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Image 8 of The Adair County news., April 10, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

1C r4- THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS COLUMBIA SR78 ST r I WITH OUR il t i Hutcherson have purchased the entire stock of goods of Miller Wilson in the old Banks house Hutcherson Bros are both nice goodmen and we are glad tohave them in business here Mrs Ruell Hutcherson made a trip to Lakeland last week and brought her father Mr Geo Cunningham out to spend the Summer with her Mr Jack Bumgarner of Dawson Ill is visiting his brother T J Bumgarner Sollie and Jo McFarland killed some fine fish last week in Russell creek with their gig Mrs Cilia Givens of Camp Knox who has been at her fa- ¬ r thers Mr Jo Eubank at this place on the sick list for the past three weeks has greatly improved and will be able to re- ¬ turn to her home in the near fu ¬ ture CORRESPONDENTS Of i I II < Weeks tlappenings News Important or Otherwise as Report ed By Our Corps of Correspondents r Dr S A Taylor one of the leading physicians of this counJff ty got into a little trouble on his Friday return from Nell one day last We had a fine rain week Dr like a great manynightJThe crop will be a thing other men indulge in the pleasfruit of the past in this section ure of smoking while en route0ur Farmers are complaining t for his home he filled up his of their tobacco plants disappear mountain pipe and lighted it and lngIfenry Moss of Greensburg whileing his way homeward in haling the sweet perfume and toof the week was here the first his surprise he noticed the de- ¬ jl R Yates made a business pository of his pipe and contents trIp to Edmonton the first of the on fire As we all known the Dr w ek is as well as many others a tfj A Diddle was in GreensI great believer in the efficacy of burg Wednesday water He was seen by a friend Rev J W Sexton was on theI on the banks of Big Creek sicjt list the first of the week quenching the fire The result Several of our citizens attend- ¬ was that the Dr returned minus ed Fiscal court last week of one pocket Bell of Red Lick passed Curt Born to the wife of Isacc through here one day last week Franklin on the 3rd tripletts enroute for Columbia two boys and one girl the child ¬ Clay Kinnaird one of Red ren lived a few hours and died Licks prosperous farmers was in The mother is doing very well our midst one day last week JOPPA Messrs J R Hindman and J D Walker of Columbia were here last week looking after their Farmers are rejoiced to see farming interest refreshing shower of rain that Mrs H A Walker and daught ¬ er of Columbia were visiting fell last Saturday The sale at Mrs Lizzie MurreFs Mr C Wilmore one day last was largely attended last Thurs ¬ week Cj0 Moss and wife spent last dayMiss Frona Christie of L W Thursday in Columbia Miss Katie Russell of Colum ¬ T S visited Nancy Willis from bia was the guest of Miss Mollie Friday until Monday Mrs John Young has been very Flowers last week ° aGRADYVILLE t ¬ ¬ I ¬ of Fanny I I I I SaUsfactnnJ NCOCKi Y7 Y7 YY t YTY7 Y T DMm SHOP onl CANE VALLEY who has seriously sick is able to sit syMr T M Wilson of Cave City pip some and we hope to see her out again soon y last G Dr N M Hancock and his Columbia and while daughter Miss Fawn were in from Louisville last week from Mr Clarence Page made a business cock horses dollars Mr Wilson trip to Frankfort last week hundred Messrsr Willie and Richard ii Aunt Nancy Rice I I I l tJ Saturday I I IRVINS STORE I c I The nice weather the last two weeks has enabled our farmer to catch up with their work some are ready for planting Some say the fruit is not all killed yet there was ice here one CeronimoBlack fourth inch thick in tubs ground frozen Tuesday morning More fertilizer will be used in our community than ever before nearly every other wagon you 15 hands high 6 years old Good meet has fertilize ength good head and ears hea¬ Mr John Lowe was here sel ¬ vy bone and the best of feet This ling shoes while here he photo- ¬ jack is an excellent breeder his graphed the store house and loun ¬ colts brought the top prices on gers present market last fall Fee 0 to in- ¬ Mr G B Smith and wife of sure a living colt Columbia passed up this evening IUIGULAND PEACOCK AND to visit his parents wife Mr Joseph Hammond and FAYETTE ARTIST of Royalton visted their son Dr Two very handsome and royal Hammond last Sunday ly bred young stallions will serve Mrs Jones Walters who has been sick for some time is im ¬ a limited number of mares at proving On last Sunday evening in an insure living colt You seldom altercation between Will Turpin see two colts with more finish or and Dong Roy the latter was with better breeding They are stabbed several times and lived strictly highclass in ever partic ¬ only a short while They had trou ¬ ular When in Columbia call at ble before this and the result was our barn and see this stock Whiskey was not unexpected In all cases when mare is traded sold at Turpins house sold removed from the neighbor¬ being where the trouble occurred and hood or bred to other stock our John Zimmerman left for several were there drinking and money becomes due and must be A lewd woman was paid at once Mares fed or graz ¬ Louisville Tuesday to have his carousing eyes treated there and there could be nO worse ed at reasonable rates Mrs E C Duribar of combination than bad women and Mr and YOUNG COFFEY Wesley visited here Saturday bad whiskey Both men bear