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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), April 13, 1904

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

I I Jit THE SUN HAS THE LARGEST KNOWN CIRCULATION IN rPADUCAH t VOL XVI NO 89 ROOSEYELrt Pabb PADUCAH ICY SHOT BY FOREMEN T WEDNESDAY APRIL 13 1904 RUSSIAN SHIP SUNK OFF PORT ARTHUR PEONAGE VICTIMS NEW YORK IN LINE jun I NEARLY EVERYBODY IN PADUCAH READS THE SUN DO YOU 10 CENTS THE WILLIS MOUNT I PER WEEK HUGH MULHOLLAND CASE NOW ON TRIAL IS DOWN AGAIN t r State Convention Unanimously Greeks Attacked in Mississippi Leave Camp Indorses Him 1 l i Tho Platform Covets a Diversity o r Anarchist Who Attempted Premiers I Pertinent Subjects Important ri tJust v Admiral Makaroff Was Killed anda Cousin of the Czar is Among the Wounded Ills Brains I THE3DELEGATES ARE CHOSEN TENNESSEE CENTRAL IMPROVES New York April ISTho f Jury Taken Apr111SAt- EVENTS NOW IN THE FAR He t Claimed His Downfall flack to His Career Trial Dated In Padncah S LOOAL COURT NEW S HE STOLE TRADING STAMPS EAST Tho case against Willis Mount Word comes from Brooklyn N Y charged with tho murder of Willis that Hugh Mulhollnad once postmos V threo Greeks wore shot by two North Fount h ter of Paducah and a prominent man Nutty a Jockey STRUCK A MINEon tho banks of tho Yaln river reached street gambling honao over a saloon foremen at II O Rlvonors love 0 hero was yesterday convicted of grand St Petebsnrg April 13 Grand hero today The Russians lost out ono Sunday night last October was larceny in the second degree and camp There was quite a number f will them who came from Chicago to take Duke Vladimir today received a die killed and two woo nded and no Jnpa called in circuit conrt this morning be sentenced Monday He was charged nesc Ioisos are reported tbo placo of negroes on the levee patch from Grand Duke Boris a anti went to trial Tho prospects are with receiving a quantity of trading They dldnt like tno work and deaf p brother of Grand Duke Cyril saying for a stubbornly fought battle for the stamps stolen from his employers by WAR DRIEFLETS i He has been f n companions and selling them for 50 cd to jump the contract and when that tbo hitters wound l s slight prisoners freedom i f St Petersburg April ISMoro Tho cVspatch further states that the elected Governor Moll an chairman shooting attempted to escape three wor o thor half of which he kept Jail since the cavalry is needed by the commander Tho platform roaOlriuH tho devotion shot ono perhaps fatally Seven were Potropavlovsk was not torpedoed but The fcrenoon was consumed in get> It seems inchief and accordingly the even ting a Jury and the following are Mnlholland from press dispatches that was blown up by accident of the Republicans of Now York to recaptured has been drinking heavily The battleship truck a mine at the teontli and Eighteenth divisions from members of it O 0 Felly A J lately He told a rather gauzy story to and confidence in tho ptinoipals of have been die entrance of the harbor while returning NIjniNovgorod their party It declares that tbe aloe THEN COMMITTED SUICIDE Crouch W H Bennett W H Jones the court about his career in Padn patched Barcelona April illJoadtln Mi from a cruise tion and inauguration of Wm McKin J F Wilkerson J F Rassmon 0 cab and it failed to win mush syin Many batteries of mountain artil Seven hundred are reported dead A ley and the restoration to power of a gnol Artao who attempted to stab V Schotteld 0 N pathy for him W Lewis pledged to tho encouragement f to death Premier Maura committed 1 including Vice Admiral Makaroff the lery also pro being hurried forward Marcus E E Baker 0 S Phipp A jmrty Tho eventful career of this man is Tho telegraph service at Por Democratic activity an honest systemI snlcldo when arrested by dashing his Russian naval commander probably familiar + o most of tho pea Arthur destroyed by a storm has of finance and tho expansion of our head against a walL Tho prctnifr Js The attorneys are For the prosecu plo of Paducah Ho was convicted of JAPE DRIVEN BACK been repaired very unpopular in Oatalona on iio commercial Interests was follownd by tion Commonwealths Attorney John pilfering registered letters while post Viceroy Alexoff is very busy im Ohofn April ISA private dis tho enforcement of there policies count of his prompt suppression of Lovett County Attorney Graves and patch from Port Arthur states that proving the railway service from Muk Attorney Fred Young Metropolis matter hero but escaped