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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, January 3, 1809

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

r 13 - , ia m w - TiirT,'lu'mgrT? - yn' w- Y-- yt. ''JI'IJ"K!,'',"'' & WILL Practice La-- in the 2 ioscpb Jiosvieii Doctor " iyfiP ' 1 &? sale dt the , .by the thcisan And for LEXINGTON. AWist. RUNAWAYS 'J L 1S08 C. BRADFORD, Office Is the JSti.tuciy Gazette, dozen or single, the Kentucky Almanack, from his chains, at tie inercefiion made for him, Fiom thence We w eut to the marine, where the ronful had been sent ;o orl. v'ith the other slaves carPving a chain of 40 bs, weight, to receive and conc'm.1 hfu to with the his house, While we Dey on, the .business before mentioned, he allied me, in pre fence of tl 1 consuls, ifI djUiffitr intend to pay the I artivjjgreu him as i!tu cicie money. the day before to which he n ode ti e lame reply ; and I remain ir delay ejpe5lation of expeumgi' or''e ehrLi?iJ'C of this refjfal, VjiicHdK ai.d by it. fenfejffijr dutvilnd a co. viQ Oil thatjj n honour of it'y ouutry u mantis Kith conduct tioni me. 1 maKe no comments on theunpkaf'u tnefs f my fuuation, my government and n y country will conlider it, and do wlu: is right rtfpedhng it. As it is very likely that the cruiz-er- s which aic now sitting out vi I have orders to cpturc Ameruau yes fels, I have wwtten to ouT conlul ui Alicant, l.y this oppoitum.y, whuh is unexpected and theonly 01 e likdv to occur soon, to convey. uoticeto ill of tne Unittd biutt! in this feaj to guaiM ourmtrchant yelkls Jgiinil the evil which mav occur r A copy of my letter to liim I havt iiow In the honour to erclofe. of the Baibarous cutrae which has been committed n the consul, aiid threatened to be put ir execution afraintt me, the cons Is have bten biobght jo rtfi' ft on tht c piecanous fituatijn here ; and I tiuli that in a sew djys there will bt a c patSl entered into among us, tl at we tvilljUfe our best endeavours totivforce that article Whichexifts in all the treaties between this ltgenty aiid Chnl-tiapowers fecunng ihe ptifoii and tail. Officio! Documents, Tames Sale . and Jacob Kieser delivered to me, as Jailor of C05IMUNICATL.D BY 1V,Y tKIISIIlEKT OF lllE V STATES, IK HIS M I'.S- hayette cqurty , a SAGE TO ON THE Negro Mnn, named George, 8'1 H NOyEilBFIl, 1808. Five feette"n inches high, tv enjv six ?r twenty-seve- n years, old, sfjaii limbed, a, little inclined to yellow, rnd evressiv e deaf , had on a sew rans under an old blanket. Bv virtue of a Col. Lear to tie Secretary State. ceitifacate fiom avd M'Evving, a justice of (Fourth copy.) uie jieace lor vv miamsun county , lciniebste, ALgicus, March 28th, 1808. nuiporting the s.Jd,Gco'.gc to be a iunayuy from Robeit Peoples, of Clarke county, Ken Sir, call tucky; said Sale and Kieser neglecting to 1 have the honor toetclofe a'tripii-catfor tie iiibavvay, and he being loo sick to of inyf refpefl s to you of the 4th lemovc, iiifurrqLtion of the case Was directed and foi warded to Robcit Peoples, who I un- of Januaiy, and duplicates of that of derstood was out of tliis state ; on his reluin and the ldiedule of ray be disowned the fellow, savin" he vSssoldbv the 9th lnlt. his agont below Natchez, from whom it is pro uctoant with the XL States. ' caine he is now limaway forwarding the fitfl of these I liave The owner is theicfoic desired to take away heard nothing reiptdling the United said runaway, and piy expenses, within sixty uuys 110111 tins uatc, otnerwise ne wuiueiiu-thc- r States exceptingby i1 :terftom Mr. Montgomery, our contul ip Allicant, proceeded against as the law delects, mu-vtjrlt- o ?! Chain-paigne- 1 e j ,y ( V ' J r . y . - - O- ferent aspect from what they did when I had last the honor of writing