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Image 2 of The Breckenridge news, November 29, 1905

Part of The Breckenridge news

i t ri New hf j that rreatea tti impression or ncign for when the sepulchers of the kings Accent on the Operatic Singe No Englishman with daughters could I were violated by the convention nnd do a rasher thing than permit them to WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 29 1005 hits body was dragged out of his comn take Ilessons from eminent professor it was measured and found a trifle oer with a view of going on the stage The The Perfect Jun C feet 0 Inches opera stage In England scarcely ex A perfect pun makes good souse botll lets At Covent Garden a woman who ways the edges melt with a click like A Fortune In III lfg can speak good English eau only Kt the blade of a sharp pair of shear During the reign of Queen Elizabet in by force of social influence tlllll Sometimes the very thoughts fit tight an English gentleman of wealth named abroad a foreigner has very great dlf Jogelher In antagonistic Identity as Corbel of a distinguished family nenr fictilty because she cannot speak or W lieu I the man said of the telUpru lice Shrewsbury bet that his leg was the slug with a perfect accent The forxxhorter that he would be a good fel handsomest in the country or kingdom eign lady or gentleman comes across I loinml he would only let drink alone or and staked estates worth 80000 ohere and on occasion will venture to Disraeli If it was he wrote to the subject He won the wager IInd sing in English and their mistake when tLE youth who lint sent him a first a picture I still preserved in the fun is bring nothing more than a smile to tin uovel l thnnk you very iniieh I shal lly mansion representing the proccs faces of the audience But let an 1 lIg lose u Itime In reading it or as whei of measuring the legs of the different dish singer go to France or Germany a num seeing n poor piece of carpet contestants and something totally different hapcoop looks u The Breckenridge t trv siil That chicken If sun ic man lint made It himself Ex qillsiic perverse lileralnoss of thought Awl till saute absolute punning the Tory 11111 destruction of a proposition was tin old death thrust nt a poor poo L y the friend who snliV His poetry will be read when Shakespeare anil It was u fim Homer are forgotten blade of speech until some crude fellow Heine I think hnrpened It to a wire edge by adding a banality thai and not till then A dulled Its perfection edged double mlerJ Mary in Atlantic Iteninrknhle Iunnr Hnlnliovr I recall many lunar rainbows during the half century since I was an observ 4tut boy and if memory serves me out double lunar rainbow Hilt the most perfect of these bows that I recall 1 saw on Ihe edge of Darlington So C a road lending north with ex holds Mist and west hence my tensive opportunity The tall moon hind just risen above till tops of the distant poetic and the how in the west was perfect The ripen of the bow was ma aerially less than the SpOil of a sun rainbow but Its depth or thickness was proiHMtlonutely much greater The rainbow colors were distinct but plllu if the arch were built of trace motif rofpenrl and they changed and fntloed lost rapidly titan the sun rainbows haTe seen Whan in camp on Johns Island SSoiith Carolina I saw a brilliant sun rainbow with one foot of the arch so sitar we could stand on it or piss be dUll and in front of it but we did not dig for goldJlacoa Cor Scientific 1 was In 1 I i I s Aiuudcuii AilNoils Ira aunt Hitch nl It Is u fact that Nelsons famous sig nal to the fleet at Trafalgar was In Its original form England confides not expects that every ruin will do his duty This Is the story us given by <3aptnln Iasco Nelsons Hag lieutenant flit the Victory His lordship carne to me on the ipimp sin after ordering cer tall slcnaU to be made about n quar I ter to noon he said Mr Iasco I wish to say to the fleet England confides that every man will do his duty And he added You must be quick for i 1 have one more to make which is fur I replied If your lordclose action ship will permit me to substitute for confides the signal will soon bo completed because the word orjCls Is in the vocabulary where < is His confides muni be spelled lordship replied In haste and with seeming satisfHction That will do And the Iasco make It directly famous signal was < + x poet muttoitdoit Chronicle 0 There tne n lilinlt All Irishman one day went into the abop of a barber to get shaved After being properly seated and the lather about half applied the barber was > where he The barber hud In tin shop as a pett a monkey which wan continually Imitating its master As soon as the latter left Itin room tin monkey grabbed the brush awl proieeiled I to Hnish lathering the Irishmans fart After doing ids lit took a raxor from Us case 11111 strop ped it and then turned to the Irishman to shave him Ye eau tuck ti top shut mi id Pat the towel in me neck and put the soup Ou cwt face but begorrah yer fathers Cot to thane me CHlleil to an adjoining room was