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Image 5 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), April 26, 1905

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

wiMnxtAAn41 Atmr rUE 16 v MATTER OFHEALt- M i Florrnrc Vrlscr and Mr JnitiM Onmpbcll Ir to Mnrry Mny fit Anhotincement Is made today of the approaching mnrrtago of Miss Klorence Yelsor and Mr Jnmcfi Campbell Jr of this city Tho wed ding will take place on May 10 at rI30 In tho afternoon nt the First Presbyterian church Itev WE Cave D U will perform the cere mony No Invitations will be Issued In tho city but hnvo been sent out of town Till wedding will be chnracterlcd by a simplicity but charm of setting Miss Anna Mny Yelner sister of the bride will be tho maid of honor and Mr Will Ilradshaw Jr Is the best man The bride and mold of honor will wear white The ushers areAMr M ounce Nash Jr of Louisville Mr Louis M Hlcke Jr Mr Arthur Mar tin nrfd Mr Thomas 11 Harrison of the city rime inarrTago Is one of especial so cl ii Interest nn Itmarks the union of two jHipular young people of promt rent Pnducah families Miss Yulser If the second daughter of Mayor and My U A Yelsor and since her de- but tins been a favorite In tho social Ircles Of an attractive personality bright anti Intellectual her many fine and lovable qualities and sincerity of manner have endeared her to n host ol friends In her girlhood home Mr Campbell Is one of the rising young lawyers of the cUalld U a member of the prominent law firm Campbell Ml ekIN POWDER 4 I HAS 4 1- Absolutely Pure MO SUBSTITUTES Colos Co at Metropolis Ill died at Ills homo In Cedar Falls Harris from paralysis E The romnlns tof the Into M I Unnkslon who died yesterday iwcro toJny taken to Nnshvllto for burial Mr Ed Hanson of the Padu For Dr Pendley ring 411 rah Wagon worlds Is confined to his Sign and carriage painting 0 homo from Illness n Sexton both phones 401 The Mite Society of thin German For good clean coal order of lEvangelical church will meet with Old Mrs J J Illolch 007 Clink Thurs Otlu Ovoratrcot 823 Harrison day afternoon phono 470 now iihono 820 Advertising car No 3 of tho 4 Call Palmer Transfer Co for Intellectual men nnd women raw shows arrived In Paducah last of Tho couillo will leave Immediately carriages baggngo wagons and first night and tho bill posters are at after tho ceremony 4 on a bridal trip class livery rig Huck fnres and work billing tho city again The trunks strictly cash Best service In show sends out several advertising of Indefinite length the city 4i crows nnd bills every city and town Club Function For good clcnn coal order of thoroughly Tho afternoon reception and even Old Mr Toni Ward Is acting In the Olio Ovorntrcet 823 Harrison place of Mr Dan Leo night tank In ing smoker of tho Paducnh Chess phono 470 now phone 82C Magazine spector for the L C Mr Lee Is off Checker find Whist club yesterday Got n Weiss Patent at the club quarters was a most binder Savo your Magazines and bo July for several days The W C T U will meet to brilliant occasion The rooms wore your own binder A full line of them morrow afternoon al 3 oclock lu the charmingly decorated though needCo old phone at H n Clements lecture room of the First Baptist ing nothing to complete their artistic 43G church Elm mothers meeting will effect In the afternoon ctirnatlons Mr dip Husbnnds of the Bonton not bo held until next week were presented to the ladles who raked Pencil was served and Deals road 1ms opened his fine pasture on orchestra played during tho hours his farm for tho summer and is ready PAINFULLY IIUJIT This Is tho fourth anniversary of to pasture nil classes of stock JCnmleltcr offers you oats In bags Wife of Foreman McMnnu4 Fulls time clubs organization which now has 232 members Over 4000 has Tliroujili n llatrliwiiy nt 42 cents pot bushel and pure been spent Jn fitting up the hand bags at OOc nil wheat bran In 100lh Mrs William McManun wife of some rooms Fully 1000 guests were this week find Foreman McManus of tho AyorIxird 4I ladles of Paducah you will nt Smith Sisters n full line of art Co barges and boats at Owens Isl tncc its organization and opposite the clbmet with a materials Call and Goo tho stamped painful accident tlUJnornlng patterns Old pliono 10CSr 418 A Woodvlllo Vrdilliif She fell through a hatchway of h Broadway Miss Mamie Tomlinson and Mr boat and fractured several ribs She Tho now flro machine ordered was badly bruised and was taken out Hugh Slnpp wore married