to vow. thrtday a Negro Man, who Clrtls himself On the 16th inft. the Dey ftnt me a vVSHlNGTON, about six feet high, heavy Sudt, about thirty-sior years old, meflage by my drogerman that I fliouln las on a brown with rpay immediately sixteen thou fa nd dol metal buttons, not much worn, a pair of over- lars tor eight of the subjects of this alls of the same but very ragged, good shoes, dark brown woolen socks, an old wool hat, regency, said to have been deftmyed blue ed linsey vest, a 00 linen shin, oa board the American fihooner Ma'lis tippei sore teeth broke out, speiJcs thick, ry Anil, captured fume time since by and is yellow complected He says he U a free man, that he has sotked five years on the ope of his frigatts, as mentioned in Hanging Fork of Dick's River, near Danville, mv former letters. I returned for where the certificate of his freedom rmw is atifwer that I had not yet received His master (is he has any) is desired to come authentick advices of this business, prove his propel ly, pay the expense forward, ind take him away, within sixty days from this and could therelore fjy nothing" a day ; otherwise he will be further pioceeded bout it. ThJDey sent me woid that nuuvaa ny- - ia.vv IUIV.VW' ne wouia vvait tne arrival ot tne cou MAMMOTH SHOE, Nathaniel Prentiss, rier fiom Aucant, by which I might NEAR to W llfon'slnn, hereby informs Jailor Fajette C6unty. i 'f receive fomeinfirnidtion. But on the the public, that he has just received by , 15th Decem'neivi8o8. Mr. Jeremiah Neave, from Philadelphia ) 24th (the courier not having yet At" THE SUBSCRIBER and Boot an alTortment of Galfgkins, the drogerman ihformed me that Legs, of the belt quality1. TJjat lie has OFFERS FOR SALE THE FOUCLOWJNG the Dey had sent for him and ordered ex family ofthe consuls from in nis employ gooa vvorKmen, ana tna ACTS OF LAND, viz-- . him to tell me that is I did not pay outrage, in confeqnence rf iiy thing his duflomers mav be fupnired with Boot Tract whereon he lately resided," in the the money before night 1 fliould be and Shoes equal" in beauty, neatness anul1 heruay do in the cxrtT'.fe cf it ot Woodlord, and state ot Kentucky, duiabil-tyyritb any in America, at the functions. And i hope each ne ve miles distant from the town 01 sent toprifon in chains. shortest notice and h: moderate ncton, tlueetrom Versailles, sixteen irom I ordered him to return immedi vvill bind hiinfelf not to do any acl . s , Frankfort and seven from the Kentucky river. afTely to the Dey, and fav,that I could L'xinp. 14th Dei a publick agent, while any one is t ..'d i his tract contains about 2500 acres of the first luality ; one thousand of which are well clear-- not pay the money without the or- in, or threatened vyith, durance viit. Fishel s? Gallatine, From the subbcriber's f.rm, a and in a high state of cultivation, w ith a der of my government, as it was an Our refpeclive governments, I trul'. commodious dwelling house, rge three weeks since, COPPER AND TIN SMITHS, outy ears old, branded Br. a BROWN MULF stables,andand other convenient buildintrs, barns, affair out of the JfUal ceurfe of our will fandlion such a meaiure, ai d give cood on the neai shoRJdti INFORM their frknds and the public, they two irchards," a number of of business here, and that I was ready orders to their consuls acco. aingly. have now on haiftls, a'v ariety of STILLS of tne A reward will De given to lum wnowil! reuii uie most excellent water, an, over springs He brought me snot gnst to meet the event. be bid Notwithstanding 311 1 have Rated; bes q lality, and having laid in an assortment of her, or give information where she is to mill w ith tw 0 pair of stones, and two lat ge word that the Dey would see me next possible ihs.t lf)e Dty m;iy riot Robert Barr. ot skiii, can