ail L unenviable reputation Roy hav ¬ and Sunday Good for everything a salve is used Gosser is quite ing been cut very bad once before Mrs Lettie people al- for and especially recommended for How long will the good sick at this writing low boot legging to continue to Piles That is what we say about De Willis Grider of Esto was spoil the morals of our boys and Witts Carbolized Witch Hazel Salve here Wednesday buying produce ruin the nameof our community That is what twenty years of usage Misses Emma and Laura Flan ¬ We think the time now ripe for has proven Get the original Sold by Page Dohoney Columbia Ky agan of Wesley visited Mrs jsomething to be doneis I i I 1 1250 > i ti- J i It o oi li I JII1I k s I i4 I J < lastingi ofn farn flesha Y r I I hotfire i YYYYYY MACHINE I is to originated from the Peahere iViavvvvira > > Lg Would be glad to do your work and guarantee yqu j I ato c cry YYY7t I waschurch su btu i Is one thins everybody is looking for and if your eyes are diseased now is the time to I have them attended to You cannot afford to neglect as important a thing as yourf eyes piece of my I am permanently located at Columbia and will guaranty f work If you need anything drop me a postal card and I will cjfl upon you j I am the only Licensed Optician in Adair junty f i as inthat i GOOD EYESIGHT Hancock has removed his saw mill from Green river to Opened up by experienced Machinist Canol creek and will be ready for sawing in a short time Repairs Promptly and Correctly Made Several young folks of this Engines Boilers and all Machinery Shop well eqiipped place attended the singing at A C SURREY CAM Mt Carmel Sunday night con- ¬ n L ducted by Prof Wormack Rev Anderson Grimsley will preach at Jericho the 3rd Sunday Ella Bernard here Tuesday evening in each month There is a great deal of com-¬ nightLogan Dunbar of Jamestown plaint that tobacco plants are the leading stave man of Russell T perished on- account of the cool county was here on business Eva Mattie Young Frona Christie Luttie Barger R 0 dry weather Cabell Walter Barger Robert Mr Lit Beard who has been Willis Charlie Tupman Walter sick for quite a while is better and Charlie Murrell at this writing Mr Charlie Murrell of Ma Mr Hue Kelly who has made comb Ill made a flying triy here his home in Indiana for the past last week and returned with his year was visiting here last pother brother and sisters we week regret very much to give them Mr G A JBault who has been up but guess they will return confined tohis room with la in the futureis able to be out again Af Misses Effie Sallie and Nonie grippe Hunter J 7CROCUS Conover visited Mrs Jennie c Montgomery one night last week Mrs Emma Young of Joppa day and Sunday in our city Mrs Jane Bradshaw is m H G Thesing of Rich ¬ was shopping at Glenville last what better at this writing some ¬ Saturday m and Indjis here putting in J Matthew Aaron and Nath Mr Perkins Bryant of Sano A Piddles machinery for his Young last Haynes made a business trip to visited Mr A C Columbia last week Mi E H ffihes and family TuesdayMr Glensfork Luther Turner is having his Cain of arrived in our city last Wednes ¬ sold his farm to Chapman and new dwelling painted by James day from Quannah Texas stopj Morgan last week for 6500 Lawhorn an uptodate painter Mr itg at his brotherinlaws note Mrs Cattie Willis visited rela-¬ Mrs Carrie Turner visited her We are glad to A tives and friends in this commu- ¬ mother Mrs Tim Collins in Co- ¬ lumbia last week nity last week delicate Health for some Mr and Mrs James Lawhorn Mr Malcom Taylor formerly stood her trip all right and is ¬ of Glasgow but now of L W T- visited the formers sister in Camp getting alone nicely S will teach your school this bellsville last week 7 exercises at the Methodist the Mr J W Vaughan has an extra ermProf R 0 Cabell will conduct fine Peacock colt a number attended the a singing at Zion Sunday after-¬ tei dace and it seemed like every¬ noon at 2 oclock prompt Every- ¬ body enjoYede occasion Crown Sunday evening Bring body invited Sneed one of Weeds Mr Thos after Cross and Window of ELLER citizens lost his barn and Heaven No 3 and 4 weeki + KYr Murrell stuIdjents 1 i SundayJunius ¬ C Kentckr 7 YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYi YYYYYYrY cYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYY YY7 and Rue Squires of Columbia were visiting in this neighborhood Saturday and I > Columbia neighborhoodMessrs I Sonk Wm F Jeffries Hardesty the stock man of Campbellsville has contracted t for most all the hogs in this I nightI Empire Superior and The Farmers Black Hawk Corn Drills with blade disc or wheel Globe Fertilizers Field Seeds Farm Wagons Buggies Saddles and Harness light I and heavyWe keep a complete line of Shelf and Heavy Hard ¬ ware Mill Supplies and nearly euerything needed on the farm Give us a call entOwen I week Miss Mable Hindman spent afew days in Columbia the first of the week Uncle Charley Yates has a fineR d Squirrel colt hard to beat Mrs GeoHtNell and family spent a few days in Columbia last week L C Hind anand wife spent last Monday iiit Columbia MrW P Montgomery was presented with an April fool and it va a OytMother and child doing well OF Farmers are taking advantage of the pretty weather and farm¬ ing is being carried on to a great extent but we would not object to a shower of rain at the pres ¬ I game We Have A Good Supply HOLMES I LICaldvelldaysIA APRIL 10 1907 KY 1 j

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