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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, August 2, 1803

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

jTi 5" Jg p -f -- M &a8i- V f .jEr Term, H-t- f 303. nr"Til'ey and Kact-e- l his tr f?, Jp'm Smi'li and Ituth his Elj ihHop Vil ft v. w'Wllftvr'- 1 - ue, CfcS" ptrandLath?iuic Ins NO wile, T--- ON THE N&VIGATION Jo'hna Hall and Miry his OF TftE wise, & John Breman. an -'i -- infant nnder.the Be of Corophitants. twenty one H. iiy the VITH NINE PLATES AN said Jolhui Hall, lils next . dijjldult pasflb Layingdovm tbc-mosbus Excellency the PRsibcNT 'jne said Hacliel, s mend, mi CithMWe, Mary,& ges in tby River. the United of neinc some of the TAKEN BV A GENTLEJIANjJTAENTS and di(liibu't;ees of J AND OBSERVATION ; i By S. W. 9 ftJolmVj ilcman, deceased, j And corrcflfd sevei aUvoyages, Agamst-i- : , tn all stage's of Desiind: Br&Sf Cockev Owings, SALVE tu cuflosoolumenquei VJV CHiMCERr. Fubiicarum, arlium maxiine & r- y THE defendant nAttiartnzUehtered his an i ione," i soon as 200 the aft'ol aiiem-ules- to Br put ro press pearjice here m'RReaW "Patrice lumen, libertafis au6lor, X blv.arid'T COPIES ARE SVHSCJUBED rO. thiscaj)ttand it appearing BIStnot JEFFERSON, salve I1 tn the Cimt.iftinn sit the ronrt. that he On the! an inhabitant of rhij cdmmonwealth the conphimnts hv theircoiiiti!,J The Fdu'or 'tliittt?; ft nfelefs DurrTreT JobaJiiitsnyiyzr cerebijofus motion of that the Old defendant do ap ,HU wnH fav , iti ordered, thlrt :., FerredTcetrqpppulum'regnavit ; pearhereon the third day of their next Novem the her term, &aafwer the con.plainant's bill, that WiP? Terruit cives levgibus iniquis; cop of this order be infertgd erght weeKs, lauoi ,01 a jenueman-fO- t lyoiurva ORIGINAL. ODE,' , Has cceiid, and is 1101a operangfoi sa'c, in toe store fui meriy oectt pied by Mi. Robt Ban, a well chosen assortment of . t Staies are tbe following articles, viz. In this lic horjie. 500 acres rJiro itll. oftr tbc-viat- Imperial, vYouno Hyfon, i.9'Wi.i.- Iytfn Skin jjyov ,' '3", M' Sundarimmedtttely aTocrdivine fetice. ,ipeasynore loudly j)i recbromenda" CAtopy THO AaNOUD, of ;,than anv.itlunefthat can,niidn its savor, " l . t ii '' ' and BOURBON CIRCUIT LIay Term, 1803. .Qualisin rmos'placidi parentis Lenuas', talis dbi'imoeit in elves, Diliguat qiii te dtfhint ?t hd'nore"' Vinditem' juris. David VVjliiamlon, Lomplatmznt, Againfl John. Edjvards, Defpiont. Quantum, Columbia, Jeffersoni ","1 debes, ' . In Chancery. - - n-- Kice, Chocolate, ' Hiufuis, W BE defejidantf not having h. ,Wei5. , ,332 lMuftaid, and Cldves ' BrimltiVnr, t Conptiajj AUurn, 'ii" ri tlgo, .1 . .M.1UI ' 7w Mad4er2tid hagv'Mi. ' 'IfC'l enfbi'- ; Hitched in blutawantr. 'I SSlmon, Shad. agrefeablyl ir.Tfie tp.TubfijribprsViUlJel t,(l onus pauperum levatumS JTcftis n the act'et "Ailembly and 'rules ol Half Gents-letts, bpad s and bhoytsls, J eltes lunt holjra debita lolufa 3. and K Appearing tonhe toxbeipTaid' TIto'w, Gbtfou and VoaPkH' M hs court,' Integra, side. J W firtisfadlion of the'eourt "that he is 4 the timeoffubfcribing, and thef GUirXdclcs'aiid Cultrpb'-tJirrVf" k rft 'not an inhabitant of this corrfmorf- - Lat " i,; " .' j butctf StyWc balane on ,tpq ,deliver;y ot the ESTgliW-'au.Copiam fandi tutam redidifli et ','',f wealth.onthemotion of the comnlain.