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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, August 25, 1787

Part of The Kentucke gazette

THE? "NUMB. III. KEN V TUCKE SATURDAY. The: PRINTER of GAZETTE KE to-th- tub KFN'l UC-- 1 PUBLIC. AUG: 173, GAZETTE AUGUST 25, will lay open all the Republic of letters to our view and furnish us with all recef-farinstructions to avoid the danger or iecurctrre bleffings which may wait on Fifthly, it will our riling community. afford usaneafy method of undcifUnd ing one another and coming to a better n the execution, ot ecrv which maybe ncccTary for the common good. . It will bring the latent sparks of Genius to light, and give tnc world a lcfpeftablc opinion of the "people who have come so marly leagues 10 cultivatca defcrted land. When others see what wc have done and what we arc still able to do; they will. come and ftrcngthen oii'r hands and be pleased to partake of our y having expended much in the msterials and conveying themjiom Philadelphia, have ventured to open a PnntmR Office in the Town of Lcxingtoninthe Difti ift of Notwithstanding thele expences and that of procuring farther fupplics of paper for ray biifincfs and of frtpporting nccefTary hands.I iTidll content myfclf at present with the profpeft of final! gains. I consider this country as heing yet in an infant ftatcharrafled by the most savage encmies,havingno piofitahlc trade and being drained of money by its present suture" bleffings. with the Kaftcrn parts of Ame-lieupon a piomifc ofpai ' Indeed HowevcrtWo exertions made by a great number of Gentlemen in savour of tronagc from the Convention in 1783. that induced mc first to attempt what I the press convinces mc that aSpiiit prevails among my countrymen superior to have now accomplifhcd. I thciefofc rest satisfied, thatallmy Countrymen will their present circumstances. lam fatisficd of my claim to their notice as the that every pQffiblc encouragement will firjl adventurer in abufinefs whcih has begiven to my present undertaking. been chiefly inftrumentalin bringing manIt is impoflibleto recount all the that the public will rccicve kind from afta'eof blindrcfs and flavciy from the publication of a GAZETTE in to their present advancement in knowledge and freedom. this Diftrift. will give a quick and general information concerning the intenJOHN BRADFORD. tions and bchavionr of our neighbouring 8888838888888888:888888888888888 enemies. and put us upon our guard their suture violence. jvill communicate a timely information of Virginia to wit, By his Excellency Edmund Randlph, the proceedings of our Legiflature.and Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth, pi event us from undergoing various evils by being unacquainted with the laws of our country, some of which have been in A force fomctime before they reached the diftrift. will call our attention HEREAS the defence of tothetranfactionsof Congress,and fhew the commonwealth is b.y us the policy which predominates in our the laws placed in the militia will teach thereof, and no exertion for the us when we are to prepaie for foreign wars-whemaintenance of discipline ought wc are to admiie the Hero, the gene ous Patriot, and to be omitted. I do therefore, the wise Statcfman; or to treat with by and with the advice of the the betray or of his Country. council of state, exhort all officers Fourthly, it will carry our attcntionto the ancient world, an i gratify our curio-fit- y of the militia, of whatsoever rank, punctually and faithftilly to dif-with rcfpec to distant nations who fiourifh in the arts of arms or peace. It charee their refpecTUvduties. AFTFTl dc-sig- Ken-tuck- 178- - co moreover declare, that peribn, sailing here:n, (hall be prosecuted in the mcft exemplary manner, allowed by lawv But from my confidence in the patriotism and character of the of6cers, I most sanguinely hope, that a resort to the penalties of the law will be unneceflary. And 1 eery my hand, undtheftal the ccmmomvealtli, at 1 of ths twenty-fourtMarch, one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven". Given under e EDMUND RANDOLPH. s. $ PROCLAMATION. n ul NKWriURYPORT. Anril 18.' Last Saturday evening came to .tli'ts town a Mr. Stewart, formerly mate oa brig belonging to Savannah,, tap. Cfark', commander, who informs, that they took in acargo of tobacco at Alexandria i)i Virginia, in 1784, bound therewith into.tjis Mediterranean. Soon aster they hadpaff-e-d Gibraltar, they were furromded ly three Algerine corfairs, who tookpojfeffion of their vcffei and cargo, iftripped the mate and seamen .of every article'pf cloathing and effeSs, and gave tfiem in thereof, a frock and pair oftrowfe(S. They were focn landed at Algiers, and im- -. mediately were conduced to the'cajlle and put to hard labour, without diftinBiyn, of only and put upon a pit'ful half a pint of rice per day no bread )yr meat, ttnlefs whenthcyore allowedto take inwards of creatures which were killed'- -' Aster having remained several months at. hard labour intle cajlfe, they were brought forth to a publickjale, ythen their purchasers, bejio'es otherwlfe treating them in themojt brutal tqamier, Jilt open an ear of each man, tt the same time, can, ma-Jle- r, Being thus marked, they were fitUajt. board the gallies ana cnauxeauttitttars where thy remained, urtil relieved ty their generom ay.a numar.e uvnerjj. ; ,

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