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Image 1 of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862), April 10, 1866

Part of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862)

DRY GOODS. MEDICAL. MUtLl OWN Congress THE LOUISVILLE DAILY DEMOCRAT REMEDIES YORK SEW Sprirg Water. )m. 190 Empire Spriiig Water. XXII. VOLUME IYIDH3EU LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: TUESDAY 3I011XIXG, APRIL 10, 1SG0, JSOKATI RALOR ARTIFICIAL topilm these nm discovered rif TOKPOCKD M A C H I N ES. lr: dima. as ond chronic of many thousands wbo Uioau for years, with th mo"t benefi ton.ooratT trr. forbymanym Uir proved ailii RN AUKNOV ' stuck of the o "vir The Civil .Sights Kill. democrat us; TKIS OF THE Ddll HAT TO THE (Ol.MUV. We published formerly this bill, which wns passed over the President's veto. The constitutional right to adopt such a measure is based, say. the New York Tribune, upon tbe second clause of the constitu- Npw Book. " The Cosmoiolite " monthly magazine, published by De Leon A Co., Italti-morWe have before had occasion to speak highly of this new magazine. Its table of contents is " Reminiscences of a Southern Hospital, by ts Matron ;" " Dreaming in the Trenches," a poem ; " My Countrymen," from the Cornhill; "Cleopatra," a poem; "Inside View of Uour Years in the Rebel Capital ;" "Mod-er- a Fiction ;" " Gustave Dore;" "In an Attic;" ' Rrussels, Orave and Gay;" ' ( Jossip." To be had at Scott Glore's, agent fur Kentucky. LETTlItFKOM iCoTfwpndence DANVILLE, VA. of the LoulnviUe Democrat. 2, 1S66. DOMINION." Daxville, Va., April THE COmiTION OF THE "OLD Jcw. For the LoKs1. ill Southern Publishing House. To the Citizens of LouLn-illc- Th Cobbler TiemoeraLJ : You are already advised through the press of our city that the General Conference of tho ?!ethodi"t Episcopal Church South is in session in New Orleans, and that this bodv will, in all probability, remove from Nashville its great ruOlisn-int- r House to some other city better cal culated to subserve the interests lor wnich it was located at Nashville. At a recent meeting of a portion of pus-citizens, the undersigned were appointed a committee, and requesteato act as a Central Committee, to bring the importance of this matter before the and, in conjunction with other committees, to canvass the city and raise by subscription such an amount to offer- - tbe General Conference as will be likely to make Louisville the successful competitor liefore the present General Conference for so valuable an atlUition to our commercial, manufacturing and real estate interests in Louisville. Your committee are satisfied that Nashville will resist any change of its location; thatMemphis, Mt. Louis, llaltimore. anu oiuer oomts, will use the utmost efforts to control the action of tbe General Conference in bestowing tbe favor upon it. Your committee, from facts before them, are satisfied that Louisville, commercially, will be largely benefited by having its lo- cation here. It is, as you are aware, a Publishing Book Concern, using a large capital, and employing a great number of operatives, with such other attendant elements and agencies that must necessarily make it a powerful instrumentality in promoting the general prosperity and business interests of whatever city shall bo favored with its location. Your committee feel satisfied that the points alluded to will each avail itself of all the influence that temjioral consideration can impart to effect its purpose. is but reasonable that Louisville should offer inducements equaling, if not excelling, any other place, if we would add to the geueral welfare of our city, and especially to tbe property-ownercommercial and manufacturing 4n-- Secret. A wsCTt.h cobbler, once In Borne, Tut lorth a That he'rl lie willing to rliiMioae, 'ora due couai'lerution, A secret which the world TIIE FOR KENT TRAGEDY, i Letter la Relation to the .Marti. oa Ueaeral Forret' Plantatio Deplorable State of AOaii among some Freetlniea Verdit of the Coroner's Jury Forre taken to Friar's Point for Tria. ' Editors! We write this from short Jay the thirl and last point where the capital b.or dnuk tional amendment recently adopted. had a "local habitaof the OVE MT1I 91 J The second section declares all persons Wo will 0?a oa shoeineo. TIIKt F. tTIIH tion" t then had no name. Twelve .l WITI'P cathartic, aeoonori. eie.eiFMr,)ii.oek romecy for alterative i From the Memphis in tho United -Post; ant TII Ml (M borntaxed, to be States, except Indians . Ln.nic monthsugo this day, "J. D.", the incaro( ll alio kulnrn l.r . not in fec-i- pt Ui .Md IlitJinWIM disease. BliKMiSloui-r-iajntWe are citizens of the United of a letter from a n. hi.le.; Atwl c.lil.ler I)H1UR. a !)(( It 00 .lnn MANUFACTURING nation f the Confederacy, with the "Govr eye witness of the tragic his noeentiveot II. e Pu F. a.1 telinw itpay rl hoiuda;. fer;"e, States, and as such entitled to all the A v iirevaienl id wartu is. in cheap Gen. torrests plantation last Satnrday, ernment' deemed it a prudential measrights of person and property belonging which g'e more complete and further 9, To our Count rj I'atronn. Silence! the crAVer enters. MONDAY, ure to ")ull up stakes" at Richmond and to the white race. This does not specifiAmi cast, smun.l his details than hare vet been published. riease to mr Imoni containing romit for -- then frowns, eh.e Tro-I'mr?iiinl of ilif curls his l:p the , itineratt. He brought up in this village, We regret exceedingly to learn of the a we hold ournolren resiHinslble ft.r kl cally include tbe right to vote. J.ioo t ''OX of the Kkin end isoi.oral lierjllitv. It is to e re misst wwoitv in lun Ji u JieeOWi. uple quite. lawless conduct of certain of the negroes, frii and "rged the machine." it had l1" to up let tors ae We are not make and enforce contracts: to inherit. '1 he piun thst I pr as narrated by our correspondent, ami responsible forloiwos in the nia.:a.hould auy occur, gotten it good running order, however, An- every one of yml LA ROB ASO SPLENDID STOCK OF lease, sell, hold and convey real and pertrust sincerelv that, npon the arrival of lor a.. It. Itight learn tt if you onlo-letuni are ri jipten j. PftA movement is on foot to get the "old Bol" turned over to Grant, at an officer of the froedmen's bureau, the sonal property, and to the full and you noeil "A Send . Harri knif. t a Ionic and dloretle MIII4 m having evaluated Richmond publisbingestabli.shment of the Methodist evils complained of will t remedied. in o,.t Try ph ryitiil lenrjits of aU laics and e eti !... ietiof, ,e.tTm ci,.r.cler. ano u. . t.irir So eaiT is it none ran U,i that tbe Coroner's jury It will be l.riix-e,episcopal t"r (!cu n. clerk or taiHT or a r PEA US. ..r man. him b for the security of person and city. ThisChurch South located in this on tho third when the aforesaid "J. D." i,l ...rcf tl,fki.'nv,nii Klaooor ni merely state in their verdict the canse of To make a hunilie pair of shots, is a very extensive business, thouglt it advisable to "proceed." The y i.r'.-.r... mu 'iv.ft-i in resiorinr. ttieee property. This would confer the right to death, without asserting that the murder hiu k tn ynr .h..i.i. 11. II. IJ0LLIXG, Juit Spring antl Snninier 1 eniaies nod tie lori diytw. pa rs of boots Anrl lAHe . nun was committed in iiOerod rear, fr vote if strictly followed out; the right to and of some importance to Louisville. Its rest tte country knows. irroyulentv. .no And tut oil nil the toi".-Wbf ta e otTer to the public tb OF FRANKLIN C O U K T T. agents ami active supporters are not only Sunflower Land:.'