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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 14, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

741Tc- T 7TJ iIT l- I IT I I 1 bi t Jl 1iitI < bt S 7 r OLUME j COLUMBIA XII = 1 It ten days until the Republican FQipy WAS A HUMMERb Htiju I ESE APRIL 14 > J909 vifvetim lat v a ¬ I L I ¬ = ianapolisI IulIjMr II I F TT tand ai tI fiare r I letterr prQuiteExciting gatherersI s p4W iI I N Piing yThe testimony patc proe 1killed Dinnerllumbiav It 4 I 1t I Evit 1 li t aeligous ah rewardedl I i ¬ possibleg ributhiess i Highly Appreciated aiResidents dateJ F f faatteson exti I 23 iiI + I PRESENTW4 F t jiAJ > NUMBER fair manner and all the candidates Evangelistic la4Fr8k thlargestR4tlleir ii rr cI jows ADAIR COUNTYSKENTUCinV WEDNESDAY W4day I 4 Emff7 uniiV- rizes awarded eachHayi the contests eing lively and full of interest The prizes were given to customers who I1Ladies h f seemed highly pleased with treatment and courtesies shown them The can- ¬ One of the most successful union re didates f not having opposition at that We highly appreciate the interest and sailers for 25 cents at S yield vals Columbia ever witnessed came toda te were nominated in accordance service of the many correspondents Opening Week of Theoj 20tf The Entire a close on Monday night after two with the call made some time ago who help to makeThe News a paper of to last Satur ¬ ersons received Buchanan Lyon Company of eeks continuance The interest in the Those who were nominated are as fol interest to the people of Adair and ad Gs itYoname the winners in the Re eeting never abated There were JQ ining counties Some of them have Campbellsville a Great pubiican primary A set of enameled kitchen ware Mrne arly a score of conversions at theT R Stults County Court Clerk A D been identified with it so long that their Success st service The Attendance at theP ilure to get in a good newsy Frank Jackmans silversmith shop m will be over the Paull Drug Co yor and DrCM Russell Coroner would be keenly felt by those particu ¬ W Hall Saloma Set of silver knives Committee unanimously and hearti la rly interested in the community from People From AH The Adjoiningto forks Mr David Melton Spurling eeting many were turned away from Decoration Day has been changed endorsed the applcatiQnof Senator which they write We are ofter ren Ky Quadruple plated silver teath ample e court house auditorium forL C Nell for Collector of Internal minded of the good service our corres- ¬ Counties Visit The from the 31stof May to the 30th of May evenue for the Fifth district The pondents are giving and rarely ever Making Large Purchases hear of a criticism which is evidence ews was given the ballot printing e strain of their almost contenious Judge W W Jones is now engaged that the great bulk of the people ap bors like seasoned veterans They in having a cistern built at his resiA SUCCESS IN EVERY PARTICULAR eciate the service rendered Within NOTABLES dence orked rapidly thereby putting more e last year only two complaints Representatives of manufacturing than is customary in such efforts into ainst our large list of news Saturday week will be the Republi Last Friday afternoon a representa ¬ concers who were present during the the space of two weeks By their reached this office and we now can primary Aspirants will be ve of the News in Company with Mr week were as follows Mr M B Har ¬ manly earnestness and whole souled came greatly alarmed last Thursday call attention to the most serious one ceedingly busy until that 0 Russell visited Camp llsville dy president of the BrinleyHardy devotion to the Masters business they forenoon fearing the visitation of a that Of reporting that which did not In a short time after our arrival we Hardware Co Louisville Mr A R rapidly won all hearts The gospel destructive fire Mrs Junius showing in some reports MrrJ D Walker Grady ville sold arned that the talk of the week had Messick general manager of the Vul ¬ preached by Bro Hendrick was the old noticed an unusal amount of Pickettoc cur and and disproval whenof such re¬ smokeP seven poplar trees to the Standadb een the opening of the large wholesal- can Plow Company Evansville Ind S plain simple yet wonderful story of the coming from the office of Goffs livery ports should not be clouded The cor ¬ Hardwood Lumber Co for aeD retail establishment of the Buchan ¬ D Bartley of the Vulcan Plow Compa ¬ cross It was preached in a manner stable and believing that the building respondent who cannot confine hisre B F Avery most direct and sympathetic The mes orts to facts or who cannot give the The Breeding Post office has been anLyon Company the immense daily ny W S Hays