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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 15, 1963

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

University of Kentucky Serials department Elizabeth Hansen Head U K Library Ovi ' X 11 MOUNTAIN EAGLE It m5 vol. 56, No. 14 as opening day draws near Whitesburg Memorial Hospital will have a new administrator next week. He is T. Ray Allen, formerly of the assistant administrator Memorial Medical Center at South Williamson, Ky. , another in the United Mine Workers of America hospital chain. Allen succeeds John C. who will become assistant administrator at Kentucky Baptist Hospital in Louisville. Allen also has served as assistant administrator at Beckley Memorial Hospital at Beckley, W. Va. , and as administrative assistant to the area medical officer at the Beckley area office of the UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund. He has been associated with the Miners Memorial Hospitals since 1955, several months before the hospitals were completed and ready to receive patients. Allen is a native of Welch, W. Va., and a graduate of Marky, Twain High School in Stotes-burW. Va. , and the National Business College of Roanoke, Va. He is a member of the Hospital Association and the American College of Hospital Administrators. r. The county health taxing district has accumulated a total of $13, 559. 07 toward the $20, 000 needed to begin construction of a new county health center, according to the annual financial report of the district on Page 11 of today's Mountain Eagle. Final preparations for the opening of school are under way this week in Letcher County. Classes will begin at 8:30 a. m. Monday, August 26. Bus drivers, janitors, secretaries, emergency teachers and lunchroom workers for the coming year were hired Monday at the August meeting of the Letcher County Board of Education. The board, meeting in its new offices in the old Johnny Fulton home on College Drive, approved employment of 74 emergency teachers, one more than last year. Meetings of school personnel set next week in advance of the opening of classes include: Principals and central office staffMonday, Bus drivers 9 to 12." Tuesday, 8:30 to 10. JanitorsTuesday, 10 to 11:30 Cooks Tuesday, 1 to 2:30 9 to 11. TeachersFriday, Here is 1963-6- 4 school calendar These are school holidays for the coming year, as announced by the Letcher County Board of Education. Labor Day ice September 2. September Days 19 and 20. Upper Kentucky River Education Association October 10-1- 1 NoThanksgiving Holidays vember 28-2- 9 Christmas Holidays from the close of school December 20 to January 2, 1964, when school will reopen. Spring Vacation April 8, 9 and 10 (KEA). So who cares? If attendance at Tuesday night's Parent-Teach- er 15, School workers hired for year Hospital has new director Almost enough Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday, August SCREAMS! Association meeting is any indication, the Letcher County Board of Education can rest assured that very few people in Whitesburg care where, wnen or if it builds a new school building of any kind for the Whitesburg area. At a special meeting of the PTA called to consider which should be built first, a grade school or a high school, only 11 persons showed up. Six of those were either teachers or school administrators. Though the PTA meeting and its purpose had been well publicized, meetings of the athletics association, Rotary Club and coal operators association apparently took precedence. (Whitesburg City Council also postponed its August meeting, scheduled Tuesday night, until Thursday, but there were no councilmen at the PTA meeting) PTA members who attended the meeting decided they were too few to take any action, so a committee was named to study the problem and arrange for a panel discussion later. Letcher courthouse bids due Sept. 7 will be opened Sept. 11 for demolition of the present courthouse and construction of a new one on the site. Bids Here is the list of those hired Monday: JANITORS: Letcher - Monroe S. Blair, Jeremiah; Arch Dixon, Blackey; Lowell Walters, Blackey; H. B, Whitaker, Jeremiah, substitute. Blackey - Emery Back, Black- ey. Campbell's Branch Watts, Hallie. Fred Kingdom Come - Fitzhugh Halcomb, Linefork; Roy