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Image 5 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 4, 1955

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

docile:) pacs(s) ilrid as iiecdved x Day program honoring all past presidents and a 'program on safety ins the home, sponsored by DuPont, will be presented by M. L. Yount and L. E. Haney. Refreshments will be served. FERN CREEK The Fern Creek Elementary School will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 8, in the school gym. A short Founder's P.-T.- P.-T.- NAME AMOUNT announcement of the Offices OKOLONA 4-Epp Stichs Garage 71.70 Training meeting February 12 Vt 4-- H I Mrs. Florence Stiles 1925 The Okolona Elementary High View Volunteer the Y.M.C.A. Mr. Hoskins shoWv-e- d M Stokers Tenderex Farms Inc. 22.70 rue w Hmglns Club meeting was held Friday, J 83 Stoll OH Refining Co. Inc. 1,973 18 (Continued from Page 1) slides on 4-- H work in JefferSc Terstecge rtscal Court ol Laurence E. Co. 267 57 - 32.416.SU Stratton The law requires the Bruce HoblitieU, Sr. Linda Bash am, 36.00 Suburban Sanitation Co. arm of her father, the bride January 28, with 119 girls, two son County. 6 00 County to publish in -- Jefferson in the Mae Hodge 62.43 Sullivan Screen Print Co. of general circulation, floor-lengt- h Co. leaders and three visitors pres- reporter. gown of wore a 89.00 Rufus Sullivan Inonths of JANUARY. APRIL. JULY, E. M. HoehlerKentucky . i5oo Hubbuch in 181.18 Summers Her rma.'iti white slipper satin designed with ent. The president, Gloria Con-de- r, 6,525 22 and OCTOBER, a statement of the Shell County and a Huffman GrocerySeivice 24.00 Theodore Tafel M.os fitted bodice embroidered with condition of the called the meeting to order. Hunters 386.46 Elizabeth Taylor 3. GRADE LANE list of claims, to whom allowed, durlnf Hygeian Chemical it Mfg. Co. 23.53 Technical Service Corp. seed pearls and rhinestones, and Linda Lee Rose vice-preside240 preceding three months. Laundry Inc. the 87.65 The Tenacity Mfg. Co. second Q"rf' Inucpcndent Mrs. Percy Larkin, 1604 Cy5M38 full skirt. Her veil of French led the salute to the American This report is for the Industrial Equipment 75.27 Thirlwell McCrory Electric Co. of the Fiscal year, which includes and Industrial Oxygtn pledge. , Ann press, will be hostess to the H illusion was held by a cap of flag and the 4-5.00 Carrie Thome Grant monTh, of OCTOBER. NOVEMBER Joseph Jansing. Jr. Homqmakers on 166.05 Timberlake & Truiheart -3.213.19 seed pearls. She carried a cas- - Klinenman called the roU and Grade DECEMBER, 1954 Jasper & Sons C. Tire Service Co. ft INANC1AL STATEMENT Playground ' Jefferson County ,7J cade bouquet of white carna- - the song leader led in two songs, February 10 at 10 ajn. Mrs. 40.375.00 Todd Co.. Inc. ASSITS . nt nft Kecreation Board Stone Co. n The Beautiful" and Frank Carter, project leader, will 3,057.85 a'.""