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Image 6 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), February 20, 1974

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

- T RITOma, Wednesday, Fe&nuuy 20, 1974 Victory For Residents 1 jt- 77 Board Denies Sewage Plant Permit ,vi r. - "in e - 1' , 4 . The ; BYMIMI LORD future of Spanish subdivision, v located t.; Cove between Bardstown Road and South Wattersori, Trail, received a major setback last , when Wedn-esda- 1" near ' the Meeting And Cards To Occupy League TDPPDI2 end IZIATi::G m co::ditio::i;:g The SPECIALISTS Louisville host 24 Hour of and Jefferson County will combined general meeting and Lane. A salad luncheon will be provided and there will be door prizes. Reservations deadline is March 5. For ticket information and reservations, contact Mrs. Reece D. Doughty, 6 or Mrs. Elmer C. Ries, Mrs. Judson Gibbs is the ways and means chairman. PRODUCTION SERVICE CO.. Inc. LOUISVILLE, KY. Phone a League card party on March 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Nunnlea, 9316 Hurstbourne Sorvco Feared Damage From Blasts Residents also said they feared blasting of the rocky terrain could damage their homes and wells. "We are all very pleased with the decision," said Clarance Henson of 5738 South Watterson Trail. "We appreciate their (the board's) efforts and concerns about problems in the neighborhood. We hope that this will set a precedent that builders in the future will follow some type of reasonable, logical course." Henson said he had not objected to the developer's intent to build a subdivision but that he wondered why the developer had begun laying sewer lines before receiving all the necessary approvals for the construction of a plant. The planned subdivision covers 75 acres between the subdivisions of Fairway Acres and Piccadilly Square, and access to it would be from Bardstown Road. Lawson has said that 300 apartments and 100 single-famil- y houses are planned for the area. Although construction for streets and sewers had begun earlier, Lawson said any additional work on the sewers has since been halted. nt 636-212-8 DEALER 425-155- Be SHOE SALE SENSATIONAL VALUES HILL e FAMOUS DnAIlDS SOCIALITES COBBLERS SANDLER Reporterland following students were named to the Dean's List at the University of Louisville's School of Business and University College for the Fall semester. School of Business Richard M. Ambrose, Robert A. Bates, Pamela J. Beisler, Bennett Bertoli, William H. Brewer, Robert A. Clements, Barbara A. Comstock, Danny E. Deskins, Marshall Floerence, Richard E. Heartquist, Timothy A. Iloltman, Dennis L Hunter, Michael E. Kraus., David M. Krebs, Brian S. Lively, David R. Matheis, Michael Meagher, Martin E. Reed, Dennis B. Rhea, Jean Vance Shewmaker, Stephen E. Stowers, Gerald J. Straub, Tyree G. Wilburn, Joseph H. Williams. University College Dennis E. Arkenberg, Edward H. Asseff, James Bader, Charles W. Ballard, Richard E. Bean, Margarette R. Bledsoe, Norman D. Carrico, Michael L. Cash, Robert E. Cline, Walter J. Coleman, Harold D. Cooksey, Robert L Crady, Edna G. Crenshan, Gerald E. Crowder. Clarence T. Decuir, Donald L. Ecken, Terrance J. Frantz, Robert J. Fuchs, Joseph H. Cast, Patrick T. Gatton, Robert N. Grapentine, Ronald J. Harris, James A. Hale, Thomas E. Hayes, James E. Heil, Alonzo E. Hodges, Dwight F. Lite. Tony Lindauer, Judith D. Linton, Charles J. Ludwig, Ronald C. Andrew L. Maddox, MacDonald, David L Mangis, Richard L. Manion, Sandra F. Mattingly, Dennis P. Matz, Stephen D. McCrary, Kenneth J. McDowell, Thomas B. Mills, James Montgomery. Richard L Preasmyer, Dewey L. DASS STYLES - PAIR SELL OUT UOCCHSINS YfEEJUNS CLOGS SELLING OUT nunsES LIEN'S SHOES shoes BASS SERVICE SHOES BRITISH WALKERS CLOSE OUT (Several styles to choose from) J'town PTSA To Sponsor Spring and Summer Style Show PAIR PAIR - COLJE II! 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Priced way below the market at 23Q500 DUSTER 1972 V8 2 door hardtop, sports coupe. Here is one of the newest in the city. Automatic transmission, power steering and lots more. Now just WITH MONTH SUES Steve Walsh W WARRANTY (a new COVER GEORGE SAYS: ONLY MOTORCYCLE 2S.0G0MILE-2- any plants in the Pond Creek drainage area (which includes Spanish Cove) until May 1 and the board is still considering a one-yemoratorium on new plants in the area. Therefore, approval of a new site could be months away. He could reconsider his first proposed site which already had the approval of the Board of Health. James McDonald, a public health engineer for the Board of Health, said the board's approval of a site is valid for one year. By the end of one year, construction plans must have been submitted to the board for review. He said the board approved the first proposed site on Feb. 25, 1972, but NO MINIMUM NO GAS SAVGB SPECIALS HI TrtOqi OVb First Site Dropped Schmidt, engineer for the developer, said that the first site was discarded because with the addition of by the a lagoon, as recommended Board of Health, and in keeping with policy