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Image 10 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), February 20, 1974

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

i "n nrrcrrrra. xia-ji- nr t , y.v-'v- rehn W4 2 Ib TStose CasSa iwy born Wamtl-AM- UeporterUhopp es Classifieds Ad haa wonderful and Nritd selection of are valuable items which are not bemt used and which can ba converted into cash. If yoy ha la your homo . . . caah tham in. It's M aary to find eager buy an whan you advertise thaaa Hams in a low coat Classified Want Ad. Call today. An experienced Classified Ad taker will b happy to Mint you. Almost e. Want-AdaW- 459-333- 3 Want-Adabt- on duty 8; 33 a.m. to 5 itir(!y - You may placa your ad in tha RaportarShoppar Only or (or a mod ait incraaaa in prica your ad can run in Kentuckiana Classifieds in tha Raportar and 6 other publication. M B- A- & Appliances Miscellaneous For Sale 11 Furniturt HE Hi f sir. REFRIGERATOR, 425-101- FIREWOOD, fast, delivery, 969-075(ra40) frea Bunk Call washer. Dryer. 3 p.m. (ree39) Bed. aftar 239-894- 239-560- DINING SUITE, 8 ROOM pieces. Walnut. Call 23 Mm WEDDING INVITATIONS and traditional; Modarn .' unlqua sty las and Ralsad I a 1 1 a r I n g Reasonable. Call aftar 5 weekdays, anytlma on weekends. raatfn r ONE DAY SERVICE 456-251- TREE and Lawn POOL Service. Trimming, topping, removing, feeding and dead-woo- d Ing. Shrubs, trimmed, Insured. 447-017(rbb40) I OFF additional outlets added, breaker or fuse panels replaced, fixtures, complete ob. Call after 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday, anytime on weekends. FREE ESTIMATES. (rbbtfn) WIRING, HITT CLEANERS Preston and Outer Loop Miscellaneous Mixed Hay. FOR SALE Lester Cammack, New Lib- erty. Phone SHEPHERD PUPS, 3 months old. A.K.C. registered. 957319 after 4 p.m. (raa38) TWO BROWN JUGS, one 3 gallon, one six gallon. Two kettles. dresser. n Marble-toppe- d (raa39) 968-474- HUFFY riding mower, 5 h.p., 24 inch cut, almost new, $110. Complete $100. suite, (ra39) bedroom 366-211- tuning, moving, repairing and rebuilding by skilled piano technicians. Reasonable. References. R. M. Johnson. or (ratfn) PIANO SADDLES $65.95 and up. Crestwood Corral. (raa39) guaranteed. 969-333- 368-425- 5 work Short Form (rb40) PAPER HANGING, no job too big or small. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call for a free estimate. (rba39) Long Forms BACKHOE 239-171- hung (rba39) 452-660- 451-340- 239-579- THE MIRACLE BRA Party Plan or Just For You I 937-707- 2 1 after 6 p.m. WALL-TO-WAL- L We have accumulated over 4,000 yds. of roll-en- d and remnants from large in- stallations. These are large enough to install wall to wall and we can discount them 35 to 50 below normal retail. These new groups of high quality carpets include shags, plush, sculptured and others in many colors and we can install in just 48 hours. Call now for free home estimate n 451-320- RANGELAND - credit Vacant. check. (rc40) 425-196- 220 volt services, ranges, dryers and air conditioners. (rba40) HIDDEN Small Repairs of ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING 451-057- yard, appliances, back loan. 366-086- KITCHEN COUNTER TOPS, vanities and vanity tops, bars ) nr ALL 964-558- if n '3 GLOBE CONTRACT CARPET, INC. 1828 Laser Lane Louisville, - - 3 ROOMS- - ipz:unnx8-t,oOKOLONA UPHOLSTERY 7922 Preston Highway 969-243- Boats & Cycles I Construe- TYPE PAINTING All types upholstery 5 Year Guarantee single engine. Fully equipped, ready to go. Excellent condition. Call Bud Webb, 282-820- (rab39) LADY Automotive AC 1970 FORD PICKUP Sport Custom, $1600. Call . (rac39) BUICK 1967 LaSabre Make offer. 