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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 24, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Daily Courier-Journ- 3 al months and The Jeffer- sonian one year, only $1.75 The Jeffersonian Louisville Times and The Jeffersonian one year, by mail to any address . . $4.50 ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Every Thursday at Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, February 24, !910. Vol. 3. No. 36. ) $5 Per Year levy made let us know for what we been ill for several weeks of rheuma kind is done, Jeffersontown will never tism, is not very much improved. are taxed before it is made and stick come into its own. George Kaiser lost a valuable cow to that purpose. Our little neighbor. Buechel, a vilI am ready with my contribution. last week by accident. One lage of possibly a dozen houses and a Advertisements under this head 10c. Cent Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bates are the word. No ad taken for less than Very truly yours, is that progressive few Horace W. Moremen. All The News Of Interest Along recipients of a baby girl, born Feb. that our local paper Asked For By H. W. Moremen To From E. R. Sprowl Upon Public and 15. Name For Sale. Florida. recently made the statement, "that Surprise Party. The Rev. Herbert Tinsley will Bardstown Road. Investigate Schools. Hall Question. bank, and they 14 hands hieh; Buechel wanted a For Sale Good pony, about preach at Fairview church Sunday, ke's Point, Feb. 21. A surprise now is the time to buy her. as winter is built it: they wanted a cold storage Feb. 27 at eleveno'clock in the mornparty was given to Mrs. George over; good saddle and harness and about plant, and it is now in operation: ing and seven-thirtWinkler February 20th by many of anv body can drive her.Also surrev.harness. in the evening. they wanted a lumber yard, and are trood summer surrey and good black locustThose present were: Mr. And Mrs. Frank Briscoe And Miss Every one come and help to enlarge Says The County Board And Others Should her friends. Jeffersontown posts for sale. Apply to J. W. HOKK. Jeffef- Says Citizens Who Are Able Are Not Taking now selling lumber." Mr. and Mrs. Heury Stutzenburger, the congregation. H4t Gertrude Hikes Entertain Henry Fredis much larger than Buechel, sontown. Find Out What Is Best And Then Use Proper Interest Compares JeffersonMr. and Mrs. William Winkler, Mr. Miss Cleone Summers and Hugh thickly settled communa erick Loses Fine Horse. Tax For That Purpose. and Mrs. Fred Westerman and Summers were the guests of the three year old unbroken town With Buechel. Fb ity, which is in a prosperous condihorse mule. Lrn M. Bryan. Cumb Phone Misses Skiles Sunday afternoon. daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hahn 1. tion. Occupying a location second to Jeffersontown. Ky. Henry Frederick lost a horse valand.son, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bier-manone in this whole state, JeffersonMr. and Mrs. Joe Smith and ued at $250 Sunday night. Yellow onion seed, 300 pounds. town needs a public hall more than For Sale. Valley Station, Feb. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fegenbush were daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Stutzen- K Buechel, Feb. 21 Mr. and Mrs. Editor Jeffersonian: The writer Buechel needed any of the instituJohn Fekrisg. Sta. K., Route 3. Louisville. To The Jeffersonian: Ky. burger, Jr., and son, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Briscoe entertained on Mon the guests of Miss May me Kaiser recently met a gentleman uion the tions mentioned. And yet, so far, Mr. Stivers and our school board Fred Wilhelm and daughter; Misses day at a valentine dance in honor of Sunday evening. street, who is prominently identified For Sale. Farmers, don't buy fertilizer with an institution that would receive we have not been able to sell but a for the county, without question, Hannah and Anna Bierman, Carrie theirdaugliter. Miss Virginia Briscoe, Miss Gertrude Hikes entertained of the stock re little over till you've inspected the Kaufman Brands J more direct benefit in the erection quisite to build it. And compar- want to do the best they know how Ulmer, Mmie Hahn, Messrs. Dan at their home near Newburg. The on Monday evening the young ladies' B. BF.KKY'S. Fern rreek. at of a public hall here than any other atively nothing from the source for the cause of education in the Stutxenburger, Ernest Smyser, Chas. table was beautifully decorated in and men's classes of Hikes" Sunday! county. What we want now is the Meyer, Geo. Brunk, Joe Parish, Fred American Beauty roses and valen- school. Those present were Misses For Sale A good work mule. A. B. BRA- enterprise, and was asked to "define from which it should come. VO. Cumb. Phone. 