-;"'- - iiro Co 1068 tions centered with a white or- - "America Available Cash Liberty 260 00 Jefferson County 10,845.10 Traffic Control Co. g pictures. Agency "America." Mrs. Owens made an give a lesson Available Cash Petty . chid. J.608 0J Jefferson Insurance 193.08 Transport Products Corp. General Storeroom Jeucrsun meai i R. C. Tway Co Miss Patricia Block, the bride's 39 60 transport... -- s 677.08 jelfersuntown Food Storeroom 3.57 R. B. Tyler Co 7.469.80 cousin, was maid of honor. Miss-e- s Accounts nn,xi. Locker Plant 3.39 ' Underwood Corp. i Pharmacy Accounts Keceivaoie 154.80 jeliersontown Dor's Pennington and Nancy United Tailors Special Volunteer "FOR THOSE WHO CARE" 1,000.00 Jeliersontown 450.00 United Cleaners Stores 101.75 Stock Investments Mitchell were bridesmaids and lire Department Works 232.07 Universal Radio Supply Co. Anticipated Income Miss Beverly Diebold, the bride- 976.770.94 Jefiersomown Water . 193.00 Mortimer Viser Unrealized 'Ine Jenkins House groom's sister, was junior brides- 6151 lio.J P. A. Vogel Sc Sons Co. Manning Johnson .$2,915,254.80 319.74 Walnut Grove Dairy TOTATj ASSETS mnirl Thov tt'nrp Vinllrrina-lrnet- h Jones Apothecary Inc. PRIVATE AMBULANCES LIABILITIES la.3a Mary Warren V' Corp. 2.745.71 June & LaugnUn Steel 2.05 fcmmett C. Watson Co., Inc. gowns of capri. The maid of OXYGEN THERAPY EQUIPMENT 3S3.S3 Building Reserve 27,047.77 toward Juntbeit -- Wehrley Petty Cash 72.21 Dorothy 2l.. -- ii honor's was deep aqua and the Insurance Reserve William T. Kammerer 34.40 Welch Heating Co. 26.00 BUECHEL. KY. MT. WASHINGTON. KT. Jefferson County Memorial 100.00 Ne.ue Keeling Mursing Home and junior brides82.00 Fred J. Wendelgast Ij.ui) bridesmaids Fund Forest Phomt 34 23.584.91 Kee Lox Mtg. Co. CHerokee 1561-156- 2 71.19 West Publishing Co. 145 30 Forest Reserve maid, raspberry. They carried Kelly Creswell Co. 53.33 177.00 Western Union Telegraph Co. 12.111 Crafts Fund Member Ky. Funeral Directors Burial Association 3,389.98 Dr. Urulin Kelly pink carna cascade bouquets of 42.00 Whayne Supply Co. 4 ;o Gas St Oil Storeroom 279.83 Sam Keiinan uiocery 10.44 Roy C. Whayne Supply Co. 220.39 tions. Unclaimed Wares Kentucky Holler Bearing Co. 217.52 Wheeling Corrugating Co., Inc. Balance 93.84 Unencumbered Keiuucny Concrete Pipe CO. M. Rodney Kieper, the bride-cTGom- 's 2.313.24998 246.84 Anna Rose Whobrey . nf ADDropriation 3.. il i KciilucKy Dairies Inc. 369.811.68 -Clyde Williams P. O. I 10. 93 cousin, was best man. Account Payable Kentucky Kaiser Wl.lys 2.637.19 Special 4.U0 Luther Williams Grocery 102.00 Accounts Payable KcniucKy Law Juurnul 34,863.53 Messrs. Walter Francis and JoLast Year 399.50 Williams Tractor Co. 4oJ ,j Accoluts Payable Kentucky Paper Box Co. seph Ball were ushers. UiM Williams Uphohtermg Shop 18.0U lent ? ...... 118.044.55 Kentucky HuruwurcSc Awnuig Co. wuuam Larry wuson .. 10.Ua 7.YII I . Fern Kuicaid Mrs. Diebold attended river-realizWinlock Real Estate t 98K.U0 2H.II0 C. it. Kueliuuilcr Dist. Co. Creek Hich School and gradunt- Winter Paper Stock Co. . 2VO.O0 1U2 (HI Mis. Kuscmjiy Klauneke 2,915,254.80 TOTAL LIABILITIES lJD.i J I- - F. Wi er 2,008.66 od from Mainland High School, i.. Klein Bros. 19.05 Roxie Wiser Ml Al Kiempner Supply Co. Daytona Beach, Fla. Mr. Diebold 30.00 Wcodlawn Radio Sc AMOUNT Louis rinllip nundvrt ' High Record Shop 7 .no 230.00 is a graduate of Manual 1,42?'S2 Lalu buul"y Co. Stores A Sc P Food Wortham K.oO Estille 24.00 mw , School. k.uie beivice blatlun Jacquies W. Adams Worthington Volunteer 20.00 Jjj,!, Supply Co. 23U.54 Bank loan rates are lower Ida Mae Adklns Fire Department . 450.00 Run Road Lane iJicuiiilanu-Can- e Addrcssograph Time loans life-insurat no extra cost. 450.00 Wucst Bros P.-T.31.30 Volunteer tire Lieoaiimcnt EASTWOOD Multigraph Co. 5,515. 