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Image 1 of The News Enterprise March 28, 2012

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www . EWSJust desserts E for the fence Anthony embraces 'sweet' career choice • Prep baseball: Bizabethtown @ North Hardin WEDNESDAV'S WOMAN , . 10 • Prep softball: laRue County @ Bizabethtown lURCH a, 2012 • Sport s, 111 SERmG HARDIN COUNTY SI NCE 1914 • REACH SUBSC RIBE R SE RVICES AT ( 270) 505-1T7D 50 t lnll Fiscal Court weighs jail safety and ri t to faith Lo cal church feel s ban on baptisms at detention center infringes upon inmates' freedom s By MARTY FIN LEY mfonkry@th."" . .... n "''P'io<.oom T he E lizabethtown C hu rch of Christ sees a ban on baptisms at tlle H ardin Coullly Detention C enter as a n infringement on the Arneri<;:an right o f free religiOUS expression. J oe Brothe rs, a congrega- Motion filed to suppress statement • mrapecase tion member, s aid the chlU'ch quietly hali a dvocated a repeal of the ban for years. As believers, B rothers said, t he c hurch is c ompelled to st and p ublicly for what it believes in, including the right of all Americans, including inmates, to participate in baptism as a n affimlation o f belief i nJcs us C hrist. A s ma ll g roup o f c hurch m e mbers joined Brothe rs o n Tu esday d uring a presentati on b efore H ardin Fiscal C ourt. C hurc h m embers h oped c ounly g ovemmenl w ould act t o c hange t he policy. J ailer D ann y Allen said t he b an d oe s not specifically tar· get b aptism by immersion in water. It's a policy prohibiting TumIO J AlL.AI3 ............ """~ .Ioe Brothers, o f t he Eliza be tht own ChuI<' h 01 Christ . addresses H,,,dln COIInty R sc: al Co urt at H.B. FIle Cou rlhouMlln Elizabethtown. Early to plant, early to pick, except .. F Ie ther rries farmers By S ARAH B ENNErr Last year's April rain forced wid espread field replanting >b.nneI1@. h""""""n'ftVri ""·oom A public d efender r epresenting Kelly C. f erguson, a n EH7.abethtown m an facing rape and s odomy charges, filed multiple motions Tuesday in Hardin Circuit C ourt including a m otion 10 su ppre ss a statement b y t he d e fen dant. Ferguson, 35, is a registered s ex olTender. H e was found guilty in 1997 o f first·degree sexual abusc_ [ n August, h e was a rrested b y Kentucky State Police after a n a lleged s exual e ncounter with a female YOWlgC f t han 16. A ccording to a citation, the t een alleges forcible rape a nd sodomy. T h e citation also states Ferguson ~con fessed" to the encounter. Ferguson's a tto rney, C arolyn Brown, filed a By AMBER CDULIl:::R ocvuJle1@th.n."-..n"'P n . .. c<>m A rea farmers might take advan· t age o f UJlSeasQnably w arm weather t o p lant c o m early t h is spring, d e· p ending o n p otential rainfall o ver t he n ext s everal d ap. Mati Adam s, a H ardin C oun:r , ,tension a gent for agriculrure a n n al· u ral resource s, said farmers in the county c ould begin p lanting c om this week o r b y t he sec ond w eek o f April if rain p redicted for today and later t h is week d oes not m ake soil too wei a nd t emperatures d o n ot d ip t oo low n ext m onth. T he traditional earliest time for planting is b etween A pril to a nd April IS. A dams e xpects most c om p lanting t o b e fin ished b y M ay if rains hold off. M emories o f last y ear's weather could i nnuen ce farmers' decisions o n w hen a nd how m uch to plant before m id · to late April, A dams .said. ~ I d on 't t hink it will b e a t remen · d ous n umber o f a cres, ~ h e said. 1 4m 10 .· ER GUSON. " 12 Elizabethtown to invest $llM in sewer work Project aims to hamper overflow Tum to FARMS, AI. By MARTY FI NLEY ..",-..nt«prloe.<:<>m E lizabethtown officials divulged plans M onday to invesl roughly $11 million in n ew s ewer w ork in the city w here s ani· t ary s ewer overflows a re p revalenL [H SI D E T he p lan d ev ise d b y H D R E Uzab8thtown E ngineers targets t he P oplar Drive, Cit,y Cooocil Valley D rive, Hawkins Drive a nd examilHl s park_ H arvard D rive a reas and olTers ing tIDwntown p rojects o fficials believe will ease o v erflows a nd u pgrade a system NnE 11 2 t hat has e roded. In m aking t he i mprovements, t he city must c reate solutions r ather t han d ear o ne p roblem upstream and push the p roblem d own Tum to> SEWER. AI2 INSIDE ABBY ... ...........A . CALENOAR _ . _ _A4 __ . ClASSIAEOS ... 8 4 COMICS .......... B 9 HELOISE •.•.•.•.•. B 8 L OnERIES . ..... B 2 MONEY . ........... A 9 MOVIES ...•.•.•.•. B 8 NEIGHBORS . .... A 8 OBI TUARIES . .. _A 4 _ OPINION .......... A 6 P UUlES . ........8 8 SPORTS .•.•.•.•.•B 1 WEO NESOAY·S WOMAN ....•...• A 10 TE LEVISION •.•.. 8 8 INSIDE ~_rn~ _ _ • Patrick Preston t ak es a me as ure ment Monda y as he Instal l. new disc opene tt t o e n ~ ure t he y wil t create t he proper treneh when h e _ com thl ~ s pring a t hi s farm betw een Glendale and White M li ls . WEATHER • TODAY'S OBITUARIES Bradley Alan Burnet! Sr., 47 O vaJustice,95 • COMP\.£IE O8IIUAR IES ." IN THE NEWS STOR CHANCE 77/49 • COMPLEl"E REPORT . A2 • HIRE" VET. J ob fair aims to provide assistance to veterans. HEARTLAND, 12 • STUDENTS PERFORM PASSION STORY TODAY. SI.JarnC$ pUI!i story of Christ o n stage. HEARTLAND, 12 Area producers, businesses line up to help West Liberty farmers. Page A14 SINCE YOU ASKED PULSE, T URSDAI H Resull!i o f Tuesday's The Nrrm-Enlapriuonline poll, as o f 7 p.m.: QUESTION: Should George Zimmernlan be chllfged i n the shoot· ing death ofTrny:von Martin? YeS: 47 p<..·r<:o:nt No: 5 3 pc r ~ent TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you think Ihe Kentucky General Assembly will pass a budg<:t this so;:ssion? f ni!he poll QI.leSIion~!he .opn;on' meru at ,,-,~e.prI& Do teens grasp the horror of 'The Hunger Games'?

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