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Image 41 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 14, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . . . WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, This is the way the face of the voting machine will appear for the General Election Tuesday, .avenue. , I?!, m tne roi lowing precinct: """ . JJ 7 AMENDMENT CITY BALLOT ELECTION t r bw wm ooo CONSTITUTIONAL nov. auot. rtgM w at Hm rifkf i mi aMH. Ina potnlon wlrti i -- n4 dim HmM tar next volar. In Noon GENERAL mr KENTUCKY CALM itn ) CITY BALLOT JUSTICE PICK I CITY BALLOT 0O0O SHOVEL GOVERNMENT anil OCTOBER 14, THURSDAY, 1971 B23 Yablonski slaying ma w mot x CITY BALLOT OPEN BOOK , trial postponed The trial for the murder of United Mine Workmen reformer Joseph Yablonski and his wife and daughter encountered still another delay last week. One of the defendants has had his trial postponed until November 1, while two others have been igven until next Monday to decide whether they wish to have the same attorney representing them. Aubran (Buddy) Martin, 22, was to go on trial Monday in Washington, Pa., but Judge Charles Sweet delayed the date until Nov. 1, saying it was for the convenience of the court, although Martin's lawyer had requested such a delay. Also, Annette Gilly and her husband Paul, towo other defendants in the December 31, 1969, slayings, were told that they may face a conflict of interest if they retain the same attorney. "If your interests aren't the same, then of course (your lawyer) would be in an impossible position of trying to represent both of you, the judge told the i I March planned i i Members of welfare rights groups and poor people 's organizations in several Appalachian states are planning a march on Washington, D. C. , next month to protest the Nixon administration's plans for welfare reform. The group will include residents of Kentucky, West Virginia. Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia. The march is being organized by the Welfare Commission of the Council of the Southern Mountains. It is set for Nov. 6 to Nov. 10. Mho 1 -- MU 1 By RAY COLLINS 1 J 1 YES NO We world this. DURWARO BANKS WILLIE SEXTON ESTILL Q BENTLEY QJ OKVILLE BENTLEY K H. WELCH, JR. Q CAUDILL Q GEORGE HALL JACK S CRAFT Q Q STANLEY MCKINLEY MILICH GIBSON BENTLEY COMBS PAUL Q ALVIN GENEVA QJ FIELDS MACK COLLINS Just forty years ago when the farm was beginning to become mechanized farmers made this statement; "they may get all kinds of new fangled farm machinery, but there will always be the need for a mule." Well, time has proven them wrong. The mule has been replaced, and has all but left the American scene. are some things, There however, that time doesn't change. These are honesty, integrity, sincerity, love, devotion, and a hundred other qualities that are essential to happiness. Our world may change beyond our wildest dreams, but these basic truths will always be necessary. To live contented and happy these ingredients must be in abundance in all our lives. These cannot be replaced. OUR THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: ALL FOUNDATIONS HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON THEY BEGIN AT THE GROUND. the 1 D live in a mechanized everyone agrees to ROBA ("J Q RAY COLLINS MRS FRANKLIN TACKETT Q JESSE MEADE Q FUNERAL HOME Whitesburg

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