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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 15, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

1I 1 t I t + to 7 + ts fc H i T 9 VOLUME DIRECTORY POSTMASTER DEPUTY m to 830 p Office hours week days 730 COURT CIRCUIT COURT Three sessions a year Third Monday in January third Monday in May and third Monday in September A Huddleston i COUNTY COURT JudgeJunius Fiwt Monday In each month Hancock County Attorney G P Smytlie A W Tarter G W Pike Assessor Surveyor W M McCubbin School SuptMrs G R Shelton CoronerC W < 1 Rowej Crrr I CoUB- TllayorCapt W W Bradshaw Judge AttorneyGordon yMarshalS C Montgomer- Strange CHURCH deadI BtJRKBSVILLB STREBT R T W C ClemeM pastor Services secondhand fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool at 9 a m every Sab ¬ bath prayermeetinff every Wednesday night METHODIST STEET Rer A R Kasey pastor 2nd and 3rd Sundays in each month Services SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 L m Prayer meeting Thursday lit ta e + r NUMBER 40 MontenegroRheim Music Co DEALERS LARGEST Chickering Decker ¬ over IN THE SOUTH Son Haines Bros Con and Ten other Great Makes Schubert ALSO Mason Hamlin and Chicago Cottage Sc ORGANS Write for Prices and Terms > ago NeitherW S Matthews nor his wife 1 >r Henrietta Mathews ever applied d for a divorce and neither was ever married l1nd fiUKXBSVlUJi J yI il PIANOSORGANS rowbone hasjustreceived a letteiifrom Henry McCarter of Greenville S C stating that Matthews had recently died at that place and making inquiries con ¬ cerning his wife and two children whom he had made the beneficiaries of his will plcCarter stated that Matthews owned several farms at his death but did not give any estimate of their value or oj the total value f the property de ¬ vised under the will Mrs Henrietta Matthews the desert- ¬ ed wife of W S Matthews and Abra ¬ ham Matthews one of their children are now living at Rocky Hill Station in Edmonton county Ky Sampson Mat- ¬ thews the other son died seve al years 4 PRESBYTERIAN i iii AUGUST J5 1906 Nothing could be learned of his where ¬ ¬ Jailer It1j J << L Twentysix years ago William S 1 a tI1C a young man who lived at Marrowbone this county mysteriously disappeared from his home leaving a young wife and two small children ¬ ClerkT R Stult ef 1 The following story comes from Cloyds Landing Cumberland County lessI D a WEDNESDAY t DIES IN SOUTH CAROLINA Dr A L Whitfield of Flemings Kills burg will have charge of the Male2and Hubert Pursley Shoots and Female High School and himself and j 3 A Mccan family will arrive in Columbia hi a few days at which time active prepa ¬ rations will begin for the opening of SENTIMENT AGAINST THE MURDERER the school the first Monday in Septem ¬ ber He will be assisted by Miss Mar ¬ Friday night about 8 oclock garet Taylor who gave such general Last Edmonton was the scene of murder satisfaction in the primary department gathered over the last year Prof Ohlenmacher will have The particulars phone are about as follows charge of the music department He J A McCandless and Hubert Pur ¬ needs no endorsement from us his sley were brothersinlaw and several work speaking for itself weeks ago they had some trouble and Prof Whitfield is a scholarly gentle it was generally expected that the bit man and has had many years experi- ¬ terness existing between the two men ence in the school room As a discipli ¬ would result seriously though McCand ¬ narian he is unsurpassed and is very less wanted no further trouble He much in love with his profession Friday evening at the hour above is also a minister and will preach for named McCandless and several other the Presbyterian Church until the min were standing on the corner of the first of January He says that he can square talking Pursley came up and not do justice to both the school and I under- ¬ the church but is willing to fill the pul ¬ remarked to McCandless stand you have said you intended to pit until a regular pastor can be se ¬ Notwithstanding the accu cured Everybody who met Dr Whit kill me ation was denied Pursley drew his re ¬ field here last weekwas well pleased volver and fired killing McCandless with his address and the ideas he ad ¬ instantly Immediately after the shoot ¬ vanced in conducting an institution of ing the murderer