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Image 22 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), February 20, 1974

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

mi;. ;iv if.11 - 1 i r-n- 1 - r n1 n r, ? r-- KENTUCKinrJA'S LARGEST SELECTION of PLAY GYM EQUIPr.lEHT & ACCESSORIES! Law w 4i II Evory qualify tfoatfuro you onpoGtt Wax coaled for protection siliconized polyester enamel. Baked-o- n CLAZCrJ GYUSET 6 legs; top bar 2". legs 2"; overall top bar length 9"3"; overall height 7'3"; overall slidelength 70". Phosphate coating assures 2 swings with white plastic cool vent seats, with white plastic cool vent seats, 2 passenger cool vent lawn swings. air-gli- maximum V -- adhesion. -- I No. 43094 00 Wheeling s hot dipped - VV J II III is'" vo 0'0"xO'D" $' V MODEL 880 REG. 159.95 ' SAVE DIG AT 11GS o IflnDUAHE SPECIAL .0GKVJEIL V" DRILL 3 1 Overall Length 6 Feet Sturdy. In Colorful Red, White 81 Blue! Ask for No. 01460 DADV Fully eJ O u I Sf&t z MODEL810 EXCLUSIVE INTERLOCKING ROOF AND WAL PANELS PROVIDE 'EXTRA STRUCTURAL RIGiDITY AND FROM LEAK-PROO- F JOINTS DEEP-RIDGELECTRO-GALVANIZEROOF AND WALL PANELS ADD TO THE BEAUTY. ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE FEATURE IS THE DOORS SLIDE FROM THE OUTSIDE. O'G" x 10'6" REG. 189.95 (IT Model No. 171 2.3 AMP RPM. 2.3 HP VARIABLE SPEED VALUED AT 14.95 44555 illustrated book with safety and maintenance tips. baked enamel finish of blue and White. Beautiful SUING r- D gaol TXtttic -- Sturdy 2' dia. tubular steel frame construction with 8 legs. Two passenger lawn swing with plastic vented seats and steel slat back rest. Two cool plastic swing seats. Two passenger glide ride with steel supported cool plastic seats. One piece galvanized attached slide with welded treod steps on ladder. Poly bolt tip covers for all exposed bolt tips. Hardware is separated by component parts for ease of assembly. Sg99 E PaT No. Hi u. 7u ty door operation. Smooth, simple, trouble-fre- e design. String, weather-tigh- t Easiest to assemble and complete. UJ 7U Wheeling's prine quality BOF cold roiied steel. high-quali- o JacttU ZatC StaUT Model 62233H non-toxi- c HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED STEEL. As the nation's 9th larzinc-dagest steel producer, we've pioneered in this of products, in buildcorrosion resistant steel used in thousands ings and on highways for maximum service life. But there's more to Wheeling quality than galvanized steel. (See sketch.) ,T mrco LJ aaivanizea coaima I ... riw"' Large V." dia. climbing rope. Tubular steel firepole with plastic Tubular steel trapeze. Cool plastic vented swing. Leg climber at one end. Hand over hand climbing ladder. Hardware is separated by component parts for ease of assembly. Poly bolt tip covers for all exposed bolt Kps. Fully illustrated book with safety and maintenance tips. Beautiful baked enamel finish of Red, White and Blue. LJ Plastic scoop seat baby swing is strong and cool notice vents for extra comfort (will not hold water). For extra safety, chair contains both a plastic safety strap with buckle and pjgstic dowel so that baby can't tip forward. Size: outside height 12" o.a., width 11" o.a.. length (front to back 12" o.a.) inside seat and back panels 10" square Weight: 3 pounds. from top height: Assembled over-al- l of hangers to bottom of teat. 15" non-toxi- c SEE OUR PLAY GYM DISPLAY on the Parking Lot! PRICES IN THIS AD GOOD FEB. 20 THRU 27. 1974 All prices subject to stock on hand. Not responsible for typographical errors. nno MASTER CHARGE MOT R SlICPPERS CHARGE WEEKDAYS 8 A.M. TO 9 P.M. BAHXAI2ERICARD 541G PilESTOII HUY. SUN. to6969.i337

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