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Image 6 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), December 19, 1907

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS " ' i' BiimitiJitttttflttttt ' m mm CHRISTMAS GIFTS : A CHILD'S HEAVEN. I want to go to heaven, wherem's very, very high: I want to ride around, with God, away up in the sky. I'd like to pat his reindeers, and then spank them with the whip, skip. And hear the bells go jingle when they prance and jump and a jolly noise, And then when Christmas comes around, you'll hear And God and me'll come sliding dowi. cne chimley with the toys Julian St reet in December American Magazine FOR WOMEN, MEN, GIRLS, BOYS AND CHILDREN ! ! i From the far distant land of Toys. where Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus make their home, comes the faint tinkle of mntr eioirVi hplls and a message to U1UUJ all little boys and girls to prepare for Christmas. Both Old Santa ana his good wife are very busy getting ready for the near at hand journey for everything has to be in shipshape order; the reindeer must be well groomed, the harness cleaned and oiled, the sleigh brushed up and the bells burnished bright. Old Santa is a great believer in order and neatness and he wishes all the children who write letters to him to write very plainly, for sometimes he is not able to make out just what they want, consequently when Christ mas morning comes some of the things most desired are not received. The Jeffersonian has received quite a number of letters addressed to Santa Santa Claus, and as he is a subscriber we publish them below in order that ,the kind old fellow may see what the little folks want, and n we believe, if it is possible, he will bring just what is asked for. Following are the letters: Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 7, 1907. Dear Santa: I thought I would drop you a few lines to tell you what I want you to bring me. One pair of roller skates and some oranges. From a good little boy. Leroy Omer. Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 7, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write you a few lines telling you what I want for Christmas. I want twelve Roman candles, twelve packs of shooting crackers, one box of torpedoes, one box of stooping rod caps, one picture book, one half dozen of oranges, one dozen of bananas, one pound of figs, some candy, a box of peanuts, one jump jack. Hoping I will get all of this I will close. Good Dye. Joseph F. Farley. Dec. 7, 1907. Santa Claus: D I want you To b'ring iuc a. lti gt Laip i jid a air rifle. I Think he is a good Id fellow. I want you To be sure to bring me them. Good by, old Santa Claus. From your Truley, Arburn Bruce, la, Jeffersontown, Ky., R. F. D., 15. Buechel, Ky. pair of skates. I think this is all want this Christmas so I will close my letter now. So erood-b- y Yours truly, Santa Claus Mary Bell Thorne, R. F. D., Jeffersontown, 13. Ky., Dec. 9, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: I will write you a little letter just to tell what I want for Christmas. I want a big Doll with long curlie hair, and a head that will ero to sleep. I want some oranges, candy, and nuts, and bananas, and skates and some fiers. I think that is all. I will close for this Christmas. Yours Truly, Kathryn Hite. Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 5, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: I want a wagon, rocking horse, nuts, grapes, oranges and bananas. I live in the brick on main street, close to The Jeffersonian. candv, Foree Cornell. Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 9, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: Please brine me a big doll with light hair, a little wash stand, and a fur colarette. I think I have been good' this year. I am six years old and wrote this all by myself, so feel like I can eat as many oranges, bananas, nuts and raisins as you will bring me. Don't forget a tree full of pretty things. From Aleen Hummel, R F. D. 14, box 100. St Matthews, Ky., Dec. 9, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: times I have been a little bad but if you will not forget me I will try and be good all the time next year. I would like to have a B. B. Gun, a pair of rubbers and a toy auto, but I will be satisfied with anything you bring, because I know there are plenty of children who will not get a "thing. Your little friend, Edward Hou. . - op. p. an r a oTidd want, I believe. I will close, hoping www x icao t H5oy as I, and bring all I ask. From to find these things in my stocking Earl Finley. Christmas morning. I remain your little friend, Mollte Wright. Buechel, Ky. Vi Dear Santa Claus: Dec. 7, 1907. I am a little boy nine years old. I Dear Santa Claus: want an air gun, t want a pair of ice Will you pleas and bring me a nice skates, I want a tin top, I want candy, story book and a nice Set of Furs and