4 Jeffersontown. best light on the subject for these Hahn, Adam Winkler and Lally tines. The following were the guests Kmma Whistler, Theresa Diemer, relative to its the proposition The statement has been made "that gentlemen and the taxpayers, so we Andy. Music by Meyers' Scholarship in Creager's erection, which is now being promot30 orchestra. present: Misses Dora Kuuzman, Mar- Dorothy Skiles, Anna B. Diemer, For Sale-these folks are holding back, and may all work in concert and in- Her many friends wish her many garet Pfeffer, Lula Briscoe. Elizabeth Ethel Hikes, Florence Apply at this office. ed by our Commercial Club." We school at a bargain. Roggenkamp, want to know first who the officers telligently for what is best. more happy birthdays. Several Heafer, Nellie Gallagher, Sarah FJizabeth Graff, Elizabeth Skihs. are told ''that the shifting of straws are going to be in control, before they Mr. J. B. McFerran, last fall, offer- beautiful presents was received. A Mills, Barbara Hardmeier, Willie Katherine Graff, Ida B. Kaiser, Sadie For Rent. denote the direction of the wind."' will unloose Do ed to pay their the expenses of a com- delightful dinner and supper was Briscoe and Mrs. Hart: Messrs. Skiles, Adelia Bischoff, Cleone Sumwhen an intelligent member of And land, Stivers, Minor Brooks, John mers and Margaret Driver: Messrs. For Kent. Six acres of garden to K. on our club, connected with a business they not, as business men, know that mittee, if the school board would served. K. there can be no organization until send one, to investigate the concar line, near Fern Creek. Apply Lannert, Errett Mills, John Kanzler, Kdward Whistler. Hugh Summers, so closely in touch with our com36'lfSprowl. Jeffersontown. all the stock shall have been sub- solidated system in Indiana. Ernest Briscoe, George Kanzler, Fred Graff, George Roederer. Earl The mercial interests, pays so little at- scribed, when Barnes, Augusta Zehnder. DAIRYMEN there will be a meet- board accepted the offer and selected Charles Gallagher and Roy Singleton. Kaiser, Albert Kanzler. LouisChester house. 2 miles tention to so important a matter, For Rent. Hoock DeSopo. ing of the stock holders, and the ofHugh Summers and Chester Whist- and T. S. Skiles. Jr. from Jeffersontown. Apply to F. that has been openly discussed for ficers elected, each share of stock Messrs. T. B. Miller and J. P. Mr. J. B. Finley is still on the sick sometime and brought to his per- representing one vote? Now, if they Shively, who with Mr. McFerran, Get Little Comfort From Ruling By Judge ler returned Friday night from Frankfort after a visit there with their list. visited various school buildings for cottage, with cellar, sonal attention upon at least two For Rent Field in Matter Growing Out Of are uneasy on this score, and want consolidated schools and were very Mrs. Bryan Williams is reported to classes of the Manual Training High garden and all necessary outbuildings. occasions, treats it with that indif- control, be improving. is yet enough unsold favorably impressed, by there Tuberculin Tests. school. IDA STANDI FO R D Route 11. Buechel. ference that he does not even underMRS. the buildings, stock for them to subscribe for thereJohn Fegenbush, after successfully stand its purport, what can we ex- by placing them in full control of the appliances and reportsof the patrons School Trustees Meeting. cottage. passing the county examination, has of the schools. pect to accomplish? For Rent situation. They are all honorable Wanted a gardener to garden on shares: What I want to suggest in this is An important ruling in a suit of a entered the Male High School, of 3 The school trustees of Division No. J. Our Commercial Club .vas organ- men. And I, for one, would be only will meet next Saturday, Feb. 2fi, can furnish all ground that is needed. tt-t- C. dairyman against