239-090- p.m. (raC40) 5--9 1963 CHEVROLET. Automatic, good condition. Call after 5:30. (rac39) ANGELA M. REED, Owner 8311 PRESTON HIGHWAY, OKOLONA (South of the Outer Loop, across from Ky. Fried Chicken . Turn at Heritage Realty Co. Building) PHONE HOURS: 9 A.M. to 0 P.M. MONDAY THRU SATURDAY SUNDAY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (rba39) mm CArDCKMD 897-518- all stick. 4 -- radial Steel-belte- tires. Like new condition. (rac39) 239-610- 1967 CHEVROLET Station Power steering, power brakes, automatic Wagon transmission, conditioning. Sell or for pick-up- . (ractfn) Call air COUNTY WIDE 451-760- . PLUr.r.iNq AUTO PARTS Brake and Bearing Service 3 (rac39) Homes Campers, Trailers - 60x12, 1970, 2 bedroom, carpeting, 361-361- 1 366-553- Furniture Appliances & SUITE with box springs and mattress. With lamps. $225 (rae39) BEDROOM KMMltr-.llV- i BORGMEIER 1 PLUMBING CO. Remodeling, Repairs New Construction, Water Heaters Gas Lines Installed 267-125- 2 J MW BRUCE DETROITER underpinned. Call after 7 P.m. or (rad41) 0 I slipcover, (rae39) COUCH, $125, Complete bedroom suite $150. Whirlpool air conditioner $75. (rae39) H I D STin? I) nnen c LISTINGS FC3 SUE iiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiimiiiiiin j DUDDY Want To Sell? List Today SATURDAY NIGHT FEB. 23 Entries close at 8 p.m. FEE $4.00 Lafe Henson president. Sanford Suter, vice-predent. Wendell Mcintosh - FOR - DETAILS OR 2208 Hawthorne Ave. at Bardstown Road Hunter and Lincoln Puck- ett master of hounds. secretary. George LOUISVILLE, . Call (502)222.9913 S COON CLUB LaGrange, Ky. 7 Hugh T. Brown I OLDHAM COUNTY KY. Phone (502) 459.3944 - CALL 450-333- a FARM 0r HUNT THE 459-33- 33 for Looking NOTICES PAGED-- 4 532-603- 2 (8Bm41) 241-807- 6 The Jefferson Reporter - (502) (4lmtfn) SEE 0. HEILMAN Route 1 Campbellsburg, Ky. WANTED -- ANTIQUES '. Cash for entire estate or by the piece. J. W. (Buck) Schumann, 13229 Ballards- ville Rd., Route 2, Box. 606, Crestwood, Ky . 400 1 4 UNLESS YOUR ITEM SELLS . JACK ; OR JLYPIST . Interviews Daily 1240 Commonwealth Bldg. exotic breeds. Con- All i LaGrange, Ky. fciHiiinnniiiiHiiHiiiiiimiiiiiniimi " SERVICES o in my home. area. (rf40) 267-875- Exotic CATTLE tact EXCITING . to Jeffersontown 408 W. Market Street Louisville, Ky. Hours: Monday thru Friday Phone CS4-78- 40 KEYPUNCH jid.4o) 969-283- 6 BLOOD DONORS NEEDED CASH PAIpf tor your time at the time of your donation ; INTERSTATE BLOOD BANK "NO CHARGE" Liz llincs VICTOR TEMPORARIES Hi BABYSITTING or Olmtfn) CALL OFFICE 2460 Bardstown Rd. Interview Thurs 10-- 3 267-865- USE THIS COUPON Finance A TO WRITE YOUR CLASSIFIED ADl RATES: ReporterShopper 25,000 Circulation .a. - Check here - in to to to i . ai ic c..k - Cash with Ordtr IS .jj::...i ....a tn and add $1.00 per week if you wish the full circulation of Kentuckiana Classifieds (49,000) o NEW CAR OR TRUCK 458-S9- 29 - M ft Wmfifcr-if-.