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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 10, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

baifL I J C UWQ N VOLUME r- I t 10 < COLUMBIA I 1REC1TAS ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY APRIL 10 tee are Capt W W Bradshaw J 0 PAID LIST Russell Judge T A Murrell E W Reed J W Flowers Judge H C Ba ¬ ker Dr WR Grissom Z M Staples News Honor Roll Is Your Name Frank Staples John N MurrellJ By Prof Ohlenachers Class of Written There FC College the M PUBLIC DEBATE Rev C RJDean Rev J A Good ¬ man Mrs Polly Garman W E Will Mr Ohlenmacher Musical Director On the evening of May the 10th a iams Robt Reynolds T W Wheat J PV College will have his public debate between the representa F Gilpin Mrs Sallie C Johnston of the M R pupils appear im form Recitals at the tives of the Vanderbilt Training School B Conover Grover Hays John H close of the sp ing term of Elkton Ky and The Lindsay Wil ¬ Smith W P Ford D B White J F Everyone r members with pleasure son will take place in this city The Hughes John H Webb James H the Recitals or last May and will look subject for discussion will be Resolve Meadows J H Thomas George Cof forward to th e with pleasure and de- that the Federal Government shouldnot fey C M Hindman Mrs Maggie lightful anticipation The recitals are own and control the railroads The Mourning J T Johnson I as follows next day May the 11th will be Field The Clinton county Fiscal Court voted Class Reci al the evening of May Day and the pupils are looking for ¬ I 17th a road tax of twentyfive cents on the ward to both events with much enthusi A Song Recital by Miss Martha asm one hundred dollarswe hope they will accomplish more with this fund than Hancock assisted by Miss Ida Todd pianist jvH be given Saturday evening than our court has been able to do GARNETT CHOSEN May 1l8th I fF 1907 NUMBER Monroe county has secured a rural mail route J A Breeding sold recently a couple of steers to J E Burton of Watson 60 also one hog at 6i ctsSul ¬ Born to the wife of C S Harris on for phur Vale the 7tha daughter 000- Charley Perryman of Creelsboro is W G Burchett of Burchett Smith working for Pile Browning bought 3 bushels of J R Davis Bror wheat at a cost of 85 cents at the FOR RENTA good 6 room cottage J 000 H T BAKER Walker Foley sold 2 calves to WR An article on the Early Leach for 22 G K Foley solda of Adair conuty appears in this nUllJ issueI I Pianoforte Recital assisted by Miss Celeste Shirley Reader Form of the advanced pupils of Mr Ohlenmacher namely Misses Betsy J Hancock Dimple Conover Alice Wal ker and Myrtle Myers with the assist ¬ ance of Misses Lina Rosenfield and Martha Hancock will close the series of Recials on Tuesday evening May 21st with a Recital which wilribe of unusual interest to all music lovers of Columbia J r I EPPERSONCAMPBEL 1 Last Saturday Prof Robert LCamp bell of DIngo this county was mar ¬ riedto Miss May Epperso at the home of the bride near Montpe ier The bride is the eldest daughter of Mrs Emerine Epperson and is a young ladyofjmany lovable traits of character Imdis eryjgpptil 3n the Eastern end of this cc unty Mr Camp eU is one of our best young men who has by his own efforts placed himself in tie front ranks as a teacher and has recently passe4 a very credit¬ able examination for the practice of law For everal years he has been the News representative at Dingo and like a erything else he attempts has made la success of the work The News extends its hearty con- ¬ gratulations to this most excellent young couple f PROGRESSIVE OFFICERS I Squire Eubank has been a member of the Fiscal Court for 25 years or more Every progressive movement bears his approval and he stood firm for a good road system last week Squire Rowe now serving his second year of first term also starts game and defiant to old methods He was for the levy last year and the adoption of a good system He was as solid as Gi bralter this year and proved himself a representative of which this county should justly feel proud The county Judge and County Attorney undoubted Jydeserve the hearty approval of every progressive citizen They are in line with progressive movements and rec- ¬ ognize the necessity of a good road system DEATH AT MILLTOWN Died Monday at her home near Milltown on April the 8th Miss Mollie ohnston The deceased was a victim of pulmonary trouble and was a suffer She was a daugh i er for many weeks l terof Mr Ed Johnson was about 30 g years of age and a very popular young ady The funeral services were held Tuesday and the remains laid to rest itin the Milltown cemetery attended by r a large number who had gathered to pay their last respects to one whom ¬ they lovedIMPORTANT PRESBYTERIAN MEETING At a joint meeting of Elders and the Presbyterianti day April the 5th Judge T A Murrell was elected temporary Clerk and J O i Russell Treasurer of the chuch I On motion and by a unanimous votea Building and Repair Committee was v I nopeeto and enhancedso as to make it corn I r fontable and attractive The commit L 1 mi j tH J Mr C R Payne made a short stay while in Columbia but was here long enough to take in the situation and realize that the growth of Columbia was more hampered by a lack of suitable