-Brulhes ot varioustkmds,ja. ivibusereptani pene libertaterr!?' 1st by his cofinfel, it is ordered that' IIT.'No.peirfon wiil be; a1 LNanLetjns, ..'ii, a. .Cervici jugirm impdfitum revellis .Lnira, aavj, 01 - ftfbferibeV, who dops'iipt advance Tity p"' ' ' lie ao annear nere--or . Dextra levanu. .t.. r 11. - ' it vi the next November term, and ai)r. ''M ffrftaj mnt of IsTublcrip-- j vv aman""aiii.' ao. 1 flijte "Cotto. LargtTd aJ fwer thecomplginant's bilLjothat tion. "AudefOIympo Virgo iam vedireTen Counterpapcjj , Ten tub. ,C9py-this order pe nierted eignt.;ilV,.?'A,nv'Defon;"nrOcurrn Wiib mcwytlrticlesrntii here cnume-- ated Avtklbaiia LCiiitA V.UUUIU UlUCViUUU fcrilFers,andnejng'aJcountablafor a. veeks, ucgeflively in some. oneof m,1 do : $& Gazettes of this ftcfte, hat ario- 'JulKhAye One grjjus. ana hrvhave 4celi asiele&ed with can , Aurei Saturni veniente oetate. t . win uc ioiu on law terms as an court-hous- e tiler ccjny bepflfted " ra"t1,rs owh' frfr fli, WhltLe; , Hen.., Omnia rident. Subscriptions received Sy , . dooc in Par5s,vandatPtr(e front door V z. , ir - sy ,jr..i L.oniitrv uiaue Ij men. or.n r.n " of the Prefbyterim- - meet "1 Produce as mav iuit him 'Mens tibi'culta" confeiacfue refti;"' ' Cor late amicum viris eruditis; ' aster divine service. .. cheap, . nbt to cive crt . Generi rmrhanb'clemens, neque fper-- j w, rfc. lMl,,n Tcftcv" tutMDn aiTV.'Terms. con? wws (THOA'RNOLTjcVb. PI S.,2A.,few pieces of the bell Lon rRriiirAnvt C?ifnl 7 A. .LTM'l'V f.t.dl, 7!.. ILIJll tQ Vulgi Querelas. luui. don Superfine Cloths. 1 homas atarke, Complaftanj,,r Cash or Barter j Jilso For Sale-foAgwirSC NOTICE. Ccfelitum, reflor tibidoqet vires t (Bj Wholesale.) flSteohfeW Price, Robert' Mofb' and" Grandid ad incepta.prfifcienda ; i A rrfuantitv of MhRCHANDFlI WW Janles' Parberry, Defendants, : A ,. III. Munera libertatis blanda " i Jin. i Having received,J innruu--j- i w T.. r- ' . ctfrififlriirr chiefly of the following an. IK I d lis appearahcei 'iierein Tb"i,rt.y-S?venanda- ,;( !", Men'-s-BIac- h 0' fie'myj at-th- e -- jk. ""We 'iT -- ,',, J m J -- L- .," . 2-- 3 patented for George Underwood. 1200 acres, Mafori county, K ntucky. Vveyed and ptxrtd for Moody and 24'MilUn. , oi , 1000. acres MfhtflrV land, on the waters dt HufTcH's neH, Guen river. ?S5 a(re9vjjK.r1n cotint), K. ntuc-- I y, about fom m.ilescfrom Louilv.lie, 40 acres ot n cleared. 116 county, Ken-uck- tltraft t y, f,k e, r acres, Mason counts, Ken- parfah 5000 acre's, furveyeuind ilcky, Mae CONDI noNs! T. It b, e'rwnted on a good type, iM,and fuchpaper as our country tf-tuiusj anjajWiii contain rrom OQtp 100 pages, njemm duodeciqio,1 fh.-y- f rivfr. lOOQ'atres'ditto ditto. U mo- n P.(T, creek, a sew miLs Irom New MaLf.T. N. W. T. 5000 Ucres, lying on B Jnk I ,ck ci eek, K,entuck), part ot two tiact!, c na 6000, acres, fuivejed and pitented t r WiatH Jones. 