Dr. B. W. Smock, f ized Oct. 8, 1909, with 50 members. too glad if they would do this. And that we take up a subscription County Health Officer, and Dr. F. T. Louisville. BRUCE. Jeffersontown. Ky. at 1 o'clock p. m. in the John C. MissCleone aud Mr. Hugh Summers We now have 111 members. We if they would like to assume charge through the county and get a fund Eisenman, State Veterinarian, was were the guests of Misses Theresa Bruce building, room 7, in Jeffersonsufficient to send the eight gentlehave met at regular intervals, done of the promotion of this enterprise, I Wanted. town. The inclement weather has men composing the school board, delivered at joint session Saturday and Anna B. Diemer Sunday. a good deal of talking and planning. am willing to even resign as f by Judge William H. Field. If this George Jackson, a respected negro prevented the board from coming our County School Superintendent, Wan run All the young men of the town to What results have been obtained? together the past week, so it is the CommercialClub, increase Mr. Stivers, our stands the that spend their leisure hours playing billiards at Why is it thus? Some of the memrepresentative, Mr. ruling be put to antests it is saidlarge man, of Buechel, aged about forty-fiv- e hoped there will be a full attendance my stock: in fact, do anything within is tolexceedingly years, died Friday morning after my tables. No swearing or gambling Owings, and Mr. J. C. Alcock, the it will point in favor of the erated. Barber shop in connection. Fred bers of our regular committees have my power to advance the interests editor of our county paper, to a several months' illness of tubercu of our board members. The present lf the their first time to meet with us. of old Jeffersontown, whether I rePrell. Jeffersontown. milk campaign will have been losis. He leaves a wife and several school term is to be extended, but it And some of them live only a short ceive any direct personal benefits or same schools visited by the com- gained. The suit was that of Gottis necessary that the matter be R. B. children. He was buried Sunday near definitely settled at mittee and Mr. McFerran and let Wanted You to remember that Jeff- distance from our place of meeting. the earliest business Kans. the tinner, is still in plenty ofinberry When asked about it. they reply, "I credit, or not. Let's have the hall. them see the schools at actual work, fried F. Gauman against the officials Newburg. moment to relieve the suspense of If vou are suspicious of us, we are get reports from parents named and was for $145, the value of ersontown. and will have Mr. Lancaster, of Buechel. who has patrons and teachers. whose two cows buckets on hand this spring. Also tin your did not know that you had a meeting: not of you. And will help you all we of the plaintiff dairyman children are hauled, from the patrojs and snouting. Place or I had company: or we had some can. ofof the schools, the teachers, all ordered killed by the defendant order now. I could not leave: or I music and ficers, following the tuberculin test. Now, for a contrast: "Let he with about the attendance this ground The answer of the defendant had a hog, or cow to look after," etc., eyes see, and he with ears hear!" hog weather, how successful the Lost. etc. officials was to cite the laws on the Mr. John B. McFerran, a man of truant officer is and as much infor- subject of condemning and killing My friends, if your mind will not wealth, without the least thought of Lost Feb. 22. pocket book between Fry's mation as possible. Each one of the Hill and O'Bannon, on the Westport road. contain the date of a regular, set self aggrandizement, last year wantIt was set forth board can then tell which is the best tubercular cattle. to Fry's Hill store and receive meeting, or you could not excuse Return that the cows in question were killed ed to help our schools. He plead system, and if the consolidated liberal reward. yourself from your company one with you to accept his gift of $7,000, as the result of the tuberculin test system is so much the best each of not administered by a United States vetLost The coantv man who does nolif vtake night in a month, or the music of an and tried to save a part of the $40,000, these gentlemen will come the home and erinary expert and after the proper his county paper, if found, please