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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., August 22, 1913

Part of The Big Sandy news.

k'Kw.Ttvn . T rv ffnttckt rare rrr YXVIIL Xanaber SO. LOTISA. LAWRENCE U'rU Kawwa TO OM Tvrnin r"-i- u iiriiOii) a. ncn ttox as rrT gprcrMr'v of SANDY 1U V.'um -- n-- a. wffrly ftgttt-pace- : in KrvrrcKY. c.i A VV M siENTCCKT, AVGCST 22. COCXTT. eta-sa- w. i SERIOUS fiCCiOEIiT. Xew Paw-c- 1L Pot OEH'S CE DIL F. ooxixy. rui :i : MRS. HAYS AND -- ! Ml-S- r. HOAGLAX3 tvTEirr.uxtu. ; Washington. Aug. 15. Postmas Mr. J Rice, former InaugCailetUburg citizea whose aodden ter General Burieson y On Tuesday ,rnicg Sirs." K'.'.jl leath at the borne of hi. daughter urated the new regulations cheng- Hays anijdiss Hand Hoaglsnd ers- TT- -s lag the parcel post ratea and w!ght at Bussell some time during Tuesst f-- to'-- "-, ,f r,- - fertained quite elaborately and tt: i C:::i7::ki3CdTj::fJ:ia day night, haa shocked our limit by mailing President Wilson, pleasantly in honor of Miss iis:;,' Fs!l fisa I E.:j a box of line Georgia peaches. The ; was bora SepU 14. 1SJ5 at fcl E!h!HLIT sisterJIUa Muriel Hoagland.ofXecia Jt I -l box, which weighed 17 pounds, with Point Pleasant, W. Va.. his parenu f3 . . u. Tne guests bad been invited for :a postage charge of 13 cents. leaving then end moving to 111- 1; flinch, but many who did yield nola when he waa hut three Tears' While coasting down the road delivered at the White House early ' tte fCiMt' b ame " tn Jeff Burgess, who died la ol age. He waa orphaned at the opposite the residence of Mr. W. la the day. With it case a note is On Wednel., last Mr. Johnson T: Camden, one of the best and afternoon which the Postmaster General said: j!!e about boob oa Sunday age of eleven and was taken by an IX O'Neal Wednesday . bu ZA.cvvitrur. muc aown men la theSut. of Ken--; was nunrw i u lome rs his uncle, to Cincinnati, where he lived Walter, the bright little son of Sir. Thia U an IUtr.tio. of Jeff Burgess, oa the fol- - and received hW education, leaving and Mra. W. L. Ferguson, of bla .vr....wu which has been vr-local C. S. Engineer ofHce. uesday. A Terr large crowd there when 2S years of age. when place, wraa thrown from a bicycle to the farmer, the horticltrit.the one of those present, and as be U "mbled lug friends and relative he went to PlkerUle. Kt where he 'and seriously hurt. He was picked ...nufactarer and to .very cit- fft ,ery One pi.nUt and .t:r w one man. The occasion waa a bar--1 . :i ed to-- PJ tnbat to the ! remained for a time and where he!P and carried to Mr. 0"NeaT bona mwmtt u-a c 2- i wliilur to Dlav lor others J. beautt-- , bea-! sod as soon as possible waa carried so much waa married oa Sept, 20. 1S59 to who bad elf of thia waluable adjunct of (vpet tmbiJUmnM Ver-t .d ian , eat.te JpHng d so highly repertefitear- - Miss Louise, a daughter of Frank home oa a rot. Dr. Bromley waa postal service in the promotion of f fcy From twenty enera. saw coae rrosi Sword, a prominent citizen, with sent for immediately and he found the commerce and haDDinesa of our sauiea. of people thousand people were to twenty-fiv- e dangerously people.' had come whom he ever lived most happily. the little fellow to-bwhere his It was barely possible ti-- l s : there from all over the State., and i wezw Smely end, walle very He saw distinguished service dur- hart. A bad scalp wound waa made I The new regulation, which I prcoeui wnu. as t- -? y, in the line of mental and ' gone from the neighbor-ro- a ing the war. At the call for volun- in the top of bla head, and one or cornea effective ! bodily entertainment of the vastmuP uuuy . this city, where be teers be Joined the 3ta Kentucky more bad contusions oa other parts maximum weight of parcel ut