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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), April 26, 1905

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

t ttbtttn I inllrshhtlujures TO FIGHT IT OUT len l1colR SOMETIMES SHIPS soon as General Llnovltch tools corn nand of the army In Manchuria ho serious dismissed nil telegraph employees An Invcstlgallon proved that twenty WIFE 1t4t hi rcvon of fifty operators were In com Hev munication with the Japanese 1r Hoino Discovery iiral of tho opcralors were hanged by ItO St Louis Mo tOLE 1us Snllnn Knit April 2tWord has been received lucre of tho sillcldo of Mrs Lawyer wife of Rev Henry C lnwycr pastor of the Methodist church at Tcscott Mrs Lawyer fast ened n curtain polo across tho stair- way In their homo and hanged her self to thin polo Her husband was in tho house at tho time but was busy with preparations for his Sunday son nu fuse lo Philippine Will mon and it wits more than nn hour Hong Kong April 2GTho Ilrlt before ho discovered the dead bony Ish steamer Calchas has arrived here of his wife Tho couple had boot nnd reports sighting three Russian married but a tow weeks bntllcshlps and two cruisers this morning off Llntlng Island steering southeastl Llntlng Island lis In Iho A DECISION China eon near the main coast of China southwest of long Kong The course of the squadron as ro ported If continued will bring thr IN THE STREET CAR COMPANYS licet closo to the Philippines SUIT FOR INJUNCTION t noon seven bodies had been Tho broken rope was identified found cut clean as wllh some sharp instrument 2GColIIue BY JUDGE HARGIS llccnuso of the dangerous deterioration In pa pets nnd Inks used In making tip the records In tho archives ot tho gov eminent tho bureau of chemistry has taken tho first stops toward establish hug a standard for tho future under which all record paper Is to bo bought An Investigation tins been begun into tho qualities of paper Inks and typo writer ribbons Heads of departments have long bucii complaining that records have been fading nnd that the leaves are cracking and falling to pieces In- vestigation disclosed the fact that tho trouble began with Iho Introduction of wood pulp paper Records mado In tho days of linen paper during tho revolutionary period arc In most cases as clear today as when written Tho Declaration of Independence Is 1 docuittctitslint I WAIL ON 1ORCII St Petersburg April 2GAclmlr alty circles nro coming to accept tho view that there will bo no great or general notion between tho Heels of Russia and Japan for some limo bas lug their belief on strategic and tacti cal reasons which Incline Togo to avoid decisive action until ho has monde every effort to demoralize the Russian hoot by torpedo attacks and Interference with transports by his cruiser division Tho admlrally scouts tho reports that engagements have already oc curred pointing out tho distance sop orating the places where the dispatches originated and n naVal staff cap lain declared that reports from Eng llsh sources should not bo doubted hut oven mistrusted Tho pr6bahll ty of a sortlo by the Vladivostok squadron In an attempt to join Roj pstvouBfiy I s discussed by tho Razved I chlk a military weekly paper which confirms tho report that Vladivostok harbor Is free of ice and comments on this accession of strength to fbi usfvcnslC Y Tito papor nlllo intimates that Chore lIs n posslblllly that Nob cgqtoff zany await n second reinforc lug squadron and expresses tho opin ion that RoJuHlvciuky will now pro ceed as rapidly na possible to Vladi vostok lrulsrri Near Argument tho Pnducah In and would have In last frora 81 the rund6wn6ne t pnlpofihttjcenonhid theridge against tho city of Padiicah toroil slruo tho companyH franchise aud de clue If tho city or street car jbmpa ny pays for the concrete under and between tho car tracks whore streets are to bo Improved was concluded this morning but no decision has been reidorqd Judge Reed njttor the conclusion of arguments today decided to Issue nn order granting a temporary re slralnlng order but within half an hour and before tIle order was ro cordcdi recalled It vhlch leaves tho Tho In case whore It was before junction paired Is to keep thin city front gofngnbcad wlllj street work until tho points In tho controversy are CnstroH Speech April 20 Venezuela President Castro In the coarse of a speech at