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Image 21 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), February 20, 1974

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

JEFFERSON REPORTER, Wednesday, February 20, Claildren'o Center 11 Area Students I Is In Line For Funds The Children's Treatment Center in County is the only full time, live-i- n treatment facility for emotionally disturbed children. The facility, operated by Kentucky's Department for Human Resources, is equipped to care for 32 children ranging in age from five years to 1 8 years. The 1972 legislature authorized funds for construction and renovation of the facilities. A new classroom building was occupied in September, 1973. By April, 1975, three new dormitories will be completed. Gov. Wendell H. Ford's budget provided $438,000 for 1974-197- 5 and for $1,314,000 for 1975-197- 6 operation and staffing of the Center as it expands. The number of children treated at any one time is expected to double -from 32 to 64. Expanded facilities and staffing would make possible the treatment of 928 emotionally disturbed children during the 1974-197- 5 fiscal year and 1,020 children from 1975-197- Jefferson state-supporte- d, USDA CHOICE conjunction pcnn GREEK eat nnnitET Bicentennial. For further information contact Chamber President Ray Stoess, Janet Biller, executive or the chamber secretary, office from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. 491-483- RD. - 0; 267-683- 'THE BEST IN MEAT" 6125 BARDSTOWN Kentucky's with 239-836- 3 267-842- 1; 1. f Main Office 451-124- 2 fulfil ,1iJ'J'W Ftrn Creek 5715 Bardstown Rd. 239-037- 4 Okolona 684-625- 1 2118 Brut Av. 501 969-312- 9 E. Bdwy. Rolling Hills Plaza Eest 9206 West port Road Wettport Rd. 9205 7803 Preston Hwy. 8716 Bardstown Road Fem Creek Square 239-037- 4 428-606- 426-506- 0 ONE OF LOUISVILLE'S MOST COMPLETE PARTS SERVICE Power Tools Hand Tools Tune Up Equipment Paint & Shop Supplies & Equipment EXCHANGE PARTS Starters Brake Shoes Generators Crankshafts Regulators Fuel Pumps and now you are sorry. (Size and safety are their two biggest drawbacks). If the above fits you, here's our deal. . . . We'll TRY to give you what you paid for your mini or compact if traded to us on a Charger, or Monaco. We'll give you a long trade on a Dart or Challenger. Bui not what you paid for it. If the mini or compact car backlash has . caught you, we'll try to help you before it is too late. BY CHARLES SPRINGER Francis E. Hall, who resides at 6203 Six Mile Lane, is obviously a patient man. He has sat patiently by for the last three months waiting for a small mountain of mud to be removed from his frontyard by South Central Bell. The telephone company, when it began installing conduit last October, kept piling dirt in Hall's yard until it reached about eight feet high. Then, when the rain and snow came, the dirt was transformed into a hill of mud. Big wheels - and the men who operate them are rolling into Louisville for the opening of the Trucking Show on Feb. 28 at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center. Eleven major truck manufacturers will introduce their new models in a setting of displays showing the latest in engines, transmissions, brakes, axles and all the equipment used in heavy tractors. Shiny new duty cargo trailers will complement the trucking exhibits. Safety Devices, soon to be required by government regulations will be shown, many for the first time. Paul K. Young, a Reporterland resident who serves as managing director of the Kentucky Motor Transport Assn., one of the five state groups sponsoring the event, said he expects more than 25,000 industry representatives in attendance. - Mid-Amer- told Hill Reporter that he The lawsuit, "I'm just going to wait and see what they do." The hill was removed last week, but Hall's yard is a sea of mud. Telephone company officials said they were sorry if the mud caused Hall any inconvenience but that it was difficult to remove during the wet season. They said that Hall's yard will be restored to its original form and that sod will be placed as soon as the weather permits. They added that most of the mud was on public didn't want to really complain about it until he saw whether or not the company was going to restore his property to its original form. "They didn't say anything to me about it," he said. "They just came by and started putting the dirt there. I don't guess they have been able to get rid of it, what with the rain and snow "I just hope and pray that they will come back and fix our yard up." He said he was not considering a right-of-wa- Okolona Church Eyes Senior Citizen Day The Okolona Christian Christian Church, 4701 Manslick' Road, will sponsor a Senior Citizens Day program on Thursday, Feb. 21 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The program is free to all senior citizens. INVITATION TO BID The Jefferson County Board of Education will receive sealed bids on the following: PAYROLL CHECKS AND ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CHECKS at 10 a.m., C.D.S.T., Monday, March 4, FIRST AID SUPPLIES at 3 p.m., C.D.S.T., Monday, March 4, 1974. