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Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

‘» M A···vz1 §§??§:§ € ‘ ' · _ i —% e t i · i i _ · . Kentucky State A. and M. College i But few people in Kentucky have realized that the Kentucky State UOUr‘gOiUYlT1(’Ht of trustees and the - i tpjcal Cngjnpgl-jpg ag jg ;]H'()I·(]g(`] fhg Ohlggt and bggt jnpgtjtutjgug in fhg (·Ouut]·r·_ i'1`llStO0S in UIQ S(‘iCCiiU]] of ]1]'f`lfOSSO1`S llllli illSi1`l1C[O1'$, zlllti ill HIC O1l1piO}`l]]OI1if of _ i. Thg Cmupug, and buildings afford gi lmmg fgy ti-ig Cgllggg “·hi(~]i ig Dm; mi]; various kinds of iieeessmy labor. have wisely ignored political zifiiliutions and i »: large and Cgninigdjgus but eytrgiiieiy b(;gutjfu]_ Some eight Or tgp ligiidggiiig 1'0iigi(>US 0]>il1iO11S, and $1].1OUt this il1S’(itl1`ti0I1, \\'hiCh is ill ll pG<‘llii2iI‘ SGHSC the ° gtrugtiirg ;u·y;1ng(3d aioiig ixgrfeetiy sniooth and graceful (`i]‘i\'(’S {uid w;i]kg in the ])]`O})(‘I"ty of UIQ p<*Oph*, iil<‘1‘Q has i)('C11 dI`il\\`D 51 line which 110110 has dal1‘Od to CTOSS · _ · midst of the spacious lawns 0f Kentuekyk own blue grass and splendid slime trees- with disturbing ucrimenies 0f political and religious ditTerenees. such is the sight that meets the eye ef the young Kentuekian when he lmive; the The prospect is bright for the eontinued growth and advancement of the eel- i-i »~i`.i_ i train that brought him from his home in at distant county to seek to fit himself for lege, and we may hope that another ten years will {ind every available site on the — . . a grapple with the toil of life by taking advantage of the opportunity his State has eainpus eovered with buildings, every depzirtment hreudened and strengthened and { given him in her college at Lexington. better equipped, new departments added and thousands instead of hundreds deriv— Every department is equipped with the machinery and appliances neeesgiiiy for ing the benefits of the wise muniiicence of the State. p { i t..-—' i gi } Je L' , iv, { A ‘ H _=‘ ‘ 5.*; i ' • is t i i Y · 3 ` ` ` ' ` " ` ‘ ‘r V · — ····· ·- ··»· ··-i ;.. A. .. .__,,,,__,,_ Ash- ::7 -

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