took to the woods and learning Remember the F at this writing he has not been appre- ¬ High School will open the first Monday hended The sentiment is strong against in September Pursley and every effort will be made The many friends of Mr Dave Allen to bring him to justice McCanaless county will be was a brother to the man who killed who residesin Lincoln Judge Geo R Price two years ago sorry to learn that he was seriously hurt a few days ago and disfigured for and by trade was a barber Since writing the above we learn that life He purchased a bull from Mr ¬ Pursley has surrendered and will prove John Baugh his neighbor who deliver that the dead man threatened to kill him ed it in company with another man Mr Allen paid the price and the men on sight got into a dispute over dividing the HANCOCK ASSAULTED MISS LIZZIE money Mr Allen was asked to make the division but he told them to settle At this Baugh became The Green river section of this coup it themselves up in arms over an outrage that infuriated knocked Mr Allen down and ty is was perpetrated by a negro man at the bit off his nose Mr Alleirwas carried fS home of ltIiBenFTupman last Sat ¬ to Louisville for surgical attention 4yRUSSELL Circuit JudgeH C Baker Commonwealths Attorney A Sheriff W B Patteson Circuit ClerkJ F Neat ANNOUNCEMENT KILLING AT EDMONTON 0 POST OFFICE lttntJ J r f0HJ1 COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KEN UCJQ > 4 b a1l t Monte roRheim Mvsic Co Kentucky Louisviviile I jc < f You Can Go to School again an Entire Year For A freak of nature out of the ordinary occurred in this town last Saturday night Squire John Eubank who is pastor GRKKNSBURG STREET seventysix years old retired to his re-¬ First and third Sundays in each month Sunday We can take fifty more Boys and Girls at these figures School every Sabbath at 9 L m Prayermeeting pose his head perfectly white Mr Wednesday night Eubank has his third wife and several CHRISTIANCyoung children Every morning the AMPBELLSVILLE PIKE Eld ZT Williams pas- ¬ little ones go to the Squires bed and Sundays in tor Services second and Fourth each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 jolly him before he gets up Sunday turn rermeeting Wednesday night morning they were surprised and alarm ¬ R Payne Bus Mgr 0 Write at once ed upon discovering that their fathers LODGE hair had turned dark They called Columbia Kentucky their mother who also became fright ¬ MASONIC ened knowing that the change was re- ¬ COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A Ml Reenlar over bank on Friday night meeting in their hall markable and also knowing that there on or before the full moon in each month What manner of man is it that will urday Mr Tupman and his wife were I > PRIMARY OFFICERS OF ELECTIONwas nohair coloring on the premises Gordon Montgomery W M WILL BE SEEN AT THE FAIR r j blow himself up like a toy balloon and from homenoone on the place E G Atkins Secretary absent The Squire was on the square Monday but Miss Lizzie Hancock a lady be ¬ morning with dark hair stating that The following are the officers of th COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M No 7 meets Friday tween thirtyfiye and forty years of It is not often that a cow gets up he used no coloring and could not ac- ¬ SAM LEWIS H P night after full moon Republican primary to be held nex age and she was in the cookroom A about the 2000 pound notch across over count for the change very little man about sush a creaHorace Jeffries Secretary Saturday here in the beargrass and for the fact ture The good sound common sense COLMBIA COUNCIL U D meets grid Fri East ColumbiaBen F Burton Win New Elocutionist for LindsaYWilsonthat he has would all go in a thimble and approached the house enter ¬ that Flowers Bros of Bliss have one of identify night after full moon in each month this reputation we give it public com- ¬ The Elocution Department of the Richards Judges L S Flanagan Clerk there would still be room E G ATKINS T L Moed the kitchen and assaulted her then at the top T R STULTS RECORDER Mystic Gfiief is a male ShrlrtI LindsayWilson Training School under S G Neat Sheriff He is egotistic of his own little weak ac ¬ made his escape into the woods Miss ment West Columbia Geo W Staples complishments Hancockgave an alarm and as quickly horn and a rich