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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 2, 1908

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

- The Jeffersonian Thursday, April 2, 1908 JEFFERSONTOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, KY. Vol. I. No. XLII. possible for us to win the $75 diamond ring. As the beautiful and brilliant CLOSE FINISH friends and relatives in this vicinity NEW BANK rays emanate from this sparkling treasure, so do our hearts send out rays of gratitude to each and every Sunday. Reyburn Hoke was the guest of his GOV. WILLS0N Pearcy and family spent Frio? Mrs. Brengman's mother, M Hite, of Anchorage. Miss Caruth Nicholson visit Sue Blackwell last week. r cousin, Miss Mary Hoke, Sunday. Miss Lucy Penell and brother, Clif- Mr. and Mrs. George W.? assiduously Buildine Will Be Erected 011 Lot ton, of Prospect, and Miss Mollie Approves Appropriation For Erecyou. We worked spent several days with Mi In The Jeffersonian Popularity one of winnoyte, of Owensboro, were the in trying to win this prize, knowing lev's sister, Mrs. Ella Hom tion of State Fair Building. of Chas. Scoggan. guests of Mr. and Hrs. Walter Tyler of each of our lovely the popularity Contest. Crescent Hill. Sunday. competitors. We reiterate that we Miss bue Blackwell nas rec T. C. Tyler, a well known fruit thank all who subscribed for our after a severe attack of tonsilit enterprising county paper, The Jef- Little Son of James Williams Meets With Ac- grower ot tins section, is critically State Fair Board Selects Architect to Have Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hega , ill at his home, suffering from stomach Hiss Mary Hoke, First; Miss Lilias Nether-ton- fersonian, and congratulate the editor cident Capt. McGraw Injured In Burgin Charge of Constructing Handsome come back to their country bJ trouble. Dr. Jennings, of Louisville, on the fairness with which the conSecond, and Miss Caruth after spending the winter in Lt Wreck AH the Buechel News. $100,000 Building. is the attending physician. viI1e- was conducted. Accept thanks test 7Nicholson, Third. Mrs. W. M. Watkins spent ' ' The School Improvement League, from grateful hearts, please, all of esf . say week in Louisville with relath of the Cherry Valley School, met on you whose friendship we prize so at Mrs. S. O. Wetherbee, of March 30. The Bank of Buechel Friday afternoon, March 27. One ourselves Gov. Willson has approved the bill town, highly, and let us subscribe and Mrs. Emma Bronghto" you. 24 new member was enrolled. filed a charter Tuesday, March THE TOTAL VOTE. making an appropriation of $20,000 a Louisville, were guests of Mrs. Bi as very truly yours, Mary Hoke. 26,700 Miss Jane Barrickman spent last year for two years for the erection of man last week. with a capital stock ot auo,uw. xne Miss Mary Hoke, Jeffersontown 22,300 Clifton Hoke shares are $50 each. There are 53 Spunday night with her sister, Mrs. buildings on the State Fair Grounds in Mr. and Mrs. John Beckley em Miss Lilias Netherton. Worthington 19,200 shareholders and incorporators. Some Henry Ewing, of Anchorage. Louisville. In approving this bill, he tained at dinner Sunday. Covers we Miss Caruth Nicholson, Fisherville lafld for the following: Mr. and Mi 10.900 of the shareholders are as follows: J. 'The Misses Miller, of Worthington, said: Miss Bettie Hoke.Harrod's Creek a. G. Isaacs and family, of Louisvill H. Alderson, 23 shares; Wm. H. spent Friday night with their cousins, 8.100 The State Fair was established by Mrs. Julia Isaacs. Misses Jennie W; Miss May Bell Rudy, St. Matthews Westerman, 20 shares; H. Klapheke, Misses Bettye and Mary Hoke. 3.700 law to be under the management and lace, Margaret Stetzel, of Crescen Jones, Highland Park Miss Nellie Men Not Appreciative of Embroidery Club 20 shares; and the following ten control of the State Board of Agri- Hill, Messrs. Lane Isaacs, of Louis Miss Blanche Comingor. Jeffersontown.. 