oranges, nuts and apples. I want a bring my little brother Georgie, a knife with a chain on it. Please come gun and a Tool box, a big rubber ball to see me and bring me all of these and lots of candy and nuts, and don't things for I am a good boy. forget mama and papa. Yours truly Maurice Finley. Emma Thomas. Dear Santa Claus: Jeffersontown, Ky. Please bring me a nice little wagon, Dear Santa Claus: a teddy bear and a rubber doll, beI thought I would write you a few cause I have been very good this year lines and tell you what I want. I want and always mind my papa. some candy, nuts and oranges. I want Louise Deibel. a rifle, and toys of some kind, and a Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 9, 1907. pair of ice skates too. And don't forClaus: get daddy. Vour little friend. Dear Santa Marshall Floore. I am a little boy 5 years old & thought I would tell you what I would 6, 1907. Buechel, Ky., likejto have you bring me. I want a Dear Santa Claus : bicicle & gun to shoot, and lots of I am a little girl ten years old. I caps & shooting crackers, & lots of want you to bring me a writing desk, candy & nutts & oranges. Please a doll bed, a post card album, and a don't forget my little sister, Claudia. nice story book, and lots of candies, She wants a ring. I remain your nuts fruit, and fireworks. Please Gilbert Bilyeu. don't forget me. I will hang up the little boy, Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 9, 1907. largest stocking I can find and go to Dear Santa Claus: bed early on Christmas eve. I am a little boy 7 years old; would Your little friend, like for you to bring me a bicicle, & Margaret R. Williams. a cap pistol, shooting crackers, lots Buechel, Ky., Dec. 6, 1907. of candy, & nuts & oranges. Don't Dear Old Santa: forget my 2 brothers, Calvin, & guy, I want you to bring me a wooden & papa and mama. I remain your wagon . a big sled to slide down hills Owen Bilyeu. y6n, a little boy, nice story book I can read to Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec 9, 1907. Amamma. And please bring me lots Dear Santa Claus: If candies, puts, fruits and fireworks I am a little girl 3 years old ana Lf all kinls. I will be a good little y name is Lora May. I have blue boy and gd to bed early. and light hair. I am the only Your little friend. nrl in the house, and I want Forrest Bryan Williams. bring lots of things. I want Dear Santa: ear, a little white kitten 1 want you to bring me a doll, a ith blue eyes and brown little bed, and a doll buggie, some s and candy. nuts and candy. Dollte Cornell. 'jOra May Riley. Louisville, Ky., Dec. 8, 1907. 'y., Dec. 9, 1907. Dear Old Santa: Wi th the greatest of pleasure I will write to you. Now Santa I am going to be a good boy until Xmas & you told us if we would be good last Aer to tell you mas. I want s. and nets, and a big i" and a Xmas you would come back again, so ' A A It will be to every Santa Claus' interest to see us. The advantages of shopping here will more than repay a visit here. A Dolls, y t Toys, Games, v i Fancy Goods A A AND A WORLD OF USEFUL AND NOVELTY ARTICLES. to come to our store, write for our Christmas bulletin; it gives valuable A information to holiday purchasers. Sent FREE upon request anywhere in the United States. bulletin please mention this paper.' A When writing for this NOTE i i i A : If inconvenient J.BAcoNasgN5 To Christmas Shoppers Buy your presents early early in the day and early in December. That wil he vour bisrtrest srtft of the holidays to the workers behind the counters and on the delivery wagons. As you have always been kind to me l will write and ten you wnat l want for Christmas. Please bring me a large doll, a teddy bear, a bracelet, and plenty of candy, nuts and oranges. now I will tell you what I would like Your loving friend, Juliet Young. to have. I want a bier express wagon, P. S. Please don't forget the marbles, some games, Billy goat, pair J. Y. Christmas tree. niireons. candv. Bannas, Oranges, Middletown, Ky. Apples, figs, grape. Now I will tell Dear Santa Claus: vnu what Hamilton wants. He wants I write you this letter that you may some picture cards, all kinds of fruit, not forget me. I am eight years old Teddy Bear, Box of blocks & tnats and have tried to be good, but some all, so good bye from South Park, Ky., Dec. 6, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: As you want all of the little girls Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy six years oi age. to write and tell you what they want want a air gun, I want a tin top, I I will tell yqu what I want. I want a ant candr, oranges, nuts and ap- - stereoscope, camera, ring and a neck I want a knife with a chain on lace. Well, old Santa that is all I . i In a Wonderful Variety at Fair Prices : - INCORPORATED Louisville, Kentucky. Market St., Near Fourth, hope you will come around to see me this Christmas, as you have always done. I want some raisins, some candy, and a doll. I will be real good so I am sure you will come. I want a little basket too, if you please, to put my candy and raisins in. Good by Jeffersontown, Ky. Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write and tell you what 1 want for Christmas. 1 want a pair of roller skates, a pair of gloves, candy, nuts, oranges bananas. Be sure and come here. Lillian Cornell. Santa for this time. Dear Santa: Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 10, 1907. me a I want you to please bring Colmon & Hamilton Robinson. wagon, and bicycle, a toy gun, a Dear Santa Claus: I live li miles from Jeffersontown. rocking horse, candy, nuts, oranges Dear Santa Claus: raisins. I Brill close. Yoars- truly;ygafs old. I go to school, ffljr I will hantr up my stocking "and gtrf Earl Tyler. teacher is Miss Ethel Mills. I want a to bed early, so please don't forget locket and book Hiawatha. Rememme. I would like for you to bring Dear Santa: set of dishes candy, oranges, a book, a Please bring me a pony and cart, a ber the boys. Good by Santa. Esma C. Bruce. Well that is all bracelet, a ring, a doll baby, a buggy, and a Teddy bear. Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 10, 1907. I can think of now. Mary Katherine a rocking horse, and be sure and Strong, Jeffersontown, Ky. bring me plenty of candy, nuts and Dear Santa Claus: oranges. I will close. Yours truly, I am a little girl 6 years old. I want Jeffersontown, Ky. you to bring me a locket, and doll and Eda Tinsley Tyler. Dear Santa: three books, Buster Brown, Jenny I will write and tell you what I Buechel, Ky., R. R., 11. Wren and Rip Van Winkel. Bring want for Xmas. I want a Bible, and Dear Santa: plenty of everything to eat, and don't some other books, and candy, and Please bring me a sleigh, some forget my sister and brothers. Good nuts and other things. Don't forget coloring pencils, nuts, oranges and bye Santa. i Mabel A. Bruce. all my friends at school,1 and don't candy. Bring me some peanuts too. Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 11, 1907. forget Prof. Burton. Bring him a From your friend, Earl Ward. Dear Santa Claus: switch for he needs it good limber Buechel, Ky., R. R. 11. As you have told all the children to sometimes. I will close for this time. Dear Santa Claus: write you a letter I will write and Your little girl, Katherine Marshall. I read your nice letter in The Jef- tell you what I want for Christmas. Jeffersontown, Ky. fersonian, and am glad I can write I want a locket and chain, a ring, a Dear Santa Claus: you what I wish for Xmas. Please pair of kid gloves, and lots of candies, I thought I would write and tell bring me a speech book, some cray- nuts, oranges, figs and lots of nice you what I want for Christmas. I ons, nuts, candy and oranges. Fill things to eat. And please don't forwant a doll, doll buggy, and a book. my stockings full, and bring me a get my mother, sister and brother I want my doll dressed in a pink number of other presents. Remem- and my little friend, Mamie Bridwell. dress and a pair of shoes. Don't for- ber mamma, papa, brothers and From your little friend, Nellie Noll. get to visit me. I will close, so good Grandma, also your friend, by. From your little friend, Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 9, 1907. Viola E. Ward. My Dear Santa Claus: Hallie R. Hunsinger. Jeffersontown, Ky., As I am a little boy only five years Smyrna, Ky. Santa: Dear old, and Christmas time is drawing Dear Santa Claus: I will write and tell you what I want near, I will write and tell you what I Will you please bring me a doll two for Christmas. I want a Teddy bear, an autowant. feet tall, with blue eyes and light a fur and muff, and a small doll bed, mobile I would like to have and some that has two seats, curly hair, candy, nuts, oranges, a a little doll, and a box of paints, and package of shooting crackers. I am a story book, and a pair nut crackers candies, nuts and some good things to I have a little girl 12 years old. I go to and a drawing slate. And bring me eat And Santa, don't forget was not a little sister, Charlotte, that Fisher Groe school. I am in the some candy, oranges, bananas, nuts, here last Xmas. You can bring her fourth grade. I have light hair and grapes, raisins. Well good by. Your a little Teddy bear and I will divide blue eyes. So I will say good by, friend, Mildred Little Marshal. my things with ,her. Your little wishing every one a merry Xmas. Ralph Brown Flood. friend, Jeffersontown, Ky. Address, Miss Edith Gray, Buechel, R. F. D., 15. Dear Santa. 