the peniten Tho Democratic party the platfor I tinny He afterwards drifted about assert with Imperialism and mili this is ono of the causes that led tho tho Japanese attacked Port Arthur den to Port Arthur and has taken tho latter employed by the dead mans I tbo country and became an evangelist morning Russian fleet summary action with all lax officials Tho full this tarism aH Its slogan attempted to anarchist to attempt his lifo in which work ho was for several i relativesFor under Admiral Makaroff adds the dis mislead tho people into tho belief that defense Attorneys MossI years apparently quite successful TWENTY RUSSIANS lULLED T 0 LOOKING UP patch wont out to meet tho Japanese aggrandizement was tho Later on be became a promoter Tokio April 13 Official adviceNashville Tcun April ISAt a and aided by tho torte diovo tho ut < ultimata obJoot of the Republican and had something to do with the from Wiju stato that a company oi off tankers policy and offered tbo fallacy of fro deal transferring the Grand Rivers Rnsslan troops attempted to cross th HEROS REMAINS BURIED silver at tbo ratio of 10 to 1 as a sub rectors of thoTcnnciseo Central railproperty to new hands He came to f first stream of the Yaln river west o f Toklo April lU Tho smell potion Whitnoll stitute for tho b sio principle of th s road plans were adopted whereby it Paducah two years ago looking morning A company of Who this gold standard and au honest dollar is said tho road will bo taken out of of tbo body of the Japanese command A judgment for divorce woe filed i nI prosperous and appeared to haven Japanese attacked and drove thu Rae Mull with numerous mischievous nod the hands of the rooeivor within tl aer Hiroz Take killed March 27 dar the case of Frantic Camptollagaine- t good position wlth a Boston oonooln few dnyarThe plans submitted 1 ins a second attempt 1oitle Pot alan backIhc bodlcu of 20 dead James W Campbell colored nuttle i theories of governmouT en It is said that ho used while hero Russians wero found on the field deavored to demoralize tho public con at the meeting include not only the Arthur will buried today amid im DrElmcr E Davis of tho county then some of his old tactics getting 1 prcssivo ceremonies fidence and Shatter the faith of th I TUB CZAR SENDS CONDOLENCE was this morning acquitted of the money from friends on worthless pa tho obligations which caused his op reoplo In the party in power St Petersburg April ISTho czar chargo of forgery in circuit court his per He was also arrested hero on in RUSSIAN BATTLESHIP SUNK Among other things the platfcrm poiiittnont but also for tho payment hay dispatched a courier to convey his ninny friends hero and clsowhero will formation filed by his partner from London April 13The St Peters Wo oommend Theodore Moose of all tlit indebtedness of tho road of says bo pleased to learn the east alleging that Mulholland ovary character As soon is tho reo burg correspondent of the Renter Telo condolences to Madame Marakoff I volt for tho fearlessness and good r had stolen some papers from a grip wife of tho Russian admiral who los I P gram Co wires that a semiofficial judgment with which ho entered upo and high in tho esteem of his neigh but the case was dismissed after Mnl big life at Port Arthur today solution of problems of social economy will proceed with the improvements telegram has been received there stut bore and was charged by Mr Will Fry holland had been under arrest a few ling that tho Russian battleship Petro Wo recognize tb anti government of forging an endorsement to a notoI days Ho left the city and has not pavlovsk was sunk oft Port Arthur THE WAR VESSELS forflllO payable to Jake Englert Dr been back since rare capacity ho has exhibited in meet of tho line Four officers including grand Duke lug hit tho requirements of his great Davis was tried in circuit court last A fow months ago newspaper clip HE MUST HANG Cyril the czars cousin wero woundomcowo realize that his official nets Manila April THEY ARE EXPECTED TO REACH summer and given ono year in the pings wore sent here from near Los sentence of ed havo jnitifioJ tho public confidence death passed upon Fanstino Gniller penitentiary but by a hard fight and Angeles Gal stating that ono CAIRO APRIL 16TH Your correspondent at St Pet rs which Is the fundamental factor of mo one of the moat notorious tho acquisition of new and important Mulholland had committed suicide bandit burg gives tho same repent and char his ropnlarily According to the latest advices