2 (except F.H.A.) 50.00 Yoder & Commons 127.00 . Emma Lanipkin Extension Division Agricultural Yoder Grocery 4.60 W. 156.00 bJ.oi f. Lane, Koad Lnguievr Night," sponsored No extras. Pay only on money used. Alemite Co. of Ohio Valley "Amateur 24.00 Lawbon ic Stewart 19.95 Paul Yost Allen Super Matket Selby Young of Eastwood Easy terms, fast, friendly service. fcu.uo euoolbv the P.-T.Augual Lawrence, Jr. Venetian All Brite 18.51 Lawbon Sc Stewart 19.10 Woodrow W. Young . School, will be observed at 7:30 Blind Laundry 42.00 VYdilcr Layman 15.95 I'ety Cash -- SEE OUR TIME CREDIT DEPARTMENT. Allen Hotel p.m. February 26 at the school. 65.00 Lee Sc Bob s Market 48.UU Allied Tools Sc Suppy 30.00 Lee lire Ot Ruuuer There will be refreshments and P.-T.Helen B. Allison .. A. To 288.37 Co. ot N. Y. American Bitumuls Sc prizes. Entries may be made by 17,472.79 Levy bros. -- -34.20 Asphalt Co. 374-77.39 LiUio-Pla- te 99.00 Inc Supply Co. calling Anchorage 911-American Builders 63.25 ivaiiueen bo. 00 Liveay Androit-Davidso- n Co. by February 15. or G(i3-V-- 3 82.43 C. 8.00 f. Livingston Anita Spring Water Co 280.64 Loose Leal iueuils Co. 106.28 Aictic Ice Co 22.50 Jerry Lucas Grocery 62. UU The regular meeting of the Sine 1858 Auburndale Garage -70.42 Lyndon Volunteer tire Dept. 450.00 Mill Auto Glass Upholstering Co. Creek P.-T.Kentucky's ttodi'ng tonic will be held Louisville Auto Automatic Voting 55.44 at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February 6c lue Co. 14. 08 Machine Corp. 12.00 Louisviue Builders Supply Co. 66.35 Market B 4 C Super 10, in the school auditorium. The MIMIII M0IUI DIMMIT MIUUNCI COIfOUTIOM. 32.20 Luuuville Chemical Co. Mrs. Alma C. Miller P. A. Baker . . u'r.iw . 12 11.50 Louisville Ciualud Stone Co. DroCram will hp a nl.iv nivnn hv , . -- , u ki . Bancroft Whitney Co 'MDIUllitllVI SWIM 15.00 Louisville Free Pub.ic Library io.uuo.i3 i Lettie Barnett Funeral services for Mrs. Alma the members of thp P -- T A hwA 45.00 Louisviue Gas 8c Licciric Co. 7,1. j. 01 Barrett Avenue Nursing Home C. Miller, 52, of 2232 Gladstone 24.69 Louisville Grocery Co. ; 203.81 on Founder's Day. Ed Barry Petty Cash 676. ID Louisviue lnsuialuig St The special feature of this Avenue, prominent in affairs of Robert E. parry tiecinc co. 20.00 Supply Co 11.32 . Bear Convalescent Home meeting will be to honor all the St. Raphael's Church, were held 47.52 Louisviue & Jefferson County Bearing Inc. 249.78 at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the church. 775,231.06 past presidents Board of Health of the P.-T.- A. Mark Beauchamp 511.79 Louisville Sc Jeue.son County Belknap Hardware Mfg. Co. Refreshments will be served, it Interment was in Calvary Ceme-wa- s 13.50 140,000.00 Clulorens Home CO.. inc. Matthew Bender 3.090.00 Louisviue Sc Jefterson County announced by Mrs. Richard tery- H. Bergcr Sc Son Planning Sc Zoning Comm. 12,488.83 C. Turrell, the & Wall Berndten Paint Mrs. Miller died at 2: 55 a.m. association's pub-- 1 5.00 Louisviue Linen Service . .1 PaDer Co . 376.15 Ucity A4l.n..'r. 50.30 Louisville Motors . suiuraay in oi. rtiuuuny a Vine. chairman. 1,191.33 Best Stamp Sc Seal Co. . 700.00 Louisville Ac Nashville was director ana orWindow Cleaning Co. pital. She Better 166.13 Railroad Co. R. J. Bischoff 552.46 at St. ganizer of the 10.00 Louisville Provision Co. . 