. Miss., Mjrch 31, Shotly thereafter followed t:;e Yansit at the general table in hotels, Ac. Uie failiifui end JudiCi- Is.;. Messrs. Editors: Allow mo to i of (xriunibian Water. While this may be doubted, there is no in every State, but in every county, in the kees "n force," and the "year of jubilo" give yoo an account of a serious ami very Obituary Death of. the These water are bottled front and pore, from aach Derfslon I'pon the Proposition to doubt that in every sense they are placed South. Its location here is, therefore, val- was cone. Up to that time, the emanciunfortunate affair, which transpired here or 1 ranee. of the above uml to eo careful and Gen. Forrest had just Call a Convention of the Canrna on a full legal equality with the whites, uable. Our citizens should bear in mind pation proclamation had not reached thus brings us this afternoon 4o'cIock,from the landing, Best and Most Reliable Tbe Liverpool steamer a manner thai they pi oo i . all their mediatout intelligence of the death, at Claremunt, and noticing from the paper thai cholera notwithstanding all State laws to the con- that material aid will be a potent argu- far, ant, consequently, the descendants of cine, value for year, and will to. footid equally f the ConacrTatiTe Heinoeratie trary. ment, and they should act promptly, as Ham vere at their posts, still serving of the r rencn, was reported la Mobile, went out to the of Mane Amelia, wbee drank thousands of aim distant, a I 'eceased wa daughter of Ferdinand the quarters and set the freed men (who had Which were purchased si see the late decline la toil. Nembera or the Eegialatare, If any person deprives tbe negro of any the Genertd Conference is in session and "Massaand Missus." Suddenly,however, When taken directly from lb. epriisf. Two Sicilies. She was been alio d to quit work at noon) at and will be sold as cheap aa they can be bouat la First, King of tbe Held fa Frankfort February one of these rights, he is liable to a fine will have this matter under consideration. the truh burst upon them that they were Jioiear of tnulatumt m4 noior Walrrt, tba antl was marrieti in work cutting ui'ains about the honses and this or any other city. Onr born in April, wU of all inuiu (Amtrraa, E,iuire and ColumenNovember, lstm, to Ixiuis I'htllippe, then (b, 1H66. not exceeding fl,00o, or imprisonment not eaningnp the prercines inhabited by Sf"In lstil some counties in Tennessee free. Then, for the first time, were bian Waters are Lrauded oa Ike uI of tlie cork the exiled Duke of Orleans. In isil, after hem. A freedman by the nauie of Tom acted hire the scenes witnessed in Kenexceeding one year. lb as For the Loul.vllle Pemocrat,) issued bonds to raise money to support tlte fall of Napoleon, the Duke with his dwards passed along and was told by The District Courts of the United States the families of soldiers who enlisted in tucky, tt Camp Nelson and elsewhere, a imAt a meeting of tho Conservative Demfamily removed to Paris and the f Epi he General to Ms up about his quarters. JOnMiik.. Water, i( WTa.l .. 1 I C. 4i k v Cu. j mense estates of his father were restored He made no reply, but passed into his ocratic member of tbe Legislature, held have jurisdiction over cases arising under the relK'l army. Wilson county was one twelvenonth previous. As if by magict to bim. He now took up his residence room, and, with his knife in bis hand. these laws, exclusive of the State laws, of them. The magistrates of the county the intdligence was communicated from For all MaiufacturiEg Purposes. I 1.1K.S.IV at tho Lull ot Uie IIoiiho of Representaat tbe palace at Neuility, where most of corn men "ed eursing and abusing his wife. eafrljr and aMmrrl;-- la boxoi raUablr for tives, on the 6th of February, 1st;, on mo and concurrent with tbe Circuit Courts of have assessed a tax to pay those bonds. qnarterto quarter, "We'sall free," and, There Tbe General followed bim and told him his nine children were born. abln-ii- t tn anT part of th. world. Oonemw and tho United States. An appeal is granted We presume this will be set down as dis- forthwi.h, the sable congregated at Dan his consort devoted herself heart he must not abuse and whip his wire: tion of W. R. Bradley, Esq., RepresentaFloAJD mEFTS. BLACKS. . Pint. EiupLn Wawn Id b. im, oontaininc 4 d and soul to her maternal and pa- that he would not allow it. Tom replied HEAVT , FIAISIRISH FOPLISs; to commence being free indeed. It to the negro from the State courts, we loyal. We don't see, however, why a man ville tive from Hickman and Fulton, it waa Tb apeclaj attention of and r t doaa uaan bnUMwh. .Uumliiao wm In ternal dutieei. By three events of July, thai he would whip his wife when he FOFLI2S-SRenotved, Til AT IN OUR JUDGMENT might say, in every case. who has been on a debauch should not was Just in the midst of pitching crop, oim cuulatuc art doara liaif fmu, or duarn ls:lo, Louis Phillippe became King of the leased. the General "If you r ANC'T SILJtS es asjery grade. Checks, 9rpeo Not satisfied with clothing tbe negro pay for the broken bottles and smashed-u- p and of vital importance to the farmers Pttl Bouirk. French; but his tueen never appeared to on't stop and shut rrp, said: you THERE IS NOW NO NECESSITY FOR flail that tbe "help" should remain at their have valued the station for any accession this broom;" giving himI'll the same with and Plaida; A CAUL, OF A CONVENTION CF TIIE with extraordinary power, all district atat furniture. time gave her. of dignity and importance it We will o0V posts, any amount of compensation fsold by all PrcUtt, Koleli, slight stroke on nt Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, PARTY, AND WE WOULD RESPECT torneys, marshals and deputy marshals, tig?-Tb- o Indeed, it is asserted that she was very when Tom repliod tne shoulder witb it. Journal says wo are the wrong to secure which they freely promised try striking at 7 Kcrtbanti and rirsKlisi Croccn. officers and agents of the freedmen's buaverse to his assuming the scepter; she General with his knife, cutting him the 100 pieces FOULARD SILK at cents per yard, FULLY URGE THE PARTY X0T TO on man in tho wrong place. That is very worth fl B. probably felt that his happiness, if not his one of his fingers. CALL A CONVENTION, WHEN NO reau, and commissioners appointed by the true, if we are in the wrong place. The (advance they could not, for they had The General then spot for this mam- good name and his lile, might thereby be grasped an ax standing by, and struck fLAlN BLACK a Jeop. ftotd oaly at arhotaaal by nothing except the "Six months after the Shall Louisville be the NECESSITY EXISTS FOR THE SAME. circuit and territorial courts, are "authorSADDLE LKD HARNESS IfAKERS, right man ought not to be in the wrong ratification of the treaty of peace moth publishing concern? which will bring periled; but when ho decided to le King, Tom a blow on the head which Instantly ized and required to institute proceedings place. took her his side, J. B. Brunkr, Chairiuan. The editor of the Journal ought between the United States and tbe Con to our city, as permanent residents, a she meekly troubles, place byover seekilled him. without EOTCSnSS SONS, Propr's. against all and every person who shall to be there ; bo is used to it. large number of the best and most 'elo- sharing his I arrived at the scene about six o'clock. ?aTa!' Damson, Jretaries. federate States," which were slightly be- quent divines of the Methodist Church ing to share his power. The French nand found about a hundred of the freed- - Our Dress Goods violate tbe provisions of this act and cause Stock respected hr character, and never men greatly excited and disposed to mob ASD low par), but to no effect. The negro re- South; besides, nearly three thousand tion Journal says "our neighbor ot e 92 IUckAU street, New Terk. The above expressei tbe opinion of him to be arrested, imprisoned or bailed, Southern preachers, located in every imputed any of the King's perverse folly, the Democrat," nnd then proceeds to fused to work at any prioe. To all prop- quarter of the fifteen Southern States, that led to such signal mistakes of policy, violence. Afterward tho general came oat and the Conservative members of the Leg. as the case may le," Ac. The commisOrdn hjr tva(1 iwiv atteolloft. sioners have concurrent jurisdiction in make a variety of statements which show ositions for employment they would re- - are its living, walking and talking to ber influence; still the strength of her made them a speech, deploring the affair agents for its success. Our own energy, soul was never surmised until her hnsband and stating the particulars, and promia- islature, by whom tbe matter was dis- this matter with the judges of the district that he must have been very much fud- plv: "We's free; what for we work?" Is complete, tncladln CARRIAGE TRIMMERS, losing V fOX, This Btate of things lasted prottv much promptness and liberality will go a great found himsolf in danger of prevent tbe ng to await a legal examination. hue LUSTERS, ALPACAS. ELAI3E3. MOZAMcussed fully, and to whom interested and circuit courts, and can make arrests dled over the elections of Saturday. sheendeavoreVl to his during the sammer (of course with ex- Vay toward determining this important throne.whenand, kneeling before him, ex- some of the negroes exhibited an audacity BIQUE). C, AC; abdication, ceptions), the result of which was that question to our citizens. and other parties presented every reason and try under this bill, and the marshals that but two in a thousand whito men UJU 22m Maiket Street. We earnestly ask the citizens generally claimed: "C'est le devoir d'un roi de would show, the others were control!! 