4000 acH,, Iitntucki . ptrt of a tract ol eff ht tl.oulanl cr"b, lurveyed ajid pitented lor Rithard L WlNFS. Coffee, , ditto,Jying on Clover vn hio Acjd, & Sherry, and Old reneriffi Loaf Sugar, Ahiwrnds, Contra ju rdmqsjojeoe protendens, J)ingis juftisapopulum'inftitutis : Juris et legu,nijpatrise ad falutem ' "Plefhs habenass: - Teas, Fresh. r Ljltoni, Lick cretk, a bnndi df the JLiil fork of the Little Minn 1, N. W. T. in 1 troorl rifilfthboihoDd, atrL,r three miles fm Will Dunharj-'- l Qwn, leven fiom William. Uurj, and el-to twelve Irom the j JYudeira, - Gemuit, terra. jrri'ol lie' "1 Bobea J I'rench Brandy, Old Jamaica Spirits J? j tiaft cotitains about three undred the rema nder is jfcfityi'dsonie asiortmtnt oSiddlrry. well tun ei J, In oh it a Lood mill bis assortment of Merchandize, seat, and is an excellent stand foi 'a pub- 'IJflie ,,.,. 700 acres Military I ind, hniTorj Brulli creek, N. W. 1. hei- - t'ie road frofles Irotn Limestone to Chill coihe Dry Goods and Stationary, Glass and Queen's ware, 'TreR'Mong;erJ and Haid YvVe. MISSISSIPPI?.A IY TOR SALL. 1 S E valuable rnc WILLIAM WEST, PROPOSALS, By Jamfs M. BRA15FORD, For Publishing by Subscription, BOURBON CIRCUIT, on the North 0f Llkhorn, brtet six ffffllBsf-mTrankfort ; on this raft r" Coilfld i;tA Hiuie"and -- -- 3U1? impioei ts. veff ltnyjrov d Lot in (te tpwjj t.f Parts, on Mtiii (beet, and jijoininy Mr. Hughes's- - taven . 'An Inn and Out LKt in laid u n." Alft a Houle and well lmpiovtd Lot n thts place. , , Tjic above defcribtd pope,t) ill be -- Hebtp and jtjjd low for-CA- Su, or On rvHi I ' bwd obac-- a' yitb tood fecun-- y, s coiifiderablg credit frfay be had. 1 or further paiticulars eiiquire of the ' raM&ibera. jOHNfpRDAVjun. IOHN A. SLll'Z. . exington, Kenturl y,'t January 'Httf, 1803 The Author 'as th.e Kl ENGLISH 'GRAMMAR, Ul-C- Y ' cnts his 'mod rrteful acknt wlsu nentslo 'h s fueids and the public 111 ,eneral, for :he notce tnev hre O'INCEKY. tions from the Secretary of WarjjAr'p 'Sehti tle,5, gentes. jeenleafed to tale of his hi mole a w defendant Pnce'and Far-- , i w came to oe ereccea at tnis piace Fjnei Tamboured. Figuredis? Book empt-tfacilitate the gnnn ntical in- -' betrj-- - not hiving entered their ap. Mitthns, Ginpbams.'an ell rant as Iruction'of 'Civium ob vitas fimul cum fortuViisJ .v.n,f.,u,,;-,rn(',iri:- ,. o' youth, 'and c, es a cont. . . nearartrp hrpin in tho sbrtmhnijif Buttons", Mujfel V3 Cura fervatas tua tarn paterna, b, An Arlenalior arms,Kc. otbrick,1' Fun lact'df Affembly and 'rules of this rin;initigTji sew pieces line Clotb usance of their pa'Tona-r- to il cond v. fdet , and thirty-tw- o . iNos sine gratos cingere tibi cbniatri wide, dition, hici ht hasjUflpuLl Hit J with t,L .Vil court' and " appearing to the fatis, Casimeres&' ; f..-- i, ' Civica Quercu. Swan'down Mersail- - jttrtfidtrable impiovemeiHs, in conlormi-r- y ( H Hi , ill ,A faction of the court that they are not l 's. to the-o- i ir ml plan. ciear, witn aceur ana foundation inhabitants of this commonwealth J tesfitc&tttng;, Womens and Child-Nonen seterno revirefcot'cvV of Hone undei; the .whisle, of five, on tyiu ttfats, tsre. irc. ''8C? Those who v, ", r prrvif cothe motion of the complainnes of 'he new edition, rn? bf f phfd feet below thefarface and three feet TJfqie clum polo fidera niicabunt ; WILLIAMvWEST. ant, by hi counsel, is, is ordeied jtthisGrEce, at M,r. , and Mr. .aureus aum bol luqda lultraprt BOURBON CIRCUlJ". tVp bove, with brick pillars milder the that they do appear here on the third "' Tordan's flores in Lex ngtrn. Slav' Term. 1803. iBle epers of the dower ltory. The Lampade'terrai. day of the next November term, and 'GcoVge R?' alls to be the length 6f two bricks Complain- Trotter and Ala.