Calabazo on April IS said I do not believe there Is a possi blllt of a now conflict for tho ro public hut If against reason right and jiiHllcc anything is cogitating I which I do not wish to qaullfy swear to you I shall know how to irayv inspiration from tho memory of tho valor of tho patriots formerly exhibited In those plains and If en Caracas couragement Is wanting I shall seek It In the indomitable character of In f settled habitants ot these districts and so Tho street tar company attorneys supported challenge fate In tho case say that no such point as mentioned in another paper that the IIKLD IllOTtfailAPH old street car franchise holds good raw although It ban long ago boon renounced nnd a now franchise sold Of Ills Sweetheart When Ho Shot mill Killed Himself and mloptod by the car company was raised by tho citys attorneys Des Mollies In April 26HaItiIThis afternoon just beforo press time Iho wise was taken up again by mi In his hands a photograph ot Miss Judge Reed and a temporary Injunc lichen Haytum who spurned hula of for of marriage Loon Clark a nine lout granted until n mutton Immedi ately inndo to dissolve the Injunc leorcar old Btudenl shot and kilt ed hlniBolt this morning tion Judge Reed then dissolved Iho In Appointed ItiiNhlun Minister junction nnd tho street ear company Pekln April 2G11t Pokotlloff will take nn appeal and havo Iho cnso Holllod by tutu court of npVaU which director of tlio RiiBsoChlneeo bank baa been nppolntcd Russian minister In desired by bout sites It Is likely tho city ran now go on to China to succeed Paul Lossar with the work If Il wants to run the who tiled recently risk of liability for damages In case tho street car company wins In tho IlrilMi Not Itusulans higher court HOIIJJ Kong April GIlItor ra ports hero Indlcalo that the olllcars catch the Japanese of thin Cnlclma erred Tho squadron with It Admiral RojestvonBky lots sighted off IInt lug Uland Is compos given every detail of thin coming con ed of llrlllah not Russian warships flict his particular attention logos tic I s jt TODAYS MARKETS Qpen Wheat May May July May 2GA- ed It lIs tho opinion In that communi t y that the mother of the babe Is in belter circumstances than tho gar ments Irwllcato Tho child Is sup posed to have como from the direc dlery business Front this ho drifted tion of Guthrie K> Into the wagon yard business which was his occupation nt tho time of Hitter Towards T nn Cock tell Hicause Cockrcll Kilted Ilea llargl Ills llrotlicr MIXED < iY 1 CROSSEXAMINATION Lexington I y April 2QJudgo K Bangle on trial for tho murder of James Cockrlll took tho stand as tho first witness for tho defense and after the lirellmlnary questions as to his birth parentage and education tho Cockrlll killing was taken up llargls entered a general denial of tho principal statements made by the Ho said commonwealths witnesses that ho felt hitter toward Tom Cock rill because Cockrlll had killed his brother lien llarglsHo mado tho further sensational statement that ho had stated openly ho would furnish any amount of money necessary to defend any man who should kill him Ho said ho hind no feeling against James Cockrlll and Cockrllls father was n close Ho denied Anso Whiles friend statement that ho White had bcen requested by llargls to take tho stand In tho courthouse during Tom Cock rills trial and when n pro nrrangetl Juts disturbance occurred start to kill fvo men among them James Cock rill Judge Hargls sworo that on tho day when Cockrlll was assassinated bo was asleep gut a mattress In n room over his store shortly boforo the shooting Wing Ford awoke him yREPORT CASES death to toil him Cockrlll was In town Tho deceased was a bachelor and Hargls says ho expressed regret that leaves but ono near relative Miss Cockrlll had home to lown as ho Mary Emma Morgan who Is his sis feared that ho and Curt Jott would tcr OF VIOLATION OF SANITARY have trouble Almost at this Instant The funeral will be hold from tho LAWS TO PRESIDENT PEND tho fatal shots woro fired residence tomorrow afternoon at 2 After tho firing ho said that Curt LEoclock services by Rev Cheek In Jclt came up Into his room and also terment at Oak Grove r James Drophy and Dug Hayes liar rls called across thp lffct toJu1go 950000 IIKIJ YIo1Vniitslii7ccit the Clly Clean Flcenor and asked who was shot Meeting of the Hoard of Fleenor replied Cockrlll had boon At Sehiin