100 w or the Day. there were, comparatively, no crops la partiralarly ioTttrd to the pieces ORGANDIES at areola, worth Meenaa. to Induce them to recommend a call. and deputy marshals are required tooljey of this matter, and be ready to mourir parmi son peuple." But when he There are upwards of two hundred raised. The amount of provisions "over" to think liberally to the call which will resolved on flight her presence of mind by tbe etfM of some of the most intellithem as the courts themselves; and tbe VKOLIUU liDMU IM was non est that is to say, it was not. respond better of W hold that the judgment of this and guided him, as though he gent anddispersed the freedmen, anil they We hare mads large sudiUooo to our stocks of commissioners can also appoint persons to and fifty prisoners at the Dry Tortugas. From these, premises it is very easy to be made upon us all in a very few days. sustained a child. The sequel is familiar nally to await the future. had been caucus is correct; that any effort to call act as its officers. Very respectfully, A man in Wisconsin hung himself draw the conclusion that, at present, this Any person resisting Dnifi and all kind of Patent Medi-ciac- a, to all the world. Louis Phillippe and These are tbe facts as I saw and heard C. F. Harvey, milk and thorn. Ferfamara' aad Taacy because his daughter experienced religion. is not a land "flowintf convention will tend to disintegrate or obstructing these officers is subject to bis Queen left Paris and fled to England, B. F. Guthrie, honey," nor overflowing with "hog and The general has sent Ibr the deputy Articles, Captain R. S. Ayres, an old on tho 2tth of February, lss. Supported sheriff, a fine of one thousand dollars, and imJohn A. Carter, hominy." A few days' peregrination and break tip the party. The citi who passed here on the arm of his noble wife, he reached zens C. G. Jones, has been elected mayor of through the country has served to connoti prisonment not exceeding six months. The vote tn the caueut itood vjon the the carriage that bore tbem from their fied, of the neighborhood are being when Wm. Kendrick, vince us that this is not the locality that and will assemble Kentucky. The Commissioner is paid ten dollars kingdom, and.aftertwo years and a half of n investigation will tm bad and an in- Geo. W. Morris, man is looking for who wishes to buy the motion of Mr. Bmillfy, fifty-si- x against a for each case brought before him, and the Near Albany, last week, a youth of 85 surplus provisions. With the New lasprorrmenta, exile, he died,on the Jtith of August, ls.i0,at J. S. Lithoow, It would seem, in uest belli, rrom the circumstances of Hosiery, Gloves and Wliita Go Claremont, near tsher, Surrey, a resi- the case, it will merit and attract much convention and nineteen for it. Geo. W. Wicks. iVr Pn.Ii THAT NFYFR FAIL officers receive five dollars for each ar- vears eloped with a sweet creature aged "5 fact, that there is not a sufficiency of tbe (V dence ottered to tbe exiled King and Queen attention. That it is most unfortunate is necessaries of life to be had to sustain the rest, with other fees for keeping the man years. Both were married and leave by the liberality of her Majesty, and felt by all, and by none so deeply as And kei coofl.leot wo can please all who will call A Word in Reply. population till "harvest;" which latter large families. occupied when this Radicals are trying to prove in custody. Wbich t now rapidly i:ppnadliic a!) otli.m, heinf e ysiarHHaiav. effifim ir i,rt; period will arrive at some very indefinite Courier takes exceptions which the Vr 4ana'aaVai.l dVliU W. deDalViliel. 1. lf tiat dJkftr- arknowlodfred by aU manufacturers During the last month 2,079 children time for there are scarcely any indica- toThe Louisvilleexpression of an article was written. In lst4. Queen Amelie was tbe general himself. conversant with the apooaa. unfriendly to The President may direct the arrest of Being somewhat of Judgment that the ieoiile South are the tone and marriage de We are now prepared to maonfartntw the tlovernment. Their witnesses, some any person by the Marshal when be ap- were in attendance at tbe public schools tions above ground of an approaching har- that appeared in our columns, a few present at the cousin, theof the Count the listing relations of affairs here for some aad rxpertenoa to be the his daughter ro- vest. I would most weeks since, on the subject of a Demo- Panswith Duchess de Montpeusier, of of them, have done vtry well to sustain prehends a breach of this law, and can of Indianapolis. when lime past,suspension of respectfully this Duke and The fact that there is not a sufficiency cratic convention. While we admire the opinion on lueat a Tbe time for the departure of trains of provisions in the country to supply the company assem- case, both North and the point; but still others give a more order tbe military and naval force of tbe 7eal antl abilitv of the Courier, we cannot she,received from the South, until the facts favorable account. If they are not un- United States to aid in arresting. A final on the Nashville railroad has been demand, is rendered still more uncom- agree with it on this subject. In spite of bled a complete ovation. are elicited by judicial proceedings. k lif, i'rav.u. Brut i. rlt. 1 will now add some transactions which fortable by the atlditional fact that the all its laDoreu, lengtnenea anu sptrneu arEEST LEATHER MACHINE friendly, they can le made so, and the appeal in all cases is taken to the Su- changed. From the Fayette iO. state ReLster. people save absolutely no money with ticles, we are still unconvinced. Wo do r.t.rrTAKrT Vmiiim.t h Mfr, mild ud had previously occurred here that I had On Wednesday week, in Mount Pleas- which to importthem from else "here, and Tilting Hoops. cTL4wii Worm Iwirojer. Radicals are pursuing the very course to preme Court of tbe United States. purposed writing, but have had no op- And will pay especial attention lo order kx these not believe that the various elements of Moral accomplish the purpose. The measures It will be seen that this law is as thor- ant township, Adams county, Pa., Mr. nothing to sell which will command it. oDDosition "will meet in tbe convention probably mamas, and proper papas, have portunity to mail yon. On my return (oila. been shocked beyond measure. from Memphis, on the lsth ult. I learned rv .f Hi camm of k. n1 Hurni, nd iii cure During the war the culture of tobacco was as rivers mingle in the ocean." Such is It Peter Weaver and his wife breathed their mainly abandoned, and what little had In the world. It Dm a .mailer needle to carry the they are pushing through Congress aud ough as it possibly could be made. not... history of tbe formation of parties at observing the recent advent upon our that during my absence (one week) one thei..