-- ? NOTICE TO SURVEYOanswer the complainant's bill, that er bcott, cntt. w; ond a half for the lower story, and 'a copy of this order 'be inserted in THE principal nmeyors in this , EtlVKRSITY. Against i' two tor tlie upper itory. some one of the Gazettes of t his Thn Edwards, WilhanA comtnonwe?hh as well thofc who A Brick Magafeiire for powder,'re-quirin- g 'iave been as those who are now 111 for eight weeks fuccelTively 1 S cott, IJand William- A fociil company being af'a cofj about 35,000 good brick, Hate, iffice, and hae not settled one fixih another copy nofled at the front son, Haden Ldnards, ' jfeehauiein London we're conversing and a Barrdck, requiring abqut' the DavidS. Brodnck, Aia door of the court-honfpartot the sees the) have receif I, Beft'j. and publifli upon ghpl)s, geblins & apparitions, same quantity. with the Transylvania Se,nihuiy or ed at the front door of the Prelby-teria- n Beall, and William j , e of being an infiProposals will, therefore, be reLainme. J'ranfyK'ama Univerlin, arehcreby .meeting house in Paris, some J del, to those appearances, was chal- ceived by the fubfenber, at'the poll-offiIN GHANCERT. requcfled to forw ard o the '.fi.ii- Sunday immediately aster divine" lenged to g to one ofthe tomhs, an4 in this place, (poll paid) until service. THE defendants Jonn Edwards ana ber, such sums .is tbiy h .iy have in y fetch a hUrtiau fliull. He very the 'sirfl: of August. next, inclusive, Uavjd Wjllnmlon, not having enteied their hands refpedlively, due to the undertook the tailc. The com- for making and laying the brick, for AciW' . - r. their appearance herein asrreeably dela , and thereTHO. ARNOLD, Clk aft of aflemnly and rules of this to the Univerfit) pany seeing his fortitude resolved to all or any of the above buildings, coutt. by prevent tie painful alternatue 'try his courage.' A person was Tent per thousand and the stone work" artd it appearing to the fatisfaftion ot ' A large 'cjUantity of forward to conceal himfelfin the per perch. the court that they are not inhabitants of giving notici, and moviraainlt I he; stone, lime and fand,,jf WRiriVG PAPER, them. '1 he law reqjires thatftate-ment- s tombs.- - The Champion arrives ; he being celivered on the spot, and like- jTQ the first quality, just received, of this commotfVealth on the motion ol be m 'e on oath. takts'upa'human flujll. The perlbrt wile wnotl tor rningthe brick. A FandRTr lala by the Ream, for CASH the complainants by their counsel, it is SA1l. BLAIR, r. v. ordered that they do appeal here on tlii. concealed, with. a deep hoarse voice reasonable sum in cadi will be advan only, at the office of the Kentucky; third day of their net November term, Lexington, lune :, 180';. cries oik, that is my grandfather's.' ced to any one contracting or com-- j Gazette. and answer the