organ and fiddle, and the squeal of a which Mr. Moremen truthfully si ated, proper authorities. hog is of more importance and value in your paper a few days age,' had act as missionaries 101 tnat system, process. The defendants pleaded to you than the "hum of industry," practically been wasted, other state- or they wiil be convinced the preseut that in ordering thje animalsdispatch-esystem is best and retain it. they acted in their official capathen you do not feel any but selfish, ments to the contrary notwithstand- district GET OUT As far as they are concerned the city; were only doing their duty and individual interest in this life, and ing. Mr. McFerran visited all parts you will never be of much benefit to of the county in order to familiarize light will be turned on. They are should not be punished for doing YOUR SPRING HAT Cyphers Standard Incubators and Brooders are far above your fellow man. You are perfectly himself as to what he considered the well acquanted with the district what they were sworn to do. one-h- ave Your last year's willing to "brave the elements" and best locality in which to establish a system and this trip will give them The case was up on the demurrer of competition in Hatching-- in Construction, in Value and in us clean and a view of the consolidated system the plaintiff to the answer of the de make personal sacrifices when "me graded school. Reliability. For that reason they are used upon more ExThe natural advanblock it to look like fendants, and the ruling has the efand my wife, my son and his wife, us tages of Jeffersontown have so im- at work. new. Work done periment Stations; by more big- poultry and duck plants, iiromptly and by ex four, no more," can receive all the pressed him that, even though he has A gentlman who lives three miles fect of throwing the case out of and by more fanciers than all other makes combined. The perienced men. benefit, and are assured of the fact met with the treatmentthat he has, he from Jeffersontown told me his dis- court. In their answer the defendants trict had just put up a new building. quoted the opinion of Judge O'Rear latest 1910 pattern is to be in it, even still has your interests at heart and that The district had voted the tax. The of remotely. the Court of Appeals, which opinis still willing to help you, if you will house was built and as far as he was ion was concurred in by the other and Next door to Avenue Theater If those who would be the chief only help yourselves. He has joined concerned he had six girls who at2:54 Third and Jefferson. Branches was the Market, and 21(5 beneficiaries would have responded the writer in the purchase of about tended school and he did not want judges of the court. This 20:5 Fourth, near notable "kill the cows and save the Market. as promptly and liberally as a great thirty-tw- o acres of and. Five acres of them to ride to and from JeffersonThird, bet. Jefferson and babies" opinion. Judge Field's ruling many who have gone their limit and this tract will be set apart for school town in wagons with 15 or 20 other has this statement: Can subscribed for the stock that has purposes. The remainder we expect boys and girls six miles every day. "Judge O'Rear's opinion is conbeen taken it would not now be to develop in such manner as to make More new house was built and being clusive of the case," a law term that necessary to call a special meeting it very attractive, in order to induce Their wan used; in a central part of the dis- means nothing for the bereaved to raise the requisite balance to good citizens to locate with us, and easy access to These machihes are practically automatic they run erect this building. It is a matter take an interest in the building and trict, of were willing all. beHe nor dairyman. Times. his district to taxed themselves; they are that carries its own appeal to all support of this school. To do this to build a consolidated school at JeffI really can repair your VALLEY STATION. No need to worry with them at night. They run intelligent and public spirited minds. will require quite a large sum of monersontown. The people of the Clock, Watch, just as steadily without varying- a degree while you are It is a self advertised, self evident ey. Yet this good man is willing to Kosmosdale district voted a 20 cent Feb. 21 Miss Dorothy Moremen Box, Time