--. ..... , ame Blood thread than can be naed la any o lit or forcing on tbe South without any repre grants to the negroes rights and privi- last, within a few hours of each other. been raised, and was on band at the "col.,i Af oivii worn The mis streets, or tho new lastnon in crinoline, of the freedmen in my employ, his wife S. BARKER & CO. sentation, will make any people unfriend leges not given to the whites, and, in They had been married about fifty years; lapse," has been long si nee disposed of and sions and fury of conflict must be suffered! from the East, styled " Tilting Hoops." and son, bad deserted, and, as I suppose. naoblne; doea not cat the leather, and tbe bale immense lert ror tne treeximen's Mecca, " Mem ly to a government. It is not possible short, places them upon the vantage and, dying on the same day, their re- the proceeds consumed; so that, upon the to cool before there can exist much har Tbe latter comprise a frame of the made by tbe needle la email and completely filled form whole, this u- fact that there is so circumference, that surrounds "in fir rviiavbtd: retuedv tor Uieae lxud- they should be otherwise. The Union point, from which they could aid and mains were deposited in tbe same grave. a bad fix." country is unmistakably un- mony. The very opinion among promi- and upon which hang the skirts of tbe phis. The second day after I had gone he by tbe thread, rwmbliof hand work. Ite eylindor Very many persons who, refused to work, aud lor two hours curs difference ol promote tbe designs of tho Radicals, Mr. Weaver was in his 77th year, and his der the old regime, were rich, have not muchmen in everv profession and walk of owner. At almost every breath of air, ed, threatened and abused my partner nent operator to handlei work rlth men of the South have been treated the fill finm to tbe ehapeenable. the now the means to supply themselves with life, about the call of the convention, and at every motion of the wearer, the if atj auoain no assistant both same way since trie leginning or trie were it not possible that tbe exercise of wife in her 70th. States otli- and cmm. and do many It ind that cannot b done on a noops tilt up this way and that, atronlin I. tur ot wishing a difficulty during my candid mind of Jas." Ste .' art, Esq., of Kittanning, tbe necessaries waslife. Whatever of mo- must convince every would attend thethat a varied and pleasing exhibition to the cers. trouble. They labored hard to settle this tbe granted privileges would lead to a GUAM) OPENING asmaWiine. lie work la greatly admired flat aorta ney they bad absence, they suffered his insults for two either voluntarily or discord and division difticulty between tbe North and South blood v war of races. Pa., has in his possession a sword aud otherwise invested in the securities of the sembling of a convention. But the Cour- crowds of insolent ldters that constantly hours, for which they would have knock by all manufartarera. OF s. The hoops ed down a white man, or been severely musket barrel, relics of Armstrong's ex- Confederacy and departed with it. Their ier claims that the opponents of the con- lounge around without civil war, but the representatives Rev. Stuart Rokiimox, D. D. Our pedition, which burned Kittanning in negro property is now verifying the truth vention are not tbe true Democracy, and are evidently intended to perform exactly whipped in the attempt. Mr Biffen-dachof the North threw every obstacle in the SPailGrWDSIMER 4 JT of tbe Declaration of Independence; their denounces them as not being the adher- as they uo, ana the conclusion is inevita then undertook to pacify him. way, and from Washington Presbyterian friends, and indeed many 1756. lands they still have, but it were better for ents of the Democratic faith and the sup- ble that ladies (?) wear them because ot wnen ne insulted and abused her. using Evangelical denominathis peculiarity. A Now York writer epithets that would not look well in a re not prepared for either peace or war. Tbe others of all the The arrest of B. Hutchings Badger, them if they had them not; for the reven- porters of Democratic principles. be greatly gratified, as Union men South got no encouragement tions, appeared to on a criminal charge, is the theme of ue officers of the Government, ignoring It is very kind in the Courier, after its exclaims: "Out on this indecency that spectable newspaper. That night the on Sabbath They listened once more to the connection between taxation and long absence from Kentucky, and at the would disgrace honest Pagans! Let gro went over to V orrest s plantation, and Alwavs liarry to exhibit and explain or protection. Tbe latter still urged con Dr. Itobinson preach the Gospel. Though much discussion in financial circles in representation, are here in force assessing same time highly creditable to its discern- every modest woman, who has been the aext day returned with two men and arraftj.t'Nl m. !.,.'". iu'm to every one wuemer to ciliation. Thy desired some jolicy that it was not generally known that be Chicago. aud collecting on tbe landed estates "the ment, that it knows more about the pol- tricked into getting these traps of the tour women ; the three men armed with Vb '"-.n.a. purchase) or not. harlot as the latest ' fashion,' pull them a revolver, a Spencer rifle, and a double- would give them some ground to stand Bowman's Block, near the custom- special war tax of 1S61." Notices are itics of the State than those who have oil and burn them! Let every p;frent barreled shot-guwould preach in the morning, yet the A' mm notifythroughout for They again threatenLaiu. t or iMue by upon. If only a resort to arms conld be house, Milwaukie, was destroyed by fire scattered people that the country, assess- been part of themhave the past live years. see to it that bis guileless daughter is not ed tho white men, and sharpened its wits. ing the unless the Second Presbyterian Church was full of then entered our Travel seems to postponed for a few months, there would Friday morning. A young lady occupy- ments are paid by a day named, the lists We impugn the motives of no man. We disgraced by ' following this lash ion,' to premises and commenced carrying away RQTHCHILD & BID'S, worshipers, anxiously waiting for the ing a room in the block was so badly will be forwardou to Washington, when WM. SUMXER & CO. with such be time for the tide to turn. They dosired desire the triumph of the Democracy in provide berwhile in his as are modest, and our property. On being remonstrated house, to play the witb, they brought the Spencer rifle to a that the opportunity for collision of arms appearance of their pastor and friend. burned that she can scarcely recover. payment, with ten per cent, added, can be Kentucky. We want the Stat govern- forbid her, wanton: or tne made in thirty days, in default of which, ment administered by Democratic hands. airs Successors to J. B. Emmit A Co.) cliarge bavonet position, and cocked it. should be avoided. For a time the ob His text in the morning was from 1st The loss is about J15.000. Tho sight of a lady going up Court Tbe white men finally got a dead aim a confiscation will follow. Under this state We iielieve the sincerity of a man when No. X Masonic Temple, Lonifrille, Ky. ject of their hopes seomcd to be realized. Timothy, 1: 15. " This is a faithful say with street, the other day, in a high stated little ahead, and made them "ground nerve is strained he says he is willing to The beautiful village of Holly Springs, of case, of course JJo, 1Q3 Fourth BtTeet, ei3t Side. a) But the blow was struck the very blow ing, and worthy of all acceptation, that Miss., destroyed during the war, is being to raise the required lunu, to meet tbe ue- - the Democracy, anu, no matter to wnst "tilting" excitement, set us to wondering arms. mand: but much difficult v is ex Derienced ai.l. ho adhered during the war. or under whher female modesty wasn't a mere On drawing load from one barrel of . tbe Secessionists wanted an excuse to Christ Jesus came into the world to save rapidly rebuilt. And we likewise won the shotgun, the in doing so; and it is said that many what banner he fought, we say now, as sham, after all.there was any which now have thing under possession, I found it Ito consist in my rrom th R.rt strike, They knew very well that blood sinners, of whom I am chief." We shall Major L. Dubois, lately of Beaure-eard- 's farmers, heretofore well-to-dwill be we have alwavs said, that we are willing dered whether r one. of i how oiTr-the sun no matter how uumodwst that charge of powder, a benvy chargeof a full not attempt to give even a brief outline ot tlii'-would change the issue and sweep away staff, has devoted himself to lit- unable to make the payment. (Our pri- to act with hiai, to vote with bim, to sex would shrink from doing, if shot, one buckshot and jive common but- Mu ti one new irrrcovED ttmt w'l '( of the discourse; suffice it to say, that erary pursuits, and is lecturing in vate opinion is that the Government will clothe him with the highest political trust. the faironly fashionable. a large part of tho support Union men umsu of ihm following tiootiav to- no ir- it was not beenriched unfeh by the acquisition of Wo would fain hope that there is lets. AS ne saitl no meant to Mr. it was a clear presentation of the Gopel Charleston. We expect soon to chronicle the arrival Tann, I tutlge he load! to kill. shoot ne were able to give tbe Government. title to these lands by "confiscation or reconcilable