tho testimony for the defense a now trial there by drowningand it was thought IslAnd who was captured by in tho acterizes it as a private message from It Accordingly we Indorse the ad possible it was the Mnlholland for tho constabulary in Rlzal province Port Arthur and odds that report hnlIgunboat Nashville is expected to ar was secured resulting in acquittal ministration of Theodore Roosevelt lust Juno has boon confirmed by tinI Dr Davis will retuin to tho county merly of Paducah but it dovolopos rive in Cairo April 15th and tho it that two other ships wore seriously papers there say may remain until where ho will again take up the prac now that it wasntbelieving in Ms loyalty totbo princi supremo court damaged plea of tho Republican party relying tice of medicine Monday April 18th Mnlhelland when arraigned in tho Tho Petropavlovsk is reported to TO HAVE INQUIRY on his devotion to tho interests of Francis Macben has flied suit Kings county court said ho was post President Du ibis of the Com have been destroyed by a torpedo and American citizens and confiding In 13 April Washington morical Club today received from against I W Bornheim and others to master of Paducah Ky 12 years Senator all aboard are said to have been lost Congressman Ollie James his wisdom his eonrago and his Lodge announced today that the Ro ago and was arrested on tho chargo a letter em sot inside the sale of property statesmanship wo hereby direct that publicans in tho senate have decided l with the exception of tour officers in bodying tho facts already given nd of robbing tho malls but that as ho POLICE COURT cluding Grand Duke Cyril and thoso the delegates this day chosen use nUl that there shall bo an official investi wore stating that the vessels would cor was about to be convicted a mail car Mitch Caldwell the negro who sev badly honorable moans to bring about his gation of the postoffico department tainly bo hero It tho stago of water rler confessed to the theft and tbo oral nights ago in a North Tenth nomination for president at tho na- postmaster was then acquitted Mal The Commercial Club ADMIRAL MAKAROFF REPORT- permitted street saloon commanded thirty or tional convention to bo held in Juno holland says the mail carrier after through its officers began immediate- fotiy of ED CAPTURED his dusky followers to git GETS GOOD BERTH Tho presidents action touching London April 13A rumor origi ly utter it was published that the out your gun niggers and go to wards committed suicide Mnlholland tho Panama canal is indorsed and tho nating n Parts says that Admiral boats were going to St Louis to try shootin cops was given a now hear says he went to Boston and became r t enactment Is favored of such legisla MRROBERT street evangelist He then entered Makaroff in command of the Russian to Sot thorn hero and are much grati lug before Police Judgo Sanders MKNIGHTISSUPERIthisIjustness and cleared 10000 and felt j tion as shall give to American built fied at their success through Congress forces at Port Arthur has been cnpj NTENDENT OF SOLDIERS morning resulting in the confirmation snips officotcd and manned by Amen I so elated over tho success that ho went tuned by Japaneso but the tumor IIIIIman James HOME of the former fino of 9100 and costflJ can citizens the carrying of the Into a saloon to drink some sherry not confirmed Civil service B and twenty days in larger part of our foreign commerce wine To tbo judge ho saidIt From Friend in tne city havo learned Arthur Dunn was fined 5 and costsII Ashton did not hold the examination JAP SCOUTS ANNIHILATED in order that the nation shall have with pleasure that Mr Robert Mc the day I drank tho accursed stuff for fighting with James Moore while both the ships and thA men as re Knight a brother of Mr W H Mo I dato my downfall After speaking St Petersburg April ISAn offl for assistant photographer for tho gOY thu latter was dismissed of a breach sources of defense in time of trouble Knight tho banker has been appoint olal dispatch from General Kashtalln ernment today as the expected ap at length Mulholland stopped and of tho pence charge and In order that American working- ed superintendent of the Confederate ski in command of the Russian forces plicant failed to show up His name Judge Crane reserved his decision Charles Huff and George Danedlgor was not known men may have tho building and ron HolJiftV Homo at Beanvoir Miss at Yalu river has confirmed the report who stole a skiff several days ago ping of tho ships employed in doing