Jfcxton said. look Into the poulblUty of get-- ! come Or It said L. C. Banks had offered refused to buy the locks, on are locks present no problem purpose. "You know we've got a Jail ting some harder steel for bars, sell the proirty nriviE to sell the county, a used com- grounds it has no money to to anyone who really wants to Sexton said that prisoners you can't hold anybody In," Maghtrate W. R. Bates told 'user for rXveloomL pressor, but the other magis-trate- s accordln8 t0 Sexton, who don't want to walk out one Sexton told fiscal court. Sexton that "if you watch them There would U a said the one owned by SPa few minutes before Sexton's tlcapc' (A The locks that are there arc of the doors havo no difficulty Sexton said the only way he close enough, they can't get i ence between tho value of Banks Is not big enough, plea, the court members voted worn out, and almost anyone getting out one of tho Jail win- - can keep tho prisoners there is out." (Continued on Back Page) fore the county attorney and the county attorney still get a fee from it?" Magistrate Add Polly asked Hogg. Hogg safd it was legal, since the county attorney had to be on duty full-tim- Fleming Pirates Win Conference Crown In Basketball; Track, Baseball Season In e. n Council Takes Option On Land For Parking Lot AH-Th- County Receives seven-and-tw- o Tax Windfall n JcElXfafnJSnS n -- .n ; four-wee- k Fiscal Court Acts To Curb Spread Of Rabies Here p Magistrates Vote To Repeal Rule Closing Meetings cancer unve Set April 14 Broad-(Continue- d f'r Stamper Promises rcoad Work ooon pro-sar- house-to-hous- e County To Buy Library Campaign Used Compressor Whitesburg Speech Class Wins Festival Honors low-ren- Set Monday nt axes Lommg $3,-30- house-to-hous- e fr PTA To Meet Parent-Teache- o 14-1- 0 first-plac- e I I Jail 'Won't Hold Anybody Jailer Sexton Tells Court . ,1,' 7 I ill

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