Cor-ne- tt, Linefork. Eolia - Fitzhugh Sturgill, Eolia. Ruben Anderson;. Colson Colson; H. W. Quillen, Deane; Berchel Niece, Colson. Fleming-Neo- n High School -Albrow Hall, Jacknorn; Leslie McFall, Neon; Milton Fleming, Jacknorn. Fleming-Neo- n Grade School -Millstone; Ishmael Everidge, Leonard Baker, Millstone. Haymond - G. C. Kincer, Cromona. Hemphill - Ashland Tolliver, Jackhom; Frank Wright, Neon. Whitesburg - Lawrence Day, Bill Sergent Hiram Williams, and Roy Sturgill, all of Whitesburg; Jasper Fields, Day; Lula Bentley, Kona; Russell Combs, Seco. New Cowan Clayton Day. EMERGENCY TEACHERS: Franklin Watts, Elizabeth Ann Fields, Barbara Mason, Peggy Wampler, Major H. Sparks, Ella Sparks, Flossie Cunningham, Ronnie Sparks, David J. Kincer, Glenna Wampler, Geneva Polly, Leona Wright, David E. Ladd, Sherman Meade, Bennie Craft, Teddy Fields Jr., Billy R. Brown, Darrell Stidham, Barbara Stidham, Mrs. Tishia Mae Collins, Bobby Jean Collins, Vina Mae Blair, Monroe Caudill, JoAnn Ison, Alton Lee Cor-ne- tt, Kelly D. Boggs, Norma J. Roark, Sue Carrol Caudill, Joye Faye Joseph, Ida Lillian Boggs, Kendell R. Ison, Carol Ann Shelby Gene Watts, Truman Halcomb, Issac D. Caudill, Eunice Kendrick, Anna Stevens, Wanda Lee Teddy Comett, Campbell, Avery Lee Collins, Molly Boggs, Kenneth R. Adams, Larry C. Ison, Cleave Shirley B. Sexton, Collier, Billie Nadine- - Sexton, Charles Cook, Ritter M. Cook, Janice Maewood Whitaker, Caudill, Donald Skaggs, Joan Adkins, Billy Wayne Wright, Mrs. Janet I. Tate, Mary Reasor, Georgia Lewis, Mattie Lou Anderson, Paul Stewart, Cordell Baker, Denton Lee Patterson, Doris E. Bentley, Mrs. Patricia Taylor, Blanche Hogg, Ivagene Ever idge, Ruby W. Banks, Lee Bo; Rutn Dyer, Richard Comett on, Frosh to register early Kendrick to leave County Agent James K. Kendrick will leave at the end of September to take a job with an Ohio food company. Kendrick has been Letcher County agricultural agent since July of 1961. In his new job he will travel in 11 Ohio counties for Early and Daniel, a Cincinnati feed company. The Kendricks will live at either Chillicothe or Washington Court House, Ohio. The new job will cany a considerable Increase in salary. Kendrick has been active in development work during his stay In Letcher County. He has helped in organization and administration of both the Letcher Couaty and Upper Kentucky River Area Development Councils and has served as an officer in both. Kendrick was a principal proindustry moter of the cage-eg- g now beginning to take shape in Letcher County. He also has been active in promotion of the Letcher County Fair, being revived this year. He and Varoo Campbell, voca- tional agriculture teacher here, set up a nursery on Little Cowan and made shrubbery available locally to Letcher County residents. Kendrick also has been active in Junior Chamber of Commerce work. He and Mrs. Kendrick and their daughter live on Little Cowan. Freshman students will register Fleming-Neo- n and Whitesburg highschools next Thursday, Aug. 22. at 8:30 a. m. Upperclassmen will register at 8:30 a. m. Monday, Aug. 26. Fleming-Neo- n Roy Principal Reasor and Whitesburg Principal Jack Burkich said buses will run on regular schedules Thursday morning to pick up freshmen. Burkich said Whitesburg freshmen would be in school until about 11 a. m. on registration day. He cautioned students not to buy second-han- d civics. American history, world history or world geography books because new texts are being adopted this ' year. Burkich said Whitesburg expects about 340 freshmen, a record enrollment. at Frances Stamper, Phillip Brown, Blackey; Edison Banks, . Whitesburg; Eugene Banks, Letcher; Janice Fleenor and Fonda Polly, Mayking. QUALIFIED ADDITIONAL TEACHERS Sadie Mrs. Robert Collins, Caudill, Francis Collins, Evelyn Juean Ison, William W. Watts, Danola Collins Wright, Arlie Boggs, Sal-l- ie Bentley. LUNCHROOM WORKERS Thornton School Thornton. -- Ollie Johnson, Sergent-Nor- ma W. Cole, Sergent; Anna H. Webb, Sergent, substitute. . Mayking - Not listed. Payne Gap - Flo Bentley,' Payne Gap. Comett, Letcher - Thelma Blackey; Vivian Caudill, Jeremiah; Katherine Adams, Premium; Rachel Fields, Blackey; Irene B. Whitaker, Blackey; Millie B. Honeycutt, Letcher. Substitute Otho Ritter Caudill, Jere- miah. Blackey - Lovell