detained for some tulle I Iltl tirntM 111111 SlIr Louis the threat had even andI toler tibly regular features without any I strongly marked characteristics Py all fits contemporaries lu is spoken of us a tall man Inn he had It way of raising tola head suniioiiiiicd by the monstrous wore mil Hi swelling his chest Not pens lneunrnglug sold the persistent suitor It I would go to the ends of the earth for you First replied the Boston girl you would have to prove to me that tItI earth realty has ends and that yoi know Is quite impossible Phlladel phlu Press But 1 I were to prove to you that Virtue Virtue Is more to man than elthe water or tire I have seen men dlt from treading on water and tire hut I have never seen a tuna die from reading the course of virtue Con fuel us Concerning Shop Customer I notice some shoes In the window that you have labeled Tent perance Shoes What kind of shoes ite they Denier They are warrantee rot to be tight In Time of Peace In the first month of tho Russian Japan war we had a striking exampl of tho necessity of preparation and the early advantage of those who so to ppeak have shingled their roofs in dry weather The virtue of prepara has made history and given to us tion our greatest men The individual as well U8 the nation should be prepares for any t inergecryl1 Are you piepare to successfully combat the first cols you take A cold can bo oured mute morf quickly when tieated as soon as it hits been contracted and before it has become settled in the system Chamber Iains Cough Remedy is famous for ita < > for colds and it should be keep For at hand ready for instant ase Haynes Cloverport sale by Short climes A Tleniiprntt CHIP Walk O NightsDoctor what Is a Doe simple remedy for sleeplessness the person count till he falls nslwp Walk 0 XightsH cant count Its the baby torIet I lbp honor wo receive of those who tour null stand In nw of us IH no tr e > I norylouts gar Sun Lost Mother runs in our family and through it 1 lost my mother II writs E B Reid ot Harmony Me For the past five yours however or the slightest sign of n Cough or Cold I have taken Dr Kings Now Discov ery for Consumption Which has saved me from serious lung trouble His mothers death way a sad loss for Mr Reid but hu Warned that lung trouble must not be neglected and how to Quickest relief and cure for cUlt it soughs and colds Price OOc and 100 i guaranteed ut Short tit Haynes drug store Trial bottle fre Consuuiution AllllliHl llnvlllli I lie Unit Teeth i Tin Hiiimal I having tin most teeth Is the great armadillo oriouulb Central and northern South America It is n fact well known to most people that the normal or average number of teeth is thirtytwosixteen in nmiutunls ahHe and the saute number below The great armadillo however is an ex 111 till II having from UJ to H > He has I from twentyfour to twentysix in each tide of the upper Jaw and train twenty two to ttwentyfour In mach side of the lower jaw Another peculiarity tins in tlie fact that they are all molars or grinders They increase iu size from front to bark instead of from the tout dud are wholly destitute of enamel I > Jury SultliliiK Mexico his an ingenious plum for far Lilitatiiig verdicts in jury trials Two uperniinieriiry Jurors are drawn sit near the Jury box and listen to the Mldence and urgumeifts If any of the I egular jury falls 111 or Is otherwise lisquallried from going on one of the to- REAL THIS Louisville Ky June la 1001 i 1 T I I 1 1 i 1h I J h j 1 JOYS OF MATERNITYWOMANS A BEST HOPES WED We about REALIZED LAIt wetc Mrs Potts Tells How Women Should Prepare for Motherhood arillll1 4IfI lea td- 13c The darkest days of husband and wife are when they come to loop for ward to childless and lonely old ago IOml hawb Many a wife has found herself inca pable of motherhood owing to a dis placement of the womb or lack oj strength in the generative organsJ wno 1cal than tlIel caull Inug this ccr joy lSj Ci 1 1rlass > I > 1 > 1 made still more progress At ninety I III Tamaguo stung at Monte Cur shall penetrate the mystery of things lo before an audience which was main At a hundred I shall certainly lIao ly French He mispronounced a word reached a marvelous stage nod when I and a peal of derisive laughter coveret am 110 everything I do be it but a lin even his stentorian notes In Briissel or dot will be alive I beg those who I heard an American tenor laughed lit live us long as I do to see If I do uot because some of his vowels were not keep my word llokusal died in 1811 where their ut the age of eightynine quite pure Brussels French is the most villainous patois 1 have ever heard In Germany I haw Why ItoMNliil Wept heard both French and English trust When Meyerbeer died his son cow laughed at because their accent wit posed a funeral march which remem not absolutely correct London Satur bered his dead father Full of emo day Review lion the young man took It to Rossini Play it maestro he pleaded play Ilunnliiit Discipline It I wrote It in expression of my grief General DragomirotT the Russlai and mourning for my dead father military