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS at 10 a.m., C.D.S.T., Thursday, March 7, 1974. Homo of mo Good Guys PRINTED PURCHASE ORDER FORMS at 10 a.m., C.D.S.T., Friday, March 8, 1974. Bids will be received in the office of the Associate Superintendent of Financial Affairs, Jefferson County Board of Education, 3332 Newburg Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40218. Specifications may be obtained at the above address. The right is reserved by the Board of Education to accept or to reject any or all bids. ' E. C. Grayson Associate Superintendent for Financial Affairs "! .'Jl 3 B B B Ce t acquain ted offer tn intmHure nur npw location: Tlu Zm 51 El El m Kts&u Kcita B FRinXFCHT AYE.fpJ Established Business First 50 CMStomers register FREE for spring and summer clothing resale. B B B MEW " . ' en Let us help you get to know your new community as quickly as possible. Our hostess will call on OWM7 you and present you with gifts, greetings and useful owner-operato- rs Phono IMGIGVORB's BUSINESS IS BUSINESS CLUES Bill, Boss. Cents, Chart, Costs; Dollars; Sol. Budgets, 11 EMPLOYMENTBRH TMWCRRDYGREOS REOOAAI EOADFAIMM EKKRNGNVHL ICCPC URNKAOECATLOE S NAAMMRCCSTMALED HY I I I letters EMBKNROEEEEBRIE VLSMASNNSTUAVSF ETTTOTSPHIYE RN ES EMSOSDCBLC TSERUGIFLEIOLLIT TAXESDCTNLS IOI SULPRUSDOSBIANO TEN JOBSPENDINGN Buying; Deficit, Dividends, Economy, Employment; Government; E irc; faJvi NEXT WEEK'S Mercury 0 Aug. 23 Sept. 22 Radiations prevail this week that could cause lasting harm. One thing for sure, do not engage in any hazardous pursuits. Make no attempt to buck the tide of events, but just bend with circumstances. Advantages arise from a change of plans. Deal with headstrong people tactfully. Better limes are ahead. E30QOSCOPG Pollan By Clay R. Nota planetary ruler of your birth symbol FOR WEEK BEGINNING MONDAY, FEB. 25, 1974 If ft- your birthday occurs this week . I Sagittarius' Nov. 22 - Dee. 21 Jupiter )f thoughtless about money now. y Venus 9 20 Apr. good communications develop now. Money is Extra one of the problems you will get out of the way cleverly. Tackle work that is requested with zest and don't be alarmed if you can't finish it. Choose compatible companions with care. Secret enemies could disturb harmony. Your influence can spread. 20-Ma- You may be somewhat This could add to financial troubles. Resolve to be more thrifty and to sacrifice a little to balance the budget. Don't compromise ideals for the sake of money. Your status can be improved People are inclined to be in a generous mood. . cash-in-ha- ' M Gemini May 21 June 20 Mercury 0 Rejoice in the fullness of life. Make pleasant arrangements to aid a young person. Do your very best to, be nice to companions. Friends are likely to agree or accept proposals you put to them. Good time to start a course of slimming or beauty treatments. You'll be feeling on top and rarin' to go. f ' Moon June 21 - July 22 There is a romantic fiuia the atmosphere this week. An unusual interlude may just amount to something, but don't take anything for granted. Suddenly you'll realize nice things are being said about you. Do something that's original and daring. Senior friends will give you substantial help. Leo July 23 Aug. 22 ' Sun Q You can finish what you planned this week. Do not become too anxious or it may take longer and be more difficult. Others will be amazed at your accomplishments and increase their admiration. Avoid hanging onto situations that aren't constructive. Observe and learn. Get promises in writing. k8 Cancer if ' -- 1. I i Scorpio Mars 4 Oct. 23 - Nov. 21 Use some or your talents that have been hidden re cently. Even though they may be a bit rusty, they can help others and will contribute to your progress. Don't worry so much about keeping up with the Joneses. A gift or wanted invitation may arrive via the mail. Pluto Aries Mar. 21 - Apr. 19 Expect very busy hours and some intrusion this week. Make it a good week by turning out perfect work. Do not let anyone change your course. Be firm in decisions and actions. If you entertain in your home, do it in style. Invite associates who can help you in a business way. ff jrf Taurus I Venus 9 Sept. 23 - Oct. 22 J Libra Words of love may be the big gift for this week. For the first time, you may hear a certain someone sincerely speak of love and show affection. Word yourself attractively. It's not what you say but the way you say it! Your heart's desires may get a lucky break. Romantic prospects will gladden your heart. .. you'll make substantial progress now. Friendly aspects will put you in a better position to cope with domestic ana partnership situations. You'll cut out a lot of unnecessary effort and will delegate some of your duties to others. Enjoy all that is in store for you personally. . I I I Losses; Private, Profits, Public; Money; Selling, Rates. Revenue. Risk; Shares, Spending, Sue, Surplus; Work ANSWER NEXT WEEK Last Week's Answer: SENTIMENTAL 93 Syndicate 19?.' Copyright . 