last even I poniollino ago from tho AmorlcnnLa of the hold In n setni conscious con- ing at Woodvllle Ky Rev W P Hamilton officiating They are pop Franco company Chicago will bo dition Dr J W Pcndley was called and ular young people the bride being delivered to thin city sometime next probably about Sho met of wont across tho river this morning a daughter of Squire Tomlinson month nnd the groom tho young man slated to dress time Injury the month for deputy county clerk If Mr Hiram postmaster at 11 F Gilbert Smodley the Deomcratlc nominee Illandvllle Ky dropped dead yester AGAIN PlUm OLD LEAGUK selected In November They will re day from heart disease Ho woe 74 side at Woodvllle years old mid Alabama Towns to Inspector IM Clark will Tl41ne5e1 tlay Baseball License resign shortly and go to San Antonio House Party nt the Pines Tex for his health Ho bra been Mr nnd Mrs Jos L Friedman will Htintsvlllc Ala April confined to his homo hero for several baseball In Huntsvllle have entertain Judgo and Mrs H D months There will bo a number of motors of n letter from Frank Mof Laughlln and Mr and Mrs John applications for the position he glues receivedKnoxville stating thai ho has Itoth of Chicago at the Pines next fet nt up The general council sleets Judgo Laughlln Is manager week succeeded In forming the TrlStnte 4l = Mr Finis Fields foreman of the of the Great Northern Hotel of Chi 4i League and lIs waiting on Huntsvllle cage nnd Mr Itoth Is manager of tho C wrecking crow has been grant A meeting to complete tho circuit ed n patent on a wheel clamp will bo held on Wednes Auditorium Annex of Chicago of local fans Business IIs reported quite dull night nnd there lU hardly any at present In all circles It IB expect tiny KiitroXniiH Club doubt that with an opportunity to ed to pick up however wliou rho got In good fast company Hunts Miss Robbie Loving entertained wcnthvr becomes more nettled vlllo fans will put up enough money the Intro Nous club yesterday after Tho Retail Clerks union lias In to back n good team noon It was a very delightful occa itiated James Ivuttrull Douglas Wll SIOU unit and Joe Fisher MNt llmtilouH Recital About G oclock yesterday af Organ Itccltiil This Afternoon The last attraction for tho season Jornooii soot In the chimney of tho Mr Harry Gilberts sixth organ re rharcoal heater In tlw Palmer house nt The Kentucky will bo Miss Horn cital Is helm this afternoon from 5 to kitchen caught fire and cann Bans recital next Monday evening C oclock at the First Christian ed considerable smoke roHtiUIiiK In It promise to bo a most brilliant church Mr Edwin J Paxton Is the the Ire depurtmontalieliiK called out and enjoyable affair Miss Horndon soloist and the program Is most at There was no lire however anti the Is nn elocutionist of marked talentt tractive hotel was nut In tho slightest iran combined with personal magnetism and this with hor splendid roper Kor Easter German negro tho old tlmo N II Harris president of the sonation of The l astor commit to bo given by H atmammies nil diddles will k some of the young men of socely tract a large dudlence Mss Horn takes place nt tho Ialmcr house this don hits added a niunlier of entirely evening now dialect readings to her roper lobo from the pens of tho host Luther IiwiKUcCknown dialect writers Thomas Nol fTho Luther league will meet to Pago Joel Chandler horns and morrow ron afternoon with Miss Louise Martin S Ololow The old slaves Beyer nt her home on the Mayfield find In her n sympathetic nail able road Interpreter and the humor keeps 4 her audience In an uproar of laugh St Mr and lilts ChI Davis w tor The musicians who will lend rngo who have WAvisiting of JulianAngelica N boon tIo In the most talent city their assistance are the re for the past days P rd In the city and tho entire pro turned home today threeBoon at gram will bo u trout to the cultured Virginia Dare Mr Virgil Chastalno wont to Uaw 1100110 of Paducnh cub today on business 0ro Old Sherry Mr C B Hajflold wont to Prince SUNDAY ton this morning on business Port Mr J U Hollliitfshead of Chica qrn Uvruihlou in On tho Tmrgu- go arrived this morning on business M 1ScatcllcI I Hlfiiincr J H n Mrs Charles Curtis of St boats Zf1 Leave Paducah 0 n III arrive at arrived thiS mornlnc to visit her Cairo 1 p fn LcaVo Cairo C p in parents Mr and Mrs J II Burnett TokayScuppernong lyW Faro only 75c nail game nt Cairo nf North Fifth street lyr1 Come St Loiils Globes versus Cairo Hoy p o Wright rector