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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 8, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

fTHEADAIR COUNTY NEWS VOLUMES COLUMBIA KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY APRIL 8 1903NUMBER Dixie Land performing mVJlJlfmtJJIJ ¬ l BRTWC Y PaperPictures thrillede ¬ BlDI tNos VJILEt OUE BerrymanFlowers s 22 THE TIDE TURNING sense of the necessity of such ef¬ Governor Backbam seems to have ¬ t M RUSSIAN Postmaster reached the pointin his political career days lOOm to 8jO p m Office honre week net the South heavily m every sor where the labors of almost fair years BY ELIZABETH LEE MURPHY 524 526 and 528 W Market Street of advantageThere COURT DIRECTORY appropriated to the construction of a one line in The IC folio wing which was to make him Gov ¬ Mail and Express editorial which CisouiT COURT Three sessions a year Third 1 Monday In January third Monday In May and ernor form second term is about to be contains any truth or common THE PROGRESSIVE STORE Third Monday September lost The Governor started upon his published in the Dallas Texas News during the Confederate reunion held in souse and that is this No peo ¬ Circuit Judge W WJones campaign for a second nomination as that olty last year The author is now Mrs Murphy a widow lady Commonwealth s Attorney NH WAaron ple were ever really educated by soon as his first term begun Sheriff F W Miller With his you another people cheap Circuit Clerk JB Oofley control of State patronage he has built An old Italian came into our yard last night It should have occurred to The and good Monday In each moat toup a following throughout the State OOOWTT OoomT First And humbly begged permission that his wandering band Mail and Express to make anoth JudgeT A MurrelL Might play for us some old forgotten airs the object of which was to secure this Di mettJCounty Attorney er and much more forceful ap ¬ I bowed assent and straightway Dixie Land nomination There is no doubt that rJhItT B Units plication of that pointbut it did Jailer J K P Conover when the Constitution of Kentucky eyes were W Burton not It did not occur to it that Assessor E was framed each incumbent of the gu Ah well perhaps it was but that old song Surroyor R T McCaffree by the same process of reasoningSchool BnptW D Jones bernatorial chair was limited to the Is but the gravestone oer the burled hopes of other years no people were ever really taught Coroner C M Russell period of a single term for the pre And as the notes swelled out now high now low by another people how to manage Monday in vention of just such tactics as GovernI saw between the chords in letters bright and red CITY COURT Regnlarcourt second their own affairs Here for in ¬ each month The birth the life the age of that Lost Cause or Beckham has used There is no stance is a paper published a JndeT O Davidson That neer will be forgotten een though dead question that be has therefore violated Attorney Gordon Montgomry thousand miles away seeking to The stricken South with unstrung bow In hand r the spirit of the constitution in offer ¬ MarshalG T Flowesolve a problem that is as foreign I saw again amid her mournful scenes ing himself for a second nomination Her arrow sped too high and lying lost rsCHURCH DIRECTORY to it as New Yorks municipal af- ¬ Among a myriad host of sweet dead dreams whether he has violated the letter of fairs are to the people of London it or not Could you my friend stand by the grave of one you loved PRESBYTERIAN And it shows just about as much And think on any faults that he In life BOBMYILLB SvusvRev It is extremely doubtful if he could understanding of the subject as Would you not like to dwell on nobler traits pastor Services second and fourth Sundays have prevailed upon the Democrats of the average Englishman does of In sash month Sunday lchool at 9 a m eyeiy That put to shame and darkness all the rest the State to Indorse his course in disre 3abbath Prayer meeting every Wednesday America when he supposes that So dreaming oer that past brought back tome garding the intents of the supreme law No errors saw I but before my sight New York city is in danger of be ¬ A vision only came of noble loyal men MBTHODI8TBof the land even If the highest court ing inuBTdated by the Mississippi Fighting yea dying for a cause to them both just and right OBJUTILLB BTMK ROY E M Metcalfe had been able to declare him eligible or that bear shooting is good in first Sunday In each month pastor Berrlces As listening to the music die away one scene arose Battery park Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer beyond all doubt and had done so As Whose pathos neer on canvas can be given meeting Thursday night it is his prospects have been seriously But they keep hammering away troop of ragged soldiers weeping oer a flag A blighted by the doubt which attachesat it And this is where the mis ¬ +A EDWARD DUERR LETTERER sutJ SHOES AND GAITERS BOOTS J W COFFEYh PRODUCE LOUISVILLE hea T KY ¬ led CWLOWISANLw TRAIN lfn C S GRADY DENTIST I endedto Itd countyu l 0I 11Marrells j ofer ¬ RecliningChair fAnto 00a Kentuc1tyt ¬ aloneorat r Take The News and keep posted n the happenings of Southern Kentucky ew and CourierJournal for 100 ii cured i 4 pi r if 4 Estr 1 tip t rar t 01 t w t f 1 < J YR fa Y r l15JS 7 lL Wi fC C Jit 1 v S C NEAT f OTTER I VIAPAU LIMITED THE WABASH LINE J > 4 S < X Fr 1w ii yaay < > A > c 10 Jr IL hr L < > vtV <

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