-l' li . - with P.CA. In January or February and Wo Will Buy Your (Jcenso Plato or Refund You $1250 -- (. ta.t.y; 1 it? i Hilt '- Ml. az f. jui'.;.. ie1 - 1 I n kT-- '" l -4 1 YOU'RE A GREAT SALESMAN You're already successful, but you want a bigger job with a bigger future. General Development has openings now for sales managers and sales personnel who are highly motivated men and women. Sell homesites in Florida's respected community builder. Ex cellent benefits: profit sharina. insurant sales conventions, contests, awards, great team spirit, highest recognition if you're good. Call top-flig- for interview now. Call Mr. Saba, 459-6904- Classification, How many weeks do you want vour ad published: . Be sure to include the phone number or address you want in your ad " DELIVER or IV'. Al L WITH CHECK, OR MONEY ORDER TO: ReporterShopper Classified Ads. 111 Bonnie Lane Louisville, Kentucky 40218 See or Call W.S. DAY Your Name Manager . (rh41) COUCH, 80 Inch, T cushion. New PAVS RANGELAND BONUS. 584-717- 5 and shopping. Laundry facilities. Pool. 9913 Grassland Drive (off Merioneth one block from Jeffersontown Shopping Canter). (rdtfn) ' ; J AND SECRETARIES 454-385- GRASSLAND MANOR APARTMENTS, limited no. of 1 and 2 bedroom luxury apartments still available in quiet residential area. Within walking distance to schools 969-544- 451-439- Immediate (rd39) Free Estimates Experienced, References SERVICE with in hookups r apartment. occupancy! Chrysler central air conditioning completely installed to your present furnace duct system. Will cool average 3 bedroom home. 1 year service guarantee. Full price $595. Registered dealer. Air-Tem- p i',Wi AREA ' I 3 210 N. ADAMS ST. HILLS . 582-167- 8 895-228- WANTED FRIENDLY FIGURE CLERKS private basement, frost-frerefrigerator, range, dishwasher, disposal, draperies, central air, shag carpeting. Large lot. Also, Striping 491-323- Discount Prices 239-032- ELECTRIC CO. & 125 GENERAL Washer-drye- r Painting Roofing Guttering trade NAME BRAND TT RUTH TV SALES Music and Accessories SALES & SERVICE For Experienced Luxurious CONTRACTING GENERAL speed Our professional and qualified teachers make learning easy. Carriers needed Temporary Assigaments APARTMENTS Breckinridge Lane, 3326. pro, i;:c. 1973 GRAND TORINO 1972 EARN MARGATE SALES-SERVI- CE Gold with white top, low mileage. Asking $3,100. Call after 4:30 p.m. 969-035- Jf 454-383- 2 3 I 5 SERVICE 459-068- PINTO BE A VICTOR C1CL a ON THESE ADVERTISERS TO SERVE VOU WELL TV BEDROOM APARTunfurnished, uncarpeted. $115 month. $50 deposit, 1 year lease. ater 6 p.m. (rd40) washer-drye- Office: Nights: (812)294-141- 1 (LIMITED OFFER) 6 RYAN HOME REPAIR Local Area: Call 8506 PRESTON HIGHWAY HIKES POINT .NEED. LOUISVILLE BEEF PROCESSORS, INC. Call for Appointment CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING lonspspor Extra Money? MENT, PROMPT AND COMPLETE MAINTENANCE FOR ALL HOME REPAIRS NO JOB TOO SMALL US RUSHVILLE.IND. Tel:(317)IU 262S 583-3838- Clerical 2 Specializing in Choice BEEF FOR HOME FREEZERS KAYS MUSIC SHOP WANT ADS 'h39) fcessi::s eeef & nstrtitikon hook-up- CnCTCK BE SURE! VOO" 968-840- station wagon 510. Radio, heater, and air. Excellent condition. (rac40) ile (rd39) 1970, (rac40) apartment. References. Hikes Point. Call 4 p.m. 451-696- 957-698- DATSUN two SHARE TO SLAl'SHTEKa 637-336- 4 at AIR CONDITIONERS, furniture, appliances, TVs, highest prices paid. We come at once with the cash. (rmtfn) 205 EILER AVENUE after - W AMERICAN ADVERTISING SERVICE 367-644- 1 239-039- 4 BOAT MARINETTE 26 ft. aluminum cruiser, 1966, Good For Appointment Call 968-832- 6 bedroom CUSTD approximately months old, gray, male, friendly. Frea to good home, aftar 5:30 Call p.m. (rn39) Louisville. J 969-233- 7 2 SERVICES Compare Our Quality. Check Our Low Price. 