K. Caudill, Ulvah; Bertha Miller, Blackey. Substitute Mrs. Amos Collins. Upper Cowan - Hazel Rayburn, Day; Ruby J. Maggard, Day; Hat-t- ie Roberts, Day, substitute. Campbells Branch - Edna Halcomb, Ulvah; Lovelll. Creech, Skyline. Substitute Dorothy Halcomb, Skyline. Kingdom Come Settlement -Mavis June Miniard, Gordon; I. Cornett, Linefork. Eolia - Lillian Raleigh, Oven-for- k; Nettie Craiger, Partridge; Evelyn Caudill, Eolia, part-tim- e; Charlene Fields, Oven Fork, subO-p- stitute. Colson - Margie Collins, Mabel Combs and Ida Bowen, Colson; JuanitaHall, Deane; Rebecca H. Graham, Jackhom; Minnie Sexton: Nancy Sexton, Colson and Emma Jean Bentley, Democrat, substitutes. - Macie Warf, Fleming-Neo- n Cromona; Virgie Vanover, Jack-hor- n; Lillian Collier, Millstone; Lois Hill, Fleming; Lizzie Mab- -. elene, Fleming; Betty Stamper, Neon; Inez Fulton, Millstone. Substitute Bertha Sizemore. Hemphill - Clarissa Marlowe, Jackhom; Gracie Elizabeth Hall, Jackhorn; Hazel Kiser, Jackhom. Substitute Gertrude Burks, Jack-hor- n. Whitesburg - Sibyl Brown, Mel-l- a Caudill, Ruby B. Collins, Meriddis Flyn, Blanch Pack, Rena Skeens, Whitesburg; Ethel Caudill, Blackey; Bessie C. Blair, Southdown. Substitute Polly Pro -- fitt. Kona - Goldie Collins. Kona. Haymond -- Mrs. Sherman Ham-to- n, Cromona. Substitute Mrs. Flora Collins, Cromona. New home Mrs. Marjorie Briscoe Gabbard began work today as home demonstration agent for Letcher County. She succeeds Phyllis Boiling, who resigned several months a- - 8' Mn. a Gabbard completed year of graduate work last week at Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. She received a master of science degree. Mrs. Gabbard has served for the. past several years as home demonstration agent in Franklin County. Earlier she was home Boyd demonstration agent in County. At Frankfort she served as president of the League of Women Voters. She also was a member SECRETARIES Letcher - Delia Collier, Let- cher. Campbells Branch -- Wanda Dixon, Blackey. Kingdom Come - Mildred Lusk, Ulvah. Eolia - Yvonne Clark, Oven-for- k. Fleming -- Neon - Betty Holbrook Combs, Seco;Gussie Hall, Jackhom, library clerk. Fleming-Neo- n Grade - Edward Tolliver, Millstone. Hemphill - Anna M. Hughes, Jackhorn; Lillian Potter, clothing center and lunchroom. Whitesburg - Dolly W. Polly, Mayking; Iris Jean Lewis, Partridge. Tessie Mae Cornett, Blackey, library clerk. Whitesburg - Katherine Roberts, Dongola. Blackey -- Mrs. Mallie Whitaker, Blackey. Colson - Avelenia B. Niece. Colson. Attendance Department - Virginia G. Brown, Whitesburg. Supervisor office - Martha K. Davidson, Neon. Mechanics - Junior Day, Harold Day. BUS DRIVERS Cornett, Letcher School-Doc- k skyline; Willard E. Johnson, Letcher; Lillie O. Blair, Jeremiah; William J. Watts, Hallie; William M. Adams, Letcher; Bud Collins, Blackey. Blackey - Elwood Cornett, Blackey. Campbell's Branch - Venson Whitaker, Ulvah. Kingdom Come -- Ruben Watts, Roxana; Jonah Roark, Linefork; Kelly Comett, Skyline; Cecil Jones, Linefork. - Lewis Ross, Fleming-Neo- n Neon; Carl Profitt, Neon; Cecil Craft, Neon; Claude Meade, Millstone; Elijah Baker, MillSubstitute Sherman stone. Hampton, Cromona. . Hemphill--RH. Welch. Jr., Neon, gas pumps; Monroe Collier, Jackhom. Hot Spot - Boyd Gilley. Whitesburg-Sa- m Blair, Whitesburg; Victor Frazier, Premium Bill Stallard, Ermine; Willie T. Isom; John H. Webb . Adams, Mayking; WilliamGoins, Thornton; PDby Paul Hogg, Roxana; Curtis Hall, Ermine; Glen B. Stallard. Whitesburg; Byrd Bates, Bobbie E. Williams. Colson - Kermit Amburgey, Colson, McKinley Tackett, Jackhorn. Eolia - Hillard Sumpter, Eolia; Eolia; J: D. Ernest Hampton, Maggard, Eolia. Substitute Vernon Maggard. Kingdom Come Grade -- Geneva Ison. Fleming - Elsie Hutton. agent here or tne American Association of University Women chapter there. Mrs. Gabbard has four children, Michael, an employee of the state highway department Pamela, a studenJ at Georgetown College; Melanie, a high school junior, and Mary Pat, a fourth grader. Whitesburg band parents will meet All parents of Whitest) urg band students willmeetat 730 p. m. Monday in the band room. The meeting, which will not la more than an hous, will concern uniform tenuis and money-makiprojects. ng .

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