cuiupaui 1 Ji . fa I J . twenty f- -is relatives I The touch- - Regiment serving more than three of the head. The boy waa ancon-do- package, from eleven to I'1' PPti jtob by the deUcjOU, Klnfhmenta when picked ap and remain- pounds. and makes certain change. ervtcw was condncted years, was appointed a lieutenant Creei. alaaghtered to pro- -. peos'a pastof. the Rev. aad served a portion of the time aa ed a thia condition several hoars. in the ra:es. The local delivery ,bun(laEt;T ,c3 phy. . Oa Thursday morning a alight V VI IIKIU1I, rate 01 postage was reduced from ; IIWH captaia of his regiment. of thorough enjoy meet r - --. or he i'reqeh Bice.Ubo had He lived uu udit, mo i- - the atmosphere, all preset; e". r r In his condition waa discents for the first pound aad 1 at Whites Creek. W. Va. moa burgoo expert, prepared the ften IS m3stw'0 for a number of years having movec covered, and it la possible that the fcent for each additional poand or ; heartily Into the genial s; :rl; c : li-- j a ria of coiftrt and cheer to there la 1SC where he was a pros- outcome of the Injury will aot be 'fraction tereof. to 5 eenU for the necessary amount of thia delectable occasion. ti.9 ancestral k!if ibe ead boy. perous merchant for many years, at first. 'tirat pound and 1 cent for each af so serious aa was feared livelyy Ictermert iJ!owJ the wproprtate terwards giving ap the mercantile Oindala of the administraUoa at Ud. ditlonal two pound, or fraction Walter is aa active, lost house by n:.: tervUes, he 1 fond of sports, and had become aa thereof. The first and second zones ; Frankfort were there, city officials MririS to business to go oa the road for i:s latt earthly rs;lng Uce if somewhat venturesome covering a radius of lae miles from from Lexington,LouisvUle and many by wholesale shoe house for which he exnert. The residence of Mr. a- -i : tall bearers whdwere rang bicyclist. Oa the day the accident each local post-oflcwere consoli- other municipalities lent tie dis- Jerome S. Hardin, on Etar ; traveled for many ye of the deeased when he occurred he had gone ap the road dated and ratea la them reduced tinguished air of their presence to ia Boyd-co- . was. wi:h cearij- in PlkevUle.Maaws of choice leading over the hill and was en- from 5 cents for the first pound and Ua salhering. while the lights of thing in It, entirely eestrovtl : X PLEASANT EVENING. social aad business circles were Ore) which had aeciiertil cr' of 3 cents for each additional poand lowers bsd been sent aad brought gaged la the dangerous sport I. 1 : tributes to h!r who soubtlesa es Miss Edytho Maaa. of Renick. W. coasting. He bad made a trip or (the first zone rate) and C cental tor represented by their moat favored fire of very dry woe oaugntera. In the Wiloa of fadeless Va.. waa very pleasantly entertain two in safety and had been warned iht first pound and made in the kitchen cents for eaehiM "v., a i Mr. Camden denies that there is is supposed that tie craft 1 pound t second zone ed oa Tuesday evening by her or the risk he was running. When additional John Jeff Ttmptos was a son hosts. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. K. Spencer. making the trip which ended so dis rate) to S centa for the first pound anything of a political nature a his carried some burei-g- ; i;.kl-- c; t ct Er- "It ia a gathering for fuel to the roof and tr.e.e s : - acd CorUiU Thompson. Mrs. Spencer had two tables for astrously he had reached at high and one cent for each - additional big "party. of the farmers. he on fire. When the Haces w ers C the l I' keTille. and was s grandsoa of those who are fond-o- f flinch, while speed the spot mentioned la the pound. said. ' I wanted them to get to- covered It was too U:e to s the genial Ed had a whole room for