roan weighing about the able management of Miss Duncan and as a rule he has to do M C Winfrey Judges U L Taylor INSURANCE CO CITIZENS LIFE has attained a high degree of excel ¬ his own blowing or else none is done as a squad of men could get together 1850 pounds He is one of the Clerk ML Mitchell because other people do not think what they started on a hunt for the perpetra- ¬ types of this famous strain ever to enter lenceShe taught what is known as KY LOUISVILLE Calhoun 3 B Kelt Milltown the show ring Mystic Chief was sired the Natural Method and her pupils he does worthy of notice or mention It tor of the foul deed Up tothe time by Mystic Archer seaSon alone costing are especially distinguished by the ab- ¬ ner JudgesrThos Hughes Sheriff W is truly disgusting to people with good we go to press no arrest has been 75 Mystic Archer was imported from sence of that affectation which isso S Hindman clerk taste and manners to always hear some made but it is believed that the fiend KeltnerJ A Keltner Jack Coffey fellow trying to win favor by telling what representing the above named company in I am Scotland by A B Walsford d Auburn shocking to good taste will be caught Miss Hancock says he Adair and adjoining counties It is one of the Judges Porter Price Clerk T B Ind > at cost of 6000 We understand The new teacher Miss Grace Meek he can do in this or that trade avocation best companies doing business and has written was armed with a revolver and placing that Flowers Bros have a five months of the University of Chicago is an en ¬ Finn Sheriff or calling he would have it appear to you an immense lot of insurancesince its organiza it against her head said that if she re ¬ Gradyville John Moore Joel Moore old male calf by Mystic Chief and en ¬ thusiastic teacher of this same system that there is not another person in town tion It is a home company and home people sisted or made any noise he would kill Judges Elbert Nell Clerk Clarence should place their business with it Fnr fur- ¬ her that can accomplish what he can but he hoped that justice will over ¬ titled to register thats a chip from and will doubtless carry the work to It is ther information see the old Block so if any locality is in stillgreater perfection She is a grad ¬ Hindman Sheriff is mistaken from the fact that there are take the guilty party ElroyJ B Gannon M F Frogue ¬ Since writing the above we learn that need of a good young bull this one should uate of the Columbia School of Express Judges W F Coomer Clerk Joh be seen at the fair and secured Ion and at present is doing advanced of the mechanicalorna ¬ Miss Hancock is in a very critical con Ii GOFF Sheriff work in English at the University as a Stilts tural world to this diminutive mentally GRADYS PEACOCKS dition her reason almost dethroned Glenville Dave Willin SamSandus person who is his own estimation knows means of better preparation for her She is a very frail woman her friends ky Judges J W Marshall Clerk it all Why does any man or woman wish fearing that she will not recover from W L Grady with eleven head of fine work As sbe is skilled in the use of I Melvin Blair Sheriff AND to make themselves so conspicuous be ¬ the horrible ordeal There is but one show horseshas been at the Fair Grounds Indian clubs dumbbells etc her White Oak C C Gentry Hindman fore the people by such abnormal flights remedy for such a crime and doubtless for several days training up for next classes in Physical Culture will be full H J Conover Warmack Judges of fancy because it cannot be other than W N Brlnton Son that will be resorted to should tHe negro weeks exhibition Of this nice string of interest and benefit to the girls Clerk Wm J Roy Sheriff to the detriment of those guilty of such The position of Primary teacher in be caught It seems that nothing can eight are Peacocks and six of these were Little Cake Sam Logan Williamss F MLbe brought to bear to deter negro bru- ¬ sired by his famous model and saddle the LindsayWilson Training School T J Holms Judges J T White for the year beginning September 4th tes They are hung and burned by stallion Jordan Peacock With the or Night Lnnciatall Hours A private picnic was given by quite a Clerk Matthew Burton Sheriff EDo mobs but the crime of outraging wo ¬ beautiful roadster stallion Beau Belles will be filled by Miss Mattie