400 David Bowers, .of Anchorage. Planting Building Improvements J. H. Hikes, A. N. Many 300 shares each: culture, Forestry and Immigration. ville, Miss Carrie Hardin," Jeffersontown CONVENTION Mrs. Alice Beckley has been called sums Thomson, Lon Jones, Wm. Fegen-busTime Along the R. F. D's. It has begun operations. Large Miss Margaretha Adame. Highland Park 200 to Todd's Point, owing to the serious Ed J. Fegenbush, John J. of money have been raised and a valu- illness of her grandchildren, Mary " Mrs. Geo. Wooden. R, R. 13. Jeff town.... 200 AssociaCounty Thomas Yann,Joseph Rudolph, Of Jefferson able permanent site purchased; the and Beckley Bohannon. March 30. A few days ago James tion To Be Held In Jeffersontown John Buechel, Jr., Henry Diebel and Misses Mary and Kate Sturgeon sum asked is reasonable considering gre?.t popularity contest inau- H. Rudy celebrated his thirty-thir- d The Club their the L. the character of the (enterprise and entertained Saturday R.night. at large May 1st and 2nd. gurated by The Jeffersonian several anniversary of his birth, at his W- N. Black. At a meeting Monday A develop- home last J. H. Alderson was elected its usefulness in showing and months since closed Tuesday evening mother's home. A family gathering, fternoon crowd attended. at 5:30 o'clock, and Miss Mary Hoke which numbers one dozen, counting president, ixmis uicuia, vn.c yicaiThe Annual Convention of the Jef- ing the resources of the State. It is a Mrs. Julia Isaacs and Miss Jennie was awarded the $75 diamond rirfe, the little "olive branches." Being dnt, and J. G. Hikes, cashier. The ferson County Sunday School Associa- form of school for old and young. If it Wallace visited Mrs. T. P. Taylor, in she having received a majority of All married, and in the early thirties, he building will be erected on the lot of tion will be held at the Jeffersontown were being; established by this bill, I Louisville, last week. the votes cast. Miss Lilias Netherton is not embarrassed by this publica- Chas. Scoggan, near Buechel Station, Christian church on Friday afternoon should feel constrained tc veto it on Robert Pearce, of Louisville, visited was awarded the gold watch for re- tion of his age. All present enjoyed and it is thought the bank will be in and all day Saturday, May 1st and2d. account of the condition of the treas- his brother here this week. and Sue Misses Caruth Nicholson ceiving the second greatest number the bountiful refreshments, and the operation by June 1. In the past few years the plan of en- ury. But as the State has created and Blackwell visited in Middletown Fri- - v of votes, and Miss Caruth Nicholson family reunion, wishing him many M3apt-- Ben McGraw, conductor on tertainment has" been changed and started it and is conducting it, I feel day. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Curry spent Sunthe Southern railway, was badly received the gold brooch, given as the more birthdays. now all of the delegates and visitors that it would be a discredit to the in the wreck which occurred are expected to bring their own lunch. State to drop it just when it was well day with Mrs. Curry's parents, Mr. prize. third Religious services were dispensed J T and Mrs. James Orr. Sun- near Burgin. Mr. McGraw is a cousin The Jeffersontown people will furnish started, aid I therefore approve the The rivalry between the young at the Bear Grass school-hous- e ladies has been very keen for some day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, by the of Stewart G. Carpenter, of Buechel. free plenty of drinking water and bill. A son of James Williams, a tenant With the selection of the archiect time, and the result was in bubt un- Presbyterian minister, Rev. Somers-villcoffee also free to those who want it. on the farm of Charles Garr, on the The program will be issued later. votes were counted. Iluch inand other emplyes, the members of the til the a resident of Crescent Hill. An and excitement was minifest-e- d excellent sermon was enjoyed by all. Watterson pike, was badly cut and State Board of Agriculture, which has New Pike To Be Buil- t- Farmers Club To Be terest charge of the improvement of the perjust before the close, many Mends The St. Matthews "Embroidery laserated Thursday when caugm in a A. Herr. Death of Mrs. Benson Other Organized manent site of the Kentucky State of the contestants gathering it this Club" meets every two weeks, alter- disc harrow on the farm. The boy, March 17. Mrs. Bessie A.Herr,wife Fair, are now prepared to go to work News. count was to be nately, with its members, for learn- - who is eight years old, was following office, where the asleep in Jesus. in earnest. They have planned new made, and with a determin.tion to Ang and also improvement in fancy behind the harrow when he stumbled of Benson Herr, fell She was a grand type of American buildings, among them a patheir favorite Witft A few brk. Beautiful designs in linen, and fell into the wheels. His right see that Hariud's Creek, March 30. Herman and her death was a vilion, which will be the largest and D. Newcomb, who is making the race minutes before the cse a ques- 4ith the many new, and intricate hand and arm were badly cut and his womanhood faith. most complete