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Image 3 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), February 20, 1974

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

JEFFERSON REPORTER, Wednesday, February 20, What's Your Gripe? 3rd-Cla- write to Jay C. Fixit, P.O. Box 18004, Louisville, 40218. This column k conducted by the Okolona and Buechel-FerCreek Jaycees. . OR n Dear Jay C. Fixit: We were expelled by the Amaranth, a Masonic affiliated organization, in August 1972. The action taken against us and several of our friends has caused us a great deal of mental anguish. We feel that our explusion from the fraternal order was unjustified and not allowed under the Charter, Bylaws and Penal Code of the Amaranth. Is there anything that we as of the Amaranth can do to be reinstated or at least have our names cleared? D. W. and A. M. Buechel While making an inquiry into the Amaranth, it was obvious that your many charitable activities benefit the community each year. Contributions to the Masonic Home, Korsair Cripple Children's Hospital, Youth Groups, DeMoley, Meals on Wheels md many others, speaks very highly of .the concern of Amaranth for the community. Dear Jay C. Fixit: For the past two years a number of families in our subdivision have been having drainage problems in our back yards. We live In the Beverly Manor Subdivision off Indian Trail and a drainage ditch runs through our yards to an outlet at the end- - of the development. The drainage problem is caused by the build-uof debris, especially in the autumn when the leaves gather and restrict the water flow. Are there any services available by the County to help remove the debris? A. W. Okolona - Dear D.W. and A.M.: To determine an approach to your problems, J made an effort to And the reason why you were expelled. It was learned that a total of seven members were removed from the Amaranth because they did not follow the proper procedures when filing complaints against the Order. According to Mary Krowder, Grand Royal Matron-elec- t, the expelled p made members - complaints to the Supreme Associate Matron and the proper procedure would have been to communicate first with the Grand Royal Matron. with Obviously, this procedures caused enough within the Amaranth to prompt your DearA.W.: Contact was made with Scott Gregory, director of County Works, and he is aware of your situation. The policy of County Works is to provide maintenance for 'the main drainage ditches such as Mill Creek, Beargrass Creek and Goose Creek. Smaller drainage ditches, such as the type constructed by developers on private property, are considered a public easement for drainage and are the responsibility of the property owner. According to Gregory, there are hundreds of miles of private drainage ditches within the county and County Works does not have ample manpower or authority to provide the services that you have requested. ll dismissals. The Constitution and Penal Code allow for an appeal of a decision of the membership. In this instance, it has been suggested that each ask to be reinstated to the Order. To date two members who were expelled have been reinstated upon their request. If your request is refused, you may appeal to the Grand Council of Kentucky. Finally, if you are not successful at the Grand Council you may appeal to the Supreme Council which meets on July 1, 1974 in Portland, Oregon. BY M1MI LORD The Jeffersontown City Council voted at its meeting Monday night to ask for bids for the construction of a sanitary sewer line that would connect a proposed restroom facility outside the community center with the city sewer system. Councilman Chesley Wheeler, also president of the community center, said he has not yet received word from the U.S. of Outdoor Bureau Recreation whether the center is eligible for a SI 5,000 grant, which would be matched by city funds. If the grant is approved, he said, part of the money will be used for the construction of the sewers and the re st rooms. , At the last community center meeting on Feb. 7, the board of directors agreed to proceed with plans for a addition to the building that would nearly double the size of the meeting room. Wheeler said the estimated cost is $10,000 but that the bill will have to be footed by the center since regulations for the federal funds do not allow for permanent attachments to the building. He said it was agreed to build the restroom outside the center building so that federal funds, if approved, could be used. If the federal grant is not approved for the center, the restroom will still be built since it is the most needed, said Wheeler. In that case, the building extension may have to be delayed. 30-by-- S ot Timeout Fof Counseling so the students would the matter, Ash said, "All schools have opportunity to discuss been approached by the Director of Guidance Services about involving as registration with their teachers. Thomas Ash, counselor coordinator many students as they can." He feels that the day will prove to at Seneca, in explaining the day said, "What we are trying to do is to involve be effective in the long run because administration have COMPLETE LINE OF SCHWINN ACCESSORIES SERVICE SALES student. Ash points out that other schools such as Durrett and Waggener are using a different approach. On a similar day JZFFEMS they will have students go to the auditorium where they will talk to teachers of their choice. Although various schools may use an assortment of techniques in tacking BICYCLE GO. 2474 BARDSTOWN an the teachers in a counseling situation with students with whom they have had personal contact. We feel that they will know the individuals better in advising them in what courses to take and what courses not to take' He adds that by involving teachers, people who are authorities in their fields are being used. Ash said that the teachers were given permission to use each period, or any part of that period which the teacher felt was beneficial to the students, for counseling. He believes this method, which is new to Seneca, is the best, although other schools are employing different means. He remarks, "In the past counselors have visited classes and discussed registration and tried to talk to as many individuals as they could." He feels this was not as good because it was on a limited basis since it was impossible for the new counselors to spend much time with any one ROAD fJWHOT laW srau Center, the Small Administration, and the Louisville Chapter of the National Association of Accountants. The workshop, on the subject of state and federal income taxes and city county occupational taxes, will be from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in Room 006 of the Hartford Building, Jefferson Community College, 109 E. Broadway Those interested in attending the free tax workshops may call Joyce Whalin, the Louisville Area Chamber of Commerce, at 1. LITTLE "COUNTRY" IN HIM! A CONSUMER INFO permit fllil Alb Tabled a request by Police Court Judge Ray Ward that a safe for his office be purchased. that the city would in the Jefferson County Government Conference and be represented by James Batts. participate Approved the purchase of uniforms for new police officers and also the purchase of additional shirts. La yv 1 Children Will Be Attraction At Okolona PTA 3401 BARDSTOWN ROAD 7483 DIXIE HIGHWAY neighbor, Our CALL .. 