of the Plow Company Louisville Mr Philhp sage abounded apt in illustrations and nings without evidence of bias is The law sales the prizes awarded and operators office made a money order F ischl of the Great Majestic Range well chosen quotations from the hymns sons were soon at the scene It was not needed nor wanted and when such effect the first day of April from distance who had been in at went into J Due emphasis was given to the Word of discovered that a coat hanging on therE ports have been received will be invtendance demonstrating their various Company St Louis Mr Edw Knapp secretary of the Hickory Buggy God with which the speaker seemed wall close to the stove was on fire estigated and if found true will be Lindsey Wil- wares Wi The second nine of the son played Cane Valley last Saturday The News man visited the establish¬ Company Cincinnati E B Ray of the phenominally famijiar The gospel in and the wood about ready to catch The discharged We want full and fair re rchpi orts Each correspondent stands to afternoon and lost the score standing ment and was conducted through the J I Case Thrasher Co Racine Wis song as inspired and led by Mr Carter theory is that some boys were various departments by Mr R J Lyon A P Noe of the international Harves ¬ supported by rhe large chorus was a in g corn and when the courthouse bell his community as The News does to 30 to 6 v one of the proprietors and he was as ¬ ter Company Chicago C L Bennett feature of the meeting never to be for rang for church services a protracted this entire part of the state Your Cane Valley and the LindseyWilson tonished at the amount of stock on ex vicepresident of the Brown Carriage gotten by those who attended The osition is a responsible one o3fr in clubs will play on the L W T S Cam hibition If strung out there would be Company Cincinnati and Miss Kather many solos that were rendered by Bro hich you can accomplish good for Cpus next Saturday afternoon See the at least tWQ acres of handsome buggies ine Bohannon demonstrator for the C- arter had an exceptionally fine effect stour section and we trust that each and Ed and gave spirtual flavor and devotion to and durable wagons made by the best C hiNamel Company Cleveland game very one highly regards it Give the save the stable and a number of other happenings that should be publiShed kinds of Caldwell Parry Manufacturing Co In ¬ the services of manufacturers and all Jas Garnett has qualified as ex farming implementsover three hun ¬ d In fact the Evangelists form a rare buildings that would have been sure to especiallly the good and stear clear of I combination of the estate of the late J S dred buggies andSurries and one hun- ¬ prepare zeal and intelligent ave caught political and religious controverseties Stapp He will doubtless wind up the dred and fifty wagons This line of opening week was necessarily expen methods of work that should warrant Ih The News is seeking to accomplish t as speedily as oods is being sold constantly men in sive but the proprietors T W Buchan ¬ sUccess when given the cooperation of good to awaken hope and ambition and Bad Accident the yard from early morning until late a- n W R Lyon and Rk J Lyon all a communityWhile to give fair and honests reports No Orig in the afternoon putting the vehicles gentlemen wellknown for courtesy and Dope Cola and Grape too early to tabulate re ¬ correspondent not in sympathy with its Try a bottle together making them ready to be business tact feel that they have been sults yet it is safe tospy that no such Last Wednesday night Mr Thos Bry ¬ ork or who ISiSO narrow and preju anators not imitators nt reached Columbin from Campbellsd iced as to misrepresent must < give transferred to the homes of the owners amply paid and as a result of the open ¬ 1 permanent good to a community The ville having a team his Wagon Campbells ville Ky Hobson It is a beautiful sight to visit this de ¬ ing week a great harvest awaits them laceto one who will give the unvarnish v We close stating that Rob Reed of pastors and other ministers present at with fertilizer In Hecending the hillP d truth partment see how handsomely the ve ¬ e f LosTIn the town of Columbia ides are kept and how readily they Columbia is the bookkeeper for this the farewell service bore unqualified from the square leading oiifthe James golcj brooch with pearl set The findera re being sold This is evidently the large business doing his work to the t became blinded own road his horses NT N At the Parsonage wiirreturn to me and be buggy wagon and Implement perfect satisfaction of all concerned the work that had been accomplished I t is supposed by the large electric arc Mrs T C DaridsOfleestablishment in the