foregoing, whea bis wheel struck gether, and talk among themselves anything but one or two i - 5 city. srrr against m oepaew 01 ur. ami himself and the boya who were aa impediment and he waa hurled ' D. and tvear the experts from farm sta- furniture. The house was eh Burgess, of this city, lucky enough to be present. They head first, with great force, into a to Henry Sammona. of Loalsa, haa tions discus, the problems. I think cellent one and was w'rr.: attended si basiness school "set back," whatever that may be. gutter .Fortunately for the boy there " " he filed a suit agaiast the city to re- the gathering will be of great gen known aa the John Fowers ; lad thorough but when a delirious fralt salad waT were bo large stones where " . i area L.e!f for a business life offered they all eat P aad took struck, otherwise this notice would cover for damage alleged to have eral good to agriculture and to the Calbertsoa is the nearest r r flee. Mm. Hardin is a c::; be bad done to well that be- notice. Goodfellowshlp prevailed.and have been of a sadly different char- been done to his property, resulting farmer. . The NEWS doubts very mack If. the late Gideon William ;en. front, i acter. There is a moral to the story from a deep cut along Its fore be waa 20 years old he bsd en- all were aaanimoua la the exp; made by order of the city council. In the parlance of the day.anybody and Mr. Hardin were rnarriei which should be headed. tered the espioy of the Consolidat- ed opinion that the occasion w The work waa done some time last could run fast enough to catch Mr. two year. ago. Since the c.s.r. ed Coal Com can at McRoberts aad very pleassat on. year. they bave Camden and make him a present of tlon of their SHOCKING ACCIDENT. glilcg entire satisfaction as a , any office la the State. He is a with Mr. John Ross, jtock keeper. He had gained rpr-- T pp. i d. maa of great wealth, one of She neighbor. . On Thursday of last week promotion, and the future Lwbtl LiawiaUullU I laUeWAWilW very- few who have Inherited much the three years old son of TWO CONFEKENCIiS. money and have not been .polled by Mr. and Mrs. Walter C Kirk, of was taken sick with the Ulnesa their Inheritance. If he has a hob Catlettsburg, waa run down by a M' h. In s&ite of the most compe- wei Aawkiwiiler Llrt Cl J) The Annual Conference of Sr:e by, it Is the uplift and betterment Kmtingtoa street car just opposite fin nurse and the most skillful of the agricultural interest, of the E. Church South of West V.'i'.iii. Louisa-!-., and the Kirk home oa tyi iaus In the country, proved to State. Thia barbecue is one of the and the Aanual Cocferecce of t almost instantly killed. The little bis last. Uia fs;her scarcely ever wi'.i mean, he has used to this end. The M. E. Church of Kentucky T; bis boy's bedside, and Dr. Bur-eluded his mother aad waa accimost noted authorities on farming hold their services al tie sir: crottiag the street when the was in almost constant attendaad animal Industry and cognate time this year, beginning tie The Pension Board at Freak fort dent occurred. The body waa taken !?on his nephew. The deteaa- V;:-erTom Haya, contractor, haa start- sciences spoke at thia memorable Tuesday in September. Ti The child wnen tjpnoia has granted 237 more pensiona to to Ines for Interment. tiwai at jicHooerts Virginia Conference will be i. ' ed a test well on Win. Savage'a meeting, and Mr. Camdea will mod him. He had eviklentlj CoufeJ ra'e soldiers. The following was a grand nephew of W. T. Ca'n f. aX Huntington, and tie Ktr--: xk several da;s before he Eastern Kentnckians are among the and a nephew of Ed. Kirk, of thia farm oa Blaine, near Fallsburg.Thia estly duclalm having done anything and other leases adjacent belong to personally to make It worthy of