CC'1'ft.K, and engaged wortmm stone distilleries, capable, is well conducted, day-a- t noon on the fubjtft. He ac proceed to extremities ton aids me, November 10, 1808. wi a s.i istaetion, complete any orders they may of manufacturing at east twenty thousand galhe ' ourtd with Stray "d 01 Stult n from the farm lons of yvhiskey per annum. aboUU three miles cordingly lent tor me at noon on the or commit hoftiltties on our TIN WARE oi every, description, by whole Also another tract lying When I entered the palace I and citiEens.tuntii I hear from retail ; Cofper Boilers, Hatter;' Kettles, of Notlun - Be:ll,neirLouifville, a BROWN south of theiabove, and containing about 400 25th. sale or Hut Brass anj Copper Wvsl BAT M Ul , five years old, last fpri' g, about icres. This tract is also well waltred, and of met Mr. Ulrick the Danish consul, mY government on the tubjvtl. Copper TtaKettles, ffcen hards highj vvith a small white in her the first quality, with about 200 acres cleared, who was descending from an audj- - I have "thought it mydjiy to guard as ' Keuus. &t tVc. (C I'm Ware and Merchandize exchanged Hifthead, line lore armed, crooked in her hock good apple and peach orchai d, and a number ente of the Dey. He was ltit!ed by much as polfible againll the evil, by joints, remarkable small delicate'letrs, not bran of comfortable tenant's houses. . for old Copper, Brass and FevvteKa Chaoux, who carried him giving'nouce to our vtff Is which m.iv ided Whoever will deliver the above mare to Leximrton. 11th Octnbu, 1808 tf? Also about 300 acres, lying oil Greer's creek, Richard A,. Mauio, of Jefierfon, or H Breck ibout one mile from the Kentucky me won. iiiiiigiirfiu iiiuu. bein tnts lea, as well as tnoit in the river, and me Vi IV WO0LVAS.DIM.G MACHINES. .nridgeLtxington, (hall he handsomely rfiward naif a mile above Col. Vauter'a null. This ner, to the Have prifun, where he was Atlantic!--; for at nrefent there is no- '" ed. tiact,Elthoi-trbroken, is extremely fertile and loaded with an enormous chain, the THE subscribers inform their fellow citizens. ching la prevent their cruizers from Nov. 26, 1S08. well tembcred, and includes a valuable mill reason 'that they hve at considerable expense, elected a affigned for vvhich was, that he paffing the Streights. seat. AGGONS'WANvrED. ompiete set ot Wool carding Machines, that in eigHt days 110m iriis fjl WILL give a generous priccto Waggoners . Also between 2 and 300 acres, lying on had- been called upon tor his bieqnial wW beir.11 ti 'f lie camp is t spewed ta mar ir, a South Elkhorn, about five miles fiom Frank- - presents which he declared he could sew days againll I urns, and Su eir time, up Mimsti tut, above W ikon's tavern and who wU haul for me, fiom the Little Sajxly sort &. This" tract is generally of the first quality T.hey Salt Works yvithout having time given cruizeis are laid to be intend opposite to Mr. Saml Ayres's dwelling For Anther uiformaUorf.xTU "or one of mot valu;lbl; ercfiiit not make ies'gnto ket p Wo Machines for countiy work & Jei emiah Ncav e in Lexmgto ITm.lls in the western country, now in complete him, as the veffel containing it, and that auarter but there is no doubt . 1 tt.t ts' .?. r. AArt tneuseoi nailers. iii ex eneexclU5iviiiox Ai.rrvc.ij vm. vjitniavJW. repair, and capable,, under good management, annuities for the regency, had been but foint of heSn will cruize in every peci as soQnaithev can procure wool, ts be ablt November 8, 18O8. of manufacturing G000 barrels of flour per taken by the Lnghlh. toexcha'iee Rolls f rwooi, so as to accommo part of this lea, and probably go into kAVlb SANDb RS hn re'eei- - year likewise a handsome and com enjent stone datesurh persons, from adistmce is choose not un meeting me uey ne demanded the