comphinantV bill ; that iThe dhamp'o'i with great coolness" mencing the work, and the balance A LETTER, tdiops it and takes up another. paid on its being completed. Bond State of Kentucky Fayette Circuit Court a copy ot" this order be inierted in form Defending the 'iborlctt doc'r ne of one 01 me vjazetxes 01 tnit ltate lor irt hat, cnts the fjerfon in ambufll, June Term, 1S03. ind approved security will be requi- eight Weeks fucceffively, another cop "Ss my father's. He drops it and red of the undertaker or underta-- , Robert Frer, complainant, For fa'e at this Oiiice. pdfled at the front door of the coun Agaiiqi takes op another. That is mineJ kci's, for the faithful performance of house, and publiflied at the front door Just TrELiSHi-ddelendant. I cries the concealed person. I caro the work, which must Jbe commen llQ"e't I yler,Tn Chanctry of the Piefbyterian meeting houle, in Bt JAES M. BR VDOSD, jiot'whofe it is, anfwtred the cham- And J ial$ attbis OJf.f, ced Without dels)', and completed as fimTV'T. defendant basing sailed to enter hiePar,! some Sunday immediately aster pion, but I will have Jt, dnd lest the soon as poflible. one- - herein agreeable to law and the Hivine service. i and itappeannirto the fa s of thi"; toub in haste. The person concealed Price 5 cents. A copy. Anv one wi(liinHto make fendrate tsaflion Court, thoi pursued him through the ftreeti proposals for either making or lay-- ; itant of of the court that he is not an mhab 'lHO- - ARNOLD H on the motion this Commonwealth, " OF TUT C A REPORT The champion, vith his prise, arj PUBLIC NOl JCli, jlol the romplainarit bv his counsel, it is or in: the brick wiffdo. coffce-houfNICHOLDS, &r. agairs' at-ne U qerea runt cue idui neicmnrn ao appear nere - lo all vibom it may concern, Hens ives JAMESvTAYLOR, Couit Being the ca'n. cf the ( n on tbethnd dav of the nrt term and answer ant.emen, says he, is the lkull Supennfendatlt, New Port, THA I' we, or one of us, will the complainant's hill, that a copy of this oris tb: ojner is co)ringafter 'it, Campbi.ll county, Ky attend the fouith Monday in Sep der be inserted in the Kentucky Gize'te or irth July, 1803. Herald according to liw, another ported at the tember, with the commiffioners ap Fayette County, Kentucix, dior ni the cnuit house for Finerte county, pointed by tne county court ot At a meetirn; of i'ie board of ( irr,Ti(fion ALEX PARKER & Co. and that a copy be ptihlihd on some Sunday ers ap)o.nt3il to perpi.t uti t hmon. fA Bourbon county, set. , immedntelv aster drvirelerncc, it the door Clarke, at Peyton s ipring, and imon the 2i)n div of Mjrci JZa-aen- Received from Pbifaflel-- t Taken up by Harbin Branbam, of the Prefbytenan meeting house. provement in laid county, on a small RESOLVED, Tint t" fti'il c pbia, iji addition to their former Jiving about three quarters of apijle Telle A branch of the South Folk of l.ick- - this board hall be on the fi " 1 Ar i 1 HOS. 1JODLEY, C. F. C. Cfc ! rom the forhs ot the lilue Lick and me. anout 200 poles irony said s old 'rv maith.comni'ncini; o 11 ."