25.69 Incite Biszmeier Raphael's, was the first president Louisville Safety Council 59.40 Black Mud Volunteer 450.00 Louisville Sanitary Wipers Co. 109.10 Fire Department ol the Altar Society and past 60.00 Louisville Taxicab Sc By Mrs. Oscar Kaufman Robert E. Blakey Co. FOR THIS WEEK-ENand 829.75 .- Transfer Co. 170.80 Ulati Paint Co 100.00 Louisville Title insurance Co. George S. B.aydes 134.25 treasurer of the Mother of Mercy (Delayed) 14.19 Louisville Water Co. . Blue Boar Cafeteria . 951.03 Auxiliary. M Sc S Auto Service Blucgrass Pipe Sc . 2.50 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Tyler 308.33 Maurice AND CREAM Culvert Co. Malkin 143.40 Mrs. Miller also was a member 29.40 Janus Glaus Bobb-Mcrri- ll Co., Inc. 82.20 and Linda, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie of the Senior Circle, Queen's 994.69 C. H. Marcum Boland Maloney Lumber Co. . 710.00 Fisher, Miss Pearl Fisher, Mike . 764.40 George Marr Co. Daughters and the Carmel Club. Bond Bros. Co. 23.86 40.00 Gcoige K. Marsh Daniel B. Boone . 60.00 and Rusty Janes helped Master Surviving are her husband, 166.50 Ben McAuliiie Petty Bottled Gas Dist. Co. 7U.54 Donnie Fisher celebrate his 11th Csh 35.00 MtC'aun Chemical Co. Edwin G. Miller; two brothers, Bousnian Nursing Home Mr. Adolph 320 oo mrhday Sunday afternoon. 20.00 McDonald Bros. Service Open Daily and Sunday 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. Vallie Bowen Sta. J. Mucnch and Bernard 247.55 McUill Construction Brandeis Machinery 9,iii!i(iPete Kaufman was an evening A. kuench, and three sisters, Co. 2.52 E. J. Meunan , Bicaux Ballard Co. 377.00 caller. 25.22 Meilwood Dairy Inc Bridges Smith Co .1 Mrs. Josephine Coons, Mrs. John 174.1)0 William D. Meyers-DirectCunningham Mrs. Broadway Rubber Corp. E. Steier and bister iviary 2,950.00 Bucchel Volunteer File Dept. of Finance Tursd-211.82 The Michie Co. withl Mrs- - .G." P. I. Burks Sc Co. lumba. principal of Our Lady . 6,9?7:f2 ' Pent 134.44 Michigan Law Review Burroughs Corp. . 5 50 iScul iii. uiiiiii!&iidiii jumi'u School. 40.00 Middietuwn Richard Butler Food Market 50.00 them for dinner. 21.00 Middletown Byck Bros. Sc Co. Garage 7.00 .6O0.83 Mr. Leo Eldridgo is on the sick Byerly Motors Inc. Muiuleluwn Volunteer E Ed Welch Next to Hemberger'i ; 2H.0D ue department Byrne-OMTrue CO. 1,430.00 list . ue is unuer me care oi Dr. 20.00 Middletown Water District B.jO Callashan Sc Co. Rush. Ed Welch, 72, 'or 20 years an Miller Packaging Co. Camp Taylor Volunteer 36.83 E 220 N. Taylorsville Road Jeffersontowa : 4a0.oo Miller Paper Co Mrs. Oscar Kaufman, Bobby employe of the George M. Eady 8U4.U4 Fire Department 30.00 Minnesota Mining Sc Elizabeth Campbell and Joyce were dinner guests Construction Company 60.00 I Manufacturing Co. 3.439.76 John R. Carpenter E HOT DONUTS TWICE DAILY 2,000.00 Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur his retirement in 1942, died at Model Farms Uaiiy R. L. Catlett Sc F. A. Dchler -- 22.48 Montgomery Chevrolet 25.39 Krebs at Shepherdsville. Catholic School Board Other 12:45 a.m. Sunday in his resi649.66 Joe T .Moore 80.00 Carter Dry Goods Co. geusts were Mr. and Mrs. Irvin dence on Dawson Hill Road. 5.82 Motor Parts Depot . 