537-OC- Cj EUSALESGN IYUBTP JULIE HOW TO PLAY: Read the list of words. Look at the puzzle. You'll find these words in all directions -horizontally, vertically, dijiionully, backwards. Draw j circle around each letter of a word found in the puzzle then strike it off list. Circling it will show a letter has been used but will leave it visible should it also form part of another word, f ind the big words first. When letters of all listed words arc circled, you'll h;ivc the pven number of letters left over. They'll spell out your MACJICWORD. ' Bates PTA Plans A Chili Supper Due to the "energy crisis," the James II. Bates Elementary PTA is replacing its annual Spring Festival with a chili supper on Feb. 22, from 4 to 8 p.m. According to Barbara Scheer, PTA publicity chairman, the change was made because of the great amounts of electricity required to run the big rides at the festival. In addition to the supper there will be a cakewalk, "bric-a-bra- c sale," candy sale and a "Golden Egg Game." "aLlli" MI pj y. Council of Independent Truckers which will be held in the Exposition Center at 9 a.m. on March 2. All of commercial trucks have been invited to this session. Admission to the exposition is free to all segments of the industry from fleet line and commercial hauling executives to drivers, shop repairmen, terminal workers and users of heavy duty trucks. The displays will be open from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Feb. 28 and March 1, and from II a.m. until 8 p.m. on March 2. of the show are Georgia Motor Trucking Association, Inc.. Indiana Motor Truck Association, Inc., Kentucky Motor Transport Association, Inc., Ohio Trucking Association and Tennessee Motor Transport Association. ica 1974. 5311 Dixie Highway Phono 440-600- 0 Eleven students from Reporterland were among 178 students at the University of Kentucky who were named to the Dean's List in the College of Business and Economics for the Fall semester. The students are as follows: Hazel Sue Broyles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Broyles, 000 Ferndalo Rd.: Susan Lee Barry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Barry. 3219 Norma Ln.: Robert Leonard DeLautre, son of Mrs. Jean Rose DeLautre, 2609 Whittier Ave.: Donald Ray Firesheels. son of Mr. and Mrs. William Firesheets. 1429 Lillian Ave. Douglas Martin Lamb, son of Mrs. Lucille Bederman. 2223 Tyler Ln.: John Maurice McGrath. son of Mr. and Mrs. John Maurice McGrath Sr., 3502 Fern Lea Rd.; Michele Louise Redmon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Redmon, 509 Breckinridge Ln.; Gary Kevin Rowland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Rowland, 9007 Fern Creek Rd.; Ben Wimsatt. 2500 Newburg Rd. 1 J - . 'Big Wheels' Rolling To State Fairgrounds Sincerely, General Soles f.'.sncgsr Make Dean's List f, I -- Income; Since the gas crisis you bought a mini car Polara V- - Resident Waits For Relief From Telephone Company states and two Canadian provinces, he said. Proposed federal requirements covering antilock and skid control devices will be the topic at a conference scheduled for 9 a.m., March 1, in the show theater. Current energy problems affecting the commercial hauling industry will be a major agenda item during the annual convention of the National YOUR SITUATION? Coronet, It' Photo by Charles Springer Safety Devices Challenger, . i year the exposition attracted 22,000 from 38 IS THIS V THIS IS HOW Francis E. Hall's property on Six Mile Lane looked last week as contractors for South Central Bell began removing a mud pile from his front yard. Last SPECIAL I ' . . v E v over-the-ro- Buschel . an environment conducive to healthy emotional growth by making the surroundings as homelike as possible. The children continue their schooling. Treatment is designed for the individual with positive reinforcement of healthy behavior. Children are encouraged to establish meaningful relationships with people of all ages. They play for several hours each day. There are field trips to the zoo, ball games and other events. Rehabilitation efforts within the Center are based on a team concept. Children are grouped in teams of eight, according to age and functioning ability. Treatment teams enable a small staff group to work intensively with a small group of children. They can be more responsive to the particular needs of each child. Presidents or representatives of area clubs and other organizations are invited to attend a meeting of the 1974 Gaslight Festival committee on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 8 p.m. in the Mark Twain Room of Ramada Inn. The annual affair, sponsored by the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce, will be held on Sept. 7 and 8. This year's festival will be celebrated in ONLY.. i 7'.' V Gaslight Group Plans Meeting This Thursday TENDER & TASTY EVERY CUT GUARANTEED BAKED HAMS ON ORDER FREEZER BEEF, U.S. Choice GROCERIES & PRODUCE "WE FEA TURE provides Center it .' Quality care will be assured by maintaining the current staff-chil- d ratio of 13 to eight. Some will be added. The goal is to return the child to the community more capable of adjusting and functioning within society. The 1974-- E9 pf, Capricorn ' Saturn V Jan. 19 A trouble-make- r area may cause concern". Let him her talk and talk. You'll fare better if you turn a deaf ear to the depressing babble. Just go about your way and try to be careDec. 22 in our light-hearted- ly free. The opposite sex is responsive to your overtures. Social life favored. Accept invitations. Uranus V tfV Aquarius' Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 It's hard to win during this period. Aspects show a rather temperamental trend for you. Do not offend an older person or get into any arguments. If confused, put your thoughts on paper. Change things around a little. Brighten up your environs. There's a treasure trove hidden somewhere. Neptune P SPiKM ' Feb. 19 Mar. 20 News is good this week. People approve of your plans and those in high position are impressed by you. It's a timely period to ask favors of important people. Things should go well in the finance department. Your judgment creates harmony and peace. Your g. thoughts may turn to 174 McNaughl -- love-makin- Syndicate

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