of Grace Catawba 1 aril enjoy n day on Uio river Episcopal church loft at noon today 9y liomomber the date Sunday April for Now Albany bad where he will Sautqrne 30th excursion to Cairo preach tomorrow night He will 1 CHAMPAGNE H return on Friday Mr Wright was A Dawn 1ostponiM rector of dl Paul Knlsconal church OH account of painters and paper I n New Albany before coming here I hangers not flnlshlng work at K P and goes to visit hIs former tunnel hull the dance announced fortonlght JR W WALKER COMrs Mary Kabh ant daughter cannot be lucid Due notice of neict Mlsa Nina Ilabb loft nt noon today y dance will be given IIn The Sun ton JSddyvllle Ky where they will PpU 6JS1S I They arrived spend tho slimmer cindwtyJ Intl Mr 0 Q Grassham t he attorney froth Chicago our Monday ulght I I l wont to Dsiwan his pipraing Mr W T Klrkpatrjck filter and V I LOCAL hl LINES In ludgoJames Taylorhas I 2GPro i l I PURE WINES a a lhIlll afro I r r1C7 + > rlndlr i I I The Grounded Grin x COMPANY 1 I P1VH I NlljiCli Take notice that Mr Dick Allen Is no longer In our employ BAK JAKti BiLM ItMAN OUO r THpOY4i ly4 SUNrth t TIfS People penalrleeesant Events A l p fcADUCAH EVENING FOll I Flverooni BALK Apply 1240 Trlmulo That Hart Puts on His Customers by Selling cottage H- nt 123 onOcmtY Ion SALTFine lo ttVANTLU1ay bonrdors North Seventh streot Apply 217 Ky Ave cation Four FOIL IH3NT rooms Refrigerators Ice Cream Freezers Coolers Coal Oiland Gasoline Bikes Croquet Sets Baseball Flower Seed Hose Hoes Rakes 81G S Third IhOIl022t Ion without hoard EWANTEDA good cook In n small I 300 N Eighth St 1LF NT ROOM 1iJ 2 N Fourth S- fatally nt once At once good cook nt WANTED 1 CIO Trimble = Ai Old avenue fL i ItENTNeatly furnished rooms for rent 1108 Monroe street FOIL old phone Spades < MHtnons IlEPLATED at Brooks 221 Kentucky phone 372 red Stoves Goods Shovels Hammocks Lawn Swings and other trix STOP and get redhot Tomalas at 11iry South Third street tires Water Bottom Prices Wont Kum < OffI I 12QG Hart also gives a chance with every 50c cash Sixth FANNIE AVANT 710 S Shampooing Scalp Massage curing Phone 1C7S purchase in a large refrigerator and bike Mani- B LEVITAN 208 South Second street pays highest cash price for sec- ond lmand furniture Telephone 893n Secondhand WANTED Price must hello 1220 be reasonable N 11th St 0 GEO HART carpet William young man of excellent habits In private family within ten mhiutes of postofllce X care The Sun e practical house W F PEIHIY painter Phone 49Ga shop 209 S Fourth St UPHOLSTERING and awnings Pa ducah Mattress Co corner Third WHITTEMOnE Real Estate Free and Ohio Phone 1CB3 r price list Insurance Notary public Fraternity Building Phones 83G SCREEN YOUR HOUSE with our wires windows and doors and save WANTED Position as bookkeep money Noahs Ark er cashier or clerk In storo by a lady Apply to E W Whittemore r GROCERIES at coat every MonR S Barnett day pad Thursday = SHIPPING Seventeen CLERK years experience Good marker References Hustler thin office Old phone 123- WE WANT To employ a white man to net as fireman at our mills Temple Bros CQ Maxons Mills I Ky WANTEEUMIddloagcd white wo man for housekeeping Apply lh M Cunningham 0WANTEDYdung colored girl Must bo neat and able to cook for Apply to Mrs D family of three W Coons 024 Broadway It nODENHEIMER tailor Clean Ingr pressing nnd repairing a special- ty Over Citizens Savings Dank Old phone 844a- 13th and Adams THE KENTUCKY Mftftaui at i muu TONIGHTAND B OSTONPresenting uptodate with IOJALand glrls1funOPERA I CO e I ighth street E STABLE BOARDING Board your horse with me and get the benefit of careful personal atten tion to both horse and carriage 0 Inn Club Shoot 210 South Third old R Holland There was not n very largo crowd phone 721nt Wallace park yesterday Afternoon at tlio complimentary shoot given WALL PAPER Going fast at 3 Mr and Mrs W A Davis of Chica For throe days you go A aslive bird match was won cents per roll tan get your choice of over 4000 by Mr W B Kennedy The score was Kennedy 23 Henry foyer 23 rolls of nice neat clean wall paper 0 H Kennedy onearmed man 30 at 3p a roll NO cit on border No No credit James Welllo 20 Mrs Davis 8 out lime to measure room of 10 and Pr Hnnsbro Q put of 10 No collector No sale unless money Is Money When Kennedy and layer shot off paid anti paper laid aside refunded If paper not satisfactory on tho tie Kennedy won receipt Padueah Book and Muso phone 773a fltore 428 Broadway Tonight pocf ors Miit Tonight the