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Image 8 of 1998 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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Authorization of Institutional Match for Education and General Deferred Maintenance On behalf of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, Mrs. Ford moved that the Board of Regents, upon the recommendation of the President of the University, approve the attached list of Educational and General Deferred Maintenance Projects for 1998-2000 for funding through state bonds with an institutional match from Consolidated Educational Renewal and Replacement (CERR) Funds. Mrs. Buchanon seconded and the roll was called with the following voting: Mrs. Buchanon, yes; Mrs. Burr, yes; Mrs. Dial, yes; Mr. Earwood, yes; Mrs. Ford, yes; Mr. Lanier, yes; Mr. Lovett, yes; Mrs. McCoy, yes; Dr. Rudolph, yes; and Mr. Easley, yes. Motion carried. (See Attachment #5) Mr. Easley requested that the Minutes show that the Finance and Audit Committee joins the Buildings and Grounds Committee in approving the above recommendation. Update on College of Education Annex and Carr Health Building Dr. Dewey Yeatts, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, presented the update on the College of Education Annex and Carr Health Building. Ne’ve established approximately $29 million worth of new capital construction projects, two of which are the College of Education Annex that we are proposing to locate on North 16th adjacent to the Special Education Building and the other improvement is the Carr Health Building renovation. Subsequently, we’ve also got the Hopkinsville project; we’ve got the Business Building renovation; Carmen Animal Health Technology Building, and the student housing facility. Specifically, on the College of Education building project and the Carmen renovation project, we have established project committees for the purpose of l developing our educational specifications and programming of those facilities. Ne’ve had a number of meetings. we’ve had site visits to other similar sites, similar universities, educational facility buildings to help formulate ideas. Ne have developed our request for proposal for architect engineering consulting services. Ne are optimistic that that will be advertised soon. The two committees have solicited and incorporated a complete matrix of feedback from not only the College of Education administration, but also department chairs and faculty members. They are seeking advisement from the educational community regarding committee members. Dr. Alexander pointed out that the Education Annex is a building and not a renovation and it’s a facility of some 55,000 square feet, which is a pretty good size facility and will allow us to have all of our College of Education in a College of Education Building. The second part of the plan is to have a $2 million renovation of Carr Health, which is not a complete renovation of Carr Health, but will allow us to have laboratories, upgrade our classroom facilities and dance studios. Ne will have those things that we’ve needed for many years in the Carr Health facility. we’ve got professors planning the facility with the Dean; the Director of School Services; a school superintendent from Livingston County; Brenda Nix, Director of the Kentucky Academic Technology Education; and others. The University will turn the plans over to an architect soon to start the actual drawings of the new facility. The other part, Carr Health, has moved along with a committee of faculty and others. Carr Health renovation will cost more per square ` foot than the new building, about $123 a square foot, and the Education ` Annex will cost about $105 per square foot. Annexation of the west Farm For the Buildings and Grounds Committee, Mrs. Ford moved that the Board of Regents, upon the recommendation of the President of the University, approve the attached Resolution and Order concerning the

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