in the country. Definite district, is maktion was brought ur as to wheth stitches are brought to light by these right leg was fractured above the triumph of twenty-seve- n years of age plans for the pavilion have been ac- for Congress in this She was votg'-oulgiven ingenius fingers. Husbands are not knee. Dr. H. P. Stivers was called be er or not ing an active canvass and hopes to and is survived by her husband and cepted, and A. S. Joseph, of Louisville, He has many on subscripticis if the subscribers' very appreciative of this lovely work. and attended him. win the nomination. The county teachers' meeting held three little ones, her father W. Adair, was chosen as architect. names did rt accompany the order. Refreshments are served, of course, friends in this part of the cr unty. Covington, and sister, Mrs. Harry Mr. Joseph will take up the work This was ift to the three leading plentiful and of excellent quality. at Mrs. R. A. Stonestreet's office at of David Hartsfield, of Prosbect, has Myers, of New Jersey. She has been immediately and the construction of contestant, and upon their decision We have not reached the stage of the courthouse Saturday was well at gone to Frankfort on a business trip. Christian a member of the and we wear 2iWtes were thrown out of Miss "decoration,"good will towardour bes tended. Mrs. Stonestreet and Mrs church since her Beargrass and proved the pavilion will be pushed without Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Oarslaw, of Loumarriage of all, o P. Weaver, 1,500 out of Miss dress, with Charles delay. The cost of the structure will Netherton's total and parents, of these sub- sunniest smile, and contribute all the Federation of Women's Clubs of herself an untiring, devoted worker be in the neighborhood of $100,000. isville, visited the latter's Mary Hoke's, the names knowledge willinerlv, thereby mutually, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Sherley, Sunday. ;She was greatly beloved by The pavilion will be a . d Kentucky, made speeches. Among therein. scribers not haying been given at the benefitting eacn otner. subscriptions were ordered There is some improvement notice the Buechel people who attended all the members and shall be missed affair and 120feetby300 feet A pike will be built this spring, extime the much, but the influence of such under cover. It will be used to exhibit tending from the present terminus ef and paid While there was much able at St. Matthews, new buildings were Mesdames Philip Graff, Sr., very various kinds one especially hand- Charles Nicklier, Charles Fegenbush, a life will live for years to come. She all live stock shown at the fair. Work the Harrod's Creek and Middletown feeling and rivalry at the close, it of jfke, at the corner of the Nitta Yuand in some dwelling just completed, by G. John Yann, Thomas Yann, John has gone to her reward, but while is expected to begin by April 15. was all taken Gerhing, situated on the main boule Buechel, Belle Lewis; Misses Lucy memory lasts we will remember her. Plans for the other buildings are in ma property, to C. F. Hunt's place. the right spirit. vard. Our proximity to the city and severe afflictions complete, as practically all of them Mo section in the county needs a pike Virginia "Let us be patient! These All three of the winners are among desirable social advantages, enlarges Childs, Dorothy Skiles, Not from the ground arise, Lynam, Elizabeth Skiles, Dorothy will be temporary buildings. As ad more than this location. county's most popular and our borders annually. Jefferson times celestial benedictions Margaret Pfeffer; T But often this dark disguise. Yes, we have same drawbacks, but, Fegenbush and ditional appropriations are made by Mrs. Lena Ernest, of Louisville, vis accomplished young ladies, and the Assume of us S. Skiles, Sr., Philip Graff and Louis the Legislature the buildings will be spending a week with Mrs. Charles number of their friends was attested "There is so much bad in the best There is no Death! What seems so is transition improved. and so much good in the worst of us, Hoock. votes. Luter. by the totals of their This life of mortal breath, does not behoove any of us Tn nddition to the election ot an Mr. and Mrs. Abe Zilhart are the The farmers have been takiug adMisses Bettie Hoke, of Harrod's that itfault with the rest of us." Is but a suburb of the life elysian, find to weather proud recipients of a fine bab3" girl, Whose portal we call Death." Creek, and Nellie M. Jones, of Higharchitect the board selected O. G. vantage of the spring-lik- e The R. F. D's. have but one mind, A Friend. 