Ala Lust I Health Tonight Man Blot Overcome At this Juncture In tho trial tho sheriff notified Judge Parker lint a Selma Ala April 2GFlro broke titan was In tho hallway of tho court There will be a mooting of tlio selling verses on tho assassination of out In tho engineroom of the Amen can Candy factory on Water street board of health tonight for tho pur Marcia Tho court thereupon ex last night nnd quickly spread to ad pose of meeting sanitary Inspectors cused Hargls and the Jury and and outlining the work to lie done joining buildings verso vendor Into the room Sanitary Inspectors begin work called tho During tho lire Webb Bowles Ho was Henry Dunnlgan a mountain May 1st anti thero is much to do switchman on tho Southern railway man and ho was reprimanded and yards from Macou Ga who was dlsmissqd helping the department tight the Tho examination was then resum flames was Overcome by the smoko these Inspectors in tho board of ed Hrgls said that Callahan Ivan and Is thought Ify physicians to be In- healths hands sot In iho room nor was Alexander If any resident will report to mo Harglsin Jackson n precarious condition that day Hargls any nuisance of any kind I will give Tho losses are American Candy made sweeping denials of all tho Factory 35000 V 11 Atkins Gro It my personal attention und see charges of the state witnesses that It Is remedied at onco or tho cery and Commission company 8 Hargls was crossexamined by Ibo 000 J E Kennedy Co commis commonwealth today and some of tho questions caused hi into make an slot merchants JGOO Dr Sullivan There are nI ewer contrary to his direct testimony dentist 1000 Frank Nunnclleo job stated this morning number of nuisances about tho city GOO printing establishment and I constantly got reports of thorn SPOT KILLED Some are remedied but others are KENTUCKY COUPLKS not anti In cases of tho latter I shall Immediately got warrants One man was warrant And tho President Out I rnm Padiicah and Ono From ed today and will bo prosecuted In Avenged lllx Death Milliard County Married Today police court for n nuisance Wo In Camp Roosevelt via Newcastle was slain tend to clean the city and keep It In- Colo April Mr Frank Mllbor anti Miss Nellie n good sanitary condition and will Monday Spot was a favorite of Prosi May Coloman of Iajhiculi wont to appreciate tho aid of any citizen In Idont Roosevelt and John Qofta pro Metropolis today and woro married reporting cases to the board mlor bear dog Ho was only a fox at tho Howard Hotel at noon by Jus terrier that wtvlghcd 12 pounds and I tiro Liggett ho tackled a bear weighing 300 Tho r FIREMAN KILLED Is n daughter of Mr Tho brldo Immediately president J himself Coloman the dairyman avenged the murder of Spot Mr Reuben Cooper anti Miss Men During n UOO0 M mUll In New A ride of 35 miles from West Di llo E Leach of Inglosldo York Lust Night Ilallard vide creak to Mnmm creek and hack Illlleirollo county crossed thin river netted twoblack bears for tho presi Us mid were married this afternoon Now York April 20 In n fire on dential party The first hear was They wore accompanied by U Wai Ibo east side tonight Acting Rallal killed In tho forenoon shortly after ford and Mss Pearl Gibson lot Chief Wloland was killed and reaching Mau nun creek Just after ono end ot Iho block on Grand Or- title killing Spot took up the trail pi chard and Allot streets was destroy tho lead boars mate loft remained Dial OF HOTIl BIDES ed Loss 200000 The fire was un behind Jo take the pelt of the bear Should Un Honored Hy a Nat lnlunl der control and Wloland was ascend while the president Ilarah and Woljs lug n ladder when It slipped nnd ho pursued Ilruln She was ofton at bay Says CJov Terrlll Monument was plunged through a plate glaaa and apparently Spot ran out of pa Ho was removed to a hos thence for at last he dashed ln anti Lagrango Ga April OOovor window pital vyhero ho tiled nor Torrlll of Georgia dollvered a memorial address lucre this after shot tho boar ems MILES noon In the presence of n largo pa Ecmbly ho awoke a popular chord Next 1iTnldent of I when ho suggested Hint hili time Is Tipped UK the HP Is understood to be preparing a HIM Equlfiihli was ripe for a national monument to tribute to Spot which ho will auk la the dons of built sides civil I Now York April 30Anang the have included In the news sun out war Ho referred to the origin of me with