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Image 2 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), February 20, 1974

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

REPORTER. Wednesday, February 20, 1974 Al r As Greene r Sees It .. a BY H. H. GREENE JR. Well, such was the case this past week and it was rewarding to know that someone out there was reading my words and either agrees or disagrees with me. The case in point was what 1 had written earlier concerning the big trades made by the Kentucky Colonels. If memory serves me correctly I said that the trade which sent Mike Gale and Wendall Ladner to New York for John Roche could be one of the best or one of the worst that the Colonels have made. f rnoto oy oil C'ourion REID LUSK of Moore High School scrambles for a loose ball during his team's game against Doss last Friday He didn't get the ball, however. Moore lost to Doss 78-6- 'Can't Find Range' Moore Mas A Rough Week The third quarter proved fatal, though, BY JIM MOORE It was a rough week for the Moore High basketball team. The Mustangs took it on the chin from Southern on 0 decision, and Tuesday, losing a by Doss on then were bombed 78-6Friday. Though the final margin was not that big, Moore found trouble from the very beginning against Southern. With Bill Cofer scoring 23 points for the Trojans, Moore found itself trailing the entire game after the contest's early moments. The story was much the same on Friday as Moore fell behind Doss in the early going. The Mustangs stayed within striking distance, behind by at the half. only seven points (37-30- ) 58-5- as Moore was outscored in that period by an eight point margin that sent the Mustangs to their 14th defeat in 19 games. 1 fortunes, though he couldn't understand why. "Our only problem is that we can't hit the basket. They (the players) run well, but they just can't find the range." Fxemplury of Moore's woes has been the play of senior guard Bruce Gilbert, who has some point performances this season to his credit. Recently Gilbert has been plagued with the same shooting slump that has affected his teammates and, as Carroll 0 said, "with his shooting shots a game, if he doesn't hit, it really hurts us." Gilbert and Terry llagerman shared top team scoring honors against Southern with 10 points apiece. 20-pl- 15-2- Blue Lick Loop Plans 'Couldn't Hit Basket Moore's coach, Gene Carroll, had an explanation for his team's poor Sign-Up- s The Blue Lick Optimist Youth Baseball League has scheduled sign-up- s for the 1974 season on Feb. 23 and March 2 at St. Luke's Catholic Church on Jim Hawkins Drive. Hours for registration are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on each date. Youngsters, from age 5 to 15, e to participate and should bring along a photostat copy of their birth certificate. Registration is $10 for the first player from each family, $8 for the second; and, $6 for three or more players from a family. The league has scheduled a "Monte Carlo Night" to help raise funds for Saturday, March 30 at St. Luke's Church. Registration Set For Fern Creek Registration for Fern Creek Junior Baseball League will be held on Feb. 23 at the Fern Creek High School gymnasium from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on March 2 at the Fern Creek Community Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Boys, ages 8 to 15, may sign up. Identification to verify ages should be presented. Gilbert finished with a team high of 1 1 points against Doss. Fern Creek Busy Pat Cofer was at it again for Southern on Friday, this time scoring 29 points, but his team dropped a 66-6- 3 decision to Pleasure Ridge Park. Mike Hilton and Robert Bolton followed Cofer with 13 points each as Southern's record fell to Fern Creek stayed busy this week as the Tigers' coach, Stan Hardin, prepared them for the upcoming district tournaments. In the midst of the usual end of the season heavy practices, the Tigers took time out to blast visiting McLean County 90-4- 9 on Friday. Mickey Sartin led his team as by scoring 28 points and usual grabbing 20 rebounds. Keith Bartlett added 17 points as Fern Creek ran their record to 13-Durrett found the outcome of Friday's game at Ballard a little hard d Bruins to take as the 0 dispatched the Demons by a score. Richard Parker paced Durrett with 16 points. Thomas Jefferson ran into much the same trouble that plagued Duirctt as the Patriots were beaten by Ballard on Tuesday, 70-5The game's one surprise came in the fact that TJ led Ballard at the half A second half press by Ballard proved to be enough to send TJ reeling, however. Dennis King led the Patriots with 16 points. TJ found itself with another d opponent when it met Male High on Friday, and the outcome was similar to the one before it as Male triumphed King repeated his previous effort to lead the Patriots with 16 points. The TJ skid was not yet over as the Patriots fell to Trinity on Saturday, King again led his team, this time with a 26 point effort. Mclvin Blakey added 21. Seneca closed out the home portion of its current basketball season, but the experience wasn't pleasant for the Redskins as they dropped games to Pleasure Ridge Park and Fastern. Sam Boswell scored 18 points but PRP came away with a 79-6- 2 win on Friday. Boswell was held to 0 points on Friday, but his team made a determined run at Fastern before bowing Gary Lawhon led Seneca in that contest with 16 points. Jeffersontown split a pair last week by knocking off Waggener 63-5- 1 but then losing to St. X 77-7David Martin blasted the Wildcats for 31 points on Tuesday, and scored 30 more against St. X on Saturday, but two performances by St. X's Jerry and David Spalding sent J'town down to defeat. In short, I took the middleground think rightly so, because I felt, and still feel that only time can prove just how good a trade was made and which team got the better of the deal. and I Buechel League Welcomes Players Registration for Buechel Little baseball will be held on Saturdays Feb. 23 and March 2 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Buechel Presbysterian Church, 4032 Bardstown Road. Boys between the ages of nine and 15 may sign up. League 3. highly-regarde- 72-5- 33-2- "THE SHORTCUT TO DECOUPAGE" TWO COATS WILL TRANSFER PRINTS, CALENDARS, MAGAZINES & OTHERS FINISHED WORK OF ART IN ONLY WILL TRANSFER TO WOOD, GLASS, CANVAS, ETC. Ftcc RODDY'S HOODIES Omlmdim 454-716- 7 Tm Ccmm the fourth consecutive year. Norman A. Hamilton. 