and his wife is matron Mr Mo sent this morning by General Knro twentyono suits being tho record up SMALL FAILURE ANNOUNOED Were given four months in the oltyI our foreign carrying Kniirbt formerly lived in Padncah but pat kin tolling of tho ambushing and until press time Now York April ISTho failure prison or on tho city streets at bard Tho principle of a protective tariff of late had boon managing the Mineral annhilatlon of n party of Japanese The suits ranged from 5 to 15 labor is uphold and tho freedom of tho bal Springs hotel at Luke Miss His wit o scouts on tho island Smalind Inyaiy of J N Ely and Co wa announced and the allegations were varied George Wright colored who laltc on consolidated exchange this morn lot without discrimination ai to race was formerly Miss Elsie Bunch of night throw a flat iron at another nor Somo were on notes while others THE OFFICIAL REPORT ing The failnro is a smell one I or color is demanded Mr McKnight II a gentle Padncab gro striking a lamp and setting fire were on broach of contracts debts and St Petersburg April ISVice Ad I man of ability and during tho war to the homo was arraigned for gatnishoetCOUNTY mlral Grigorowitch sent the following TODAYS MARKETS served with Rodneys cavalry BURGLAR SHOT COURT breach of the peace and the case con Petro official account of the loss Mrs B S Crosby deeds to Hiram tinned until tomorrow en pavlovsk struck a mine at tho I Paducah Smedloy power of attorney to trahsact trance of tho harbor today Tho wino FurnishedCo bytog BroadwayCommission GRAND JURY AS A RESIDENT OF LOUIS PUMP HOUSE BURNS business in this county in her name exploded and tho vessel overturned Tho grand jury made anoth Jr report VILLESIIOT IN WEST VAWHEAT CLOU tow nlou Our squadron woe near Golden Moun Mar Q4 this afternoon and returned the fol vii at Wheeling W Va Alr1l1SWIl ILLINOIS CENTRAL SUSTAINS tarn at the time and tho Japanese July rr lowing ssl s7 SIX HURT indictments air defendants lam OBrien of Louisville Ia burglar LOSS AT ROOKPORT KY woro approaching Port Arthur Vice Com being in jail James ODay housewas fatally wounded whilo robbing a Marakoff is apparently dead breaking William Gowliob breaking Telegrams received hero this morn Admiral storo near police headquarter early IN A FIRE DESTROYING THE drand Duke Cyril detain Yakovell OATS into storo house James ODay break ing by railroad officials give tho news this morning OADILLAO AUTO WORKS flvo officers and 32 sailors es and ing into storo house Alex Hughes of the burning of the Rookport pump CQTTOS taped A number of bodies have been- May Detroit April SITho Cadillac malicious striking William Uowlioh STOLEN BICYCLE FOUND 1401 house on tho I 0 fib July 1410 ecovered Automobile Works burned this morn AUK Tho pump house 1 located at Green is 134 breaking into box car W J Oonder The bloyolo lost by Earl Kolloy soy IJ 4 forgery and Robert Wood breaking iing entailing a loss of two hundred CON fcpt 11 Ss Oct oral days ago was recovered this liver and no details of the burning REPORT OF SKIRMISH thousand dollars Six employes were STOCI8 FIRMED lute a storehouse morning by Officers Terrell and Estcs wero received other than that tho I Co badly injured ToUIo April 13An official account JUSTICE BARBERS COURT at Fifth and Trimble streets where it homo was a complete loss Tho JN p had boon leftby trio thief who took ifc brhlgo Iis built iiji to tho pump of tho skirmish between small bodies Mo P Today has been a banner day InMm Young Taylor ii very 111 at tit of Japanese and Russians on April 10 nS P away house and had a closo call 61 Justice Barbers conrt in suit filing her homo on Ohio street Repub r convention Indorsed the administration of Presl hint Roosevelt and instructed its delegates for him Senators Platt and Dopow Governor Odell and Judge F 8 mack wero chosen delegates Immediately after tho adjournment the state commlttoo nnaolmousl y lican 1 Repented In New OTHER EXCITING S Work of Impaneling tho UpMitch Caldwell HasDosa Lifo Suicided Dy Dashing Out Now 1 Pe trop avlovsk Torpedoed or Struck a Mine = = Japs Driven Back Most Important Trial of the Arrested in Brooklyn N Y for Term Began Today Larceny Htato Friars Point Miss Farrell a villsgo on tho Y and M I Ira 1 4 Im die Wyattt et I 1 + dturrltcrial Mayfieldi afterf < 1 nne oat to populat compann parte I qultoI I fa i ISTh Hughe ouOIlodI 1 I jtLUI amiaer J I fr I I nI IW I l t roadr C t 4 REPORTSI SJJuly 3f1uly tiIl t us k i t rnw I I

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