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Image 39 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 14, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . . . WHITESBURG. LETCHER COUNTY. A KENTUCKY . . . THURSDAY. Message OCTOBER 14. 1971 . . B19 To THE PEOPLE OF LETCHER COUNTY From KELSEY E. FRIEND Democrat Candidate for State Senator The general election is less that a month away . . . and on November 2 you will vote for the ones who will direct your State Government for the next four years. I want to ask each of you to weigh the issues in this election and consider carefully the ones running. I would suggest that you look at the direction our State Government has taken during the past four years. DO YOU WANT A CON- TINUATION OF GOVERNMENT FOR THE SELECT FEW OR DO YOU WANT A GOVERNMENT THAT WOULD BE RESPONSIVE TO THE NEEDS OF THE COMMON MAN? OUR PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TAXED BEYOND THEIR ENDURANCE AND THEIR ABILITY TO PAY! The Democrat ticket, headed by Wendell Ford and Julian Carroll, is a ticket that cares about the little fellow . . . Wendell Ford and Julian Carroll were chosen in an open primary and THEY ARE NOT THE HAND PICKED CANDIDATES OF LOUIE NUNN! Yes, Wendell Ford and Julian Carroll care about the common people! THEY CARE ABOUT YOU! WE HERE IN THE MOUNTAINS OF EASTERN KENTUCKY MUST BE GIVEN THE CONSIDERATION DUE US IF WE ARE TO REMAIN HERE AND LIVE OUR LIVES IN DIGNITY AND ON A STANDARD WITH THE CITIZENS IN OTHER AREAS OF OUR STATE! YES, THE PEOPLE HERE IN THESE HILLS MUST ONCE AGAIN FEEL THAT THEY BELONG IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY! At this time I want to thank each and every one of you for the vote I received in the May Primary and I shall forever be in your debt. When I began my campaign early last Spring I was relatively unknown to the people in Letcher County and the vote you gave me indeed gladdened my heart. I WANT TO RENEW MY COMMITMENTS I MADE TO YOU IN THE PRIMARY AND ASSURE YOU THAT I WILL GIVE TO YOU MY VERY BEST EFFORTS AND SHOW YOU EVERY CON -SIDERATION AS I WOULD TO MY OWN PEOPLE IN PIKE COUNTY. I expect to be in the '72 Legislature when it convenes in January and I urgently ask you to give me a DEMOCRAT TICKET to work with when I get to Frankfort. PLEASE DONT GIVE US ANOTHER LOUIE NUNN AND SET KENTUCKY BACK FOUR YEARS MORE ! Vote the FORD Democrat Ticket CARROLL and KELSEY FRIEND State Senate PAID FOR BY KELSEY E. FRIEND, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE. STATE SENATE

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