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Image 1 of Bourbon News, March 22, 1910

Part of Bourbon News

jh L d f o R a a < t1 w ed < I 0f Js9P THE BOURBON NEWS f w tJfJ i i F PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FEY IN THE YEAR I I- f r F w PARIS VOLUME XXX I i I 5Jf J First Indian Paper Get in The Easter Parade Attorney P P Thompson is in re A Everybody wants to have on some ¬ 1 ceipt of the Indian Home and Farm thing new in the way of wearing published at Muskogee Okla which pare on Easter morning We have is the first numb r of the only Indian everything make calculated paper in the United States The pap ¬ a man look that is the way ofto wear- ¬ good in a fqll alphabet of the ing apparel er contains Things that are not Cherokee language and reading matter only new but up to the minute in in both the English and Indian char style Have a peep at our spring acters suits shirts ties gloves shoes etc We will guarantee to satisfy yeu as Cut Flowers to price BLAKEMORE Out flowers of every description for 22 2t MITCHELL faster 18 BRUCE HOLLADAY 3t Insure with W 0 Hinton in Prompt paying nonunion com ¬ panies i f P TAT B w rf i WHILE THEY LAST Just One Sack of Hour per u will convince you it is the kind you cannot afford to be without hereafter Order one today and CASH who try our flour once always use it regularly afterward We believe you will too Theres a reason C f L yourbaking Logan d7 i r I t J V The Paris Milling Co 60 b Id BALDWIN al Tftefiiffi food Grocers tj 1 t 16 c i I i tT to jI f J- a f i ii lr q LatI11tct t> Freifi Vegetables of All Kinds ror T v1 jt 1 t a- m 0 of dict for the defendant company The suit was the result of an acci ¬ dent on a car of the defendant com j pany in which Mrs Slicer wife of the plaintiff was injured by being thrown a 1 from the car At a previous term of damages was brought al- court a suit for injuries sustained by Mrs Slicer for but before I compromisethe case came to trial a was effected The suit brought by Mr Slicer at this term of court was for alleged being deprived damages sustained of the society and companionship of his wife during her illness following Court adjourned until he accident this morning at 10 oclonck l t The RO BNEEL i Get In the Easter Parade even if you v QU f > 0 IF L t f hes fashion style I p AU 1 I I A 4 t x 4 ix P r o PRICE fR lrS Y this young shop down f jy > r s r M t > c o 1 f j oj F JI s 7 7 E I i EN 1 J 1tI t t JJ co I I 4i j I l E ft end a cordial ivitatioii for alL the lade estoa- J f v >> j1 calland inspect their J7EW SPRING GOODS iff U a t A Complete stock of of > DRESS GOODS and SILKS + in all the newest weaves and coloring i I Trimmings in the new gilt and silver effects rj in 4W Over with bands to match Lace All Over with different widths of iEtjk u and Insertions 1 f I i N LINENS 1 i J HI GOODS WASH GOOJDS Hamburgs Laces and Braids Early Spring Styles in Separate Coats Skirts r and Suits for Ladies and Misses I I S q v Our line of Slippers comprises all the newest styles in Suede Patent Leather and Beaded Kip Effects One and two strap effects Jx Prices range from 300 to 400 I 1 r Every pair from the best makers Thats JO t l i V 1 flows I Clothiers KENTUC i I t why young men turn as naturally to l M THE LADIES STORE a young mari on as wetter TO FRANK HIGH ART wise I iJIIII B Hats I RS r Clothes for both This shop is as broad in its range of good clothes as are the tastes of those who wear them and both the stylewise and the dollar prudent naturally flock here Easter Neckwear and Shirts Nobby Easter ant befog TTE iJIIII4J11 Easter Fads For Lads 3 You I 9 Ii r and fashions for their eHers I j I CO Clothiers PRICE ¬ I Blakemore Mitchell Cash or trade CO P COOK 1 1 models are awaiting your inspection here These suits were selected by us andmade exclusively for us New things in Suits grays tans browns blues In many patterns the most attractive novelties pi the season V We want your eggs C I dont wear the new Spring suit Easter day its a source of sat isfaction to know that you have it and could wear it if you choose You will find here a gathering of fine clothes such as has never before been brought to Paris for the accommodation of good dressers The best the world can offer in fabrics in colorings and patterns in stylish fashionable yv S 17ifi latest in shape coloring and materials fresh from fashions favorite marts Eggs Wanted ee 1111 t p particular ° m The Grocery Store of QuahtYtfl I rNmrBER Z3 y ttheEaste ¬ Easter Dinner of grand jury visited the County Infirmary Friday going over in the au ¬ tomobiles of Samuel Clay and N F Brent members of the grand jury Supply and of the Bourbon Garage Company The jury made a partial report and adjourned to meet Thurs ¬ day Judge Samuel J Holmes of Carisie attended court Friday and signed a bill of exceptions in the case of the Commonwealth vs W H Lucas who was convicted at the November term of the Bourbon Circuit Court which was presided over by Judge Holmes as special judge the defendant being convicted on the charge of manslaugh- ¬ ter for the killing of William Sagesar and who was granted an appeal toftbe Court of Appeals SATURDAY The attorneys in the suit of T F Brannon against James H Haggard for alleged criminal libel reached an agreement in the court Saturday morrjing by which a compromise was effected in this case and those pend ¬ WH ing of James M OMSrien Webb and D C Parrish whereby the defendant was to pay one cent and the cosfeof the suit in the four cases The suit grew out of the filing of a suit by the defendant against members of the city council in which an alleged conspiracy was charged by which mem ¬ bers of the council and Mayor James M OBrien sought to increase their salaries The firm of Walton Dickson Walton of Lexington represented the plaintiff while the defendant is Whitley and represented by Talbott Judge Denis Dundon By agreement of attorneys on both sides the case of James McClure vs JV D McClintock was set for trial Thurs day morning Among the indictments by the grand jury in a partial report to the court are those of breaking into a dwelling Fetlock house Robert Jacobs murder Sam Rice breaking into a storeroom Wil ¬ liam McClure and Lige Montague battery and Alice assault and Thompson nuisance who are negroes The defendants and are in jail wera brought into coup and formallyarraigned and their cases I set for trial today m I JT1E t p otherThe MONDAY Yesterday in Circuit Court the case of A L IS icer vs the Blu Grass Traction Co was brought to trial the jury in the case returning a ver ¬ tl And < v 12Jill1g 11 rr FRIDAY In the Bourbon Circuit Court Fri ¬ day in the case of the Commonwealth vs D G Taylor charged with buYing pooled tobacco the jury in a verdict fining the defendant the sum of 50 and costs In two similar cases against W H Roberts the de ¬ fendant was permitted to plead guilty in one case the court fixing a fine of 25 and costs and dismissing the a h KENTUCKY TUESDAY MARCH 22 1910 Bourbon Circuit Court < I I f i FRANK Y J CO j < THE LADIES STORE II

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