building lots than any other one thing To meet this demand he had his beauti ¬ ful tract of ground cut into lots and he now offers them to those who want to build houses He has 17 lots ranging in price from 7500 to 1000 and all well located There could scarcely be found a more desirable location in town than the front tier of lots that face Campbells villepike between Mrs Garnetts home and the Stanford and Somerset roads A good broad avenue will be made on the first elevation above the bottom and paralleling the pike All this property is desirable admirably located and prices within the reach of all Full infor¬ mation price and terms can be given by Mr J J Simpson of this city ¬ 000 000 ressS Mrs J E Hardin of Taylor W Beck bought of James H Goff sold her tract of land lying on Green the latters onehalf interest in the gr- ¬ river to D N Riall for 1300 Also a ocer business tract of ridge land to G A Bault Tor To those who want to plant their 700Holmes Cor garden truck in the dark of the moon 000 B M Callison bought the brick resi ¬ now is the time dence of his fatherinlaw T C Dud ¬ Busines men of Glasgow are agitat¬ geon last Monday consideration 1700 Cane Valley Cor ing the making of that cityt a whole ¬ sale tobacco market countyt 000 Burchett Smith bought 3000 bush The county of Green will hold a local els of wheat from J R Davis Bro option election June the 15th to make of Campbellsville at 85 cents the entire county dry = 1907- Burchett i NORTHWEST Smith are selling TEXAS 100000 acres of rich Texas land con venient to railroads produces finest al ¬ falfa cotton corn also a good stock country The climate is ideal and the er altitude about 2500 feet All kinds of fruits dp well Price from 10 and up owned by the heirs of Attis Vaughan per acre J cash and balance to suit The lumber and stave dealers are Decd and the heirs of Golse Graham purchaser Any one desiring to inves Decd and divided as follows Lots No wearing broad smiles on account of be ¬ tigate this proposition write ing able to ship their products 125 abcdefghiTINGRAM he famous chalybeate spring and Mr J D Walker received avery or call at TtheL News officeCamp Knox 21tf health resort is located on the above land and a good portion of said lands bad kick from a mule one day last week TO TOBACCO SHIPPERS are located in the town of Russell but is able to get about at present Springs and divided into suitable lots We wish to state to our friends through See my Spring and Summer Dress For a more complete for residences goods silk and silk waist patterns just out the tobacco growing sections that descriptoin of said lands reference is we are not connected directly nor iridi W L WALkER 21tf hereby made to the judgment in the received rectly with any other warehouse or above case found on record in civil or¬ warehouse company der book No 17 in the clerks office of This section was visited by a terriffic We conduct a STRICTLY INDEPENDENT hail storm Sunday afternoon but we the Russell Circuit Court Said lands Tobacco Warehouse Commission Busi ¬ have learned of no serious damage 25a will be first offerd 1 de ness and respectfully solicity our patron ¬ f g h i separately the lots a b c d Every body get ready for the Band age C A BRIDGES Co e f g h i will be offered together entertainment Tuesday night April 23 PICKETT TOBACCO and then Jots No 1 a b c d e f g it will be something worth attending Louisville Ky i wille be offered together and h then lots 12a will LOSTA pair of ladys slippers on PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY offered together accepting the bidor the square or the Somerset and Colum ¬ bids that will realize the most money bia road G B SMITH Columbia For the purchase price the purchaser J L Adkins Zion with approved surety or securities must Mr S W Beck has addedvery much W H C Sandidge Ebenezer execute Bond bearing legal interest to the appearance of his property near W S Dudgeon Mt Gilead from the day of sale until paid and the M F by building a neat yard having the force and effect of a Judg ¬ fence went Bidders will be prepared to J A Johnston Mt Carmel J To day Wednesday Mr T B Grant comply promptly with these terms G Y Wilson Gradyville Miss Annie L Edrington will Jr and ROBERT E LLOYbe united in the Holy bonds of matri ¬ DCommissioner 1 I Propsi hc bcdefghi fA fF f Mrs U S Ackley of Louisville sister of Mr Harry Chilson of this city died in Chattanooga a few days ago while enroute to her home and after spending the Winter in Florida for the benefit of her health Death Governor Hindmans address to the was due to consumption Her husband Fiscal Court just before it adjourned was with her at the time of her death was full of meaning and touched some vital questions in no uncertain tone The cupola which has adorned Mr J B Barbees residence on Greensburg The reading at the M E Church last street since the erection of the house Sunday evening by Miss Grace Meek was removed last week and a neat of the LindsayWilson was thoroughly iron railing put in its place No single enjoyed by a large audience as was the improvement could have been made to singing of Miss Penland the place which would have added more to its appearance than this The Band boys are making special arrangements