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Page 7 of Proceedings of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, April 18-21, 1923

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Friday, 8:00 P. M.-Quinn Chapel Music-Quartette, Simmons University, Louisville, Ky. Invocation-Rev. W. P. Offutt, Bowling Green, Ky. Music-Quartette, Students Bowling Green, Ky. Address-Hon. Phil H. Brown, U. S. Commissioner of Cone Washington, D. C. Solo-Miss N. K. Ward, Newport, Ky. Announcements:- Friday 10:30 P. M.-Booker T. Washington Community Cent Corner Ninth and Magazine Streets. Reception to all Teachers-All 'Teachers Must Wear Badges. illiation, sr, S. E. Saturday, April 21-9:00 A. M.-Quinmn Chapel Music-General Singing-Lead by Miss M. S. Brown, Paducah, Ky. Invocation:- Election of Officers:- Address-The True Teacher-Prof. J. B. Caulder, Lexington, Ky. Solo-Miss Maggie Dade, Adairville, Ky. Address-Physiology in the Public Schools-Dr. A. 0. Deweese, Dept. of Physiology, University of Louisville. Saturday, 2:30 P. M.-Quinmn Chapel Music:- Address-The Recitation The Center of the Educational Arena-Prof. Nathan Hill, New Albany, Ind. Reports from Departments:- Committee Reports:- Resolutions. Legislation, Etc. Awarding of Exhibit Prizes. Announcement of Contest Winners. Adjournment. Saturday Evening-Armory, Sixth and Walnut Streets 1-State Athletic Meet-7:00 to 8:30. 2-Physical Exhibition and Play Festival-8 :30 to 9:30. 3-Social Hour-9 :30. Mlusic by Booker T. Washington Center Banr Final Adjournment. (7)

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