McCrackeit County Wall paper department In the rear T Medical society will meet In the ofi iv nt WAYS flees of Drs Stewart and Pass anti Pr Stewart will read a paper Now that warm weather U coming the A VnlttMl i tates oilier Arrival From Singapore time Fur KJU lectors will hold their meetings with n a few weeks In the country City Norfolk The united doctoui enjoy these outdoor meetings fiftyseven a greqr deal as It affords a recrea States collier Brutus lion and a days rest The date for days froth Plngaporo arrived today beginning the outdoor meetings his beating all other collier records from the fur eastlt not best setMrs Anna Fields of Tyler Texas Is visiting her brother Mr Bruce Phllley of South Fourth street 4pril stage today Night s adults 25C tsc Sac 2Sc- 4 I Matinee Saturday AN KVKN DOZEN IN tho Number of Children a Man Has Who WnnlH to Ho muster lolltI April 2C Washington Another man wants to be mate a postmaster because of tho size of his family Not long ago Henry Louis Mooro of Soda po- Ida Mo made application for the sition of postmaster In his homo town nnd filed as his principal recommend- ation a picture of himself hula wife t qml twelve children Now comes an applicant for a Rim liar position In Pennsylvania and hoe sends n picture of himself huts wife and ten children Ileis Joseph E He states of Doyleston Pa Hart that ho Is an ardent admirer of Pres bleat Roobovolt and believes with him that lord should bo no race sul ride ills ten children are all healthy Eight of them are girls looking tho youngest being n baby C or 8 months old and tho oldest 17 years oldMr Hart Isstlll a little behind Mr Jt Is agreed In the post that time lattera olllco department children are the bestlooking of any applicant yet presented It U quite probable that Fourth Assistant Post master General Dograw will have to start I file case for such applicants Several cases of this kind havo been received so far but the families of Messrs Moore and Hart ore the larK Moore and IJ out on record 111111 ON INDIANS Fire Destroys Ono of Their Few thane of Subsistence Black River Wle April 6Forethousands of el of have destroyedmarshes near blueberry acres here depriving the Wlnnobago In t Ores dint remnant already stricken with disease and poverty of one of I 19 few weans of subsistence YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT belles l+ flfot Kvuy dote mikea you keeps your wbolo tuildtl right sou ou limo money back pUa eycrywhctr riles i cat ltl + I 1 tc Matinees children isc s I com- puny of its size on the TONIO1iT MOORS BRIDE desired greatest singing PRICES WANTED1000 men and boys to Join the club All your clothes press by ed cleaned called for nnd delivered 100 per month and shoes shined family left today for Riverside Cal J A Looser Co over McPhersons to reside Mr Kirkpatrick Is tho well drugstore Old Phone known carpenter and contractor and has many friends here FOR RENTNew and handsome Misses Mary Smith and Opal liar Fight room house every modern ris of Paducah returned to their convenience Droadway between1 8tn home Monday after spending a few days with Mrs L MannMelropolia- and 9th Sts Apply Drack Owen Journal RepubllcanFOR SALE General store In good Misses Inah and Laura Caboll of Flue af- town In excellent community Henderson have returned home ter a visit to Mrs Ollle Cabell of opening for a hustler Address X Madison street caro Tho Sun two Mrs M C Crawford and daughters of Mayfield are visiting 0 MY THE FLIES Its time to the family of Mr Leslie Dunn get your screens Hamby makes all Miss Mattie Lout McGlathory has kinds at lowest prices Makes any- gone to Memphis Tenn to visit 209 South Fourth thing you want Mrs Ad Jlusch and daughter havo street phono 496a returned from a several weeks visit In Evansvllle WANTED Good set of second Mrs H E Thompson and Mrs E hand blacksmith tools also an exper A Rivers who have been visiting ienced tuna for blacksmithing and In Atlanta Oa have returned homo woodworking Address S care of Mr P E Wnrneken of Bremen Gocmany arrived yesterday and was unWANTEDSealed Joined by his brother Mr 0 H War bids for tho noken of Clarksvlllo The former Is rectlon of Blooming Grove church In this country for a visit K near Dlrdsvlllo I y All bids to bo Mr Coke Carlton of Dyorsburg Address W E Chlpps In by May fl Tenn has returned after a visit to Information Ilayou Ky Mr Owen Donegan Jr of North tar J BOARD and Lodging SONS CO

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