expert rose from the ranks Rossini tool It up placed it on his and always dressed according to the piano and played it Tears rolled down army regulations for the common sol- his checks Utter sadness dwelt upon dier One day while driving about St his countenance Petersburg Iu his carriage he notice You weep cried young Meyerbeer a soldier with hair longer than the reg- beside himself with joy at the effect ulations called for He had lite horse upon the great mister stopped alighted and taking off his Yes I weep rejoined Rossini amid hut ordered the soldier to seize bin tears by the hall The soldier hesitated Ill And whyfeared to lay violent hands on his gen 111m replied Rossini Ihecause oral besides the hair was clipped toe wishing that you were dead and It was close to afford a hold for the hands your father who had written the fu The general surveyed the soldier stern neral march Iy for a few moments then twining his lingers in the hitters locks he lit Nilnxnn null Inttl crally wiped up the street with him When Chri line Nllssou the great Final- singer was asked her opinion of va the victim not daring to resist I ly having impressed the lesson thor rious singers she gave it very candidly oughly he reentered his carriage am of every out Including herself and drove on ordering the soldier to for Mine Albanl hut she never once al low At the first barbers shop they laded to Mme Patti came to he again alighted and had You have not mentioned Mine Pat cry vestige of hair shaved from the ti remarked the pertinacious inter soldiers heat then turned him loose viewerNo as a horrible example to his fellows said Mine Nilsson I have not You are asking about singers I do not I place her Do not be deceived by counterfeits regard Patti as a singer among the angels A Patti only comes when you buy Wi tch Hazel Salve The to u planet once during that planets Co is on name of E C DeWitl Such an absence of stage existence every box of the genuine Pilos in thorn jealousy has probably never been wore form will e ton pass away if you equaled will apply DeWitts Witch HPZO Salve Dnle Mark n IlnKitnil Mulniljrnight and morning Best for Cuts Bagdad date murk Is the name given Burns BoilsTetter Eczema etc Sold to a mysterious disease that attacks by nil Druggists nearly every one who stays in Bagdad for city length of time ninth Is found A lint Story A Birmingham told a also at Aleppo and other places In Ala tuna somewhat remarkable hat story the Turkish Asia It Is a sore that comes tidier day vouching for its truth by only once halt lasts a year leaving a saying that he was IIII wearer of one scar the shape of a unit Nearly tilt hebathes are marked with It No remedy of the hats lie walked Into the din lag room of an Atlanta lintel one day has been found for it but hyposulphite putting his beside till one other on the of soda seems to have some effect on limit ruef When he left the dining room the mark he found that his hat hud been taken and time other cue left III its place The Hcunty of tin llllen HardyGrace do you not There was nothing to do hut take It uud be content lie came north raid limit that these valley lilies are very at a hotel the hat swapping perform beautiful Souse one Not so beautiful as orange bios nice was again repeated took from tthe dining room ha Irack till ours Mr Jones ne taken by the story teller from the dud thus assisted and encouraged Atlanta hotel he presently drifted out upon the wide A few days later tin Atlanta nine vide sea of wedded bliss eeognlzed I at the wane hole the lint he tad lost lie took It He went south llltllltlllloll II few days later rind stayed at till hoSo the insolent fellow refused to l ed he had occupied on his former visit ay his rent I Jne tiny when he entered I the dining He did not say so In words but he I ooin there was only out hat on the utluiated It tick He placed his own beside It How soVhen he left the dining room and Paris Ho kicked me downstair leked up the out lint left he found it lonrnalI yaw the one he had lost there the year before New York Tribune The Merit of Good Work The great thing IIs to produce noth Ilintn t bout ScrtMvn ug of which If It comes into broad Where strews are driven into soft JIight you will be ashamed and then vood and subjected to considerable vhother It does come into broad light train they are very likely to work or no need not much trouble you nose and it Is often dllllcult to make I latthew Arnold hem hold In such crises the use of IllIe is profitable Make the glue thick miners a stick about half the size of Men Past Sixty in Danger thl screw and put it into the hole More than half of mankind over riion put III the screw and drive it ixty years of age suffer from Kidney lone as quickly us possible When here Is an article of furniture to be and bladder disorders usaallyHealarge tent of prostrate gland This isboth tastily repaired anti no glue Iis at hand and Foloya mole Insert the stick fill the rest painful and dangerous horn n or the cavity with pulverized rosin Kidney Cure should be taken at the hen heat the