re Conference at Ashlacd. Tie N- -i city. Mr. Ed. Kirk attended the very lucky ones: l bed. for he was a is informed that a moven-et-t a company of West Virginians. membrance. tuklb"! when be waa carried to Johnson county. Amajida Cock-.a- u. company'. weUi You "TJncle Joe Blackburn was been set oa foot loekirs to :r. The Sullivan-May- o Nincy C. Hale. I I'.t He was aa amiable lad. F:i holding of the two near BusseyTUle wul say wont Floyd county. Sarah CaudiU. Jaa. L-- j I a:l wtaame in manner, and Jilt MAYO AT HOME AGAIN. pumping by Friday be ready lor sectiontowaa that the Blue Cress bodies oa the same d- distis'j:i'-- i -y at srrr. j of thia week. VoUed by his fa;her. noon Oarret:. Leonidaa Chllders, Elixa-brl- U the garden spot of the The Ohio Fuel Oil Company will world and WocxUord-co- . was tbe central point, possiily CIvf: i reached Mr. John C. C. Mayo Ony. vcicoktd for death of whoulth he'.d it bed. Those who know Mr. Park. It sn: !a a his from a Lawrence county. Isaiah l' ft: :U wi:t the force of of Charity Herald. Sarah Fngate, Hook. hometo Tuesday eveaing been absent drill several wells thia fall oa their asparagusbest declare Vm eminently viT. be the first meeting is ki:..5 one of tie lease, in th BusseyriUe field, it Camdea Europe, having trip J. The condition viw called together. It is sddd t.:..; Ct to live In such a favorable spot. W. D. Elklna. since the first of June. His family la said. 7loc:;on, .who Is In the State the movement Burets with much i City. The oil Held at Caanel was the Magoffin county. Beitie DaraaU. met him In New York. It sj Lexington, makes the JENNIES CKEEK ROAD. continues to show large Mrs. Lcai Hale. Joha Cook. first vacation he haa ever taken Morgaa-co-. f ither! bereavement one of peculcounty. Lewis Cary. EUda and waa very mack enjoyed. He wells as development progresses- Thompson baa the iar saJ.tsa. Vt. roit SAX AXTOMa The new railroad up Jennies made the trip, with a small party Two well, recently completed have vara lir'ty of au who enow Ck'.ldrcss, LydU Terrell. rrvek is almcst completed. The Lt titer county. Mary CaudlU.Pes- - of his business associates. Oa Thars flowed at the rate of nearly See oeorge t rosea aad two sor?, track Its coupk ted and trains are day evening Mr. J no. E. Bucking- - barrel, per day. gy Haniptoa. Betsie Eldredge. The quesiioa of the low price running to Deaver. Delay in getting who had been Tisilia- - Dr. ard Sirs bam, the prominent banker, enter Carttr county. Nancy 6. HalL H! LVUU:OW ESCAPE. has been the cause of the road Wrotea nearly tiree wetij, Knott county. J. J. Hall, Sanaa tained Mr. Mayo aad n number of being paid for oil produced by the steelbeing for tieir kora ia Si- completed, as the grading BusseyvUle field will come np again sot Nancy Drake. Joseph HaH. friends at bla home la PaiatsviUet. formerly Hurt, McC!oky. .Vn. J a soon. The year haa about expired has beea done for some time This Antonio, Tex. Tie boys wiU v t tarritlXitsev. of Catalpa. Bar- raiy Gearheart. K. FrankUn. for which the agreement was made road goes, into the famous Greea their aunt. Irs. Robert liiee. of VJantwlalea Tbna; Kumiwatfe. Elliott coenty. Sarah J. Carter. ron !y esa, l death at a C. a,C wUh the BusseyviUe company to Bock section, which ia said to con Hyde Park, near Cincinnati, wiii? Kellog. W. Va.. aast Nancy Elliott. cr timber of theit father roet t ladUnopotis. accept the low price. The grade of tain the largest tract Morgan county. John W. Doeg. On last Friday and Saturday J. of With a party where he had beea sect by tia State, j oil produced by thia field la ss? any om boundary in H. G. H. Ekers aad J. B. McClure were frlt-nJ- i company with which be is connect be is returning In an John S. DavU. Sarah Davis. Margaret Ha-ne- In