1,031.43 Caudill Chevrolet Co.. Inc '"'HIIIINIIIIIilllllflllllllllllllllllM 9.90 Multigraph Supply Central Supply it Equip. Co. Krebs and son, William Thomas. Mr. Welch had farmed since Ac Sales Agency 217.23 Charlies Wrecker Evening callers in the home of he left the company because of 184.00 Robert Muiison Towing Service 13.33 270.53 .lU.ipny Elevator Co. Cherokee Sanitary Milk Co. 859.63 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kaufman, failing health. He was a mem42.00 I rank J. Murphy Hardware Vernal Childs were Mr- - anc Mrs-'iou!uSprings Church 50.00 W. B. Murphy Tar Products ! Mrs. James P. Chrlswell . li 36880 Sundav'Miller and son, Lon Ell, ber of the Cedar 140.00 Myers Funcial Home James Virginia Cisscll of Christ. 230.75 Nails Grocery Clarks Grocery . 10.00 j Mr. and Mrs. Willis and son, Surviving are his wife, Mrs. 121.83 National Equipment Co. Colgate Palmolive Co. 384.8o James, 6.00 Neill-Laviiand Mrs. Birtie Miller. Myrtle Johnson Welch; a son, Supply Co. Columbia Law Review 80.00 IMulioine Products Co. Commerce Clearing House Inc. i.2o Monday, Mr. Roscoe Stillwell Herschell Welch; a daughter, 25,000.00 Oak Super Market Community Chest jj-- j and Mr. George Guire were Mrs. J. T. Gilpin; his stepmother, Community shop Oakite Products Co. . 24.10 O Connor Sc liaque Co. Towel bervice Mrs. Tom Welch; a brother, 420 their dinner guests. 4.16O.00 Low. Oehrle Cuke & Coal Co. C. B. Compton ' Mrs- - Tressie Krebs, Louisville, Everett Welch; three sisters, Mrs. 68.40 Oiiice Lquipment Co. 1 913 Contractors Equipment Co. 1.668.56 Ohio Oil Co. i9!iui!.b has been spending a few days Harlan Miller, Mrs. Roy MontThurston Cooke Ford Inc. 424.98 Onto Kiver Sand Co. Sc Courier-JournLou. Times 29'71 with her daughter, Mrs. Clyde gomery and Mrs. Delia Thorpe; 77.32 wmi .nu vuiuiiuvr Fire Dept. Crane Co. 4ju.U0 CHEVROLET 890.10 Orkin Exterminating two halfbrothers, Luke Welch Cream Top Creamery Co., Inc. 20.00 Moore, and family. Sunday, Mrs. 243.00 uvernead Door of Ky. Inc. Dr. Thomas J. Crice 1.40 Krebs was a guest of Mr. and and Hubert Welch; two half sis82.17 Lula Owen ... Cunningham Motorcycle Co. 20.00 25.00 Parkland Nursing Home ters, Mrs. Hazel Barr and Mrs. Currie Sound System 25.00 Mrs. Bethel Parrott. 4-250.00 Ueoiie Painson ! MatUiew Curtic 375.95 THE You Laura Drury; 10 grandchildren 81.87 Leonard DiiRcs Paint Co. 143.40 n. HIGH VIEW HOME CLUB and four 69.72 Pauper Idiot Pensions Phil Dattilo Produce Co 712.50 ! 70.70 Payroll Account . . . THE You Dcllart Paint & Varnish Co. Funeral services were held at The High View Home Club 385.23 Dclilrr Bros. Co. Bond Premiums 910.00 Tuesday in the Cedar 38.13 Payroll Account 27 at the home of 2 p.m. Geo. Dehlcr, Jr. & Co. met January ! .. You 90.00 Interment was . Viola Devine 75.00 . uoi'iurs cia.ius Mrs. James D. Peterson, Sherry Springs Church. 19.39 Payroll Account Charles Dibowski in Chenoweth Run Cemetery. Sc Ten members and Dixie 14,095.00 Lynn Court. of txpimse 304.78 Payroll Account . Dry Cleaners two visitors were present. The Suburban Volunteer" 543.31 Dixie Mileage Allowance James H. Barnett VALUES LIKE THESE! 450.00 Paiuil Account devotional and prayer was given Fire Department 46.20 Co. Dolby 352,810.69 payroll Funcra1 sorviecs for James II. by Mrs. L. M. Bishop. 22.23 Puiuil Account Donaldson Baking Co. After lunch, Mrs. J. F. Horn-buckl- e Barnett, 74, a former employe of 5.70 132,582.08 Weekly payroll Downtown Mercury 1947 CHEVROLET 1953 15.00 Peacock Sc tiilci prise Coal Co. Sc Night Sewer Cleaners Diiy t,it!J.72 and Mrs. Horace Reaves the Jef'erson County Road U?