-cm tyiiflnt , Jlofe and ftrined blankets afTorte! Jt'lrom Work roads, a 11 on btoner, where the road Monday in M iv, an ending in OlI h. , i in ch State ofKcntx ekj, Fayette Circuit Courf! croffes Stoner, leading from Win that thev will y irn fro n livtoili Twilled, gravyblUe, & (tiiped coat " BT.AP.rC riDRSF. n id. meetu.g, unt tl e ' ufmeis belor JT'VF TtBM, 1803. n nice thereof bt fourteen hands and a half high, Robert c in tin chelter to the Small Mountain ; and iflied and ta it Batr, complainant,- Blue and drab knaps, branded on the ffF buttock with D, nt public NvWj I per i to continue from day to dn Aratiijt r- Flannels'-an'd'BarfeFrT "9"1' r. Teste aflorted. and on the olt moulder with Jb, nve iontgomery Bell 8: Daniel M'ViCMr, def'ts the business is done, to perp,.tua'e Chintzes and callicoes affoited, In I HANCFRY. JO S n dei , ' c years old, a large bell on ; appraif-establish the testimony of witneffes to i'-- s 1 HE defends Montgomery Bell having the fL.veral calls in an entry made Irilh linen afforted, 4-- 4 r s. o, S edto izl. Aquilla Parker, j.p. o to enter his appeirance herein ngreea . ,J n, Plain and figured cambrick nm- . ; tlis Fa", To 1 4 May 16, 1803. Me to law and the iulec. thi, court, and it uciooer tne ocn, 170c, anu urvey flins. MIT 1. n to ' lu" as ths apoeinng to on sin fa"ion th it he is made in the name ot I imotny Pc- Kid and Morocco slippers afibrted, Madison, to wit; not an lnhabitirt of thu Coirmmnwealth, ton, on a John Po I iliw.iic, warrant ot on th hv hi coun the Irojf bnar and Coffee i'- - fiift. Mon ! v 111 I Alpn lirv Kir small branch cf thj I frin lni. !el, it ismotion of t'nt complainant the said defend int do 1000 acres, on a ordered Ma loira a id Port wine, n the &F, on the Kentucky river, near the appear on the third dav of our next Septum. South Fork of Licking, including a b.pi"u 1, 11 order to fi Fep,)et, Chocolate and Mustard, her term, and answer the complainant's bill, remaikable rock form?, and im- - grcund to run on, and cl i'e th sub- moyth ot Muddy creek, a that a copv of the order be inferred in the provernenr Indigo, White lead, Spruce, Oake ri e by Crittenden all 1 lcription. BLACK MMIE, ine iu'k iv i)n piper Kentucky Gizette or Herald, accord njto , I 1 anners oil, u and three years o'd this fpnng, frppofed law, another polled at thedoor of the court company , then and tn ie to no u ill oe in the tune's n 1 r WdPO Qens', Glass, and Chinanvare, 1 e'l lfilicr v bom be Fayette ti be 13 lunds 3 mclies r hi(h, bran- - house tor Torre Sin county, and that itnlte.puh- luch other thn s;s as tlic i'i ill think nnn, withhoi Iv. m didav immediately fliniil.-'.avnives an ' far' ailorted. nfl( An nn lidielon t t ) in a ni Peceaary, and the sin t '1 iav time rfor , ,, . vine service, at the doorof the Pielbytenan wi'l sell on the raid pra,fed to icl. piwoi.toi hr i," itpt6i ,,tr meeting house. Bioderate term-- ,, for CASH. J bomar Stijusbley A Copy, Terte jobn Campbell. James Matson. Lc 'Jtou, July Ji, Lexington, July 18th, 1803. '1 HQS. Bodley, C. r. C. C. July 35th. tf,May 2J, 1S03. TUT c -- 1 ,: ....". - 1 1 LotX Lea' -- s X IE f e, J rea-,'dil- -- t. 1 "7 TRINITY, , 11 A 1 ' io '- -' j . - -- -- 1 m-- rtilii s 1 c i 1 s 1 a -- c pre-empti- livrci .Wh-chtlu- ? f iu.

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