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Image 1 of The Adair County news., November 7, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

Y Ibt VOLUME 9 + b aif fr COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY MUSICAL TREAT ELECTION RETURNS L unnti I f- WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 7 1906 On Wednesday Indicate Beckham a Winner by 10000 Majority HAS POSITION REPUBLICAN expectedgains and Missouri Both parties claims victory in Halloween evening a number of young ladies were to secrete themselves in KENTUCKY CONGRESSIONAL RACES ADAIR COUNTY some residence between Pea Ridge and In the Congressional races the the bridge if the young men found Elec- ¬ The result in the Primary Democrats win in eight districtS them a supper was to be given the Iboys tion in Adair county shows that Third Ninth and but if they were not discovered before ¬ and lose the Beckham wins by about 570 Ha Bennett wins in the the appointed hour the boys were to be ¬ Eleventh the hosts Of course the young ladies Ninth by 1000 Dr AD James in were not discovered and as a result a the Third by about 500 Dr A supper was served at the Columbia for Lilliard Carter for Attorney reduces the Republican hotel Monday evening The manage ¬ ¬ Gatliff General Mat 0 Winfrey candi Pub- majority in this District from ment prepared an elegant banquet and date for Superintendent of in every manner the occasion was pro ¬ ¬ 22000 to about 10000 lic Instruction carries Adair coun Following is nounced very enjoyable majority of 175 over E ty by a a list of those present Messrs C C The adjoining counties of M E Stults Tim Cravens Taylor Metcalfe Cum ¬ Pickett of Agri- ¬ Green F P Hill A S Chewning M Rey Yar ¬ race for Commissioner berland and Russell gave Beck culture show that Newman car ¬ ham and Hager majorities run-¬ berry E T Jeffries John L Walker Fred Myers Ray Montgomery Geo E ries the county over Crenshaw ning from one hundred and fifty Wilson H T Baker John Shelton to six hundred by a large majority Nat Walker Pete Conover For the first time in a number i Smythe James Garnett Robt Todd T1 T rl TT1 vv U4O Bruce Montgomery T M Wilson of of years Adair county ic candidate for Judge of the Cave City Mrs Dollie Bailey of Texas Democratic majority Dr A Gatj Court of Appeals was reelected Misses ¬ Alice Walker Myrtle Myers Congress liff candidate for Judge Hobson had no opposition Kat e Murrell Viola Frazer Daut Mar ceived a small majority over the but Adair gave him a nice vote cum Roonie Stults Bess Rowe Cordie present encumbent Hon D C Robinson Nina Marcum May Pickett KVr Edwards So far as we are in- ¬ The Prohibitionist candidate Lina Rosenfield Jennye McFarland formed not a dollar was spenton for Congress received a Larger Dimple Conover Edna Robinson Leeta either side and the above result vote in Adair than ever before Cartwright Amanda Butler Kate Wal ¬ ker Carrie B Flowers was due to the indifference of given their repreaentative Heng 75dricks I theA I IT GP l L- j ont I ticket Republican voters many of them staying at home The entire vote of the county shows that full onehalf of the voters failed to appear at the polls I Joseph Rosenbaum was elected Justice of the Peace in the Glen ¬ ville and Harmony precincts without opposition J L Adkins Zion A L Whitfield Columbia W H Co Sandidge Ebenezer W S Dudgeon Mt Gilead J F Roach Pink Ridge A R Kasey Columbia J A Johnston Mt Carmel G Y Wilson Gradyville Campbell White Hill F J Barger Glenville Z T Williams Columbia FARMS Monday and Tuesday 12th and 13th COURT v lumbia Ky j v Deputy Marshall Cundiff Brings Violaters of the law to Justice I will not attempt to give each the praise due but will say the black face comedians were good impersonators the enterlocutor who by the way was clever Jack Sanders was there with the goods the dancing was first class and in fact the entire performance was above the average Preceding the beginning of the show 7 the Columbia Band complimented the visitors by playing several numbers and considering the chilly atmosphere and scarceity of light did remarkably We have had a number of good Dep ¬ uty United States Marshals at work in this section at different times but none who have done better work than genial Jeff Cundiff Since taking charge of this territory Mr Cundiff well i has been a terror to violators of the Internalrevenue laws and has suc- ¬ MECCA FOR COMMERCIAL MEN ceeded in breaking up the business of bootlegging to a great extent Mr been consumed The man may be de ¬ Columbia has the reputation through ¬ Cundiff has the endorsement and we out the State of being one of the best posited in a chair or on the bed and will not move a muscle or change his believe the help of all good citizens towns in which the Commercial men position a hairs breadth The cause is can spend Sunday and on Friday and Deputy United States Marshal Cun¬ Saturday they begin registering at our unknown but about the time the mis- ¬ fortune occured Herschel attempted to diff arrested Lindsay Lucas of Dunn two hostelries Nearly every Sunday and brought him before you find a number of clever Knights of set off a blast one made from a quart ville Ky bottle of powder the fuse becoming Commissioner Winfrey Monday The the Grip in the lobbies and a more gen ¬ entangled around his