Green river section When he is not at his books he is hand ¬ They spoke feelingly of the closer union light and from the further fact the < 23lt Last Monday forenoon Mr R T of Kentuckyfrom its location down to ing Put souvenirs which are highly ap ¬ that now exists between Gods people lines got crossed and Mr Bryant rot of Campbellsville and Miss Sarah 0 A considerable snow fell here last The vast preciated by the trade Tom Taylor as one of the happy results They pointc ould not manage them The horses nd including Bowling Green andFJ andy of Bliss drove to the Methodist 4 firm enjoys is due to living Richar4 Marshall and others are also ed to the fact that the power and influ w ent down the hill at a rapid gait this parsonage in this place and were morning there was a heavy frost All of them and the nce of the church had been greatl3t ust before reaching the bridge turned married by Rev A R Kasey prices and fair dealing If you order emplbylep dently fruit has been greatly damaged he wagon running into the jeep cut goods from The BuchananLyon Compa ¬ prietors tip their hats to the people of strengthened in the community The marriage was evidently a sur ¬ throwing the animals against the butt want extracts and spices that ny the shipment will be made at as low Adair county using the Macedonian Sabbath was appointed as the date fpr rise to the brides parents as Miss welcoming the new converts into the gures as had you been present to close cry CQme over and help us arah spent Sunday night with several churches and it is anticipated he deal Miss Alice Murrell who lives a few injured Mr Bryant was It HARDWARE DEPARTMENT thatit will prove a joyful day for Co hurt a very good horse not was A Surprise represents The J R Watkins Remedy east of town When Miss Tandy as killedI that The cases in which this line of goods 22lm Co Columbia Monday morning she According to the best count thata considerable loss to Mr are kept cost over seven hundred dol ¬ was met by her intended husband and Mor- ¬ The many friends of Mrs J H ould be made the QBW converts and i We are receiving private bids on pur lars and are exceedingly handsome ris gave her a surprise birthday an agreement was soon reached to visit x dinner has its together numberipne pun Quits The Roads store stand but have made no positive hardwood finish Every article the parsonage and have the rites solem ¬ o tbeing her 3jlst birthday sale Any one wanting a good stand p lace a sample in view hence no timeJ ohnny B Brock an s 11 birthday d- red and fiftyone Hpw jpany lives nized Soon after the ceremony the been rededicated to God and bpw is lost when an article is desired has an equal showing W> Ho Wilson who accepted a couple left for Campbellsville rMr were fiftythree that partookom any the most systematically ranged de There hearts have formed new purppse s osition as traveling salesman for a The groom is popular young man Lester fiiSons Kendall Ky con ¬ the bounteous dinner The partment we Sever had the pleasure of Louisville GrbceryCo last year gave and is employed in the MantzRolleLt Coffoy have placed their seeing There is not an article in the sisted of pies cakes fruits and man Young up his position a few days ago to en ¬ Mill in his home town The bride is at things which go to make a tber handsome saddle stallion Red Raven od that has been Accomplished for nerMrsi Morris receivet he Kingdom of our blessed Lord ani age in the grocery business in Colum ¬ daughter of Mr and Mrs R L Tandy with C G Jeffries of Knifley where When your wish is made known you do s ia He bought thestock of goods in and is one of Adair countys bestyoung ti he will do service The poeple of that not hear we are just out but 1 can the Butler building formerl owned by women i community are fortunate in securing order it for you o ave A hand goes up and o Mr G W Flowers Jr and has since The News extends its best wishes as follows God for this blessings of the meeting by replenished his t the service of this good horse the article presented The people of stock to meet the de trusting that happiness will attend Mrv i7 resenting > the Evangelists the sum mands of this section Mr Wilson is and Mrs Parrott all along the journey Campbellsville are justly proud of this Mrs J J Mr and Mrs PM Mr W R Holt who has represented store and the proprietors merit every f four hundred dollars and cpnftribut anexperienced groceryman and is in a of life i the Singer Sewing Machine Companyrgood wor3 that IS being said and they ingaboutpftydollars additipnal for all position to give good values to all who for many years at Campbellsville are also entitled to the large amount of Mr and Mrs F W Rice Mrand Mrs incidental penses Evangelist