- 60.00 J. C. Penny Co. Arro-Scda- n 9.13 Sedan Barrel W. Dunn frnm Wn'eht View Homemakers rartment. were held at 1:30 p.m. 81.30 Kay a. renting -- 3U.00 Fully Equipped Only 19. OHO Miles Nice Eastern Airlines lesson Wednesday in Myers Funeral A H.uc iin at Volunteer Only 2i.uo Club gave an interesting Eastwood Doioihy Putty urant 450.00 Plainview 24a. 19 Fire Deparlment . rutins Dairy darning on buck Home. Interment was in Hope- 70.23 2jI. 0 on Swedish Georue J. Eckcr & Son Suppiy Co. well Cemetery. towelinn. 42U.00 Economy Tire Sc Andy Poll Macniuc Co. 154.71 Pohl lion Sc Wire Works tl. Recapping Co. is Mr. Barnett died at 8:45 p.m. The February 17 60 Post Garage & Son 3.50 J. Edinuer on scheduled to be held with Mrs. Sunday in his residence 64.40 Prell Auto Electric 122uJ John Edmistcin 64.40 tri'imur Mrs. Martha Edmlston n Moore. regcnDusn lane. Tucker Station Road. Co. 1953 CHEVROLET 1953 409.50 1 iiMiuii hi. Koad Water William C. Edrington Surviving are a son, George E. Mis. Robert Lee Hawkins, 210 14.70 Handyman Hrl Air 4 Door Fhrlcrs Dairy District No. 1 .. daughters. Mrs. Iljidin and Heater 19,000 MiK-55.70 Piubpcct Garage ll.n FviT.vlhinK' Barnett: three Publicity Chairman. Electric Appliance Service Powcr-fllirtEld-ridg- e e Don't Mi.--s It At and Tinted 4JJ.V2 Electric Blue Print Sc .. Quality Oils Effie Turner, Mrs. Bessie 84 no Glns Hailio and Healer Supply Co. 4,4.u.J Jainta F. Qucunan Co. Cik 4. no and Mrs. Margaret Demp-ley- ; Washington threw a dollar Corp. . 4JU.U1 Electric Tool Service Wurk Tire Sc Kubber Co. ! A REAL 253.06 K. C. A. K.llingsworth Auto Electric Co. 24 grandchildren and 30 across the Potomac; we send ours 73.32 K-Harry P. F.lstonc District Co. .. " urn by mail." Wall Street Journal. EmerRoncy Relief h. Sc a. Auto Service 2,141.01 Welfare? Dopaitmcnt 2.42 lauway express Agency 137. B7 Co. Inc. 8 liuys itiarKel The 1950 CHEVROLET 5.30 liuiney 78.07 Ewald Dist. Co. rieid 1947 DODGE 130.81 Held Hospital Supply lu.uO Ewald Spring Sc Radiator Co. Nice One With Club Coupe . ... 379.71 tiumnfcioii itanu Cu, 3.ti0 Oscar Ewing Inc. Heater and Defroster 1,848.79 A Steal at Dairy Co. F.wing Dr. w. ic. Henucr liU.UJ 33.35 hilin Machine Co. 150-ACR7U.U0 Fairclale Hardware Co. E 36 00 l.'Jiu,.,,! Fairdale Grocery Co. . t. H. Mi.mi 450.00 Koman ' U (III Fairdalc Volunteer Fire Dept. 900.00 Hoppcls Auto Radiator Repair Charles Farnslcy 47.70 16'A miles from city limits LOU142.00 si jviatUiLs Voi..M....r SPENCER COUNTY Ferguson Grocery 30.00 Kimii Creek Grocery 4i0.00 lire icparmiciii .. 1955 ! ISVILLE, on lhe Taylorsville Road, about 12 miles from i.t Mrs. tloiae oaniuel .. Tern Creek Volunteer 450.00 511.87 hire Deparlment bciiuaf Auto electric Co. between Wilsonville and Elk Creek. 3:4.70 Co. George G. Fetter Choose from large stock of '55 Chevroletsl Herman A. Sclumt Co. I..0 Immediate 253.32 Allied L. Sclniler, lluwe. Co. Ruben A. Fihe and Delivery! 90.00 Al J. bchneiucr Most Styles and Colors! High TRADE-IN- l Improvements consist of a VERY MODERN First Link Grocery 70,301. 0J 50.00 W. J. ScllllUlT .. Fischers Market 57. W LOW COST Financing! SOO.OO Fitch, Franklin bath home, automatic water system, oil furnace, knotty pine Jos. D. Schoitz Postmaster 3aU.U0 27 Co. Falls City Pnntiac Frnnk .T K,.h, ,!.... .1. l.SWO.uJ and paneled kitchen, decorated walls and ceiling basement Falls City Stone to 8'9??'