feet and when the evidence in the case shows that Lucas tlemanly and courteous set would be explosion occurred was considerably peddled whiskey at a picnic in Dunn harp to find Many of these gentlemen ville last June and the defendant en ¬ have been coming to Columbia for a shocked Mr Grider is a brother of Dr Frank tered a plea of guilty Lucas claims number of years and have made warm and a that he was selling for another party friends who are always glad to wel ¬ Grider of McKinney Ky nephew of Drs Alex and Clay Jack and that he was paid 2 for his days come them A number of wholesoul ¬ mam of Cumberland river ajl of whom work He was held over to the Feder ed clever gentleman in this line make are skilled practitioners but so far al Court our town headquarters and many owl they have not been able to solve the property and are rated as our foremost John Bowen of Russell Springs was citizens perplexing case These gentlemen tried before the Commissioner last have placed the matter before the M REY YARBERRY most skilled medical experts in Amer- ¬ week and was acquitted ica and numerous physicians have Joseph Aarons son of Thomas Aarons made examinations but no direct cause has ever been assigned nor any relief of the Glensfork country was arrested by Marshal Cu given to the unconscious man Judge Winfrey afternoon Upon the proof offered he was held to LARGER AMOUNT the Federal Grand Jury Aarons was granted bond which was immediately OF TAXES PAID furnished beforetP Hon M Rey Yarberry orated to a medium sized audience in the court house Monday The burden of his speech was to arouse the prosperity makers country savers and bring the wrath and power of the G 0 P down on Democracy Mr Yarberry is quitea fluent speaker but after all the peoust voted as they had mapped out Mr Yarberry denounced the dog law as oppressive and unjust s saying I would rather go to the Kentucky Leg¬ islature and repeal that unjust taxation than occupy a seat in the National Con ¬ Rumor has it that Mr Yar gress berry will be a candidate for the Leg- ¬ islature and it goes without saying that he will be in the running if he decides to enter the race- ple j- MARRIED IN CALIFORNIA At This Periqd of the Year Than Ever Before s ab byr November Messrs Geo and G B Smith are in Mr Geo T Flowers Jr has a card Monticello i in todays News He is conducting the Mr Mont M Murrell is in Lebanon shop in the corner room at the Columbia Hotel and asks a liberal share of your this week patronage Need a good cathartic A pill is best Say a pill like DeWjtts Little Early A fine Jersey cow belonging to Miss Risers About the most reliable on Lou Trabue is the possessor of twin the market Sold by Dr Co ¬ calves rolesWe l Every farmer in Adair county and all citizens interested in good roads are requested to attend the Farmers Institute whichmeets in the Courthouse in Columbia c TJ i INSTITUTE The Minstrel Show at the courthouse last Friday evening given under the auspices of the Campbellsville Brass Band was witnessed by a large au ¬ dience and we are glad to say was a financial success to its promoters The Minstrel troupe was composed of Campbellsville local talent and each and everyone acquited himself in a most worthy manner The program was of course considerably varied and the boys are to be congratulated securing talent so well fitted for the various Miss Lee Jones of Cane Valley left for San Diego California October 15th to be united in marriage to Mr Will REV A R KASEY AT BURKSVILLE P Sheriff W B Patteson informs us Penick Miss Jones is a granddaught that for this period of the year the tax of Mrs Mary Corbin and has a large Rev A R Kasey pastor of the M collections are unusually good therebe circle of friends who regret to lose her E Church South this cityj left for ing left unpaida much smaller amount but wishthe new married couple much Burksville Monday morning to assist than ever before in the history of happiness throughout lifes journey his brother Rev Alex Kasey in a ser- ¬ Adair county The tax on the property in Adair COMMISSIONERS SALES ies of meetings PROTRACTED SERVICES county amounts to about 28000 and qf this sum the sheriff force collected over LAYINGiFOUNDATION Master Commissioner H T Baker twentyseven thousand dollars from made the following sales at the Court Beginning the first Tuesday follow ¬ I July 1st to November 1st a collection- house door Monday 31 Excavating for the foundation for as above stated that has r never been Sanders land 179 acres to H M series of meetings will be held in the Mr Frank Jackmans new brick build ¬ M E Church this city The pastor equaled Workman for 555 ing in the West corner of the public From the 1st day of November un ¬ Henry Farlee house and two lots Rev A R Kasey will be assisted square was finished last week The til the 15th those who are yet behind just outside town limits to Judge W the Rev T L Hulse of Pembroke foundation is being put down this week may settle by paying the per cent but W Jones for 110Ky Rev Hulse needs no introduction and as soon as finished and the mater ¬ ¬ after the fifteen days expire the en A 5oneseventh interest in the Hund ¬ to our people having served as pastor ial can be had the Messrs Simms will tire list of delinquents will be turned ley land 268 acres to Arthur Royse for of the Gradyville church