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Page 8 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 33 no. 3 1957

Part of Mountain Life and Work

A t, A -4r lilts Water samples taken February 7, 1957, after a short rainfall, from tributaries of the Pound and Clinch Rivers in Southwestern Virginia show the effects of several types of land use. Samples 1, 4, and 5 were taken from streams withwatersheds of IS to 20 square miles where the effects of the storm were not yet apparent. Sample 2 is from a small watershed that has no stripmining, whereas sample 3 is from a similar-sized area that has strip-mining in operation. Samples 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 are from small watersheds of 2 to 6 square miles; samples 11 and 12 are from watersheds principally in national forest ownership chat have been protected for the past 20 years; samples 6, 7, 8 are from comparable sized watersheds in the same general area but in private ownership. They show the effect of wildfire, heavy timber cutting, mountain farming, and strip-mining. Significantly enough, the Forest Service study noted that lands in the Tri-State area in public ownership "are generally in much better condition than those in private ownership. " This study concludes as follows: "Local people owning and living on the land hold the key to the problem's solution. Unless more of them can be convinced and aided in changing some of the present practices, the condition of the area will continue to get worse. Eventually the valley stream channels will not be able to store the sediment washed downstream with each rainstorm. " 4v HISTORIC SCENIC TRIP ASHEVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE A NEW TRAIL has been opened in the Appalachian South: 73te Dogwood Trail in Asheville, North Cal''Olina. It is blazed with attractive metal signs, consecutively numbered to correspond with numbers on a free tour map, available at the Information Booth on Pack Square. The map folder traces the tour, with explanations of the major points of interest along the way, as well as others not included in the tour; and gives a few highlights of Asheville's history. While designed for mobilized touring, the trail folder is also of value to those on shank's mare.

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