Recorder, etc. will from an investment assume the risk of a loss, and agrees fact, that it asleep as they do while you are awake. Don't buy a cheap, on themselves to build a school-hous- has returned to Millersburg after standpoint prove a financial success to donate any profit he may derive to tax week-en- d good for nothing machine that results in lost time, much with her With the county levy this is spending the $100 to say nothing about the social the school. What a lesson this a 40 cent tax on that district for parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Moremen. worry and poor hatches. Buy the best THE CYPHERS. if I cannot. feature, and the important ad- ought to be to us! Here is a compar- school purposes. This Jeffersontown Mr. Jim Robinson and family were vantage of its very existence denot- ative stranger, who has our welfare CALL AND SEE THE GOODS district and the Kosmosdale district the guests of Mrs. Harry Burnett, ing that we are progressive and so at heart, that he is willing to take in this 20 cent county levy are help- Sunday. thereby attracting enter- this risk for us and so materially Or Write for Particulars to 134 S. Fourth St. Mrs. Anna Smith, of Louisville, in Dr. ing to build schoolhouses prising strangers to us. help us to do that which our own Breidenthal's and Mr. Sternberg's dis- spent last week with her daughter, Phones 8731 Ky. Louisville, Main Louisville never cut much figure conscience should have prompted us tricts, for both of these gentlemen Mrs. Wm. Dempley. in the financial world until its Com- to have done long ago. The writer used their eighth of the county levy Mrs. H. B. Burnett spent Friday in mercial Club began to advertise it cannot afford to do as much as Mr. for housebuilding purposes. Louisville with friends. and bring about those conditions McFerran, because he is not able to Mrs. J. W. Knadler, who has been claim that a tax for the ! conducive towards its development. do so. Should our project prove a So, the NOW consolidated houses is not fair be- ill, is convalescent. Incorporated STANDARD One of the first things it did was to success, he will contribute liberally CYPHERS INCUBATOR. Mrs. S. E. Dodge entertained the cause it taxes one part of the county erect a suitable building to accom- as well. And should it prove a loss Sole Agents for This District. Fire Proofed- .- Insurable. benefitof another partand fall Methodist Aid at her home last modate the gatherings from other he will have to share the same with for the ground, for is done under Thursday afternooH. that sections, invited there for the Mr. McFerran. And should we not to the Mrs. Mollie Alsop has returned Room On Medium-size- d money, this section will be the present system as in this case purpose of getting them to locate make any and if the consolidated system is from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. d J fkfk Furnished with them. Behold the result! We benefited thousands of dollars from while some of the county would Will Allen, of Kosmosdale. and Hung. have not a place even for our club to the improvements we make. And best, get it as soon as other parts all Mr. G. M. Fenley and family were meet, to say nothing about our en- while he has, singlehanded, worked not would eventually get it if adopted the guests of Mrs. Jno. Conn Sunday. tertainments that we would like to this matter to the point it now has by the board, and instead of being Mrs. Kate Thornberry, of Taylor have, and which any place of refine- reached, he wants it distinctly under909 W. Market St. and keep in re- Boulevard, is the guest of Mrs. R. H. Mr. McFerran, and he taxed to build, equip Ninth Street. Near Louisville. ment ought to have. And if we were stood, that to pair five or six houses we should be Stonestreet. Home Phone 3030 in position to handle conventions, alone, is the credit due for making Miss Bessie Smith and Mrs. Jno. equip, and keep one And we taxed to build, etc., that frequently would like to such conditions possible. Conn were the guests of Mrs. Robert meet outside the city, it would be of owe a debt of gratitude to this noble in repair. There is not a finer lot of boys and Burrell, of Louisville, last Friday. vast benefit to us in more ways than man, which can be paid in only one The Ladies Aid of the Christian by taking hold of this school girls any