Atlantic!, an a very comto waits the.r on vxnolto be carded .indioTd additional fuprlv of seasonable distillery,brickgxtensive house, two stories hitrh. from me immediate modious dwelhntr payment for the' With fentiments,Qthe"lfiVheft ref-Toe' try Spantide of wool, a pound of grease GOODS, and continues to purchaTV with three" rooms on a floor, and many other persons before mentioned, together pea and moR sincere atrachment, I must be sent Tlieyliopet lie wool win ucpicK SMF and CKOf iUBALLO. buddings, as well as ndcessary convenient clean, as dirtv wool will soon disq alify Lexington, Nov. 10, 1808 This tratt aflords perhaps one of the most with an additional two thojfand dol- - have the honor tcCbe, sir, your mult from doing good work Their puce for form valuable situations m the state of Kentucky lars for the boy said to have been car- - faithful and obedient servant, Jrmes Devers ing Rolls will be 10 cts. per pound and for break species of manufactory that requires t'le ned in the ichooner to Naples. I TOBIAS LEAR mc for h'ters the usualprks. And they will re t .1 aivrs iiictu'iu ui luiuiiiuiKi la menus aim agency of w ater, :,s the stream is bold and ceive in fiament Cash or Bees Wax, good Feath J tqrpiib'irk, th it he has recommenced the Tai ding, and capable of moving other works told him with firmness that I could Tie Honorable Jamet Mad sort, bee era, allow, w 001, country imen, Linsey, ciean business, about five mi'es from Lexington, besides those aheady constructed thereon and not pay it without the orders of my retaryoftSateoftbe United States' liogsBri,Ues, country Sugar, .good clean bar. ar rattersons Dig spring, on KU41, wnei e the null house, is about 60 bv 45 feet, of America. U asbitivton. Soap, and clean linen 01 cotton Rags at themar. Te hopes from his attention to business, to re' builtpf stone, and tlilteTstoues high, is very government, as it was an extraordi- . nary cale; and requeued time to write ket prices. They will give CacFi for ten thou ceive a portion ot publics patronage iapame 01 oeing exieusiveiy const eiteu into any and v.e gilt of good wqnl. and receive an anlwer ; but was" tf. UerfmlKr 1", I"iil8, Copy.') other manufacturing Wm. Hauson. & He also oifers for sale about 100,000 acres of; fwered, that is it yvas not paid imme-- j Algiers, March' 5 li() TS FOR SALE. 188. land, a considerable propifition whereof is of F. Ridgelj'. T'HE fuhscriber, owing to a contrad.!ie the first quality and in different paits of diately, 1 knew what the confequenceiSIR. 18th October, 808. A Copy of what I had the honor tsfwn- 'I .replied, that let th; con- ,s with Poiter Clav and Harrilbn Mon- - Kentucky, the stale pf ,Ohio and the Indiana Would be. sequence be what it might, I fliould' ting t0 vou on tll!; 28th n'k with '"-no- t RAM AW AY irom thr biibbcri av. will have for iaie at the mouth t'f lepitoiy. Also ubout 2500 acres of extremelyvaluable The vellel ber, about the 20th inst, a neg 0 man named I ate s Creek in the colirle ot the Winter pay it. Kwas then ordered to clolure, accompanies thu. TOM, of a yellow complexion, sfbout five feel. srttl IpriiiE, a number of Boats of tvery land, ly jng in the state of Virginia, on the Ohio leave hfs presence. On defcendinp'?hlch tDk the nfoiefaid letter du not even inches high, handsomely formed and of a de'fciip'ion? The boats ljuilt by Monday, nv er, about 20 miles below the mouth ot the ""ul l6 T29rth eiod appearance 'he he took viith are known to De 01 a tuperior quality : Kenhavva. This&is the moiety of an old military to the area of the palace, where thej'1 ,dr0&c.rman t0 ,Y " lum, is not recollected, but am deposed to be of they,vill ba sold at the ufnal pridetrand claim locacated surveyed up wauls of 30 vests Damlh consul bad been IVized, I ex- tf V