for several begin laying brick over tothe clerk who will issue tax years and on numerous occasions filled 11250 warrants then the list will be returned Abijah Humphreys farm of 100 acres the pulpit at the M E Church this DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP to the Sheriff for collectionby levy and to T F Collins for 176 city sale The cost of making the collec i Hon M Rey Yarberry this city Mr C C Picket who has been a Messrs Flowers and Price the bar ¬ tion by this method will increase the made a number of speeches in Russell compositor on the Spectator for about bers have dissolved partnership Mr amount from 150 and up county last weekin the interest of the one year resigned the first of the Flowers retaining the shop and fixtures Republican party RETURNED FROM MEXICO month and is now with Mr S W Beck at the Columbia Hotel Mr Price will Mr Geo N Rosenfield has accepted dealer in furniture and continue to run the shop near the News a position with J A Shuttlworth office and willbe assisted bYMr G Mr A T Sherrill of Gradyville Co wholesale clothing Louisville Ky Attend the sale of Mr E H Newi Lowe who swillalso instruct the band who recentlyreturnedfrom a < visit to- and is now working this territory berry next Thursday November 8th I PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY AT BURKESVILLE positionCOMMISSIONERS votesbetween a NUMBER 5l 1 Mr Clarence Hurt of Montpelier was in Columbia lasts week enroute for Burkesville where he has a position as bookkeeper for the Indiana CooperageCo Clarence was a student at the t Russell Springs Academy last Winter and studied bookkeeping under the Messrs Hatfields He is one of the best young men of the Montpelier sec ¬ tion and we wish success in his new Hagers Majority over Hays From 1 10000 to 12000 majoritynmg tol J New Mexico was in Columbia Thursday CAMPBELLSVILLE and in conversation with a News man said that he was very favorably im ¬ MINSTRELS pressed with that section but did not file on a claim as the high altitude there did not agree with him Mr Sherrill said that the Adair county colo ¬ Put up a Good Show at the Court ny in Roosevelt county was very well House Friday Evening pleased I BAFFLEDMEDICALSK1LL 4 afternoon Oct 31st the music pupils of the M and F High Does the Condition of Herschel School met in the studio to spend an Grider of Rowena Kentucky hour with Domenico Scarlatti and Chris I toph Willibald von Gluck Two care At Rowena Russell county Ken ¬ fullyprepared papers on the life and were read by tucky is one of the most peculiar cases works of these composers Misses Lina Rosenfield and Myrtle known to the Medical profession and Myers after which Prof Ohlenmacher for twelve years has baffled the skilled made an interesting talk to his class physicians of America This was one of a series of class reA few days since Mr Porter Mc citals to be given this year all of which Farland of Belle Plains Kansas call ¬ are looked forwardto with expectancy ed at the News office with a picture of and delight by the pupils Under the Mr Herschel Grider son of a promi ¬ direction of so competent an instructor nent farmer who lives at the mouth of as Prof Ohlenmacher who is untiring Indian creek near Rowena which is in his efforts to arouse interest these said to be a perfect likeness of the SAFELY NEXT CONGRESS hours with the masters can not be other orignal who has been asleep or in an than edifying and instructive unconscious condition for twelve or thirteen years WITH DR PAGE Primary indiState In conversation with Mr John McFar The latest returns from the Democratic land a substantial citizen of Rowena ¬ Beckham for United States Sena Mr Leonard Dohoney son of Mr and a man whose word is his bond he cate the nomination of Governor McCreary by 10000 majority and the John C Dohoney has accepted a posi- ¬ makes the following statement concern ¬ tor over the Hon James B tion as clerk with Dr J N Page ing the case I have known Her ¬ contest Druggist Leonard attended the Louis ¬ schel Grider since his childhood and to get the result in the other contests but ville School of Pharmacy and after¬ know that he has been in an uncon ¬ So far we failed Just how it will appear be ¬ ward was in the employ of T P Tay ¬ scious condition or a stupor for twelve Hendricks and Newman are winners lor the largest retail drug firm in or fourteen years and his father tells reported Winfrey and Guillion has not yet been Louisville tween me that during this time conciousness the remainder of has only returned twice and then for Hughes wins in New York by 52000 but A SWELL RECEPTION l only a few minutes The family carry below the freezing point the Dem i the unconscious man food at the regu ¬ the Republican ticket goes down lar hoursand place it on a table at ocrats his side If the attendant remains in will be but slightly disr Given the Young Ladles of Colum the room will not be disturbed but it That heavy majority in Congress bia in Payment of a upon leaving the room and returning various States where losses turbed judging from first echoes from f Halloween Wager in a few minutes the meal will have r tlU Jr 1r1t v lJ I groceriesJ JjN s v- Y A 4 J R 3 1N k y jo- r< c 5 i k d t f W r JiJ 1 1 r e 1 v I < r f > > WrT i i j Wc J p

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