where than those now of one, as it would invite a large num way, Of Apparel county, and Church spent the day with Mrs. Joe We Print Anything ber of strangers here and afford us promotion when the time comes and school age in Jefferson we want them and their successor to Dodge last Tuesday. the opportunity to impress them with prove our appreciation by our work. BOTH PHONES 2635. From a Visiting Card Miss Bessie Smith is visiting relDo this, and build this hall, and old have the best possible plan adopted the future possibilities of our great :: to a Book atives in Louisville. section and inducing them to locate Jeffersontown will come to the front to get the best results from the taxesI K Mrs. J. B. Smith and Mrs. Blanche 426 South Fifth Street, Between Green LOUISVILLE, KY. and Walnut purposes, and MONEY FOR YOU with us. Until something of this in such a manner that nothing on we pay for school WE CAN SAVE suggest the teachers of each school Robinson have returned from visiting earth can head us off or stop the flow and friends in Louisville of prosperity that will pour down up- ask the patrons for a contribution relatives and Jeffersonville last week. and the eight trustees and the on us. Will you do it? CHICKEN AND FOR SALE trustees of each district can take up Mr. Roy Burnett, formerly of this HUDSON BROS. very truly, Yours GO'S. COMBINATION SALE a collection and turn the amounts county, who has quite ill with, E. R. Sprowl. 9 miles from this city, on traction line and pike, JV9 acres. over to Mr. Stivers, or Mr. Alcock, appendicitis at Pittsburg, Pa., is .$1,750 Hudson Bros. & Co. will hold their house, etc hnnep and all necessarv out- i ii uuaun., " to be used by these named gentle very much improved and is able to Select Dance. Tv y ANNUAL COMBINATION SALE OF iu acres, near auuve, m investigating the merit of be at work again. buildings, fruit, shade, etc., good water adjoining above out- - $2,000 The organization known as the men in log house and new L P. Moremen, Jr., who is a student HIGH-CLAS- S 3 miles from the city limits, 22 acres, and PLEASURE HORSES 2,000 "Carnation Socials" will give a se- those schools in Indiana, while at buildings, plenty of fruit of all kinds, good land of the Manuel Training School, went work. So, if we have another tax of 7UU 19 acres bottom land adjoining At their Sale Stables, Louisville, Ky., on lect dance at Cassella's hall, at 20 cents on the county we shall know with the Louisville school excursion log house, barn, etc., good well, 17 acres, near city limits, to Frankfort Friday;whilethere they on Easter Monday night, whether it is best to build Hikes Point, 1 AND MARCH 31 AND visited the Legislature and had a Acreage, 76 acres- -5 miles from this city, near traction line and o,iuu March 28, 1910. Messrs. Alex Bauer A consolidated school; pike, good garden land pleasant and profitable trip. very To extend the school term: and H. Snyders compose the commit We solicit your patronage, believing we can get you satisfactory prices schoolhouses for various Or build tee, and the affair promises to be for your horses. For further information, address The Daily Herald and The Jef134 S. Fifth St., Louisville. one of the most enjoyable of the districts which have none. HUDSON BROS. & CO., 1048 E. Main St., Louisville, Ky. J. R. MONEY, Turn on the light and if theie is a fersonian, both one year, $3.25. season. Home Phone 1498; Cumb. Main 1490. Manager Farm Dtpartneat. BUECHEL. SUBSCRIPTIONS LETTER ADVERTISING. CLASSIFIED store-room- s, te y 36-- 34-:- i, n, 36-2- t. one-thir- d 36-7- t. 1 34-t- l. t-- purse-strings- ." Or-vil- le -- - -F- our-room 36-t- Four-roo- . 35-- tf Four-roo- presi-dento- roof-ntt,.rin- 33-- 4 1 HATCH MORE STRONG CHICKS HOW? BUY THE BEST HATCHER. d LET US SHOW YOU. , 50c - New York Hatters Hatch More Cyphers Incubators Chicks 1 35-- 4 Raise You No in Failure! Cyphers Brooders self-ventilating- -, self-regulatin- Music non-moistur- e. - " e. Reward KORFHAGE 996-- 34-- 4 SOUTHERN SEED CO., is The Time WALL PAPER Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky. v)j.U" R. E. McDowell, HENRY A. J. PULS PYER ANP CUEANER 35-- 4 JOB PRINTING Ladies' and Gents' Wearing e, 36-1- 3 GARDEN FARMS. ;ii-.Ki- & o BUSINESS H-sto- APRIL Falls City Real Estate Co. 36-- 5 2, 1910.

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