diffeienees in opinion, on That of a lot of "false calves," about which plan of salvation, and the beautiful The military commission for the pun- otherwise;" for we cannot see how it was fundamental principles, among the De- Round Table has bad so much to sa v, the gro s name is John Wilson; heavy set. a Matirii m.r Fmiwii si,u All recollect that, in the progress of the ar" formerly lived in Month adaptation of the Gospel to the felt wants ibat so dense a population could have mocracy of Kentucky. war,emancipation proclamations and ishment of the Belfast guerrillas, at Mo- been subsisted on the products of this The new style plug hats are equally as MemDhis. Ho la wearinir emrxl clothed , .. ..,. u u: The issue of convention or no conventhe close of the io bills swept away all opposition In of the human soul. At bile, has finished its labors and dissolved. country for so long a period in the best of tion we deplore, and wish there could be handsome and graceful aa the "tilting ueionging to me, ana 1 hope the nreeu- services large numbers of his congrega times. We would not like to lay a wager unity and harmony on the subject; and skirt. a great pity that men and women men s bureau may arrest him, for which Lawno of tbe South. Union men could say nothing. pr m ; Tbe merchants and business men of on It is 1 wm pay ntty dollars, if justice is pastor as he descended production of one barrel of corn our honest opinion is that such an incondone F'urd aad !! rrr-J-: Every step showed that the Government tion met their Montgomery have organized a chamber per the SEWING it: utnavni of acre.) siderable minority of the people of this make fools of themselves, antl wear arti both parties. fr6tn the pulpit, and gave him a cordial A fu.i waa determined to do just what the rebels commerce. ooersive measures for State want a convention at this juncture, cles abont as becoming to them as a silk of How rigidly the I fonnd such a growing audacity to cut : welcome, which must have been evidence ana gown would be to an elephant. Just for of Irti Linrr 'w mmt qaavaUtl4; had alleged to justify the rebellion, nd Gen. Wheeler is about to be made su- collection will be employed by the Treas that the agitation of the question, dele- fashion's sake. "We grieve for the good ward white people, among the baser toLii)a I'tvaiaVBtio; enough to him, if any had been needed the freedruen, backed by a mobbing assembling of the sparse which Union men had denied. It would, perintendent of the Montgomery and Eu-fa- ury Department remains toisbeseen. better even thewill have no effect upon the pub- old days of Adam and tve. ' gether from adjacent plantations, with in a This section of the State having twice refused to dissolve the gations, fire-arthen, of course, be easy to show that tbe after railroad. loaded to kill white people, and condition than any other. This region lic mind. The great danger of a convenCFTSUL FIliCEEUILDIHGS, LrvsTi pastoral relation that their affection for Presentiment of Death. The Sussex noticeu such an increasing disposition F irtHi 3Toiselea, The churches of Columbus, Georgia, alone escaped the desolation consequent tion seems to us to be in the almost inSouth, instead of yielding, was more dis- him had not lessened by his long absence. npon the occupation and march of armies. evitable rupture that would take place (N. J.) register relates a singular story of a among seme to idleness and ice, that I Lilian ol VVid.n !. ivr Hum m1 ym? wr; posed than ever to resistance. have refused to close their night meet- Not until after the surrender was any body SorlhrMl romrr Fifih and Jefferson ttrfrb, A fuai iio of !aptitfa' ni w' .tsito. ittea tfoswary. as Southern citizen of Newton, in that State. It is of felt that the good and order, the peace Many, 'also, lingered at the door of the between that class known Perfect. When the rebel armies surrendered, the ings, at the request of the Mayor. In re- of troops stationed at Danville.and then but men and the moderate, constitutional and quiet of this section, both white and to greet him as he passed out. church people South generally accepted tbe situ LOUISVILLE. KY-- , for a very short time was the sixth corps Union men. Both of these elements are a Mr. Lorenzo Demarest, who summoned blacic, called lor tne presence of an o racer ta larf fuxl ooniTJ'tes, antl wwM Onrtnek In the evening Dr. Robinson preached taliation, the City Council has closed the Id rwipi, throagaoiib u. mmob, of bw u4 pastor to his house last Wednesday of the bureau. other here; so that such a the infirmities of FrifOYF.n leX&el afVOtija. Uavtwg toi" i ti up MUtir orRihi (vivvrRrrAL ETcrj Machine Warranted TlTf Tears. ation, and it would seem that a peaceable in the First Presbyterian Church to a very hospital to all unable to pay expenses of camped of the State, whilst in alland in Eowerful, and that we do not believe they his said that he should certainly die m ,1 of full statement the fencing sections mltr and that my partner, before of the fact, written by conrestoration of the Union was a possibility, large audience every seat being filled treatment. Meantime the small-po- x my return, together many instances the houses were utterly are yet prepared to act harmoniously in J. BOTH CHILD tt BSO d. stroyed, in this locality nothing of corrvention. Thov are gradually uniting. night, with the further statement that tho with my views, aa strong and full as I OF FAMILY SEWISfl DOSE if a restoration of the Union was really to its utmost capacity. 4 I.L KINr His subject tinues to spread. u moil h Hit. been could write tbem, with an urgent and - V at short aouoa. was done; yet tbe condition here State officers are to be desired. No. 193 rourth rtroot, East SUo. i iiax bv or wilt. iB Berry, charged with the mur- the sort we have described it above only and by the time in complete union, and night previous, his father, who had Private the discourse of chosen, will be O' lhrJ. dead many years, came to him and kissed earnest appeal to lot. 1 nomas to send an op; it arUk. Linen Thread. Cotton, Ac, a fall assort- The real Union men of the South hoped on thisasoccasion wasthe fifteenth chap- der of Mr. Clapp, at Montgomery, Ala., is what OtHeer here at once to investigate affairs, mith ihUrbt 1a- - ment oonslanUy oa band and aold at New York recorded in much worse. preparad to go into convention. We opJesus, for a result they always desired. A reThe most encouraging feature to be seen pose the call in no bitter or captious spir- him, and drew his cold hand over hi and deploring resnlLs that might ensue; prices. r patronadT Luke. His elucidation of that has been acquitted by the court-marti- al ter of is the fact that the people are not disposed it. We believe that the liberties of this breast. Here Mr. Demarest showed with as, also, a statement from General For turn to their constitutional rights, so sol- group of parables, iorming one grand and restored to duty with his company. Salesrooms and OfSoe 7 Masonic Temple. leieri2eiUPd u HAih.iiiaiB our wf to repine or despair; but, instead, are re- country depend on the restoration of the his own the direction his father's hand rest, and another from Ur. A. M. Hender emnly promised at the origin of the war, panoramic picture of redemption, was aa W. H. OOLUEEMAN, 4 CO. Hollobush A Co., St. Louis, have fail- joiced that matters are no worse, and Democracy to power. All we have said were prepared person, had taken. " That," said he, " means son, Mr. .Miller, to and taken inand pre arown aisanecliou u any were very line. In the lost sheep, aud the ed for 550,000. They have made a clean hopeful of better times. Conoral A cents. wouia by mrl onr lcasburg, about the coming couvention has sprung GLOSLNG OUT SALE. College They have gone to work with a hearty from the best motives, and been prompted death. It is cold there already." ne sented to Col. Thomas' Adjutant Gener left. T. JoHXfcOK. AT. l ktl lost piece of money, the preacher held thing of it. good will. The negroes, many of them, by a zeal for the interests and success ot then said that be wanted his body con al, on theiiu. Mr. Miller returned hero We have now had time to see what th dispatches New up the Divine side in We as received the (irom having tried one Sewing Machine! dominant party design, and it is not a tion. In the prodigal the work of redemp- crevasses OrleansMississippi state that the