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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 22, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

r t 11 < ls 1t A r I > m t iCt I I I > < j 1 J E h 1a COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY 9 SHOOTING s Burton Shoots and Kills ames Dooley Two Other Persons Also Seriously Wounded PESTER THE SCENE OF THE TRAGEDY covering a period of several years came to an end last Sunday morning about sunrise Elijah M Burton and James Dooley were rival merchants at Vester a village five miles east uf Columbia Saturday were both in this place and trou ¬ A feud they t 1 jld Columbia t RUSSELL r Secretary + F High School M 5IST YEAR PREPARES FOR BUSINESS TEACHING AND COLLEGE I I MUSIC DEPARTMENT THE ART DEPARTMENT C Fredric Ohlenmacher who as a Music has no superior and few equals Teacher of in this section of the State Will be in Charge of Miss Sallie Baker recently a Student in the Art Academy of Cincinnati In charge of Competent Teachers in Every Department j t fe ofSchool 4- 3 V J < > Coles AddressA iDr jAyF > yJlJy g Campus in Charge of Mrs R W Shirley Two < f < < late in the afternoon Mr Scott put in an appearance From him we gather ¬ ed the following He was en route across the country going from Sparks ville to the Gradyville neighborhood in ¬ tending to remain over night with a friend The section through which he was passing is thinly settled and Mr Scott got lost He noticed two men seated upon a log in the woods and he approached them for information When he got near enough to tell them of his difficulty one of the men said woundedDooleys t7 V JO I also name Pow llwhen askedhim to come to the scene The 4 IBJooley fired at him u lIig a Sheriff was unable to leave town and but both the Powells were shot the boy supposed to be mortally t1t J1 it t t totWln Burton was not hit 1i < 41 < V I ij 1 I ble was expected but friends kept them from meeting Late in the afternoon they left town going to their respect- ¬ ive homes About dark trouble arose and there are two state ROBBED OF 2650 ments as to which one was the aggressor Mr J Me Scott who was in the lowBurton says he was entering er portion of this county last Thursday his store in company with John notified Sheriff Patteson by phone that Powell and a boy twelve years he had been held upand robbed and r NUMBER JUDGE H C BAKER President Board Trustees Last Thursday morning after an ill ¬ ness of more than a year Mrs Phoeba Williams who was the wife of Mr W R Williams died at her late home on Green river The deceased was a daughter of Uncle Jack Smith and was born and reared within a few miles of Columbia She was sixtynine years ana a few months old Early in life she made a profession of her faith in Christ and connected herself with the Baptist Church living consistently un ¬ til the end came She leaves a husband and several children all grown The funeral services were conducted Friday by Rev Wm Dudgeon and the inter ¬ ment was in the Smith burying ground on the farm now owned by Mr J F Montgomery A great many relatives and friends were present to pay their last respects to the departed The News extends its sympathy to the be ¬ reaved family y AUGUST 22 1906 pitJilTuIJu GONE TO HER REWARD 1 I 1 8 > 1 FATAL NIti + st Ct II t J f VOLUME i < lf 4tr r c r tJ r 11 f rd 1 f S RATES VERY REASONABLE NEXf TERM BEGlNFFIRST MONffAtf 1 l 1 i rX > SEPTEMBER L > J For Further Information A LWhitfieId Prin friends say that he was at his home and that Burton fired at him without warning = = = missing him It is said that at this meeting three shot were 4 > fired In a short time after the shooting booley left his home and Mr and Mrs B E Rowe who re FARM FOR SALE quiet was restored He returned throw up your hands using an oath side in a beautifuMome two miles out Sunday morning gun in hand and at the same time leveling a double of town entertained a large number of barrel shot gun Mr Scott was unand was entering his yard gate armed and obeyed While the gun We are authorized to sell one of the young people last Friday evening tinI when Burton fired on him killing was peing pointed at his head the sec finest farms in Adair county 260 acres honor of Miss Artelia Montgomery of belt good strong him instantly A daughter of ond man went through his pockets se is in the limestone hay corn wheat Louisville Refreshments consisting produces fine land were served of ices cakes etc the deceased says she witnessed suring 2650 After securing this oats and one of the best burley tobac was delightful occasion so say nit the a the killing of her father and that money Mr Scott was permitted to go co farms in the county Is also a fine Columbians who answered to invita he was making no effort to shoot He says he is satisfied that the robbers stock farm with eight or ten fine never tions Miss Bess Rowe in her usual do not live in Adair county Good 8 room house graceful manner assisted Mr and Mrs failing springs A message came to Judge Han ¬ J COLUMBIA = = i jr KENTUCKY = tr KentuckyState fair r q ktJ 1 jMIt w tl ti A I I ¬ I ¬ Sept f7 22 Louisville I ¬ ¬ cock as soon as Dooley was killed REWARDs He went to the scene and heldan inquest over the remains and the I will pay a reward of one hundred following is the verdict dollars to any person or persons who We the Coroners jury sum willarrest the man who committed the moned and sworn to investigate crime of rape upon Elizabeth Hancock r and inquire into the killing of place Y ¬ ine in fiftyfive minutes The new machine is a smooth goer and does not make any noise number Mr Spott Pemberton of Horse Cave and Mr Scott Isbell of Bowling Green have been employed as Judges at the Fair They will pass upon the merits of stock in all rings one acting at a time These gentlemen are experienced horse and mule men and they are widely known for their honesty hence r ao exhibitor should have the slightest fear that he will not be given a fair GREEN RIVER FARM FOR SALE My farm ¬ 4t mile south of Little Cake of merchantable timber standing There are 48 acres of bottom land cfijs and resident property on the worth more than I ask for the en ¬ 1b This was ordained by the rim tire farm This is your chance tHjoare re o I 1 on Green river containing 304 acres 1 mile from church and school Good buildings of all kinds 2 good orchards and is a desirable home Has ample timberfor keeping up the farm and 4 eal pavementhh 400 s- s lastr A j tp Fi + > j 4l T j ZrF <9 I r h t K f L- J if you wants good home and profitable farm WLRIGNEyPurdyKyf 20m t 1 v A i < 4 fr > t j h Y roery i 1 r- tr r r t 4 Z T l- 4 iRf F J p t t 4 RATES ing us to change paper to Glenville not I giving the present address puts us a great dealof unnecessary trouble toI writing for a change name the placeI where you have been receiving per and also the postoffice you to come Mr Geo T Flowers Jr an Entire Year For X25000The pnd wife Girls at these ftiguras Training School Bus Mgr Kentucky y Q Pt rk 7 l11 r f JY4 a Y J k trn k fr N a L 4 N t Mr W T Price has tendered his resignation in Mr W L Walkers store and has returned to his former occupation having formed a partner ¬ ship with Mr 6 T Flowers in the barbering business He knows how to manipulate a razor and hares with make payment- Ease any particulars i k 1i k r+ n Yw iTf 3E r ArJ 4rr +1 rr t r h Y 4 Y r rF 4c rY c > F > y k ytia e ka phi fa t N Jn Aa a- s- r k = 1l r y 1Y a Y ilJe L- r rY 3r srr a r W a wr rarI mY >> Y V p- A A report reaches here that Wesley Hubbard was shot and seriouly wound- ¬ ed by a man named McFarland a broth ¬ er to the man Hubbard killed a feW months ago This occurred in Met calfe county not a great distance from Edmonton We have failed to gather h t J1i r- 4lJ i 4 tY I 1 r J uS r1titS t I This week people from all points of the county will be here to attend the Fair The News office will be open every morning untiljabout 11030 and in the afternoon from 4 to 6 oclock Persons who desire to settle their indebtedness will find a man at the desk it and see that it is liberally patronized- 1here are quite a number of patrons who are several years in arrears and in the way of ads and it will go we would be glad if they would call and name of a new paper just started at Mr J E Cully is the ed- ¬ Burkesville itor and publisher There is no reason why a good paper should not be sus ¬ tained by the citizens of Cumberland t county Subscribe for it and pay for w 2 r rr- Other Attractions I ¬ y t4 1 Arar hunIdred t- r RACES DAILY vtt ta 4FrL j 7f 7 s ks U PURSES I Fair than the meeting of entertained the Columbia Brass Band They greet each other with a smile last Thursday evening Ice cream and as they sit and talk of the days of cake grapes and melon were served reminisences of After the repast the band discoursed a Auld Lang Syne = the past make them wish for the days number of fine selections the enter ¬ of their early manhood and woman ¬ tainment closing with social convers in hood but like the water that has run the parlors It was a very enjoyable over the dam they can never return occasion one that will long be remem ¬ hence they have to content themselves bered by those who were present by relating incidents of the long ago Happy is theman or the womanwho can Mr R A Walker of Mexico who past lives not a blush is visiting his parents at Gradyville refer to their coming to their faces for ungodly was in Columbia a few days ago deeds We know that the flesh is weak About four or six months ago Mr but good men and spotless women Walker met with the misfortune to get abound in our land domiciled all over his right leg cut off above the knee Friends As soon as he was able to travel he Adair and adjoining counties come together a happy week is in went to New York where he had an ar-¬ store for you tificial limb fitted He has not yet got f use to wearing it but in a short time Mr Z L Samuels one of Adair he hopes to carry it as he does his countys best citizens met with a seri- ¬ other leg ous accident a few days ago He was The assassin of Ed HOggard who shooting at birds using a single barrel shotgun At one firing he evidently was shot and killed while lying in his had the gun too heavily charged and bed in Green county two weeks ago The au- ¬ when it went off the breech in flew lira not been apprehended out striking Mr Samuels inI the fore- thorities think they have a1 clue but head Hie was badly hurt but is im- they are waiting for futhe develop ¬ r ments r Vv p rf tthjt k lk I r 7w sVsN I t V Subscribers notifying Ius to change their address must state their former i IN PREMIUMS AND entertainingI Rowe in in Adair county Ky on the Ilth day August 1906 and who will deliver him into the custody of the jailer of said county the said reward to be due and payable upon the conviction of said This week people who have not met person arrested for said crime this Ju- ¬ for several years perhaps will come to- ¬ B F TUPMANly 17th 1906 gether at the Fair Grounds There is I have deposited the said 100 in the no greater pleasure experienced at a Bank of Columbia at Columbia Ky old friends James Dooley which took about sunrise on Sunday morning August 19 1906 having viewed the body and other evidences and summoned and examined witnesses find and report in our verdict that the deceased came to his death at the time stated L above by a gunshot wound fired and that the W by E M Burton 9 saidE M Burton Gracie Dooley B F TUPMAN and the deceased were the only eyewitnesses to the shooting so IN FIFTYFIVE MINUTES far as the jury is able to deter- ¬ mine G D HARMAN Foreman The fastest time ever made by an au Burton has surrendered and tomobile in this section was covered will be guarded until his exam ¬ last Thursday Mr Paul Azbill in his ining trial new machine made the trip from Both sides have friends and the Campbellsville to this place making affair is greatly deplored in th neighborhood with fine cistern and well at door and cave spring with rock spring house close by Four good barns and three good cribs Thisfarm is located in one of the best neighborhoods of the coun ¬ ty close to school church and post ¬ office and 5 miles West of Columbia Call on or address T A and M M MURRELL Admrs Columbia Ky 41tf < ift t s r T I rk a 1

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