Chapman to Secretary boob banal day and paid a high tribute Interesting stories current In financial The president Is luoxcjllent health to the heroic dceda of southern wom circles Is ono that General Nelson A anil la highly elated with tho icccw en Mlles would bo suggested by tho New i outcome of his hunt thus far but England policy holders for tho pros ful longs for a sfyott at a grizzly Galley of the Equitable Assurance so- ho TO IDENTIFY KAIMW ciety This however appeared to be Volt HER SAVINGS Hither J Morgan Smith or Nun merely a matter of gossip legisI11I0 Ilrosc1clltell GSllot < > sotlodpujiresiucnt 45 ttiudeath May 717 710 718 735 July AUK Oct + Oto PlllUlbOII II t3 0- 710 711 710 787 1C2l649i 164K 161 April26Ilyinan York Stern tho pawnbroker who It has been Intimated on n uuinber of lie casions Identified J Morgan Smjlh as tho man who bought tho revolver l with which Caesar Young wasljllled failed Identify Smith In court today lie also failed to Identify Nan Patterson all lbs woman wIth him when the revolver was bought Now 1IdO HLN 29itI38t 3831- i Ulml 1 4 4T48t4 i OlllH Storks told his age Ho was burn In Hell ford county Tennessee and carte to Paducah with his parents Hugh and Mary Morgan In his early youth In his early life ho was In the grocery business and later tho sad April Tcnn Did Feet Corn July 1nrk July 01 83 Wi July exactlyhow Clnrksvlllo 1nlo Infant three days old was found yesterday on tho porch of the Methodist parsonage at St llcthlo hem Tho affair has caused a sensation nnd some Interesting develop ments nro expected The babe was wrapped In an old dress and was not harmed In any way It was undress bthe Close 03 H 85 Y i a complication of diseases at his homo G1C Washington street Ho had been In falling health for tho past year but was not confined to his bed until four weeks ago Tho deceased was n very old man solute say In tho neighborhood ot 7C In Declares He Never Conspired to Kilt Anyone htolle took him in charge Urudofskls tick the suit broughpijtjy et reads to Pana III City Railway tifa April 20 It la reported that four RiiHslan criils era nro lying off Iho coast Stale muntq that tho crow of tho Russian protected cruiser Diana joined Roj rulvoiiHkyH squadron are again pro On nounced absolutely unfounded the contrary since tho Dlann hits Dunn Ijiiro thin most minute precaution have been taken to prevent slightest breach of neutrality With the ox ception of Dr Storm who was lawn one non cmnnI58I0n hided to Rustfla ed officer who tiled and two sailors flagship will bo his objective accord who were Invalided the crew romnliu Ing to a special plan Morn fighting at son was hoard at the name rho commander of the Sunday plane has given his parole and ro Kamranh nnyextremely morning Tho faint ports dally to tho French command report worq essential parts of the Di All i nt a nuns machinery urn on board the lil Pptersburg April lOTho Trench battleship Redoubtable Nuss formally denied that M Wltto has resigned ho presidency of tho The paper committee of ministers RtiKHlu WiuiU n Itallle Advices Just roo explain that ho U worn out with Saigon April 30 I rglvpi from Kamraiih Ray say that work and In urgent neon of rest butt twenty Japanese warships passed Iho Insists that ho has not rcagne hII bay between 8 and 8 oclock In tho financial circles Jt Is reported that M Wife play accept Iho manage eyeing of April 33 TwQ ships loaded with rIco for Sai fluent of the RiissoChlneso hank The ton anti hound for Japan have boon port llourso Gazette published a re tint General Knropatkln cone captured by ships belonging to the mandor of the First Manchurlan ar HU88an squadron Rqsalan officers are reported to my will return from the front und Katilbars dm < have declared hat Admiral Rojest be succeeded by flea h l vensky la determined to fight Admi mandor of the Second Mancburlan ral Toga ana vlU endeavor to van Winy Cochin China Lltttlo Rock to Policemen Schmo llnskl and Trolt who forwarded him to the Kmorgcncy hospital He also said that on his run front Mobllo tho crazy titans vagaries kept every- body on tho train awake and hi lor ror all night Urudofakt was put In the conductors charge at Humboldt Tcnn by the chief of police of that town tho latter asking Imbodcn to watch out for his demented passen ger And thats about all Conductor Imbodcn did all night Rrudofskl every once in a while would spring