work), have foundyear ot ireeuom curse, the party, but we believed. issue are not in- veyed to a certain place for interment on thothat an having should be sent. asejur- of events think the that the ancient ance otucer fallible, OF LOUISVILLE, KT. banks below in tho leaving the paterthat he wished a funeral discourse to be While many of the freedmen work restoration of the Government we fought nal home, and all his subsequent wander that city are very serious. It is feared in which the sweat of the brow is alluded will soon prove that we counseled well, Mt. Sterling Sentinel, fir Onnn of Tnrnrtln and onr fniit for preached after his decease, and that great well and prove worthv. other am Isit to, includes them, though free, and have ;?ir;,:X An Indispensable Family to maintain, but something entirely tin ings, he exhibited tho human side of the that tho whole country down to Bayou made contracts to labor for tbe year, care should be taken lest he be buried and stubborn; and those are the ones WX OFFER OUR XJfTIRX STOCK 0T like it. State organizations were set parable. In this part of the subject, the Plaouemine, and even to Bavou La- - which, thus far, they are complying with ml'! and thtisani who are most vicious, insulting and Orn Gain in Conneci ictt. The great alive. At midnight of the same evenin abusive. There is no punishment for the Democratic party aside, as if defunct, and other organiza- - preacher painted some e pictures fouche, will be submerged. Crevas- very well. in There are instances, not the f?ain for cau only le realized bvin Con he was found dead in his bed. rnfourand bta,n. taking orimA here ami thn vietnii. m.m .r loot,. which they appeal to rfd off i necticut tions were substituted to conform to the of tbe experience of lost sinners. The ses are also apprehended in other secA , AY to cause troublo and destruction to Fancy ., JOHNSTON Staple rmreau (it 8 nere) to lnienere tu ttn-i- r tbe count by congressional districts; and, Mi utt futMiR upPaWsuperb dtsalesroom at HAVE wisues OI lue coiujueror. t ijuh luwe tir--- thirl division of this discourse was, the tions. Fossils. Interesting remains of the Pi others. J which of course it does: but upon considering the fact that the State is at Ozr Course of Instruction In conclusion, I may now repeat, aa 1 PnlMtion, which the people South ac- conduct of the elder brother, in the.para-ble- , the whole, they are doing much better present represented by four Abolitionists, losaurvs have iuite recently been added The Charleston Courier states that taooot ' hort Ooirmnorr-i.- " Vinhrtn.v all wrote Col. Thomas, that the peace and vote by districts is as follows: was hoped or expected. ... or Nmifc kl irikhklKII . BLK; to tho collection of the British Museum, representing tbe ethical religion, ;?,200 freedinen have left North Carolina than white people accept the issues of the W here tbey have for aal erery apec? of quiet of this section are in jeopardy. The 1 Kl . FIRST IMSTKIC-l pr.flior-- 1 I.J II in' l Congress were elected; but they are not which would claim tbe Divine favor on since January 1st, to work in New Eng- the war, acquiesce in its results with Cbttn(i. English. Hiiwlty. "1 .K .tn. h...ii .ui io af and will be described in the forthcoming .!i..o . Hoping, forthe sake of truth, you may I Lan 1 kaii I I sl H N and- Family and Manufacturing received. One-haHiMrist. of the Union proceeds account of gtiod work and high moral land, on contract, at ?J0 per month, and what grace tney can command, anu are volume of the Palaeontographical Socie publish this, and, if so, promising you at. I4ifclllit.4 MNtl a v.r.otT of Machines disposed to deal justly with tbe negro. HIM.. t.Kn tr...i I at a to prepare for radical changes of the Gov- character. Jt was an able discourse. Nlkl w ty's memoirs, by Professor Owen. The further particularsB. B. future time, K 1(1 Dr. that more will follow. AM I.AHOM. ot. tv..t. Yours, eta, They uo not censure mm lor Biffendac her, Of the furious iMtrltt patent. Theme Machine ritmuol f tooinOinc K.w..o- - on. lnii.l ernment, regardless of the sentiments and Robinson seems to have lost none of his AT TOSITIYELY COST. remains consist of a nearly perfect skull Additional arrests have been made of freedom when tendered him. From our Abolition MajorPy ..l,.rv PI tK .!! NRt. hnve tofii toiic tn umt tui-- thoroughly uUMl. 1 hey l. T.ol ...- -' Sunday, April 1st, 4 r. m. The followSECOMD DISTRICT. and against its former zeal for a pure Gospel, and dealt persons concerned in the stupendous observations in the country and converowjit.a-- : are now id operation lu aud interests of the other, ! with the lower jaw of the same animal ing is the verdict of the Coroner's jury: I tUL Kaiiu. 1 t Hundreds ofLoulMllle sations with the people, both white and New . Families, unanimous protest. some heavy blows at that Phariseeisin (Quartermaster frauds at Nashville. Sevwhich are but slightly distorted from their statb of Mississippi, Coahoma Corr. Cost. satisfied that Mldillenex TKiiMM inr ADVACE. j And in every instance; have riven tl.e rnTipW-eWhat have those South to say who which stands outside and grumbles at eral persons known in this city have colored, we are thoroughlyluruiauin tuo normal form. The skull measures near TT, April 1, lSo6. We. the jury of tho in those sensation reports quest, summoned to view tho body of or thetbornnrli ornirno of tn.trw'tlon In TVv fought for a restoration of the Union, not the enthusiasm of men in earnest about bad a hand in the "spoils." Kfiiaoi2ni..ethenIinii.AkTi!.siiiti't press, relative to. the spirit upon Democratic majority DISTRICT. northern ly five feet in length. The rami of the i nomas O! Hiiy arru-i'THIRD a negro man or freedin toe ni.rKeu mal(i.n.','i An hmoiio. f'oaman- lnrned too.ll and ex- - for something else a party would make? salvation. He looks a little older than There were several fires in New York tbe part of the. Southern people to whole lower jaw are each upwards of five feet man, deceased, having been duly sworn. uri-aiil What .banc does the Government give hi n. io; , lU. Ui- pri l.Ofc of review free treat the negro, are made out of VI find that the said Edwards came to his when we saw him last, but that is the Friday. Loss, f sOO.OOO. feel sore over J 16 ft. long, from the pivot on which they work teat cloth. That they should not Mllf0-I:- . h in the afternoon ol tho :'.Ut nltimo. those South who wish to sustain a Union only perceptible change we could discovChas. Gibbons died of delirum tre- the loss of the property owned by them in por i.p sod Anthn Abolition majority to the front point, where they umte. from a blow on the back of the head de upenoruy oftheS'.tites in peace, who always have "Mzvx3x.ot the negro is quite impossible; but they TOCRTU er in him. We trust he may long be mens in Cincinnati ou Friday. P.tyu.'l'i ' tl.r- -. a..w)iti .Mune. livered ty . 15. Forrest, with an ot. t To Keep Eoos, The reason eggs decay during an altercation know that it was by reason of no action i.. mi i niuUili wished it? r.t li. A "bummer" in Cincinnati was or- of the negro tkat they sustained the loss, spared to preach such a Gospel as he between said parties, ' On for ttuarier ol iLree iu.iHhs. is that the atmosphere penetrates the arising irutu tue niter. erence or said or Betwooa Brook aai rioyi, They are sileuced by the conduct of the preached on last Sabbath. dered to pay a fine of f 150 and costs, and nor do they hold him in any manner re111,77 10.M5 up M.irs. hot. Mrleot i lid ar m Hour or IuK(ru ( ion. pores of the shell, evaporates the waUry rest to prevent the deceased from abusing Democratic majority Ill Congress of the United States, to be confined in the county jail at hard sponsible for it. In fact, we have conRETT TXil FROM Uis uKueirueu B wile. From to It avuink a. h. ; from 1 to r. at., and many intelligent persons, fciyTbe Radicals wished to have a vote t RiKTLrrr si.amu mac iiise. The result shows a gain ot two con portions inside, and the decay begins. not, in fact, a Conpress, but a quorum, WF. ARE DFSTROrSOF box enure Slat.-- wl froui uj P- at B.l.l. for the period of thirty days, for versed with coming to the conclusion aad aow ue Win. J. Steele, The. II. McNeil, PATKVTH who are fast fNsKn rNPFR iniv.