dey what were his ramecompliment which he pdace, td know ot common wo.kmg where it wi'l be more convenient fojbe airo, bv the late Gen Geo. Washintrton. common. the opinion tney e only the ,,;imate ;nt'tinionE (is ,Je cbofc to apparel, being a rope maker by trade I expect purchalei the nayment will be receive" at ly called the Gieen 3ottom Tract, and generally perked met with, a d was prepared for chre tUpfn) refpeaing the business nienti-ieousitiereu as one ui ine uiostvuiuauie iracts op lie will endeavour to iret to Lexinpton. where he Natche7 or Ohio liver? but finding no one. to molest me, I oned n lliy art. and t0 re.querl t)at x eays his wile lives, and has numerous otlTer ac timektcnalfpofe ot his cargo. 1 theAlso about 5000 acres of old military land, . quaintances i Having puiciiaeu mm tiom a ' Thomab Hart. surveyed at the same time by the same person, lest the palace and returned to my im,ght be allowed tin ee months to receive Mr. January ot that place about two years past orders of nw government. The lying anout lorjv mcmiles above tne mouthajt own home, where I supposed the Ten Dollars will be ghen to anv person.vvho will . Novels, 1808. the said KcnhawarnftS and containing alai would be sent to have me arrest- - fwerbiou,ht vva?. that is I the mo. riehver the said fchow to mein Danville, and all quaniity 01 me, m XOir.SALE, d bul lhe d ffed without illVJiey m the icurfe of the day, we ffTould ntlier leasonabu expences paid by AfMtrcbant iWi, Saw Mill, Dis- - ber of improv emi J. Birney. nearjig any ining more or inematn:r. uanu as we uiu ueiore ; ant 1 cm, not Atl' oranvpaitOTtSEpmementioneiilanthi , 4th October. R08 ti$ery HpU is ty acres of Land,miiy be obtained on.teffns cry advantageous to In the evening Tjnet the French and he fliould purl'ue his own meafuirs. A: Last Hickman, ten miles from Lcx.nglon ple of the one t l was 5'et uncertain, whether his threats !iud:bon" Hemp lind ilax bpmoing and a half miles from Stafford's tin'n'bmiin- mu, in ndvnnce. thn bal.anrft m tlii(f. Swedifit consul ilPlWiiers being at l.i UCKUI into isrcution ag, nit nre we agri aed to send forr"u the gat dens Keutucky-'fier. J. Inthe mer. equal annual lnstidtfjtevv ith interest one half wi, (on te Mill , owingmorninWe'l'nal!'il01urcnl"mPrt'-Ireni;1-.!theother consuls the folh WANTED immediately, a suitable per?on to vtiMtib nun aii. iiittrmii ui oninn, i,.uii 'au (JI WillCIl CUlllUC Goal, and rmoABLE Was committed to mv custodv, s A LOT OF GROUND, lying on ed - thirty-determined, to sell unusually street in this town, extending onehundi one feet six. inches on said sti eet, and back one L WHICH be is . EwTw. CAs.HinU-mihundred feet. There is on the lot a good Brick ","Leimgton, 4M1 August, St)lyJCoach House, Cow House and Grane ' a Brick Factory, upwards "of 60 feet tj. BODCF.Y, sc? Co. THOMAS ft w lib a Negro Bax") Irom the age n out, and tju. frame shed the whole length WANTtohire ten buddings" ate well cdcuLited This lot of 12 to 15 years, and five men fioml7 to 25 ; forthe manufacture of bagging, or for variety & the men to weave and heckle the bnvs to spin f othertranches of biffimess. The terms my id a Coarse Linen Manulactoiy. be known b$ apply ipg to the subscriber. 100 L Kington, Au&uit 4t George Anderson. TOALL WHOM IT MAT CONCKJiN OCj Should the abov e property not be sold In GliOKUt. AUAMb two weeks the buildings will be rented LAW, will - ATTOUNEY at of residence make Frankfort October 11, 1808. ,, T and will pimc permanent place his KICHU. liAKRY, tually attend me tircuu our ui inuuin " 13" Boo shoe maklA ; Woodtoru, aim rayeue- ' Frankf.rt, October 10th , 1807. At the ftgn of the Main-Cros- MERVtiANUlAZ. ?