0 Co. (rU2) z. 969-024- 5 8S10 PRESTON HIGHWAY INCOME TAX 19 73 YAMAHA 350, excellent condition, $750. before 3 p.m. (rab40) Lane. references needed. No phone NO SALES WORK txzfla Rdty o 3 Beautiful colors Frea planning service Know the pleasure of accomplishment. Learn to play that special musical instrument calls. (rh42) Have your own private mail delivery route. Self contractor, full or part time, earn $25-$4daily; must have a minimum of 6 hours per day, 2 days per week; only a few areas left open irf Commercia- l- Residential 40 Years' Experience (We furnish labor and 7 CO. OKOLONA AREA '150 materials) ALSO PANELING Insured Free Estimates ALT LISTINGS NEEDED BADLY Apartments and Houses New and Old any Interior Duality Browns it m NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED OMPTOM Y MB Expert Tailoring necessary, will train. Excellent working conditions and good fringe benefits. Needed for 7 to 3, 3 to 11 and 11 to 7 shifts. Apply St. Matthews Manor Nursing Home, 227 Browns Lane, Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. til 2 p.m. (rh40) BE YOUR OWN BOSS s (H'liitotn no AIDES, DISTRIBUTOR General Maintenance and bar tops. Reasonable prices. Free est Imatas. (rba40) steel siding and roofing. 969-645- 0 363-527- BASHFORD MANOR BAPTIST CHURCH Bashford Manor Lane Now accepting applica tions for morning and afternoon sessions, for September 1974 aluminum or t BOX assume 7 (rc42) May $18,500. Rust-fre- corrosion-resista- BIO-DYN-E usfa r;o;v FOR structures, wide clear span V COOK Apply Christopher East Nursing Home, 4200 VALLEY SUBDIVISION 2 year old, 3 bedroom brick. Fenced APPLIANCES, CARPENTRY H&H RESIDENTIAL MAINTENANCE SERVICE anytime , (rba40) CARPENTER, remodeling. AH types home repair, room family rooms, additions, basement paneling, porcnes. stairs. We do small repairs. (rba39) 3-- 4 bedroom brick. Low down payment. Assume loan. No fi 267-850- register Professionally engineered 60'x90. (rh39) NURSES rooms, three experience bedrooms, den, eat-I- 0 can ba PIANO LESSONS fun. Your home or mine. (rl39) OF LOUISVILLE KINDERGARTEN ble pregnancies or history of transfusion reactions are ur gently needed for prepara tion of lifesaving vaccines. OF KY., INC. Suite 61 1 Heyburn Bldg. Louisville. Ky. 40202 Phone: CAT, 458-752- seven (31abtfn),' 0I.GCZ EARN $25 to $100 PER WEEK Fth Negative Persons Who have had Rh incompati KMIMWiKfr 1 I SC. X, N Garden plowed disked, HIKES LANE AREA, 4007 Carol Road. Brick Cape-Co- CarHomeLifeHealth 451-003- CARPET 246-298- 2 WIRING: ELECTRICAL Apply In person. ParlU Big Girl Fashions, Bashford Manor Mall, weekdays 10 8 a.m. 2 p.m., 6 p.m. p.m. (rh40) and supper Saturday, March 9, 4 p.m., 4211 Jim Hawkins, Treasure Island Subdivision, Okolona. (rk40) (rh40) employer 1 . a i::sTni'CT.:::s fV- --4 kitchen, basement, garage, air condition unit, carpet. By agents, $23,950. (rc42) All AgesAll Drivers We are an equal opportunity employment. t e 7782749 583-765- 6 WANTED Ambitious people looking for additional Income. Call (rh39) base-men- t, INSURANCE AGENCY 239-315- 0 permanent 239-568- 239-753- 8 Daugherty TAX Service. INCOME business and Individual, farm. Bookkeeper and also Notary Public. Mrs. Robert Hawkins, 8407 Beulah or Church Road. (rba40) Positions open, all shifts. Apply