?7. til. 47 Sciiunmanns Ciick Clinic .. Too ! 15.00 Stanley ScliulUo Sc Co. Morris Flint lUJ.iU and utility room. 2 good barns, one stock and one stock and 27.25 Scars Koebuck 6c Co. . Flooro Feed Store 2,4.uo 23.00 Seelbacli Hotel Floorc Bros. Conl Co. Get Complete. Dependable Service right here near your M.'M tobacco. 177.33 U. li. seners Frequency Standards lTj.tit) 542.62 Settles Sales Sc Service home! PARTS WHOLESALE and RETAIL Frey Planning Mill Co. Immedit.uJ 15.00 U. W. SliaKe Flicks Handy Store 4V0.UU ate Delivery. Cunway Sc Co. 211.87 J. li. Sh;i!nmirui.r f ,lt,,lw.. f1, Fulton 3o1.j8 Sc Sons Inc. W. D. Gati-hc- l 18.38 siiaws Gryccry b.uO Gateway Super Market snepiiaras ciuitions V. li.ull 20 acres Rye and Barley FOR EVERY AUTOMOBILE NEED . . . . Geher Sc Son 30 acres Korean Clover 2.i.).o:l siiue inaiKet General Auto Supplies 5.40 b,lipicy iMursinif feeding 1U3.00 Home Baking Co. acres Blue Grass. 11 fields, 3 hog pasture and 100 General 00.43 Simnis Super Service 2uj.y4 .YOUR BEST DEAL IS PROBABLY General Electric Supply Co. 2 wells, 10. OU .JUiy Snillil SilIIc .. . 40.00 lots, all well fenced, an abundant supply of water, Glrdler Motors Inc. 2,821 blllltll Ar Uliu:in 1.2j through fed by uenjamin uiuow and a creek running "j.iu Small, nances Gore jj.UU 1 cistern, large lake Glyn-AdaWelding Co. 103.00 ,52 Vv- - J' bnuin Co. Governmental Guide Lic'n Suuer Dept. store springs. .2 Graham U.B.C. Store . So-E,S'-"48. a!) l roducts Co. Grand Avenue Dairy Imv.,1. Smith This is one of the best Stock Farms, both Land and . Grants o. in. cm- 450.00 "B "cpai uneiu Co Louisville, that we have the op3, ?? 01u'"n Volunteer provements located close to 3U0.O0 r" arnncnt inspection and approval Guthrie portunity to offer to you for your Southern Hell Telephone Haloid Co. .. lo,4ns43 9,778.07 'telegraph Co. ocuu rinmuion gos 00 in long while. Southern States Hampton Cross Co. 108.00 . 720.30 Louisville Corp. , Hannah Graham Co. at night 44.04 Southern Supply 135.42 -- For further information call W. E. SIMFSON Co. i CHerokee 511 Byck Bros. ac Co CHerokee 9511 91 Byerly Motors Co. amii Souiiuand tlectrical Supply Co. 1,026.75 . 15.00 Fern Creek Byrne-GMSouthsiue Market Truck Co. 28.08 Spaldinus .id.i. Linen Service Dept. Ctillaghan Ss Co. 20.00 2.10 2 Louise I. Harris 200.00 Standard Auto Co. 103.21 Standard Oil Co. Harrods Creek Volunteer Your Neighborhood Dealer Just South of Douglai Elvi. 2311.12 Fire Department n nn Standard Printing Co, Harvard Law standard Typewriter Sc ' Til 9 8(1.50 Closed I CHerokee 4611 Supply Co. Review AssoclaUon REALTORS CHerokee 4072 6,691.00 Ben Hausman 88 44 Stengel Transfer Line .88.54 Hausman Motor Co. I. u m, Stephenson Coip 798.09 Charles Hazel 10.00 Stewart Iron Works Co AMOUNT NAME Quarterly Report AUCTION! John . 