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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 17, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

7 SPECIAL FAIR NUMBER Jeffe RSON IAN The TWELVE PAGES twelve pages DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY , c ' 19l"l. Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, August 17, ' xT" o at Every Thursday $1.00 Per Year THE JEFFERSON COUNTY FAIR . i i i i .. " ... . . AUG. 16 17 18 19 BRYAN WILLIAMS. President. VIEW OF JEFFERSON COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS. E. B. BERRY, fr...:..:..;..:.;;K' Eleventh Annual Fair of Jefferson County Fair opened yesterday with greater prospects for a successful exhibition than were ever known in the history of the company. Tne first day ot the lair was taken up in m iking entries and in getting everything in readiness lor tne big day opening on the second day- The a Imissioa fee is 33c tot odalis and loc for chiidi en At an early hour this morning people fiom Louisville and all over Jefferson and adjoining counties began to arrive in large uumbeis. The fair company in its announcement promised the- best fair ever given, and fiom ali indication at this time it ap not. be dispears t hassle is plenty or goou appoiuttlfe There of shade and w ater tocflfck, plenty everything to make you have a good time. there is noliiiug mai win bring the citizeus of the county closer together than a Count) fair, where the people may gather from far and near, eat and drink together, 'swap yarns,'" witness last races, examine line stock, etc., and become belter acquainted. All hatred ol one community against another disappears at the Jefferson County Fair, and the people go home with a renewed determination to unite upou all questions for the good of the whole count- PUBLIC THE Hay Aid CDnsidorably in the Building of Advice of Uncle Rube. Good Roads There is a constant clamor from the pub'ic for good roads, ami every roads.'" At where we hear ol public gathconventions and at rnot erings, some one is' down tor a speech I woudei how on "good roads. many folKs who travel the splendid roads we have now realize just how thev are made. The county judge can teli you how much money was appropi iated, youi magistrate can tell vou where the work is being done, but oni tne contractor and roller man knows just what it means to make a good road. Of course, the workmen employed know, to a certain extent, hut when tiie work is done and they receive tbeir pay they are doue, while the contractor and roller man are responsible for the finished work, so that when the inspector comes he may pronounce the work O. K. We certainly have a wise and good judge. He has a stall of magistrates equal to the best, and the contractors all know their business perfectly, but those who are always crying for good roads are the very ones who make ythe trouble. The road bed la graded, Thursday, Aug. 17. the coarse rock is put on. then finer screenings, and then the On this day there will be over 100 rocks, or It is positively in premium awarded in the stock trouble begins. necessary after these screenings are show rings. The features are a prize for the best mare or griding put ou. and sprinkled and rolled, to of not have any driving over them until under four years oldbest rider or they get dry and hard. But no one seems to realize this. They the public) seem to think some one is trying to make them do something and they will not be made. I am told they have moie trouble with automobile than MftbtBf else. I gue th drivel think becaue the the air Mft it won't hurt the ro.ui, but it dor, and then the pom udlei BM u hi woik to do BVfl Oun't brill r the people would' lrv ifMliml whul Mil Double l they wrrv dolnti. M4 o loU Httta .article is Just to put hug In tlM mi rs f the public If Vou want 004 on Me help to unke them bv driving tide while thev are being mark and am sure there will be no one BON greatful than the COBtflCtuf and DttOLi HUMte roller man. . - - 1 H I m I Attack Like Tigers. In fighting to keep the blood pure corpuscles attack disease the white But often germs germB like tigers. multiply o fast the little fighters Then see pimples, are overcome eczema, saltrheum and sores boils, multiply and strength and appetite fail. This condition demands Electric Bitters to regulate stomach, liver and kidneys and to expel poisons from the blood. "They are the best blood purifier," writes C, T. Budahn, of Tracy, Calif., "I have ever found." Thev make rich, red blood, strong nerves and build up your health. Try them. 50c at all druggists. J. H. ALDER80N, Vice-I'resi- d nt this day. Entries must be made by but in full view of the public, 12 o'clock in order to compete. must be shown in pairs. Bryan Williams is the superintendent, and J. H. Alderson, E. A. Low and Farm Products. Jones, committee on judges. Fayette Risinger, superintendent, Mote Williams is ring master. and Chas. Hunsinger and Frank Williams, committee on judges. Friday. Aug. 18. Nearly ttOO is to be given in this This is Louisville Day and the city line to Jefferson county growers only. is expected to turn out hi large num-bei- For best display of farm products The goud people of our fair the premiums ate $25 first; $10 second metropolis never fail to appreciate and $5 third; best display field corn, this compliment to them, and you $10 first and $5 second. may look for all your "city cousins" Garden Products. at the fairgrounds on this day. About $150 in premius are offered About $10 in premiums are to be for the best suckling mules, best given for nest garden products in best saddle and harness horses, Jelfersou county only. John Hart-maroadsters, fastest pacers, mules, etc barl Farmer and Jesse Brown The pacing race will probably at- are superintendents and A. V. Thomtract the greatest attention, as 120 is son and Henry Deibel, committee on offered to the first, S10 to the second, 'judges. For best general collection The race and $5 to the third horse. 