26, 1908. Joseph as constructing engineer and and have been busy planting potatees land Park, received quite a number one thought and one aim, at present, born Thursday night, March Miss Katherine Saunders, of Wad- and onions. W. N. Morrell as engineer. of votes daring the past week, which viz: to plant onions; "seeds and sets," Resolutions adopted by the Ladies popularity. is the only topic of conversation, and dy, Shelby county, will come in two Aid of the Beargrass Christian church. Mr. Hanna, of Frankfort, Commiswas a testimonial of their of ground is laid weeks to spend the summer with her every EASTWOOD. wishes to thank out in available foot business. meetsioner of Agriculturo, and a gentleThe Jeffersonian The Ladies Aid held a special that profitable uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Fred ing Tuesday, March 24th, and passed man from Ohh will hold a meeting A. B. C. contestant and their friends for each resolutions on the death of Mrs. BenCurry, of Buechel. taken during the contest Mrs. A. Levy at the Harrod's Creek school house the interest March 30. Mr. and society. at 2 o'clock Pratt Reynolds has built part of son A. Herr, a member of tiie and to express its appreciation of the have returned to their country home, next Friday arternoon The resolutions were as follows: MIDDLETOWN is digging a cellar and will of organizing a farmhis barn, work done by each. We now have a for the purpose Whereas, it has pleased the Devine after spending the winter at soon becin to build his residence and Ruler to remove' from our midst our ers' club. All interesied are invited circulation approaching the 2,000 L associate and friend, Bessie A. Herr, we are justly proud, Epworth League Holds Interesting and In- greenhouses here. B. F. to attend. mark, of which Mrs. Jas. Brengman, Mrs. to her Mr. and Mrs. Lindsav Coe are re as a just and fitting tribute teresting and Instructive Missionary and our one regret is we can not give memory, be it resolved: Many Attend Meeting ceiving congratulations on the arrival (1) each young lady a beautiful diamond That we bow in submission to From Here. of a baby girl, born on Friday, March the will of God, knowing that He ring. We are grateful, too, for the doeth all things well. 27, 1908. absence of bad feeling, those who lost (2) That the death of Mrs. Herr The Methodist church at Fairmount the Aid has insustained the loss ot a grace. To those Twenty-fiv- e doing so with good of Jeffersontown's young Sunday faithful, conscientious and efficient who lost, the consciousness of having people attended the open missionary opened the Sunday-schoe ii i done their best should rob "de'feat of meeting of the Middletown Epworth Mrs. Lula Smith is superintendent member and the community an honorD. Mifler, assistant superin ed and beloved Christian lady. its sting. To the winners we extend League held at the Methodist church and C. (3) That we tender our s' ncere symFARM GARDEN BEST for Are our congratulations and beg to say in that place last Sunday evening. tendent. pathy to the family of the deceased Free. highest An invitation had been extended to The county has built a fine culvert in the loss of a loving and affectionate Mailed that they have received the honor that can be given by our the pastor of the Methodist church in six mile lane, near Wm. Wester- wife and mother. minutes be spread (4) That these here to be present and to bring with man's farm. week for upon the records of the society and a Wm. Burwinkle left this They him as many of the Jeffersontown copy forwarded to the family. a Words From Grateful Hearts. in ipfTVrrn i Epworth League as could come. The Memphis, Tenn., to attend the funeral Mrs. G. T. Dick, Pres. oi We adopt this method of communLARGEST produce Mrs. J. T. Graham, Sec'y. delegation from here was one that of his uncle, who died there a few icating with our friends, individually ably represented our League and elic- days ago. VI and collectively, and thanking each ited many words of praise from Rev. HIGH VIEW. of you for your kindness in making it Orr and the members of his church. Miss Olivia Orr presided at this meetMarch 30. Mr. and Mrs. L Denny 215-21- 7 ing with perfect ease and dignity. For The Jeffersonian Judge Kenney Says thank their neighbors and many 7L E. Jefferson t CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. The combined talent of the two friends for their kind assistance in LOUISVILLE, KY. Interurbans Must Obey Separate Advertisements under this head One Cent Leagues rendered a program which the sickness of their little daughter a word, no aa UKcaiur less mau iul. Coach Law. who is now recovering from Ruth, was both instructive and entertainpneumonia. ing and of a deeply religious tone. Dan Young and tier For Salb. White Plymouth Rock We would love to mention each one Another star has been added to the .Mr Herbert Coe, visiteddaughter, Mrs. L t4 0 00 M Price $1.00. Mrs. Roy separately who had part on program, crown of The Jeffersonian. For some Cockerels. Denn Sunday evening. 