Randolph PelytoniNewton Roberts J e- number of the younger set last Thurs o oR men goes on owned by Mr C R Coleman who is who is a graduate of Logan College RIch Judges Fry Coffey Clerk Ji M day the place of gathering being The trade of Adair and adjoiLing managing this year for Mr Grady this The President of that institution bearslf l Todd s Cave A wagon bed was loaded couuties solicited Perryman Sheriff NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS lot includes seven harness and saddle lnqualified testimony to her gpodf schol Wolford W to its fullest capacity with children Caseys CreekWC LEBANON KENTUCKY Iwill this week begin to wind up for stallions all of show ring reputation arship Christian character tact and I H C Monday Judges S K Humph ¬ and a merrier set never went out of all taxes unpaid for the year 1906 This alone will be a feature of attrac ¬ energy These qualifications will doubt- ¬ town They reached the place of des ¬ rey Clerk Steve Knifley Sheriff have advertised and filled appoint ¬ tion to the Fair I less enable her to uphold and even B Hendrickson Jo tination in due time and after partak ¬ Cane ValleyG GREEN RIVER FARM FOR SALE ments in each magisterial District of the broaden the reputation already gained Scott Judges Sol McFarland Clerk ing of a most delicious repast the cav ¬ The Columbia Fair Association has in County as required bylaw and will now that department of theL W T S ern was entered and its mysteries ex ¬ Elijah Hancock Sheriff decided to give ten dollars to any white 1 mile south of Little Cake call on you for the last time without a farm A J plored The happy throng was chapa Teh dollars is offered by the ColumZach Darnell Harmony levy No person is to be passed this couple who will take the marriage i i on Green river containing 304 acres 1 vows in front of the Grand Stand on bia Fair for tHe marriage of any white Green Judges Finis Harvey Clerk roved by Mrlva djMrs J C Garvey time with a promise mile from church and school Good of Louisville and Miss Sallie Damron couple in front of the grand stand be¬ John Young Sheriff This is a matter of business and I pro- either of its days between the hours J buildings of all kinds 2 good orchards I thV hours of 1 and 2 P of 1 and 2 P M If you mean to join tween pose to treat it as such Everything is a desirable home Has ample and your minds are 4 Dont squarider your money by help ism readiness for the Any person taking this as a joke can m wedlock this is a rare opportunity to either of its days If timber for keeping pthe farm and q made up to erite matrimony inf the ing toP ay the salary and traveling ex Monticello Fair which will begin Sep judge about that when called upon the capitalize the beginning t pedses of sewing inac ae agents and tembeMl and will continue four days X440 of merchantable timber standing rear future this is your opportunity ime fnexYt 11 wills be itiofetthbrougliBriedi l rf There There are 48 acres of bottom land then get an inferiormachlne but come othing illbe left undone and rei fine Wl BPATTESON S A C Every thing indicates a splendid fair to us and buy a standard the horses and better races than has ever exhibit of stock ii assured Monticello worth more than I ask for the en Aug ff tr Wm This is your chance been on the Columbia track before If t year Already eyersl horaeare sewinC rfcacnnfe Amade f r T 25A tire refailSlto entertain Our s > t ha e dive the manafetnenir if you want a good home and profitable FOR SALE A limited quantity of yon enjoy fast racing theglbe trithe pn v i grounds and the assurja a > of We have other Sood machine UA CR 15and12o RusailLL A dS 39 ff inentary tickets N1 fair every day y vVVrrHT t many mf M coming1 V farm W L RlGNEYPurtfyKyJ26i4m feed rye 1 tf r Hi h l IS C ll t l 3 nightBAPTIST 85 Lindsay Wilson Training School toChas ist hise canday I fist JC Sheriffr ¬ farsupern Agent J Restaurant Hotel = Proprietors r 4MY i I ti r ° + < 61906t i 4 i to i art lI1JiJJtJt it I HH s + 1 ° e rr r t Bhr 1 ft ji J j ir ri wrl J Ia n i < < rj fr F1 i S T t r Ji S s 41 > 9 j i a f I 1 rJ i 1 7 f- v > srcksdF 0 i p at12 b9tl r x r A rz a vv xc- e r 4 tr r y 4 rim 1 M N ° r rt 4 i 1z mss I 1- c R r 0Lt > y xf f a aiiiji4jt iF vv Vr ° rr- il a r + I t lull 7 I YT i r Iyr7 f

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