- thirty-seve- n x lulled-lmse- y round-a-bou- t, a-j- V l w-- re Lexington, ai.d will Practice ?Il i ine in uil its branches Jle lives in the v Fo'$ the Tear of our Lord 1809 ; tun Mreet, next door to n wbuckhoue on Containing, besides the usual Astronomical CalMay 16th, 1K08 tf Jtcnpmln Stout u culations CASH GIVEN TOR , A Method of Making Cyder equal 10 and which will keep for years, and ton tinue to improve. "T"V vdiv Fisher cs? S.meH A battle between a Tjger and anAJhgitor Who wWMofcWMj6 Negro Boys, from 12 or wonderful - of piovldentialprcscna to 16jcais old, for term of years. ' Lexington, 3d Tcb. 1803. Ltton. tf V Vliting. , Dnec. ions for Lettei Shoit Lessons vO'lO BE SOLD UK rvii.N liMJ, Advice oT a Father to ilis Son. Auev and very convenient two story Biick The Hit,tet. ln.sp. on Maiir Street, next dooi to the Uu The Lottery , Adam kaiiktu. For particular apply "to the Observations en Sun Flower Oil i. Cuie for theBotts E. SHARPF. tf (or Corns on the Feet thai an embargo had been laid on all Nathaniel Prentiss, Court Oays. . Nr.W GOODS. Jailor cf Fayette County. veffeta in the ports of the Ui.ited Ofbcers of Government. t 15th December, 1803, DAVID WILLIAMSON States. List of RojuK Xj" The pi intei s in tlie 'Mississippi territo-rRKCEIVED FROM PIIILADKLPUIHAS JUST " It is with regret I have to inform vvill probobly oblige one of their neighbours A vaiiety .f Tables, he, &.C fcc. .. nnnMLTI - . - V n A, IN ATODITIUN T U 1113 r un.--by giving the above a sew insertions. you that our affairs here W?ar a difCOJIPLETb ASSORT-1- - NT A Valuable Property For Sale. S V Sw UESDAY. JANUARY 3, 1809. Danish.-consu- ti t. f. y t'isi r.TON ON thelilh September, 1808, Factte courts. JU&r PUBLlbHEU By D. 1 or? a r && Q'iTrrforaiTj'wy.-:j77jgT?vmSCTgXil- - 1 v i Tik BY DANIEL BRADFORD, - GAZETTE IS published weekly, at Two Dollars per be B . un, p ud in adv'tnce ; or Three Dotiars to r, ., ..tiln- e juration of the ear. "" A'.! Utters to the Ed.tor must be postpaid r, ri i.c they will not be attended to. wMmr fcUK?K. M u vr " No. 1210. 1HE KENTUCKY t- - i- - AND GENERAL 'ADVERTISER. , ., 01.. XXII. i - '" r jp r cross-ba- iovife-quen- n D.i-nif- h- a-- ce li i . arn-ved- n ! ial , 1 mm'M f- -8 d never-sailin- " g ts iv torn-mer- ce B- - thi-ug- iuu '. vv 111 - v . ( rope-wal- i ofh-ce- s. 11115 11 -f 1 1 pui-pos- 1 " " 1113 t, fuf-ficie-nt tri 1 J qr-Ul- ie -- 11 l fourth-par- -- I v and one pair Red - chartable Hemp or m lenntend rnu manage the above Mill. Apei- - BunJs, one pair Laurel Hill, who can come well recommended for his a-- 1 nvtr the merchant and saw mills are incom - 'ccs, to be dehvei hm ility to manage such aconcein, asvel!as for plete older theie are three stills in Jlie distnleiy.agiecdon. ol (linerent sizes, frlilfitlie ujlterent utensils Pcvton lis sobnety and a tention to business, will liberal wages The I'residcnt,and Dure belonging to a distWerSfcjWt of the bind is m Lexington, lst October, 1803. good meadov r paymfvlj'lbemadee)sv to the . .. .. i C ),k r A tlini nin ili.tai-. For inknptlbn mquiicf the sub-(- . K.all be no bar to the appointment of a sit per- jn to conduct those mi'.li in a proper manner Iscuber. i;u--- Oaober 30.h, Ws THOMAS HART, jr. ". Miioruiiia. For sale at this Oflice. nH tiu-tw- o I'nr , i, wii ui preparing tor lome uai fl(1, M 1)? s hat ,,,tr,M i tbrm u.nmooi ; and as 1 ced froii. this, a' v.l a; f' puff, Ti inde 11; tln vfMs. - r j. n-- s n.M Deen f()rm4 d W4, frnt t0 mfoi.,, me d rs to tap'nre n I 1303. " ,; of the Dane. At noon yve met at ' the DaniQi consul's house with oir refpeclivc drogermen, and proceectd audi- to the palace, where yve had-aende with the Uey, who, atter lome convorfction, agreed to the Short .WILSON'S GRAMMAR John Bradford, Preb't. ,. considera-JindTo- - M an-de- rs u i,d-o- i &Uk tnviiyV otbtj.

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