at 6910 Prestor Highway, Louisville, Kentucky. Ask for Doug. SALESLADIES WANTED Mature, full or part time, WANTED (rc39) SELLERSBURG, INDIANA 6 rooms and bath, full gas furnace, after 5:30 or . (rc50) Discounts for safe drivers. Monthly pay plan for young drivers with insurance problems. Special rates for married, couples & single girls. finished. and NEEDS YOU!!! -- 964-097- Lower PLASTERING and Drywall, EXTRUSION HAVE A NOSE FOR NEWS and a flair for writing? Tha e Reporter needs writers. Call for details. (rn40) va 1818 W. BROADWAY 491-114- CARDINAL required. Opportunity for advancement. Good fringes. Send resuma to P.O. Box 18345, Louisville, 40218. Include salary requirements. (rhtfn) aa Sheraton ST. LUKE'S WOMENS East, CLUB will hold a chill I TRAINING DIRECTOR! years experience In training and marketing. background Journalism HARLEY-DAYIDSO- Information leading to the recovery of Honda 350 stolen February garage. 3 from Individual's 3 REWARD!) Call after 5 p.m. on weekdays,' anytime weekends. (rk42) WANTED l.(raftn) 1 on two FRAME HOUSE acres, 9508 Cedar Creek Road, four rooms and bath. Auto Insurance SERVICE (rba40) PLASTERING. basements, stucco and dry- wall, finished In one operation. Arthur Christmas, (rbatfn) PENNYRICH - $4.00 (rba42) REPAIR 451-34- 24 - $2.00 239-177- 9 451-003- 1 Same location Jay'sTV Company, (rbctfn) NEA-LET- repairing. Antiques a specialty. Free pickup and All servicing. TELEVISION Skilled technicians only, work fully guaranteed, 1 day service, member of BBBi a Hurstbourne Lane. (rt39) 459-333- 3 22 years. 634-843- and 456-33- eA&aeVftC'' HAKltY! ( it 426-450- 21-6- part-tim- 4412 ORANGE DRIVE (off Grade Lane) 241-989- Oak, $20 per rick delivered Repair UPHOLSTERING, Furniture reupholsterlng delivery. Appliance A.P. AWBREY 969-515- j ewaaaaaMeMaMBMaaiaNBB.". g(J 451-123- 7 GERMAN cast-iro- 964-119- INCOME TAX Services 245-523- DRIVERS for tha Jefferson County School buses. Aga. requirements Police record check required. Wa teach you to drive the bus.! Call SI! FOR SERVICE Ati liAlin UN YUUK 3 3-- 5 mono-arams- 491-114- 3 spare Investment, " y rni Immediate BELL MEN Work either Openings p.m. or 3 shift, 7 a.m.-p.m. 11 p.m. Driver's License required. Good working conditions, many fringe benefits. Apply 10 a.m.-- 4 p.m., Anita Selby, (rh39) 635-218- CHASED CRAPES (ree40) 964-823- WALL WASHING dona by machine. No mass, costs less. Dick Weber's Wall Cleaning' (rbbtfn) Service. 451-497- NEED pjn. Monday-Frida- m.-1- 2 Ll money? EXTRA hours Into Turn dollars. Join the wonderful world of Sarah Coventry. No 964-552- 7 SLIPCOVERS, CUSTOM Experienced. Reasonable. Barbara Parker, (rbaeowtfn) 491-114- CARPET, 3 roomi, 501 nylon and pad, $295; based on 40 square yards. Free estimate. Also custom draperies. LOUISVILLE CARPET CO. (raatfn) ROOFING rapair or replace. Quality work, raasonabla prices, fraa estimates. All work guaranteed. (rbbtfn) or (rba40) 454-383- FIREWOOD. $20 par rick (raatfn) dallvarad. LIGHT HAULING and lawn service. Call attar 6 p.m. 538-451- 9 TALI CHARLEY Maud General Maintenance 12 Services PAINTING. FT. REFRIGERATOR and gas stove, 6 months old. Harvest Gold. 2 after 6 P.m (rae40) CUBIC 17 Miscellaneous BLISSIFEBS Address KEITH STRATTON Field Representative City ci:::m v State Zip Phone 1 SHELBYVILLE. KENTUCKY 500 Main Street Phone 633-1420 459-306- (I9ba39) i

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