to entertain you Tuesday Dont fail to attend The Southern Mans View of Abra ¬ night April 23 ham Lincoln at the Court House last their entertainment 1 Tuesday evening delivered by Bishop Carter of Chattanooga Tenn was a Mr Scott Montgomery and estimable delightful treat and a lecture highly family who left last Thursday morning will be greatly appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by for Carthage Mo missed in this section Our best wish ¬ a fair sized audience es attend them and trust that happiness and prosperity may be theirs Mr M F Dudley of this city who is superintending the installing of the Mr Warren Sallee is ahead of his Columbia Stave Cos plant at Font surroundings and leads this section so Hill was at home over Sunday and in ¬ far as we have heard in corn planting formed us that work was being pushed He has his entire crop in the ground rapidly as possible and that work would begin in a few days Mr R L Campbell of Dirigo this county was granted license last week The Commercial Club will not give up in the Taylor Circuit Court to practice the fight mark that down if you choose the profession of law to do so It doubtless has some traitors but sooner orjter they will be disco ¬ Mr E H Hughes and family are ered and shornof their power to poison again citizens of Columbia having the public mind or to influence the FisI token possession ofttheir home the ft f COUIIIt Powell property Monday r caln J 0 mony Jack Frost took a hand in early gar ¬ dens last week and the result is that many of the early vegatables were nipped fJ J F Claycomb Columbia 1t 1 DOWN GOES FLOUR Mr Lenny McLean is building a two The best grade 220 wholesale We story dwelling on his lot recently pur ¬ will pay 60 cents for merchantable corn chased from W R Myers near the at exchange or mill and 85 cents for Roller MillBURCHETT wheat SMITH Wheat fields and meadows through ¬ Miss Lula Jones who accepted a out this part of the country are beauti ¬ tion at the cases in the News office on ful The prospects are fine at this April the first is delighted with the season of the year work and is rapidly acquiring a know ¬ The local option election to be held ledge of it j 4 May the 18th in Metcalfe county Mrs James Eo Rice of Romine olcpromises to be the warmest election boys the distinction of being the first Metcalfe has ever known person to cross the new bridge over Miss Emma Bailey who recently went Green river on Columbia and Campbells to Tennessee to care for her sister who ville pike is sick writes that but little hopes of FOR SALESix Southdown her recovery are entertained lambs to be taken July 1st Occasionally a young colt or young ber the early bird catches the i Ptei n 4 A > < I V BuckL J A WILLIAMS Montpelier mule is seen following some old dam mud splaches all over them They 203t with have hard work getting to town The Supreme CoUrt has decided that Green County mnst payher railroad The Mountain Oil Company is closing up its business for a dissolution of the bonds Its bad news and a large numCompany All persons holding claims ber of people believe it an unjnst burden against said corporation must present FOR SALEFour work mules and 6 2 same to me at once1 horses 50 to 140 C M HEKRiBtoBD S Sec Bliss Kyv 224s Li Self F r 7 f Mur ¬ W D Stevens sold one pair work Work preparatory for the remodeling of the Methodist church is now in prog mules for 250 Russell Springs Cor first at 1 oclock p m or thereabout upon class flour at 210 per hundred whole ¬ six months the following immeIdiatelypreceding a credit of property towit A certain sale at mill or exchange described vices also at 730 oclock Public cordi ¬ tract or parcel ofland lying 1n Russell Mr Wm Harmon was married to ally invited CLAYCOMB county Ky at te town or Russell Miss Nancy Bryant Sunday April 7th Pastor Springs containing about 74 acres and at the residence of the bride PAYNE ADDITION Cor 000 ¬ JF 302Humble Feese It has been an unusual fine spring for IIErrettyear old sold to Schuyler rell a 9 mare for 100 the advent and growth of young lambs SALE Monday April 29 for30Ben The Columbia Brass Band will give Granville Foley for an entertainment Tuesday April 23 James Garnett of Columbia a neph- ¬ ew of Dr B T and Mr W T Wood of this city was chosen this week a RUSSELL CIRCUIT COURTOF member of the State Democratic Cam ¬ paign Committe to fill the place va¬ 0 B Vaughan c Plaintiffs cated by Judge J E Rb ins Mr Margie Graham c Defendants f Garnett is a member of the State Exec utive Committee from the Eleventh By virture of a Judgment and Order of Sale of the Russell Circuit Court districtDanville Advocate rendered at the February Term there ¬ of 1907 in the above cause for what ¬ SACRAMENTAL SERVICE ever purpose the court may hereafter PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH direct and costs herein I shall proceed to offer for sale at Russell Springs Ky at the old hotel to the highest bidder The regular quartely sacramental at Public Auction on service will be held at 11 oclock April 14th Those expecting to unite with the 22 Born to the wife of Walter Sullivan April 6th a girl ¬ COMMISSIONERS i LAND STOCK AND CROP I MissMargaret V a e r C r C J I

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