screw sufliclcntly to melt first sign of danger as it corrects ho rosin as It IIs driven In Where regularities and has cured many crews are driven into wood for tom old men of this disease Mr Rodney porary purposes they caret be more writesIII Port Mo jnsily removed by dipping them In oil Jurnett Rock gland Inserting When buying screws suffered with Dlarged prostate before kidney trouble for years and notice that the heads are small and and well cut that there are no flaws in the Iter taking two bottles of Foleys body or thread part and that they have CidneylCure Ifeel bettor than I have gimlet points A screw of good make r twenty years although I am now drive as easily Sato oak as others IIt years old vlll For sate by A R Into pine and will endure having twice Fisber he force brought against It Dr E W Hull St Louts Mo Oear Sir Since taking the agency for stipes takes his place In this way the sale of your kidney remedy Hulls hey avoid what is often seen In Amer treat Discovery a year ago we have ran courts a long trial rendered use Bola suvunil gross and have never ess when it Is nearly finished by the Heard a complaint about the remedy Qu the other hand we have custpuiors Ridden Illness or death of one juror to praise the curative qualities of your preparation every day and soveialI MnilrlilN Mcut Watchmen remarkable cures have peon reported Madrid still has the mediaeval night to us of parties that have been cured watchmen They admit lute comers to of kidney trouble by taking one bottle he apartment houses at night but no of your Discovery where nil other tiger slug out the hour or the oondi preparations have failed Wishing you ion of the weather They still go by aueceda with your great remedy we thl name of sereno which they got Very respeuf fully fceg to remain Counterfeiting The Genuine rout the fact that an it seldom rains P t1VLURtC CO T Foley Co Chicago originated In Spain their cries about the weather Ills Honey and Tar as a throat and lane fenerully ended with that word A TEXAS WONDER run y sureno emedy and on account of tao great morn and popularity of Foloys One small liottlc of the Texas JUMI ItebukeWondur Hulls Great Discovery wires Honey and Tar many imitations are 1ia till kidney nnd bladder troubles re ftered for the genuine Ask foiWhat is It now cures dialwtea seuiinul moves grays oloys Honey and Tar and refuse I wanna mother pieca cake weak and lame hacks emiEsions anJ substitute offered as no other No Tommy youve had enough rheumatism and all irregulmtiws of the ma Aw Yer always tollin mo I reparation will give the same sat kidnoys and bladder in both men and lout out properly an nea you dont sfaction It is mildly laxative It women regulates bladder troubles in ever gimme no chance to practice contains no opiates and is safest for children If not sold by your druggist Jlevolnnd Lender hildron and delicate persons For will be sent by mail on receipt of fl sale by A H Fisher Too SIneli of n rood Tlilnc One small bottle is two months lent Dobson What became of that man RllrUb ment nnd seldom fails to perfectwho had twentyseven medals for RavIts funny W Hnll Sole Manufac as euro Dr E Ing people from drowning Whats funny Dock turer P 0 Box 029 St Louis Mo IVorker He fell In one day when heThat you can never tell whether a Sold by all Send tor testimonials ad them all on and the weight of cm woman has a good carriage till you druggists haTe seen her walk slink him Exchanee 1 The Modesty of Hokunnl Young artists not gaining dlatiuetio early have hull various instances to quote as showing that masterly poi formnnce often came late in life In Dora Amsdens book on Japanese I1rl It is set forth that this is whatI the I celebrated Japanese artist Hoktisa wrote about himself Frown the ago or six I had a mania for drawing tin forms of things By the time 1 was fifty I hind published an Infinity of de signs but all I have produced befon the age of seventy is Riot worth taklnj tutu account At seventylive I learnet a little about the realI structure of ua lure of animals plants and trees In coast birds fishes and insects quence when 1 am eighty I shall him n- laug othelwou wounels men It nndot day VO Mrs Militia Potts UpViti thai bu Frequent backache and distressi pains accompanied by offensive c charges and generally by irregu and scanty menstruation indicate a c placement or nerve degeneration the womb and surrounding organs The question that troubles won is how can n woman who hits some male trouble bear healthy children Mrs Anna Pottsof 510 Iark Ave Hot Springs Ark writes AIAl nnl1CI l1CIaLU aLUmu muto tothtl mIl My Dear Mrs Pinkham During tho early Put of my married was delicate in health both my husband I were verv anxious for a child to bios home but I hall two miscarriages and not carry a child to maturity A net E Pink who had been cured Vegetable Compound advised mo to try did so and soon felt that I was err stronger my headaches and backache mo I had no more bearingdown pain Within a y felt liko a new woman became the mother of a strong he child the joy of our home hams