5317 Adkins the Road in Okolona, has won "Salesman of the Year" award from the Kentucky Pen Wholesale Company For L. Atherton Class Is Planning Reunion A reunion of the 1964 class graduates of Atherton High School will be held on June 29 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center on Fern Valley Road from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. The activities will consist of cocktails, a buffet dinner and a dance. Planners of the reunion are presently trying to locate all 1964 graduates from Atherton. To make reservations or to obtain additional information concerning the reunion, call Mrs. Sandy Callahan at 452-9951 or Mrs. Barbara Grinstcad at or Mrs. Sandy Justice at in Shivcly. Hamilton won the award by having the largest increase in sales over the past year, lie has won the contest every year since it was initiated. e Jay H. Shields has been named branch manager for the 3M Business Products Center al 1189 Prestonia Lane. Shields, who has lived for the past seven years in Tappan, N.Y., was most recently sales manager of the 3M Business Products Center in New York City, lie will have charge of sales, for. the service and administration Louisville and Lexington offices. irjsTA-PRi- rjT OF KCHTUCIXY PM'JTO WOUE-II-WA- IT ANNOUNCES ANOTHER NEW LOCATION 110VIEUX CARRE CENTER Huritbourm Lint ri n U. l ! ! J 635-63- 71 jir 8. i 11 i . . GsJARJHITEED Iff? i SAVINGS ON USED CARS WITH GUARANTEE! 91-4- 1872 FORD F-1- REALTOR' Louisville Hoard of or s tJ II,, .US' 513 C3 WITH DELUXE CAMPER ) 6 Cylinder, 6,000 Actual Miles Sleeps 4. Stove, Refrigerator. Ready for Vacation! II 1973 k mm PINTO RUNABOUT i AUTOMATIC! CUT PILE CARPETI LIKE NEWI 1 1972 PINTO RUNABOUT 54-4- ; 1 995 REAL SHARP) OPEN !;;; nights I TILL 10 P.M. Avvi il7 1972 PINTO RUNABOUT 1970 VALIANT STICK SHIFTI $ mm 1973 CHEV. 1970 $ AUTOMATICI RED IN COLORI 1895 TON Second St. Louisville, Ky. 40202 i I 1 MAVERICK 6 CYL. LOADED! AIR! STICK SHIFTI ECONOMY PLUSI 1973 6 CYL. $ im AUTOMATIC! 1973 FORD 1973 CIIEVELLE COLD DUSTER I ii PICK-U- P F-1- PICK-U- P C3 V-- MALIBU AUTOMATICI POWER STEERING 8 AUTOMATICI ft I 10,000 MILES! I AIR I FULLPOWERI COUPE 1SS9 FORD GALAXIE 4-D- R. 1 v. all-st- bargain on a quality home, now it the tima to buyl A Realtor hai some graat listings in the price bracket you're looking for . . . low down paymenti S. TELEPHONE : full-cou- rt Jeffersontown High School Booster Club will sponsor its "donkey basketball game" between high school seniors and faculty members on Feb. 23 in the school gymnasium at 8 p.m. At halftime there will be a girls' gymnastic exhibition. Preceding the game will be an Optimist game sponsored by the Jeffersontown Optimist Club. Advance tickets for the games may be purchased at the high school bookstore. i .. 2723 Preston Hwy. i The low Interest, and even lower interest loans that almost anybody nan assume! Check a member of the Louisville Board of Reeltor with Realtors . , . somebody good to heve working for youl EE i:w.w..,vv...v,v:'X'X.v.:.:iv.v Donkey Game Scheduled At J'town you'rt looking for E 267-898- RUNSPERFECTI If Shelbyville Rd. FQRAL 458-424- 0. it's a buyer's market! & 245-796- 6 EGHY-EOSS- 73-6- HOBBY'S TWO COAT ACRYLIC TRANSFER Note s At this moment the trade looks good for the Colonels. They, at last, won a game in that other home city. Cincinnati. This alone could be an But seriously speaking, indicator. enough time has not elapsed for a real evaluation of the trade. It is hoped by many that the trade was not made too late, what with the playoffs being just around the comer. Personally 1 feel the trade was made just in time. There are enough games left for the new Colonels to become familiar with the type of play that is desired by coach Babe McCarthy. What appears to be happening is that the Colonels have a better balanced scoring team. No one or two players will have to be responsible for all of the scoring anymore. The new guards are certainly capable of moving the team and are the type that are adept at penetrating the defense and getting the ball in low to the big men and if this fails they are able to score themselves. The bench is one of the best in the ABA, if not the best. Little, if anything, is lost when a substitute is made. Such team strength has been compared by some to the overall strength of Indiana, New York and other stronger ABA clubs. Again, in short, the Colonels could have the strongest team in the ABA. With the playoffs just around the corner the move that was made just might have placed the local pro team in a very good position in the playoffs. The fight for first place in their division doesn't loom as to much of a big thing to me, for it was only last year that the Colonels had the homecourt advantage, but it didn't prove to help very much. So maybe not having the homecourt advantage might prove to be an advantage. At times the thought comes to mind that perhaps no one is giving much, if any,' thought to what is being written in this column. But then, like last week, someone comes before you and makes a statement that may be in contrast to what you had said in an earlier week. )! nvniaii Trajan V .. About That Trade TTT 0 I HARDTOP. FULL POWER! AIR! GOOR OUcJ Registration Set For Black Mudd Sign-up- s for Black Mudd Little League will be held on Saturday, Feb. 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Newburg Christian Church on Poplar Level Road. Boys between the ages of eight and 12 who live in the area may sign up. i Proston CO! Elgvvy t S ItsA 11 I rV.

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