HenIpatronize him His services tohis- A Jpod Citizens Passes Away wants the people to know that he is business they are doing They also s company Awhile on the road were highly rick left Tuesday still at his old stand Hehas a fine lot handle a range stove one of the best ome in Nashville where he Theintelligenceofthe death of Mr satisfactory and the change was made Mrs Vina Morris Mrs Dosia Sc pof machines needles etc in stock day with his family before wiflspendjc through Mr Wilsons desire to be at U D Hurt will not be surprise to that is made and which is being sold ratt Kansas where they for ten dollars less money than any his many friends as it has beenknown ome From the number of plant beds to be re- ¬ ing next Sabbath Bro other like cook stove handled in this r for sevaral months that he was in a ¬ seen in every section of Adair and ad country It would take up tocjmuch itt Ivan and Rollin Morris Esther mained over Tuesday night to give a r critical condition Tje end came Mon ¬ joining counties the year 1909 will be a Sudden Death gospel song recital leaving today Wed ¬ space to particularize hence we wil day about 11 oclock in the forenoon Otis and Willie Moore and Marvin Rice nesday record breaker in the production of say that it is the most complete line of for Kansas Many prayers an d He was about 33 years old a victim Misses Mollie Breeding Mattie Morris tobacco in this part of the state Es est wishes will follow them and not a Mrs Charles Indorf whose home liver and stqmach trouble He was a hardware ever presented in a town the pecialfy is this true in Adair Taylor Ida Grant Rebecca and of our people will look forward to was in Glasgow died ery suddenly last size of Campbellsville say two thous Brockman Emma and Green and Metcalf rt elV time whenthey are to redeem their Saturday afternoon a victim of acute son of the late W B Hurt and was a and inhabitants It would be accredit fine citizen liked by all who knew him son Mary Moore Eva Morris Eth lthe to come back again to Colum indigestion Before her marriage she He leaves a wifeand two little boys p The Cemetery ImprovmentKAssocia to some of our larger cities Curry Flora and Elsie Morris ar THE MAJESTIC fAINT was Miss Hattie Goodman and fre ¬ For several years he had been an ar¬ f tion will doubtless remember the city G1a 1bla fillec Mary Rice The little tots were quently visited Columbia stopping withI dent member Of the Methodist Church One end of the main room is cemetery on decoration day and those ice and Annie Morris Eugene Willis her uncle and aunt Mr and Mrs SamIThe funeral services will be conducted with this brand of paint said to be the Death of Mrs Venia Kelsey leav- ¬ Arva Rice and Lawaence Moore Lewis She was a most excellent lady this Tuesday afternoon at 2 should begin at once to put their lots in most durable how on the market and had many friends in this place who ing a finish unsurpassed by any other and shape so that the grave yard will give Odd llows to Celebrate Last Sunday afternon atff oclock were shocked at the intelligence of her by Rev A R Kasey familythe inter From the way it is now leaving make ment will be in the the most presentable appearance on after a long illness the subject of this death the stor we judge that it will soon be ground Peace to his memory sympa May 30 There will be an OddFellows cel notice peacefully met Death at her Immediately upon the reception of thy for the wife and children Taylor and in general use throughout ebratiori at Jamestown Sunday April late home Glenville 1 the sad news here Mr Lewis and wife MrM E Jones will leave this week adjoining nties The deceased was a Very excellent left for Glasgow to attend the last sa 25 1909 participated in by Russell SADDLES AND HARNESS for Indianapolis to take a course in J R Watkins Remedy Com ¬ was a daughter of the Jate rites Veterinary science He will receive his Any kind from the cheapest to the- Spring Lodge No 180 and Jamestown woman and pany is represented by 0 B Grant in P Miller a prominent citizen of diploma during his absence from tw o finest saddle can be found They buy Lodge No 359 The following is ti 1eJames Adair county who solicits your trade if h this county When quite a young girl program to four weeks and will return to Co by the car load sell them and orde At the Age of SeventyEight in need of puce extracts spices stock sheiwaa married to Dr Butler Keisey Mr more Itis an attractiVe sight to se lumbia to practice his profession and poultry food and several valuable eight children being the result of the Jones has been a student in this pro the many sets of harness double an On Monday night at 730 after acpn liniments salve etc They guarantee union The