-- r A Kr-- rOFan. HOWK.. which denies representation to eleven on tbe civil rights bill on the 5th. Dixon labor gressional districts, and also that a sound remedy is to immerse the eggs in boiling Ooodaai iiie-I j Who or onlynoon J. E. Jones, E. II. Maupin, carrying a pair of brass knucks. negro is tue greatest loser by Democratic district requires oi.tuo voters that the I 'Leap srcciAi.vflLTS in witmivo CLASSES AX- - Kt.le and the toer.ebt u. Ma rineW1io-.i- thf A U'k-0- States. B. B. Biffendacher, J. F. Bandy, and Wright were in Washington, but t um-. It cost Cincinnati last month ?93,-41- 3 emancipation (in which opinion we cou- - for a represeutative, w hile a strong Abo water for a few seconds. It is easily done. IH SESSION. C. S. Graff, We a .111 Afente to C. W. Tann, or Di""on riiner-roen- . for a hundred eggs in a basket can be cur- There is no telling what this revolu- sick and not present. Mr. Wade (Dislition district needs only 15,77t. POSITIVELY COST. SO, expenses of the city. pay ' t" pr Hugh Adams. Robert Carr, Colioreopen throughout the entire year and no lai-- t mm HWIO'is. V'tl! eond ri -- nu Andrew Johnson is becoming the .Philadelphia Age, itb inst. mi 1dipped at once into a tub of boiling water, tionary junto may yet foist upon the union, Ohio) opposed any postponement. emO"U. W. T. Mitchell. j. p. Hutchinson. r or iinn., leima, Five girls have been arrested in New watchword of the people. He is thorikk" country in the shape of bills, now that If this was an ordinary question, be in. iner panirniars oat: at the cn'ieee rooms. They are to be held in the water long Oar stock embraces everything usually kept la a Gen. Forrest has surrendered himself to stamp nd a we must to the oughly indorsed; but The Cattle Plaque. Tbe weekly reYork for arson. . Shaw, Ivputy Sheriff of tbe coun . twenty at a fast rate. Pica. s an-away. It was a matto overrule tbe would have no objection. :i"os. i'biuHioipijia. fa.. T.iiodo, thev have the Atoithorot our ports of thtj English cattle plague still enough to count Mrs. Ellen Judd, residing near In- cars ty, and will proceed to Friar s Point. Mu Oh First-cla- ss Dry Gooda Store. tp-President. If the people South are not ter of the authority of Congress. The dianapolis, Indiana, walks two miles and w,Ui doubie or single thre.d show a gradual diminution in the num- Tbe heat of tbe water congeals the surface Pickinh. The question of laCotton the albumen immediately under the un rieudly to the Government, they can President had no right to veto their acts. cuts a cord of wood every day, by which SOLS ONLY ET SUESCEIPTION. The lTTRmrE. The Emperor Itur-bitl- e, ber of animals attacked. During the of l, bor in the Southern cotton fields is likely to close ont onr Muck la thus forming an coatwho, without bloodshed or war ae- - It ear lnteouoa be made so universally almost, and this and was playing tbe part of a dictator. So means she supports a large family of week ending March 3, the number attackWANTFD TO CAITVASa THOR. to be soon solved. It is stated that a cot- ed was 7,"10; for the week ending March ing, which prevents evaporation antl cured the independence of Mexico, is in AOFTTO ow oi.miy In Kontu.-kTIL IL VLTTERLEIN & SONS, e"d Tonne. Congress knows how to do it. Of course far lrom its being any reason, because children. timately connected with Mexican history, ee for uu. fonowit tauuauie houlhrn Hietortoe; ton picking machine has been invented decay. memliers were sick who desired to uphold Pooolblo Time. one measure after another, received with for the week ending March Hwtory of the War trr E, A and among the people of that country MEKCIIAXTS The young men recently nominated L Hotline COMMISSION that will perform the 10, C,51; and new OMUliiHe, With Ju I viniiiii much felt for uuiveral digust by nearly half the Union, the depotic assumptions of the President, to the West Point Academy are notified in Massachusettsmen. This machine, its 17 (the latest report y, H,261. The total Genuine Kepi-blh-aIS w York. (2 Tactics. A ants. affection is stillhas for his descend.1 100 d "tool I'ortrs". per o twenty Maximilian i f. SwHithorn twioraih. 17 hW J'ortratta, ptatn and with stern opjHisition from a large that postponement should le agreed to, to assemble there in June, to le examined labor of report, animals attacked since the Hartford (Conn.) dispatch to the lioston lieen negotiating to secure a some time TIsH- - wo sets aa eariTcan mm all who. are an.! raro Nmncaun. recognition s rw..-- fuorl " will gather cotton as number of i. x in.i iosISI KfilVilin oaa new ho inventors for taking every advantage Post says: u. tiliiom i;oiir.u 'ba.f ,Y 4 VETTERLEIN & CO., began was 203,350, of which 7iart of the other half, must be executed be (Wade) was prior to admission. Iturbide's cioiti the a. W .wnoo "In tfie town of Portland one hundred of hisorthrone fromprevent their descend- HiliilMt'ifusliUU. oi&e fuotia e as men can lie expected to do it; plague t m. ' clean at least to AO On visiting corrosoornline prtc 4y force. The Radicals are consistent in which tbe Almighty had put into their died, :;9,W were killed, 2,5J recov- and fifty Iiemocrats remained away from ants, bv Great excitement is said to prevail in IMilladoIplila, work at distances varying from six STARR A BROTHER. 4. Oftl. ial Honor" of Battiea. Mexico, refusing to the South the rights of States, hands. The President had picked thW Hanover county, Virginia, in conse will to result of 1!,:'.73 cases is not the polls, being threatened with a dis- espouse where they would naturally a. irtorraa and ills Men, by rial ile fcoihoMor six foet.and will take the cotton ered, antl the the cause of the republic. The inches 1 an ., charge, by their employers, if they voted Kor.i and it will soon be necessary to discard quarrel with Congress, and for the sole quence of the discovery of rich silver reported. Kuari-i.- i he securetl by a secret agreement bitter JacA.mxi a. Lik uf FRANK LI ?f I'SCRANC"Car,A'T, for English." only from the ripened bolls, lenving the reason that he wanted the rebels mle. Vork, rUiialiphia, or shipment Afl thoaoo.-- . Ww. are tiavtnf an In fcr'd. I J r Locwviui, av., April at, lssa. these right altogether. mines in that county. How characteristic this is of that par- made between the children and grandr undeveloped ones uninjured, and not aploi.d r H A .M K r. rij Consiperaiii.e Style. At a ball given ty, and lo nu u'-- in U'O fioid are O.hi. 1. Main St., linulsrilie. ky. which regards the laborer as merely children of Imrbide, and the Minister of It will soon lie a plain case that the peo- back ltere occttpving their old seats. If A treaty with the Seminole has been harming the plant. ewr) tieee. a) any are niaK Mi from $&i 10 n. .r fel&eodxm in the city of New Orleans a short time the tool of capital, and which never omits Foreign A flairs of the Empire, at Aay. U e wafii at. airu r .vert uian and enmity he (Mr. Wade) did not oppose this usurpaem were ilui ple South are unfriendly to the Govern'I on iiowioo. .4141 concluded. The trilie cedes 10,ooo acres of Kwnnoil r"H.iir. aiecteu for u on September !, Istvi, which bos In Kooiik-.HEWITT, NORTON & CO., since, by the milliners and modistes, the an opportunity to insult and degrade Lvltoe an4 oitiot wtl; a no Uile a ohm pr.itilatiioom- tion, and take every advantage which the their reservation for the use of ment. It may be assumed without made civilized f Ovsters in Old Salt Marshes. An dress of one of the dancers caught fire. him. The narrow margin of the Radical just been support public Maximilian and liberal torrifirie. Coi agrees to AOtroMi JAMES TRABUK, FreaMenm, and educate twoof Iturtttotlirwl Its friends will be silenced. They Almighty tillered, be would be scouted by Indians. Commlbhlon 71erflin.ii In, English paper says that an experiment The Star of that city says: "Some idea of majority, in Connecticut, was securetl bv bide's grandsons, and to give A. II kKl liihi), Lelev ,0. K'T., certain sons the jieople whose representative bo was. such rascality. Cincinnati Enquirer. " aiKr! atiueaea. Oon 1 Afoot lur kentui-Advices from China report that forty- - in the cultivation of oysters in tbe old Disarm as: and daughters xi.nsi, nn. additional New Orleans. will have no defense to make. her style of dancing may be gathered, and two per cent, of tho garrison at Hong He was willing to sit iiere all H. D. Newcomo, Wm. Gay. We recollect the pledges and promises tlTJI salt marshes near Lymington, Hants, is when it is known that tho dress caught To be