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Image 12 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), July 21, 1949

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

or THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Customers mm THURSDAY, JULY 21, 1949 Eje-Open- er SPECI ALS IMpCANTAFFOR Here's Why We Can Electric Door Chimes . . All kinds. Practically at your price . . Cross Cut Saws, Hand Saws, Corn Planters, Bolts, all sizes . . Blacksmith Forge. Comp. 2450 Blacksmith Anvil. 14) CombinGis No. 2 Common and Better Pine Flooring $754)0 per thousand. No. 2 Common and Better 6" Pine Drop Siding . . . $85.00 per thousand feet SAVE YOU MONEY When you trade with us . . Watch your money GROW.. .What you save when you d8 your buying . . Jts entirely depending on what you save from your earnings If you work real hard for your money, be' sure that you get your money's worth . . . You surely ought to be proud that you can be one of our customers enabling you to save you money. L Take your time and buy what you want-2- . Buying today and get it 3Your Choice in Free Parking. y. - Hardwood, 2x4 2 x6 2x8 2x10 $75.00 per thousand. 8" Center Match - . . $75.00 per thousand. Pine 2x4 2x6 2x8 2x10 $85-0per M. Door facing, jams, also for windows. No. 12x86x85 Panel Doors 8J50 Thick. 7.85 2x86x8, 2 and 3 Panel Doors Closet and Bathroom Doors $5.95 We have in stock, all types of doors, Plain Glass, Three Light, French doors, Colonial Type, Staggered Glass Doors, Solid Plain Doors, all sizes aryi types. We have in stock all sizes of windows, Plain Glass, Three light Top and one Light Bottom, 12 Light Windows. Light Bottom $450 24x263 Light Top-On-e Checked Rail 24x24 Plain Rail Windows $3.75 Complete set Window Screens Screen Wire Galvanized and Copper. Screen Doors Complete with hinges. $5.85 Have other sizes. All kinds of door locks, Hinges, different sizes, at a very low Deep well and shallow well pumps With tank . . . $7350 and up. Wagon pumps. Pitcher pumps Suction Pump Sump Pumps. Deep Well hand Pumps .$18.9". We have any size of pumps, Fairbanks, Morrse Myers, and Red Jacket. We have all sizes and prices of Rubber Hose. 85c- - Rakes 85c. Garden Hoes Copper Valley Sheets Valvanized Sheet Metal. Different Gauges, Sheet Metal 4" x 10" 16 Ga. very heavy for truck beds, and coal tipples. Electrical Wiring 14-- 2 Romex 5c Ft. 12-- 2 6 Romex Ft. 2 for 25c Curtain Rods Curtain Stretchers 4 Ft Poultry Netting 558 Roll 5 Ft. Poultry Netting . 6.98 Roll 6 Ft. Poultry Netting 7.89 Roll. 80 Rod 4 Point Barb Wire Bale 50 Lb. Cotton Mattress 8.25 90 Coil Springs 49.50 Regular Innerspring Mattress $22-7Now going for 22.75 . Box Spring Mattress $95-0Beautiful Studio Couches, Regular $45.50 . Now for 3 Pc. Mohair Living Room Suite, Regular .. 289.00 $144-5Now for $39.95 Chifforobe Solid Walnut, Special $2750 Beds ... Coal and Wood Ranges $39.50 and up. Laundry Heaters 755 and up. $95.00 Electric Range Apartment Size Oil Ranges $24.50 and up. Large Size Electric Range, with 4 large Burners, with deep well time Clock. $110-00- - Stay as long as you like. We are here to serve you and the public. When you come to our store you feel at home, as we are just as common as an old shoe. 7. We treat our customers with full courtesy of that old Kentucky Hospitality and Friendship. 8. We are proud when the people visit our store, you feel at your Mother's home. 9. Some merchants say that they have One Day Special . . . Take a look at us, We have a Special Sale every day. 4. 5. 6. .. to-da- Electric Hot Water Heaters, Table Top, Size 30 Gal. 0 42-G- al. 1-- 1 e 810 n OVER'S6' JP fUtf BOO 4x7 6x9 6x12 c 5 We carry a complete line of Hill Meat Cases Coolers, Deep Freezers, Reach in Boxes, GI be Meat Slicers, Electric Comouting Scales, Csh Registers, and H0.P0 to0' ' cvc' mini osr coWo ajW-i- S remo, o.- .Mecied Only - 0 - wog- - nCb nd 0 Ac,dS 0 ay . r lU oV ant- - n Problem "C nOFN FOR AND XtWvt Adding Machines, Account Register, Fruit Market Hanging Scales, Iron Safes,. Different sizes, Vaughn Electric Meat and bone 32w. Bun Warmer, Meat Blocks and Butcher tools. Bamroom Scales 4.85 Rubber Stair treads Protect your stairway. 39c and 59c Rubber Hall Runner. Reg. 1.25 per yard. Now for 75c per yard. Medicine Cabinets, Reg. 5.95 now for 255 Metal Waste Baskets Reg. 250 now for 135 each. Latest in Light Fixtures: Circline Light No Flicker, General Electric Reg. now for 9.50 This is the best flourescent light fixture that can be Had for your kitchen, living room or office, all purpose light, it is a lifetime fixture. We carry a vriety of beautiful furniture, Bed room suites, Studio Couches, Wardrobes, Rockers Dinette Sets, Utility Cabinets, Utility Tables, End Tables, Dining Room Suites, Kitchen Cabinets, Inner Spring Mattress, Box Spring Mattress, Baby Beds, Basinets, all kinds of furniture. Porcelain Top, White Kitchen Cabinet. Reg. Now for $39.50 It's a bargain. Coal Buckets 85o Dinner Pails, Extra Heavy Special Radiator Fillers 1.89 Celotex, Sheet Rock at a low price. Blanket Rock Wool 65.00 per M. Sq. Ft. Cement While it lasts $1.15 Concrete. Blocks, Brick Tile. 15-9- 5 5 Roll-A-W- 5 iQ 8.29 10.89 i Vv'cllc-I- n l-- 2c $4-9- 115.00 All sizes hot water heaters. Just "Received 12,000 double rolls Wall Paper, Very Beautiful patterns and shades excellent quality . . . Per double roll 35c Washing Machines 75.00 each. 1 Felt Rugs 9x12 Regular . $10950 Now 57.50 9x12 Gold Seal Rugs All sizes and designs. Linoleum, by the yard $1.10 square yard. Inlaid Linoleum, at a very low price. Congo-Wal- l different colors and designs 72c per square yard. We have every design of rugs and Congo-Wa-ll that is made-Walso have Mar lite to beautify your bathroom or kitchen, Masonite Board also. Linoleum Paste, Patching Plasters, wall paper paste. Brooms Regular $150 now for 95c Mops Regular $1.50 now for 95c Deadening Felt, Per Roll 2.55 Built up roof felt 15 lb. $1.35 per roll. Poich Lounge Library, etc, Rugs. 5 4-6- price-Electri- 99.50 Size ... on Kb 138" Round Electric Heaters Two Elements a B fTancis 79-0- 0 I Quo WHOLESALE AND RETAIL nr vw W MMMJJ HUU OTMA Phone 2589 - (Tunnel Hill) npim r".wtesburg, Ky. East Whi JL MAW - . Vi vdUUll

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