between a plant the 200-foand all adjacent property lines, the plant would have had to have been moved to a higher elevation from where it could not benefit as much from gravity flow. A lift station would have been necessary to elevate some of the sewage to the plant. Approval of the second proposed site, located in the southwest corner of the subdivision, was denied by the Board of Health since it was within 200 feet of a bordering property line. If the developer doesn't appeal the Board of Zoning Adjustment's decision, or if he does appeal it and the courts find the board's decision justified, he must find other means of servicing the sewage from his planned subdivision. The construction of new septic tanks has been banned by the Board of Health since last May and Spanish Cove is located too far from MSD to be annexed. Under these circumstances, it seems the developer would have the following options: He could propose another site for a plant. However, the Board of Health has decided to not approve the Ed y3 cityatjust CICILLI CEUEEt nt BULiBV CYCLERY SUIURIAN HOSPITAL sewage-treatme- ar CHEVELLE 1973 2 door Sports Coupe, only 11,000 miles. Full power, automatic transmission. Compare with any in the u:e that Lawson could possibly receive an extension if the state EPA agreed. He could perhaps connect his sewer lines onto a nearby system if its plant were capable of treating additional loads. The plant that serves Piccadilly Square is currently 'being expanded, but Paul of Piccadilly, said Evola, he has not been confronted by Lawson about that possibility. . construction of 94 Area Students Make U Of L's Dean's List The located about 200 feet from the property of John Seaton Huff, 5737 S. Watterson Trail. Two other sites for a plant had previously been proposed by Lawson. The first was located about one quarter mile east of the most recently proposed site. It received the approval of the Metropolitan Sewer District, the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection (EPA) and the Louisville and Jefferson County Board of Health. sewage-treatme- nt - & DALE BOOTS nt - JOYCE CARESSA PALIZZIO nt 454-344- TJJPPJ2I1 AUTHORIZED Beautification ablished neighborhood. sewage-treatme- JESSIE SWEIDERT, 7, didn't quite feel up to fun and games last week during a recess at Okolona Elementary School. Instead, she sought reclusion by a sturdy post and contemplated the more serious aspects of life. t well-es- Louisville-Jefferso- n County Board of Zoning Adjustment denied a request for a conditional use permit for the construction of a sewage-treatmeplant. After two months of deliberation, the board voted unanimously to deny the request, citing adverse effects such a plant on that site would have on neighboring properties. John Carroll, attorney for the board, said he thought it was the first time in two years he has served as counsel for the board that a conditional use permit for a plant had been denied. The denial is not official until the minutes of the board's meeting are approved at its next session on Feb. 27. The developer of the subdivision, the John Lawson Realty Co., would then have 30 days to file an appeal of the decision in Jefferson County Circuit Court. The court would be asked to determine whether the board acted arbitrarily in its decision. Lawson has not yet indicated whether he plans to make an appeal. The proposed site for a The board's denial was viewed as a plant that was major victory by nearby residents of sewage-treatmethe proposed site. At a public hearing denied by the board is on a piece of before the board in December, a land, recently purchased by Lawson, petition with 270 signatures of persons that is adjacent to the original objecting to the proposed site was boundaries of the subdivision. The given to the board. Residents of plant would have been located 200 feet from S. South Watterson Trail and the Fairway approximately Acres subdivision had protested saying Watterson Trail and about the same a plant in that location would distance from the property line of considerably decrease their property some residents in the Fairway Acres values and that the developer should subdivision. A lagoon, which would serve as a locate the plant up inside the subdivision it would serve instead of tertiary treatment, would have been sewage-treatme- Photo by GilCourson their J10C500 A 75 OTCEH USED CWS P" steering, 3 speed transmission, air conditioned, full chrome wheels. Now just CO 17C0 CHEVROLET 1969 Impala 4 door hardtop. Ideal family car, perfect in every way. Full power, factory air, automatic transmission. Compare with any in the 11Cjm PONTIAC 1969 LeManj 2 door hardtop sports coupe, one local owner, full power, factory air, automatic transmission, vinyl roof, bucket seats and lots more. Now just cg $4rp TO CHOOSE FROM ALL MAKES & MODELS ALL Monday thru Friday 'til 9 p.m. BBfio)? 4120 PONTIAC1971 G.T.0. 2 door hardtop sports coupe une owner, low mileage, power DARDSTOVVN RD. O ciirysler PHONE CTS'LE mm 459-966- 0

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