Continued. It Ls reorted a v annuities amounting to "never toper an- J. R, Wilder. Ooo. w. Morrie. Wm. Qarrln. necessary. The majority, if all J. a Litheew. R. ATKINSON & C0n and they promise return upon which this party got men and mo- however, did yield, and postponed the Kong had died in nine months from some successful. Many thousands of oystets fire from one of the chandeliers over- that the Republicans in Congress, after num; Empire without the previous au- Jno. &. Smith, ioha White, Joe. F. Torblu. (Saouosaors to Hewlu dt Co.) private consultation, have agreed to con- to the taken from various grounds are laid head." ney at the start to prosecute the war for vote till tbe next day. There were twelve, strange disease. ir.EF.RILL, W. Q. sovereign G03a.tT.tN tinue the session until Iecemler next in thorization of the agreement or legitimate Wm, H issues, Jan. S. Fnotpa, Advices front Mexico state that Gen. down, and some time hence means will secures toe The regency." This which it now apjiear they however, who agreed with Wade to take from're-movin- g New York. the Union, order to prevent tbe President Hrrris Pasmcas declared from Decision of the Com mission er of Pen certain oilicers, ami for other absence of the Iturbides of all Mexico, awl r aid hr thai Compear to Inert marina eoasem didn't want. They may scoff now at their the advantage God bad given them. They Ogarzon has proclaimed himself Presi be taken to secure the spawn. Old oyster Kerdiants General prenent having been purjioses, of course. Their majority lur- antl relieve Maximilian, JAIIES HEWITT & CO., Un, pledges. Power can do so with impunity ; were Chandler, Conness, Cresswell, How- dent in Culiacan, under the Constitution shells are lor this purposestrungon cords sions. Frequent inquiries anxiety about their opptting his Gov- era since March, let, with average s ria cut can ing so large, they can easily marine No. 56 New t-- New Tork City. ponds near the across and bad faith do a certain Liverpool, but. after all, falselnxid world of ours, bad ard, Nye, Poland, Pomeroy, Ramsey, of The mines on tho Colorado river are stretchedthese thetherising generation sur- made as to whether pension money Bar- relieving manage to number do this. By ernment, ifIt is scarcely to be supported, ally interested Insorera proOtn.the Company are aqa tn the each month however, whether stork holders good chance to they see lie attached tor debt, Commissioner will face; to they cau keep a quorum and not win at last in this -or not, without aay rosporulbility whatever. lsAIiF ON CONSIMNlfFNTS. Tonce pooneoned Stewart, Wade and Yates. ArVANCTX .noun 00 pivea u the moo if rett has decided that such money cannot majority on their side alwavs present. a regain the Empire they will neglect by as lew as charted by any food Company, 0. W. THOMAS & CO., reported as very rich, and the ore is ac- dutifully adhere, if all be propitious. as it is. to their ancestor, that Tm,n Mi lohstto. AH orooni for purchAAe Wash. Cor. Philadelphia Age.Aprli:!. be held, as the money allowed pensioners aps In ft. A B Rowins K t, .or 7. cumulating faster than tbe trains could and Inrwsrrtod without doi.y. avail themselves of it, Philadelphia ere fc..e irI5oth the Journal and Courier think IS y. In 1aii.viiii. are Meoors. Por;.?-TIndiana Republicans, when tA.r Eyes. The manufacture of false is in the nature of a gratuity, and there made a wonderful reply to the remove it. Proposals Tor Building a Turn-pik- e ter, iairfhi A o.. il.nMubUA anooi arilors - and BTWIo you propose to put Ike into a Ledger, oth instant. ja;-they met in convention, were not exactly they have eodm ay lie sent to store, Mrs. Partington?" asked a friend. The hotel proprietors of New York eye is a thriving business in Paris. Four fore not liable. for objecting to the Council Road. Another certain into w hose bands they might fall ; Democrat Peath of a Soldier of "Yes," replied the old lady, "but I'm at sold, and the twelve K giving their attorney six thousand dollars meet this week to consider the expedien- hundred a week BTUlIon. Charles James Eaulkner has pestiferous to know which. Some , " WILL BR RFri!TTTT o they indorsed both tbe President and tell of the veteran pioneers, the sturdy Indian establishments in the business employ per annum. Tomppert signed tho ordi- - cy of reducing tbe price of board. taken the oath and resumed the practice me the wholesome trade is the best, but I tighter, ami the gallant soldiers of tho One-hal- f Congress. of each voter there is last war with Great Britain, has gone. at.l. biiiUer or oru.iors V.f... u.r JQIIS SSVDEB 4? CO., believe the ringtail will be the most A number of postofflees were, on Tues- 210 workmen. For poor people there are of law in Berkeley connty, Va. Tllll.llin n-l- .l ' rmv.nL Wm. R. Coin ha, eldoat brother of aiatuna sod rv,l!n, tbe ; second-banJohnsonian, and the other Radical half d eyes, which have been worn to him." WHOLMALC KcFEKEAN & KENEFEE, of that? A Mayor is not bound to veto day, reopened in North Carolina, Georgia, Gen. Leslie Combe, died in Frankfort on white and half black. Tbe black part is for a few months by eyeless nobles and , oaly'or twine whsi wsJaT IraT'A sale of Government mules at of Eanter Monday, in the soth year of his Croctrs ComnilssloirKerctints (Let. of iANtlerlll Ky.) every bill he would not vote to pass, and Louisiana and Texas. said to lie spreading in some, and the white he can't be held responsible for every act Pine Bluff, Ark., on the 17th ult., realized edVfaslionable life, whose parlor i" saYd Bare removed to CmbS cincaUooaTau "hVUn The water at Sacramento, Cal., is five then exchanged for new ones. D COm- - chee. In l ur, lad. T tv. "n" u. A MERCHANTS, in others. L" T..L . KaU it, bet. First and Swond. COMMISSION an average of f 125 per head. to be so brilliantly furnished that they mand of company the C jtincil passes. Moreover, Tomp-pert- 's inches higher than at any previous time accept Kentuckians ntl toume ior 0 rteo aor or a.l ..!. mmM. IfQuantrell, the no ed KanBas guerlook at it only once a month, and then tbe who rescued the great Northwest from The signing it, didn't make it right this season. The country for hundreds of 3. Breckinridge has published a &The Texas convention has passed a they do it through smoked glass. or l" iti! I.H.HTHAK. rilla, is said to be residing in one of the SnaTHr savage barbarity and British cruelty. LfiTkAn. communication against negro suffrage. Tho Journal and Courier's friends in miles is overflowed. law making five years' residence in the tr Lexington Obs. and Rep.,;th inst. West India Islands, and hard at work, foyThad. Stevens, too, is on the wane. HTRAI'H to ColliHYMAN, And VanDtactaren' Afents far tbe sale of Ormstiy., The government has ordered several ort He thinks, too, that there is a distinction tbe Legislature couldn't quite go every Inn necessary qualification to vote. State a Fact is, pickles llavored with vitriol Xmponars aad Wto LeAieni la . gST'A young woman in Roanoke counte.Uon.. John P. Kennedy of MaryBrK ARB of race that is fixed and ineradicable. He thing. So they brought in a bill requiring more vessels to Newfoundland. It is said may be tasted once in aw Idle, but they nARIIHAKi: AS1 &ft.The Bourbon county Circuit Court won't do for a steady diet. land, and his wife were la Atlanta, on and to tn, IO and 104 want Columbia s- -, bat. Vine and Race. begins to see that lie and his friends hare tbe attorney to be elected by the people, that a large number of Fenians have gone ty, Virginia, lately dropped dead from 1U AIB TBCET. MarietU Tlmea. will commence oa the 16th inst. her long-lobrother. the Zjih ultimo. surprise at seeing got the elephant. aud reducing the salary to JijOW. there ousijuisea as nsaeruien. aec ToarJL and BulllU ale. caPCXSSATI. AoorfAwsm Mt If DE2: mm e rl.l IIKIO-i- . ik SCUTTLE SUCniXES I STUXIT, LOUISVILLE. KY. NG HAVINHTAKFSTHKW th" HI TOrKH 250. Columbian Spring Water. 8 EW A3B STOKE, AriUL OO G- S JD BILK STOCK ;uavls Howe Cylinder, Olotlia, Iilnons. Mantel and Cloaks, Call and See Them. DRY GOODS lru't. J. ery SIN OEH'S lam ily MACHINES. Ttc Cccmcrcial Leatitt AtCosi! At Cost! Instrument. and . .! mi. DRY GOODS t aii. 4n r Anil Under STARR k BROTHER, et., 77 )' m' rr Tle . J t Coission lu it R.e mo I IinV', I. Cotton raotors ciTLtpr, UU lt plL ".'t" k. jrw of. V

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