7:30 P.M. - $m HOUSE AUCTION .SOCIETY" 183.90 M. Hennessy Lane SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5 AT DOUGLAS McAFEE FUNERAL HOME IN JEFFERSONTOWN '" .... We have plenty to sell in this sale. Four new dinette sets; lot of new odd chairs; 2 bunk beds; 5 washing machines; stoves, tables, dressers, lamps; 2 large round dining tables; complete dining room suite; You will rugs; lot of antiques and new merchandise. find almost anything in this sale. - aq..k: - AUCTIONEER L. DOUGLAS TV and Radio Service Call Douglas For WE HAVE A COMPLETE SERVICE . ... . FOR A FRESH START ? Get $20 To $300 Without Endorsers And Begin The Year With A Clean Slate Mill Creek Honor Pasl Presidenls ... Simplified Method GET THESE ADVANTAGES ... ... AVE- - St. Matthews "Alongside Colonial Federal Savings I ..... FINANCIAL CORPORATION 3810 FRANKFORT & Lovvorn Heights News BElmont 5426 Loan Assn." TciTIZENsl JFIDELITY- J- Bakery Special choir secretary YOUR FRIEND IN NEED X .... . See "The Friendly Company" First Loans Made To Residents Of All Nearby Towns Pay By Mail Guardian OBITUARY . strictly confidential friends, immediate service many employer not involved relatives, or monthly payments to suit months to repay your own requirements. ... h..m FINANCE YOUR CAR THROUGH US! (CASffil Liberal Terms PAC2 (JEFFERSON COUNTY) KENTUCKY THE JEFFERSONIAN. JEFFERSONTOWN FEBRUAKY 4, 1955 PEACHES COFFEE CAKE .. Howard DUKE'S . x 49c BAKERY before Jmi. i .. BARGAINS ARE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ... illness, death in the fam- An unforseen emergency may find you without adequate funds. ily or accident If such a situation arises, you may find the answer in one of our personal loan plans. The cost is low and a convenient repayment plan can be arranged. Many persons have availed themselves of similar opportunities. We are prepared to serve YOU ! r X . ... ... . X X All deposits are insured up to $10,000.00 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. . Has . Car Wanl Terms Want THE Trade Want The Used Car Market" ... "The Cream BANK OF JEFFERSONTOWN JEFFERSONTOWN, X KY. mi WILLY ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE S295 ! ... .... r FARM OF 129 ACRES AND PERSONAL PROPERTY Jeffer-sontow- n. $1595 .... . c SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19 AT 10:30 A.M. house, bath Farm of 129 acres, more or less, with basement; combination stock and tobacco barn three and full well fenced fair ponds, never failing spring and two cisterns 40 or outbuildings; about 15 acres creek bottom land, some tobacco base for 1955. ;also has 50 acres cultivatcable re 1 breaking plow cows to freshen in February 1 lay off plow and March 1 jumper in May 2 heifers to freshen 1 Rastus plow 2 heifers about 12 months old 1 mowing machine 2 heifers about 6 months old 1 hay rake 1 small bull 1 sled 1 Holstein bull 1 disc harrow 2 horses 1 tobacco setter 1 milk cooler 1 drum stove buckets, etc. 1 lot milk cans, About 1500 tobacco sticks About 25 bales of hay 1 lot locust posts Many other small items. 1 lot harness 25 TERMS On personal property, cash, on real eslale on delivery of deed. down day of sale, balance 5 ROGERS. ADMINISTRATOR ELLINGSWORTH & McMAHAH Phone Mt. Washington 6012 or 4 igSK Fern Creek 3632 'LUNCH ON GROUNDS CHEVROLET . By order of the administrator of ihe Will Rogers estate, we will sell the following at his place located of on Dry Ridge Road about 6 miles southeast HERBERT $795 meeting . ... . STOCK FARM . . $645 .. . VALUE .. $195 And New CHEVROLETS . SERVICE and PARTS, ....... ....... LAND ..... ....... . .. Grrf Sg Ca'"" DsQ) Etofe i CmVROLCT ' . KENNEDY ... .. REALTY COMPANY 2232 Sales Jfisi BARDSTOWN ROAD Open P.M. Sundays i;

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