children are all living the essidfc for several years and how neatly they are made single youngest being seven years of age The tinued illness Mrs Jlcie Snpson every thing they sell Music UNDERTAKERS I Anniversary address J NJMeadows deceased was about 38 years old and whose home wjajs at Breedingassed Jim Holt who figured in the Etly Mr J A English sustained painful besides the children she leaves a moth ¬ over the silent river of Death She In avery snort time after a casket is and W H Hopper i murder case Louisville met a tragic was ordered it is in a hearse and on its way injuries one day last we er and eight or nine hroth rsandsis was78 years old and was afflicted with Music was driving a 1 death Monday out with a team of horses hooked to a to We home that has been entered by P Miller Mrs A H Hal complication nofdeseaEles She was Fraternal addresses JUW Mitcnell t wagon in the city and was struck by v wagon In desending a hill Mr Engj Death AU varieties of caskets am and r lard Mrs Henry Miller of this place the mother of Mrs W R Grisspm this F W Leach killing him almost m > lish lost his balance and fell to the coffins are kept in stock the funerLbeing three jbf the number < The inter place who was at the b bsid whenthe- freight train 1Musicnoon was a native of Russell 4 s jproundi The wheels passed over his director being Mr Robt Lyon who hs S meat was at Crocus this Tuesday for e endcame The deceased was a much stantly Holt Gbodx the order J Gi legs below the knees tuiulng him very had many years experience in this line- and Rev dwillbe greatly county noori many Relatives andtfriends being loved Christian lady Dyer badly He was confined to his roo n of business present The News extends its sympa missed The whole coinmunty is in Music FOUNDA suit case oh the Burkes v for several days THE LOCATION Work of the order whit it is doing tHy to the children and all other su r sympathy with the surviving children villa road bdtweenSB ERowes and The building in which this immense and what is has done Eld F fo Barg gj Viving ireatiy T Columbia The JWPt can have sam f Mrjs Nancy Wright who was the business jsjjpnducted is the three stox yand Virgil J Smith J Buff Orpingtons iiy th News offi e and pay wife of Mr Jo Wright junction City brick locate n Main st The Home of the 9r etJRey GjR < Action of TheContthittee notice l g for s i J J Ky died Tuesday night of last week completed by Mr Jo WIllock The Payne and Mrs BEtRbw John Combest v There iij IQO better breed of chi kens v The deceased was a daughter of the J BuchananBypnOompany occupying all Every l dy cordially invited to f iarge andustripus and the ire The Republican County Committee They uy EdWin Graven son ofMr and Mrfi late iRobt Reynolds and was a niece of I thet rst floors and which was so piinuteH tend lest of layers Healthy arid strong met last Saturday and reside all necE boy ofexernpliry habita Mr tE1zy Damron this plaice and Mrof ly described in The News of last wee by Committee Signd smallj but little Itrpublejtd rarse MCravens a 7 siryarraiiffements for the holding 1 1From the foregoing the reader can iequilificaUois uwnt t Nancy Duvall and Mrs A and fine < I have as pure bredas any oiie J < nty5Cleka o ce The funeral services j gather a mall idea of the limount of MrWB eatte5o sheriff of Adua their primary for county offices on t he Mntr Valley J in thiState and no wflFsmrpiuis thei- ng intheCo City on t7edne businessthisJirm is now piping and 5ts connotm3f1 afull settlernentwitht- he 24tb < Wit piwJexcepitiph evirymem- er were held at Junction t i1orm sizeand col4r Eggs only- o r 1 new line of haidombak j iUyjEJd J Q Montgomery officiating Iexpectations for the fujure < Fiscal court last reek p yng oy to bwupjeieiat aad a large nunibei pitithe t rsHugliNoe 15 l RizESAW4RPEp > stor of Hurt also fin altfceodatici1P Thi CSuIYd at ttte County Juoe all monie ii1h candidth rfacre w reinany telitiyea and friends CQluII bi Jy entireppning here were hinds due the county bUaiPU Wu Ml transauted t D ubnk1 oie andsie 4 linan open c tr t > rimary election L I F 7 1 7 0 rTHE Iy dMr BryantI i I JM t ohardware peoplee 1tupled dJ i I oBryant d4oore aMess CurtistAbsher T i I I ofi lannieBEf ¬ Iim L VI u J oclockI f buryingS I 1 1The I 6 ChOhfIorgani r I 221Mr i I i kHe jHe rsDtS v aL t t H JE PoppleI 1 UL f I 1 erecently 1 lr I Y n t VU i i 4 > > S II L- I > J p > lr J t11 tlt tK 1 S 1 r >7 01 Lift 7 fI 4 rf 4 Ir c I Ji 4 I r II lii i f l + I d Ih 0 fiii ij fat11or a j tj j7j t SsI < i d- r t z j 4 1 t < t5 r bI t4 > 4i > 1t jlhie C i pint I- 2 it I L t f j f i dre tmilhnry iJk f i lA t i j 4 I i I1t t f I < i 0 1J p fJ f 1 11 = j t 4

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