39-Sims. Buechel. Kv. but will forbear, in consideration of time this paper has been urging the Ttfn Lt. IN ally ana little son, rtay- enforcement of the separate coach mond Leonis, have recently returned limited time and space. For Rent Tenant house and garden law on our interurban car lines. to their home in Highland Park, spot, on old Goose farm north of Special Judge Allen Kenney held yes- after spending several days with her wnaiey . tv of credit to those Tucker's Station. K. terday in the Jefferson County Circuit parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jackson. Show the value of doin business in a bank, as it extends a line 42-- 2 D. 14, Jeffersontown. obUgations. The Court that this law should be comMiss Henrietta Young and Mrs. P. wbo would otherwise be embarrassed in trying to meet their who plied with and assessed a fine of $500 Reisinger and little son, Albert Lee, . County Bank has cared for all of its customers and many others Jefferson T3Vt? 16' hand, bav Sat.w T.aro-pagainst the Louisville & Interurban were the guests of Mrs. L Denny they could hot secure from any other source.needed financial assistance that deposiat Railway Company, and the lessee, Monday. horse, kind and gentle enough for Rhode Island Red Eg-g-T We make it a special point to care for our customers at all times, and the hard -l- aHw tn drive. J. C. Bruce. Jefferson- - $1.50 per Sitting- of 15. City Railway Company, for the the Mrs. Annie Foster is better at this X tors at our bank have every assurance of beintr cared for no matter how 42-you rnwn. Kv. violation of this law on the Orell writing. an account with us j tl e times fret. Become one our patrons by openinsrour policy liberal, and and saf H. L. HICKMAN we line. This will no doubt bring about Mr. Burkhead was moving his saw are will never regret it. Our metkods Buechel, Ky de-Nrw Barber Shop. I have opened a change on other lines. mill to Rodger Bates' woods and his guard the interests of all who do business with us. Four per cent on time you. mv barber shop in Jeffersontown and get out engine mired and in trying to posits. Safety Deioit Boxes for rent. Come and see us. We will please " anlirif the natronaere of the public. I he broke his engine and Mi. Lee Y tie pamphlets, "Banking Made Plain. HARROD'S CREEK. Call for oneof ou ntee entire satisfaction. Fred Denny pulled it out with his wooden WM. H. AMES, Cashier. Prell. horse. R. F. D. No. 21. H. N. REUBBLT, President. " JOHN J. McHENRY Vice President. Mr. Conrad Young and sister, HenWiwnm. A man with family This statement is made to you tn ample rietta, entertained a number of their Hunt, will be ready time prefer a large one to crop for 4 or 5 proper that I to thresh yourand willing at the March 28. Philip A. Tuesday. of friends with the phonograph Sunday wheat and other Beard, visited his parents time rurmsu-years. House and everytning evening at their home. possible, as my r1 tn h trucking and berrv cereals in the best manner Threshing Machine is a splendid one and does J. W. Nuckols has returned home,, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coe were the growing. Must come recommended.. the very best of work. A word to the wise is after spending the winter with his guests of her father, Dan Young. JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. . Q my proposition in your TtMn Ukoiona, xv. m u. iiu. o, ur xxvuic sufficient. Keep brother in De Land, Fla. 'nhnnp. Fern Creek Exchange. G. T. minds. 41-J. W. Woerner, of Louisville, visited Calendars for 1909 at this office. J. C. BRUCE, Jeffersontown. Kaufman. - Mif" ST. MATTHEWS. h, Mc-Henr- y, Sunday-Scho- ol - in-iur- ed ,t HARROD'S CREEK e, live-stoc- k d . good-natured- . -- .. cement-constructe- ly i ol Wood, Stubbs & Co.'s i t tsiue niDDon oeeus and your Descriptive Catalogue the Acme Brand Fertilizers countv. 4--i, iAT the i Wood, Stubbs ANOTHER STAR and BbM quality & Co., Seedsmen p Street, J ft 0MMMI0IIMiailM it8' 4t the: recent hard times For Sale f s - 2t - 42-- 4 t e-- 5 To The Farmers A T7I The Jefferson County Bank "XT 2t ..

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