Vegetable Compound Iscortal splendid remedy and I wish every w who wants to become a mother would t- cloele ILl M I torl 1 111bt 1 btIII Actual sterility in woman is rare If any woman thinks she is lie let her try Lydia E Pinkl Vegetable Compound and write to Pinkham Lynn Muss Her adv free to expectant or wouldbe mo flench U- tilt IIIU I V at CI 01nJ SaiMlM nJo party of chauffeurs were w aloig Cape May bench Ohit of picket up a handfulI 01 sand am Why in It that one bear h iIs enough for motor cats while a is so soft a child era hardly wThe sand in your hand ai Its tho second flit Unitt question Seo how lint it la replied sand was Indeed as line as di A tine as talcum powder The 0tl 1 11e 11d i t sand is the more closely it wit 1 i and by consequent tthe firmc face It will oller went on the This fine sued here chauffeur a roadbed many feet In 1IIpthiin bet you couldnt park more vlo you rolled it a hundred years t hundred ton roller Study the si Long Branch or Asbury Park prettier thou this It Is made 01 ureic grains that you can read II tingulsh Each is a perfect cube or black or reda beautiful clejol oed shape that It Is u pleasure tok at Each Is about tlfty tines per than the Cape May grains hcifhe sand of Asbury Pork or Long ieh wont pack down wont make rm There Is only one p In roadbed the country where the sang her than at Cape May and that I Philndelphhi Bullet Orinond I o 1 Y P laths Y P flooring and ceiling White pine doors and sash Prices greatly reduced Estimates Solicited 11s ioverport Planing Mill A liquid cold cure and the onl ngb Syiup which moves the bowels forks all cold out of the system Ken nedys Laxative Houoy and Tar Clears DR R P KEENS makcteUklunaI by all druggists j X Repreeentlne f KEENE TAYLOR i 1I U DENTISTS U 1 the DM Folkn Aife j When the babies are cross nutk man OF OWENSBORO would like n quiet retreat thcrcp none i1tvlhl be In Dr Ltghtfoots otfco I each month for him But In a few years v m the ij week out otwishing Iltgit prepared Class children are grown anti lie lI in the y1watt on all Ustry way the daughters and 1Iolr put Week of November 20 next their heads together and orlj iiate a I Y len There Is no din for the in her be cause she gracefully eliminate herself by sitting in the kitchen or running over to a neighbors It is he natural Fall tut 1 disposition to hide in n corn or re What does Blfklns remind you of move herself entirely timid it i not the 9 hate to tell ou Bit natural disposition of the father Because Its a reflection PnHliliiK j- tor 1 r It has a couch and hence the den some pipes and tobacco and tho books klnsNo on me which the neighbors havent got around I dont understand Every time I to borrowing as yet though if father Well Ill explain little begins a story today the book will be see Blfkins he reminds me of a l t found to be loaned out when he wants bill Ive owed him for over a year f I to finish it tomorrow The London TitBits fashionable way of pushing th old tuna out If there is one in yowfr house Solitude AntI the Crowd after Mr Man dont be deceled Atchison is easy In the world to live soli- It I easy in Globe the worlds opinion it is great to live after our own but the tude A Two Kilned CnrW who in the midst of the map is he A story is told of the woniR Cul cure crowd keeps with perfect sweetness was Ralph from deafness of a patient ww independence of solitude recommended to hear n Wagner opVrf the Emerson c Waldo mud to sit near the orchestra by The physician nccompV trombones It Would But why wont your husband let us coat of arms of his faintly struments was at its loudest the deaf look up the a coat of arms would look Taw sex not found he could hear Doctor flU unity for a mau that made his top The I can hear he almost shrieked h mo in l is shirt sleevesHoustou doctor gave no sign that he noticed tho ost I tell you doctor remark the patient In ecstasy you hn repcntjd AliHoliitdr Effective net I have recovered ny Younghusbnnlllm only going lnrk watt Still Ute physician was silent own to time climb dear so dont become deaf himself Harpers Week I r rt dena KlnK Jnnieit Dooka Some very tine binding was executed or King James 1 who during his entire life was an enthusiastic patron of otters and art In some of his books the thistle Is introduced with heavy fornor pieces and the arms in the center One fine piece of work now iu the British museum is in bright brown calf powdered with flowerdeluce Another folio Iu crimson velvet has the arms of England embroidered on both Ides with gold thread on a groundwork of yellow silk The kings initials are worked above The lettering Is in leather and the boards are tied together by red ribbon constituting a egal book In every particular John iy Gibson In Scotland and the Barkers In England were appointed to be the lugs binders but there is little trace l htAtari ot their work now extant I t hlm1Suddenly 1 I dTORX tri thisthe if Ip Kind You Have tierThe for K Boug- A 0 if Im late Ill come and fetch youl word measles formerly meat W i

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