Frankfort taking the examina worth 2. S per barrel. The price a Catlettaburg. and Uolbrook. E. Hargls. ed. Mr. Wroten is ass.53TH autociob!. PVBUC SCHOOL OPENING, g Louisa Gullet t. W. G. Glvedoa. tion tor certificates required of can being paid U $1.33. manager now aad wiZl be prosese J n the the wbon : Greenup countT. S. J. Huffman, didates for County School Superin t::.K!.:i:e "wei. lead" and stopped. FOK HOT SFIUNGS. Bear la mind that the publi Se5tetnber fjst. - nom tendent. They were recently TLo p.uly J,.:.M an approaching John M. Hanna. Gray Feltx. school of this city will open on Mod-- 1 hk:;: jxnt train and Ju:i:;vd from the" car" A Boyd county. Green Moore, Vic- inated by the Democratic and ReLock Moore, the well known day next. August 33. The teaching publican parties for Superintendent traveling Hylton. V a big fast freight toria fvw iwoaii salesman. left Friday for corp. is able and complete, aad the ., schools. of Lawrence-coFrank Johnson, trrn:crv of ti tr.ia h!t the aJtomobile. utterly TO PROHIBIT IMPOKTATIOX. Hot Springs, Ark., where he wUl attendance should be large. Parcity bat now livir; ia PucV'.n, C' n Ireight thing n. remain two or three weeks. Mr. ents and guardians are urged to see SCXIUY SCHOOL riCNIC, i here, vU.: j bis c.c:'. .; cur were ttro aV'roni the track. Moore and their boy went to Ash- that their children and wards b Every day brings proof of the Mrs. Z.ra Johnson. Tie ?. land at the same time and will present every day. pressing need of a rigidly enforced The Sunday school of the Chris t? ess pec ; liar to moxhat. tie r b'.j penalty to prohibit tian church had a picnic near town make a abort visit there and law with a west have cvriAiv !y itxH d Kutunlttevl To Aa Ojwti"iv Lawyers mi.j lit ants are busy the Importation of liquor latodry' ou Saturday afternoon. The crowd was large, notwithstanding the rrop;u!rs Tr tv. term of the territory. X)n AITKXmUTIS. Mrs.. r.iHl Rifle, who. had d was heat, the bill of fare liun!;.it I,--. s',.( Tv 1 l.;ir. !. C!rviit Ci'rt, which will much with disease for several SOX, DH. Sl'EEIwS AND .; a ii. t eaouauie and good and th ocnd ime have !.!u!vy The six years son of Mr. weeks, was taken Wednesday to r. (iUes la l o,casion vii very pleasant and depreparing to ni J .''.! 4 James Meek, who live a Tt d Riverview; hospital for Ut:v.ev.t, ed ii ei'.'.ewcvi of t wtae here void of any unpleasant Incident. of Iiu-z- . Vt. SptHr, tlio : hi J''l- ii tiiii4 below rlntivt! ia In Utver-vteSlid was operated ouT!uir.!.i n.oni-in- g Vi who I. jonvr. cm u. t r. :. ! 11:11 wtlh In- - Wednesday to tee hie sn, bovpltal tuulornoii's treatuient ty Trs. and and Mrs, V;y r ;v.' a fw dy ago to b Was Tlie I.uviy Ohv Jlni f1" the T'i came here ::'i'.a tJ a, i i appendicitis. 11 tv be U 'dolus Very well, a dUeatd IV ecuutv treated by lr. York h. t?e dolus well. leg. The boy Is at K. K. Vlmon'a. The M:VS U Informed oli. , i ;u v r.iM t, tit . (ime of the gvoom lu tli Setniit-f"i:iui(i.u!: I1 15V IVi alliance Ulg Uvtlitf At Hi-i- - jv!;Us tunli lau'itl.kl i N '' .o: ,V ,it Wilbur nhtvh vi iu r.l l.nmifv W I!: :: I " ,n Pun- H fi. In Mr. Mv;.u N ' tlui A "In noetlii ' J.i r:' A l.ii'so to t't Km-'in d H"t C' tli'it iiit ! W .H ("r ttin ar.i'M- - In t; . i . .tid.'H'd lc,i I ' w l It ! ' tl ..U I f Mil" pi t' ' weJI-kno- to-da- w coa-munir- .7. s ' ' lt opened. o T "d ff m s - w the" . tWJ I . e w 3 1 to-da- I us : a tn tSTl "d " w., ' ,t -- d- . e. com-pat'o- os a-t- the rla hce 1a ed CILCfTJIO Ed-taun- V - -- W Ki-t- m '- -. I;j.:i ie y, cro-win- xirr. 1 Tr r.-- ,. ou:t M.r cur In-ea- se mf-fore- ti v tu-r- w Vv-i- ; 1 fr 1 ttl u. lr T-.- ,l ! "i - i:-t- '. . ",i .,.. ,n . ' ,1 t.-- -'l V ' tlO ll' 1 i ! : Hvo-ule- X

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