'of vegetab es the premiums are $20 is to be run three times around the to first and $lo to second;-tbe grown track and is for the best 2 and 3 heats by the exhibitor. t general colA race of mares and geldings, any lection owned and collected by one age, trot or pace, is a special uy Wm. exhibitor, sweepstakes, $2u to first E. Meyers & Co., real estate dealers, and $10 to second. and also promises an exciting time. a First and second premiums are $15 Melons. Plums, Etc. arvey-Bates, and $10. superintendent; Henry Deibel Saturday, Aug. 19. aud A. V. Thomson, committee on Bardstown Road Day-I- t judges. Over $50 is to be distributed This A might have been better if the among Jefferson county growers. $15 first premium is. to go for the Company had changed this to "'Cenof ten varieties of tral Lincoln Road" Day, but since it best collection 7.50 to second. to take it as it is. watermelons: did not, we have and Or-It Is the last day of the fair and Affi.ks. Edward Whistler W i vers, super intern lent s:Dr. in. lie:St will be the best of all. The past exand David Kyser, committee hibitions of the fair have demonstrat- Farmer About $."iO is to be given ed the fact that the people who at- on judges. For to Jefferson county growers. tended this fair on the first three away on the last beat 20 vaiielies $10 tlrst: $3 second. days just cau't stay J. U. Berry is superintendent lor day aud it is always a success. the peach exhibit: Ben wniiams, for A feature on this day is the ' GenWilliams tleman Jockey" race, which always pears, and Misses Margaret and Nell Singleton for grapes. Lib furnishes great pleasure to the crowd. It is charged by some that eral premiums a:e offered lor count! Charlie Scaggan and Lon Junes are exhibits. professional ov thi time, tin y have Housfhnld Prndurts. ridden so often, and w in be barred. s. n, Bi-s- -H- v i but we shall fctife to wall Tluic are three premiums. $,.') and The pi ciiiiuiii lot bril laddie anil hiii lies stallion In scivlfc me l lie same lot line! iMo V. timl In st mate oi gelding, ex. rpl Mild :i ol $2 goes to I he Dial will also be Ini lugs third. Tin tel i sting, as some of I he lines! hone lithe state Bie expected to show Anothei mule race will take place on this .lay flOto Bftl $" to secomi. $ and N to tlrf d. The last and bet race Is a free trot or pace, two tlnn s around, for which $20 will be glw n to the first. $10 second and $5 third. $10 judges. third: best girl rider under sixteen offered for best special by Janus Greene $20 lady's for desk to first and $10 book case to anv age and any second: best gentleman rider. $5 to must be shown to S.'l first and $2 and 1 to second and third respectively. A mule race will also take place on this day, and it goes without saving that this will attract Wide atteutlou. Jos. Selllgman, of Louisville, will give 2 50 for the best pony aud rider. Louisville Times 10c a week. This will also be very interesting. The There are a number of other rings on Prompt delivery. Welford Alcock. History Misf Lizzie Hawes ami Flora superintendents; P, Mil- CREAMERY the Fair Company. iucoi-porato- rs u . - Hon. L. C. Owings, Henry Deibel, E. A. Low, A. V. Thomson, George Schuster, J ake Greenberg, Lou Jones, J L. Siincoe, Unas. Huusiuger, S Edw. Vogt, Dr. H. P. Stivers, Frank M. Williams and C. W. Seitz. The lair grounds of the company are situated miles from Louisville, Ky., and i mile from the Central Lincoln Road and equal distance from the electric line. Bardstowu Road, one of tne best pikes (buile by It is Hoke Co.), leads to the gates. the prettiest, coolest and shadiest fair grounds in the State. Tnrec fine wells furnish all water needed. There is a large grandstand from which to view the stock and the races: a commodious shed, screened in. where .displays of farm, garden, fruit and flowers are exhibited, and a ladies' oavilion for needle work, household and art; stables for stock: dining hall, and closed booths for refreshments. The Company has as Special Premiums bv Seedsmen. .ri11tli:rf i tirst-clas- this section will patronize the Jeffer- sontown Creamery. Tnis creamery has made a success in the past and there is no reason why, under the management of the Messrs. Tyler, that it should not continue to do so. This part of Jefferson is as prosperous as any other section of the c oun-tv- , aud if every citizen here gives his or ner patronage to ali our home institutions you will see wonderful results aud all will benefit thereby, Road--Mar- Work is Being Dons. i Duroc-Jerseys,.a- There is nothing that is needed more iu this part of Jefferson county s