161. Ky., Route, No. 10, box I will write and tell you what I Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 9, 1907. Jeffersontown, Ky. want for Christmas. I am a girl of Dear Santa: Dear Santa: twelve. I go to school every day, I am a dear little boy four (4) years I will write and tell you what I and I am in the sixth grade. I want old. I can't write very much, so want for Christmas. I want a ring, a testament, a pair of gloves, a story mother has to hold my hand while I and a pair of kid gloves, and a writing book, a sled, and some good things to Jmte. Please bring me a pop-gudesk, candy, nuts, oranges, and don't oat Please don't forsret my sisters books and some blocks, and be sure forget mamma and papa, and my and brothers. Good bye. From onefl not to forget my little sister. Your friend, Mamie Wheeler. From your of your friends. Carrie Walker. little friend, Edwin Vance Sprowl. Bilyeu. Claudia little friend, Buechel, Ky. Jeffersontown, Ky. Jeffersontown, Ky. Dear Santa Claus: Dear Santa Claus: Dear Santa Claus: I wonder if you are expecting me I will drop you a few lines and let I want some candy, nuts, oranges, to write you a letter and tell you what you know what my little brother and and a pair of gloves, and a pair of T want Christmas?- -I would like to I want this Christmas. My little overshoes, and two story books, and have a doll, and a doll buggy, and a brother, he wants a horn, a train on a a sled. Mr. Santa Claus don't forget story book. And 1 would like to have track, and I want a doll, and a doll mamma, and papa and sister. I live some candy, nuts and oranges, too and a piano, and a set of in Livingston Heights. My name is My name is Pauline Hickman. I am dishes, and candies, nuts, oranges Herbert McMahan. seven years old and in the third grade. and bananas. And don't forget papa, If you want to come and see me, you and mamma, and grandma, and sister Tucker's Station. will find me at Fern Creek. So good and little friends. Good by Santa. Dear Santa Claus: Bessie Beatrice Sturgeon. night Santa, I will look for you. Please bring 'is some nice toys and I live in Eastwood, Ky. Buechel, Ky. doll dresses. Please bring us some Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 11, 1907. apyles, oranges, candy and nuts. Dear Santa Claus: My name is Mona Dell Hickman. I Dear Santa Claus: mamma, papa, and our Do not forget me doll, a Please oher sister and brothers. We live am five years old and go to school Teddy bring and asome acandy bear, and Tucker's Station. Our names are every day. I am in the second grade, at Lena Diemer. and love my teachers very much. I oranges. I Lucy and Irvin Quessenbery. - - n, go-ca- rt, go-ca- rt, Free All retail mail orders amount- ing to $5.00 or over delivered free within a radius of 200 miles of Louisville. Jeffersontown, Ky. Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write you a few lines and tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a pair of gloves, one or two story books, a pair of roller skates, and candy, oranges, bananas and nuts. I will have to close now. From your little girl, Ethel McMahan. Dear Santa: EtaK bring m a wagnn, a cannon, and soldiers, and a box of blocvfe, and candy, nuts and fruits. Your friend, Theodore Shaw Sprowl. Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 10, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: My papa takes The Jeffersonian, and he read your letter to me and I am going to tell you right now what I want. Please bring me a nice doll that will go to sleep. Brother Paul can't write, but he said for me to tell you to bring him a horse that can run, and do please bring dear little baby brother something nice too, for he has the whooping cough and has to stay in doors all the time. Be sure to come. Your little girl. Marion Lucile May. Buechel, Ky. Dear Santa Claus: Will you please bring me a Christ mas tree and a little, well good by. Hubert L. Koehler. Jeffersontown, Ky., Dec. 10, 1907. Dear Santa Claus: I will write you a letter to tell you what I want you to bring me. A large Teddy bear, and a book, the lives of the Saints, and some candy, nuts, oranges, and don't forget my two brothers, Elmer and Harry, and my little sister, bring her a doll and what you think is right. Good bye. Bertha Brohm. Okolon a Station, Louisville, Ky. Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me candy, apples, a box of figs, a story book, a box of dates, per. nuts, oranges, bananas and a dressing case. I have been a good girl ever since last Xmas. Your little Imogene Cooper. friend, Jeffersontown, Ky. Dear Santa: 1 want a big doll that will close its eyes and two baby dolls that will close their eyes, a big bed and a lot paints and anything else you want to bring me. Your friend, Beatrice ' Grace Agee. Jeffersontown, Ky. Dear Santa: Please bring me a drum, a football and some nuts and fruit. Willard Bane Agee. Jeffersontown, Ky. Dear Santa: I want a big rag doll and a little red chair and a little rocking chair and linen story book. Your little friend, Helen Nadine Agee. Jeffersontown. Ky. Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write to let you know that I want a automobile, and a horn, and some candy, nuts and

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