935-811-0 an r, x i J n r i rt r . I j $$ Th3 Lcuisvillo Konnal Don't C3th IUUUU All-Dro- Club's Dog Shov and Obodionco Trial cd This Sunday, February 24 0 a.m. to 10 p.m. Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center Coliseum Watch over 2500 of the finest dogs from America and Canada compete in the South's largest dog show. 27 of the nation's outstanding judges will handle the events. (See Saturday's C.J. & Times Sports Sections for or phone show times of specific breeds .. Do Thcro Saturday. 587-6772- .) February 23 For 13 Specialty Club Shcns Kentuckiana Irish Setter Club 11 a m. 1 p.m. Kentuckiana Old English Sheep Dog Club Boston Terrier Club of Louisville 9 a.m. Kentuckiana Lhasa Apso Club Collie Club of Kentucky, Inc 1 Locust Grove Irish Wolfhound Assn Derby town Pekingese Club 1 p.m. Kentuckiana Bassett Hound Club Great Dane Club of Kentuckiana 9 a.m. Kentuckiana Bulldog Club Kentuckiana German Shepherd Club 9 a.m. Greater Louisville Training Club i Y 'Xs' 1 1 Tag rr.EGEjT THESE COUPONS sak::ay AT GATE c::gv; fechuahy 23 U:t:!i Ye-j- r SHOW FECr.'Ji.lT 24 Regular Admission $1 .50 ON LY $1 .00 WITH COUPON (Admits One) ; Gcir.o SAVE riOIIHY G0e OFF Regular Admission $1.50 ONLY $1.00 WITH COUPON (Admits One) C37-S2- 37 O SOAY C9C OFF tmTons RfAlTOR p.m. p.m. 1 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 10 a.m. 10 a.m. ... Register Your Own Dog Either Day At WKLO Booth At No Cost And Receive A WKLO-Dog-- HASTY GO. M u 459-143- 2 Scotland Yard gets its name from ancient structure where visiting Scottish kings stayed in London between the 900s and the 1 100s. who is a gave up smoking for a week. The drugstore is a block away and his car was being repaired. three-packe- 584-432- 1 896-446-3 1 we're ready to go hunting for a house for you. r IJ ti BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH 3926 UPPER RIVER ROAD The regular meeting of the Okolona Elementary School PTA will be held Thursday, Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium at 7606 Preston Highway. Following a business meeting, students who are involved in "Children in Action" will present what they have learned from instruction in square dancing, exercises and basketball. 1C3 Drowns Ln. V seafood treats Highbaugh Enterprises. Three sign permits were also approved. ' Tabled a request by the Kentucky Glass Works Company for a $2.8 million bond issue. in our tank and i NEWS ii delicious P-- a Tiger SPORTS i Try cur other A Business We've got TALK ii MlM) worth $25,000 for an office building in the industrial park to be used by A tax workshop designed for operators of small businesses will be held Thursday, Feb. 21, at Jefferson Community College. It is free and open to the public. The workshop is sponsored by the Minority Enterprise Advisory Council of the Louisville Business Resource r? WEATHER HOiiDAY-SATURDA- building (HiiiinniQi Blue Grass Boxer Club MUSIC S:30AU-G:30A- a LID Tax Workshop Offered Public At Jr. College 582-242- CARNEY ARNOLD h. VAYtIB PEEIKEY FOR EACH OF US Approved n T7" 771 teachers showed so much interest in promoting it. Junior Karen Snelson is one student who believes she has profited from Counseling Day. She said talking to the teachers helped her in her decisions and adds, "I started out taking some of these classes and I didn't realize that they were either too hard or too easy for me. I think I would definitely be back in the counseling office making schedule changes if I hadn't got the teachers' advice." Charles Dennis, also a junior, agrees with her and says, "It cleared up a lot of questions I had about classes." VITD WHO HAS A council's help for the city to compete for the City Award. Bruce B. VanDusen, editor and publisher of The Voice Newspapers, asked the council to approve the use of roads in the industrial park for a series of bike races to be held on June 9. He said his newspaper, along with two local bike clubs will sponsor the race. The race will be sanctioned by the Amateur Bicycle League of America and will serve as a preliminary to state championships. Mayor Herbert S. Meyer pledged support to the event and advised VanDusen to confer with City Police Chief Walter D. Murphy about needed traffic control. The council agreed to order six portable radios for police cars and an AC charger to be kept in the police department. Councilman Thomas Barrett said 75 per cent of the costs would be covered by federal funds. In other business the council: famous Agreed Bicycle Race Wheeler also reported to the council a list of requests and complaints from the Jeffersontown They Chamber of Commerce. included: that the city should investigate the advantages of rising to status; that the chamber the third-clas- s considers the new water and sewer rates to be discriminatory against industries; that new lane markings and lights are needed in the industrial park and that the chamber will seek the A New Approach BY JANET STEEN Decisions which may affect the rest of one's life are often quite hard to make. And when there are several paths to choose from, the task can be especially- - difficult. Such is the problem of Seneca High School students who are in the process of completing schedule cards for the following school year. However this year, for the first time at Seneca, a special kind of help is being offered to those people who may be asking themselves, "What classes should I sign up for?" The biggest step was taken recently with counseling day. It was set aside by the 'sm m in M(f7 Seeks Sewer Bids CALL: JAY C. FIXIT 45Q-233- 0 Status? ss J't'owm Council If you have a pet grip don't keep it a secret, tell it to Jay C. Fixit. Traffic or neighborhood problems, flooding, answers from government? Jay C. Fixit will try to find an answer. 1974-- A3 .J m Put Their Dc:t Pc;;: Fcr;;:rJ

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