creamery, and it is than a hoped that farmers from ail over Is Great Along Central Lincoln M Berkshlres, Southern Seed Company offers MB best boar or sow, for best display of farm and garden breed. Pedigrees prodacts grown from their seeds. obtain entrance. The Jefferson County I'roduce Exchange offers $o0 in pieiylums for Poultry. products grown from seeds from any A. A. Koehler, superintendent: J. seed house in the Ubtted States, as follows: Qett display vegetables, 25: L. SinKoe and J. Gretnberg, commitare best display farm products, $25. tee on judges. Sixteen dollars Wood & Stubbs Co. offers a $20 offered lu the poultry exhibits and requested to coop birds premium lor best display of product owners are so as not to cramp them in the coops, grown from their seeds. ceive. The new company is now receiving milk daiiy and the creamery is running iu full blast, with gre at prospects of success. IMPROVEMENT - WHIIhwi ad Dr. H r suv. is, corumltti e oh Nearly ttoo to be gi yea udgeii la premiums on til kimi of ctoncd full I, fakes, l I plCkleOt f td I. oil' Louisville, livllll Dill v Supply ' offers a i" lal pteniluot oi $" toi beal t wo pounds ol butter. Needlework, ttxhtbtl a, win bo snpei inti iidnl by Misses Florence PlersOU and Ltsita Culley. and Exhibit I!, by Misses Alible Uisittger and Isabella Maple. Over lllty dollars in premium are offered. Hpecial Art Department will be presided nvei by MissStella McKc.alg, Flowassisted bv Hugh Summers. by Miss Georgia Bush, assisted ers by tti A. Brown. lei of Jefferson County Fair Company was organized ana iacorDorated Tne incorporators were VV. Now iu lyoo is Good Hands and Success U Assured fc)r. H. P. Stivers. Frank iVl. P. Hays, Chas D. Tyler Proprietor. Williams and E. B. Berry. F. M. Vv. V imams was eiecueu r'rcsiuent: F.Hays, V.fies.;ur. Stiveis, Sec; Tne E. B. berry, i'reasuicr. The Jeffersontown Creamery has dlleU a meetlug aud six recently changed h.nds, going into more men Were taken iu tne Company Au eleC-uo- the possession of Chas. L). Tyler, of aud tUe stock OouK Closed. Larry Tyler, son of was again beld and Bryan Wil- Jeffersontown liams was elected pi esideut, (and has Chas- D Tyler, will have charge of every year sincej; J. been U. Taggait, V. Cres.; Dr. ti f the butter making, and with his exB. Berry, Treas. perience in this line you may expect Stivers, Sec.; E. the best results. Directors: John Williams, W. Frank Williams, David Kyser, The Messrs. Tyler have asked The Ben. J. Williams and Dr. wm. Farm- Jeffersonian to announce that they compauy er. After five years the was increased to twenty stockholders. will give correct weight, an honest Death entered the compauy and test, and that all bills will be paid claimed four of the memoers. The promptly. Prices on butter fat will company is now composed oi the fol- be made on the first of each month lowing: Bryan Williams, Pres ; J. H. Alderson, V. Pres ; E. B Berry, Sec : for the month, that customers may Directors: know just how much they will re- Louis Diemer, Treas. The. Lon Hogs. noes to the Hist: 15 second, and $2 third: same for best Willis McDaniel will be superinmare or gelding over tour years old: tendent for these rings: J Greenberg fastest trot, best 2 ip 3, three times and J. Li Simcoe committee oil around, $15 to the first: $7 second, and There are liberal premiums driver of which They Secretary. LOUIS Di KM ER. Treasurer. fine displays of fruit, farm and garden products as can be seen anywhere in the State. The exhibits at this fair of fruit and garden won the premium at the State Fair last year. Through the generosity of the Fiscal Court the Fair Company is enabled to offer premiums on farm, fruit and garden, to be contended for by the county only. people of Jefferson This fair has been the caose of the advance of land in this vicinity, and Is the means of encouraging people to grow better crops and should be and patronized by all citizens: it is run for the public good nd is liberally patronized by our best citizens who appreciate a good thing, and therefore the fair company has been successful and has proven that a good fair is a benefit to the surrounding country. well-thinkin- fair-minde- d g Dirt will continue to lly on the Central Lincoln Way. Engineer S. F. Crecellus ha charge of the work between Liiuisx llle and Buffalo. Speaking lor hi t retch of road the the work already done has Improved the iilnhwuy loo per COOt, In Jefferson county the road has been ditched and much of the hardest labor has been completed. There will be a little more grading and some culverts to build. Louisville is sending culvert pipe all along the line to Buffalo. Mr. Crecellus has expressed the opinion that it will be two weeks before the work Is completed in all of the couuties. Nelson county, it seems, has more money to spend than the other counties, and an unusually elaborate job is being done. In that county the wora is being This week a condone by contract. crete bridge will be constructed over Landing Run in Nelson county, and one will be built in Larue county. The Louisville Times. You miss many good news items and feature articles if you don't read Only 10c a trie Louisville Times. week. Prompt delivery. Cumb. phone fine 36-- 3. Wblford Alcock, Agent.

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