from his seat anti Imagining there was an tinny of one mlcs In pursuit skoot down tho aisle of the coach and dart across tho yes llbulo Into the car ahead or behind scaring tho sleep out of those awake with his yells as he dashed along All night ho kept up this sort of thing not a soul on the train daring to close his eyes after once or twlco being aroused by Drudofskls out JuJuu train Ap r No Nnvnl hint Iho Soon Russian warningUp DENIAL Officials April 20 In breaks At tho Relay depot Louis nrudofskl sprang Cninc Washington April 2fJTho gen oral opinion ot naval officers hero in Qt 31 lint Togo lIs planning a waiting Cllllit IJIssued and Tcittiiornry Will Dissolved auto Ho will probably Itry to pick pent to He Taken off straggling Russian vosscli with torpedo boats Saigon April tor Rebel Imbodcn Thlnl Iliillle Fleet Ishorted I Ponang Island Strops of Keltic meal April 2GIL is expected that Iho Ihlrd Ualllc squadron under lute command of Admiral Ncbogaloff will pass here today Authorities are keeping a close watch for the fleet and are palrolllng the approaches to I the harbor every night Walling i EMPHATIC Alarum fiovcrnmctit About lire liecon charge of the Mr James Edward Morgan one of Has Caused n lug Sensation delivered tho oldest residents of tho city died ClarksvllU TCIIII Mobile and Ohio train of a Kaunas Mike Urtidofskl nn Insane man of this morning about 1010 oclock of I Minister Married lint a Fef Llncvllchs orders n mangled mass of flesh and bone A rescue party was lowered on thin Mother side of the shaft and found the inanglcd bodies The engineer says the machinery was working perfeclly and lint tho rope snapped without curred April 20tTltn titt Petersburg minister of the Interior has Issued ricrct orders that all letters from abroad ho opened Several tellers to your correspondent have been opened Ono ot these was from n sister of charily In Mukden It stated that an Ifaylng Wllltetbnrrc To April 20JrTcn minors tell to their death In thd Co nynlmm shaft of the Delaware and Hudson Coal company this niornltiB by breaking of n hoisting rope Tho shaft Is almost a thousand feet deep and the men were being lowered to work when tho accident occurred All were dashed to alto bottom a threads of tho men of tho navy oc A WHOLE NIGHT GAPT MORGAN DEAD n law days after tho Maine went on tho target range and lIs the second to oCcur since than vessels have been at target pruqtlco It Is asserted that gases And form A LUNATIC PAHHKNCIHII KKIT ONI OK PADIKAHH OLDEST CIT ed In the breech of the gun and that OTIIKItH IN TURROU JXINS DIMI THIS M01IN1NC1 when another charge was Inserted tho llareback occurred being caused by some particles of burning powder or covering not having been Was Ciiiltnrd Hy Police stud landed Jliid Resided hi Indiirnli for Shinny removed The three men are on the In Jail nt Ht Ijuiifa Ywirit Ixnvcw One Near ltd sick list but their Injuries are not ntlve n Sister SEEN And Washington I flarclmck or the battleship Maine mused tho In Jury ot three men This fact did tint It Is Snltl Jlojentvcnshy Will become knbwn until yesterday when the ship came Into harbor and began Win or Sink Wit hills Ship coating It then leaked out that the hind occurred Avhllo the flareback vessell was on thin target range badly lMino a Fight Fur the burning three men In one of thin tur TOKO Will nets It IB assorted that a catastrophe Prmnt Third llnlllc Fleet similar to that on tho Missouri a ISxpuctet1 year ago was narrowly averted The llareback which Is one of the JAP INK FADES By Cutting of Hoisting Rope fin Aprilot gases on 211A explosion lit 10 CENTS PEK WEEK S Ten Miners Dashed to Death EXPLOSION ON TIIH MAINE RUSSIANS ANXIOUS L WEDNESDAY AlltlL W19003 PADUOAH KY VOI XVII NO 99 unr his Woman U Relieved In IIui vo ken Murdered In Nw York Now York April 2QThe lifeless Macedonian itivu Lull uils Arrived body of Mane Ducal was found this On fho Swlim Frontier Tidy morning In her apartments by her Morning Vienna April 80 = Four Rulgar young daughter with her handker Ian revolqtlanlsts wore arrested on chief stuffed flown her throat Two The men car men railed on tho woman last night the Servian frontier began dnknff It la thought I tied bombs and arms and hall In their and all she was murdered for her savings which were hidden on her nerson It HAD DOM HS InI Ell wo

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